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Symmetra's NEW Teleporter Explained

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The Symmetra rework has just happened, and her teleporter is crazy. So, to make sense of the crazy changes, we've put together a video explaining what and how you can teleport different abilities. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Video by Rusty Molboxer Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (110)
Gamepedia (38 minutes ago)
In the latest PTR patch, you can now throw symmetra turrets through the Teleporter
Lolimer Kyogre (1 day ago)
I can see so many great plays the pro players will do with it
NaLu DragFilia (2 days ago)
It's not electricity lol, it's hard light air
James Snowden (4 days ago)
It still hasn’t reached X-Box yet!
DHUTCH911 (7 days ago)
So excited for this change! It's going to shake up the game so much. Options for attacking are going to open up like crazy. No more standing at the choke on Volskaya point A for 3.5 minutes because now the whole team can go the alternate route on the left. Finally! A possible solution to the stale solo Q poke at the choke
Electro Kyle (8 days ago)
I think I’m ready to troll and deny dva ults
Kartono Khachun (10 days ago)
Time to put Bastion on some fuck ass places
sky peters (14 days ago)
For some reason I like the previous symetra better. I don't know, am I the only one?
Ziggy (15 days ago)
F key?
TheLun4tic (15 days ago)
Symmetra needs more Glados Voicelines.
Wavy Skittlez (15 days ago)
You CAN teleport sym’s turrets!
AnonymousInfection (16 days ago)
Yurie Vu (16 days ago)
People should be worrying about still not having symmetra cute spray luckily I have it
AnonymousInfection (16 days ago)
Michael Kelly (16 days ago)
Is this live or on the ptr,?
AnonymousInfection (16 days ago)
Tracerfitti 999 (16 days ago)
How do u do Symmetra's cute spray now????
John Byerly (9 days ago)
it's probably easier to get now tbh
AnonymousInfection (16 days ago)
huniverso (16 days ago)
they gave her medivhs portal , nice
AnonymousInfection (16 days ago)
Infinitystar 2 (16 days ago)
So symmetra only has 1 ult now? Is it still the shield generator
AnonymousInfection (16 days ago)
Plasma (16 days ago)
You need to do something else your vids are getting less and less views
BTrendGames (16 days ago)
On Xbox 1 pressing f isn’t needed
Chandler York (16 days ago)
welp its official. im unsubbing. all you upload is overgay
RacerNoah (16 days ago)
The update isn’t out yet. Is it?
ruffruff27 AJ (15 days ago)
RacerNoah its only out on computer rn not on console
Megtheridon (16 days ago)
I had someone report me for "aimbotting" with the old Symmetra gun. (Where it would lock on to a target.) Once the guy rage quit, the entire match just started losing their heads with laughter in the chat. Greatest game of my life.
Creeperlord playz (16 days ago)
it is not in the game
Srijan Verma (16 days ago)
You can send your own turrets. You just need to shoot the turrets on the base of the teleporter
Lord Gong (16 days ago)
I am not liking the changes at all
iGoNegative (16 days ago)
In the words of Donald Trump, "WROOOOONNNNNG!!!!" You can TP your turrets. Just throw them at the base.
Sam Tamer (16 days ago)
I sharted while watching this. Thanks TGN!
Hank The Dank (16 days ago)
I get the feeling sym's new teleporter is based off of portal.
Fin Martin (16 days ago)
At 2:40 tho you said 🤨🧐
Angela Ziegler (16 days ago)
I can save my peeps now
nathan hall (16 days ago)
just so everyone knows you just have to hold the f key and you go through. So just walk towards it holding F, much easier
Doodle Noodles (16 days ago)
nathan hall thanks mate
mark cen (16 days ago)
Liked that shes shifted to damage slot, sym is underrated damaged giver since. I dont like this new teleporter mechanic, need a good teamwork to work properly
Lone wolf (16 days ago)
*Will it ‘Port?* A fort pls kill me
SAMURIADI (16 days ago)
its cool and all. but if you die you have a long @44 walk back to the battle instead of a spawn teleport
Webdcr x (16 days ago)
Funny, Symmetra feels like a better support after being turned into a dps
Webdcr x (16 days ago)
Carter Wright I mean, her teleporter is so much better for her team than before, her new ult can actively help win a team fight, she can help destroy barriers and many of her weaknesses are gone. She is now a much bigger asset to her team than what she used to be. Edit: I think her new teleporter might even be better than Lucio's speed boost when it comes to giving the team more mobility, because it allows for every character to get basically anywhere. You could get your whole team on the high ground in an instant for example.
Carter Wright (16 days ago)
Webdcr x i know opinions aren’t right or wrong but this one...
when is it going on console?
XXXROUG3 (16 days ago)
Man I wish it wasn’t only in ptr
Omeaga99 (16 days ago)
lunerlilly (16 days ago)
time for all the haters to play her now. ~ rolls eyes lol. Anyway thanks for the video, fantastic content as always. =)
razorcut23 (16 days ago)
you can teleport your own turrets, if you put it on the actual generator of the teleporter. I don't know about anything else other than torbjorn's turret.
FiTz Blaze (16 days ago)
Hanumora gap? 😂😂
Julius Caesar (16 days ago)
rip shield gen
Vinny Miana (16 days ago)
Queeeen! Finally!!
Danger Donald (16 days ago)
The New Sym. Looks boring and weird.
Sterling S. (16 days ago)
It is weird, but it is anything but boring.
Hi Jeff (16 days ago)
Now steevo switches to winston
Gia Princess (16 days ago)
Gia Princess (16 days ago)
Draconis (16 days ago)
Sym is gonna be so good on oasis
rafael pozo (16 days ago)
My girl got some wings😏😏💗💗
john west (16 days ago)
Great more one tricks
rasoratic (16 days ago)
Ima a banana
matthew Cesneros (16 days ago)
I love your video's
KalKenobi83 (16 days ago)
I enjoy Sym now I wont feel so bad when I pick her
Colin Shockey (16 days ago)
Any ult that can be stunned can also be teleported such as earth shatter, dragon strike, and pulse bomb
KaitF BeepBeepBitchie (16 days ago)
I... Seriously hate this new symmetra... And the whole "damage" category... That is way too many characters in one category.... It just feels wrong.
Coops's Artzzzies (9 days ago)
Kartono Khachun lol I win againts Symmetra with almost every character without the patch. That you suck it's not anyone but your problem
Kartono Khachun (10 days ago)
Srsly its cancer with the tp from spawn
Kartono Khachun (10 days ago)
Hate new symm? Why not fight her without the patch,no Winston no heal no Pharah,no junkrat
Jamesgmcbain (15 days ago)
the category doesn't change anything just puts defence and offence in one category for the new finding group feature
Coops's Artzzzies (16 days ago)
Same. Symmetra was good before too. And those people complaining about no ame (wrong spelling maybe) shall just learn how to play against symmetra not complain about her. As Symmetra main I must say that she is gooood and it's not so hard to learn how to play against her. Keep distance so she can't lock her gun on you wait for your strong af abilities when she has no barrier and beware of turrents. It's not so hard and even with Reinhardt this works absolutely fine since you just need to charge her and use that fire thing (idk the name)
Likeman4 (16 days ago)
Get ready for the pro symetras in easports
Peter Bredlau (15 days ago)
Likeman4 I cant wait. Praise the queen!
zSTALKn Gaming (16 days ago)
Likeman4 easports? You need to pay $2.99 to unmute the stream
AquaMystic925 (16 days ago)
I want that patch to come threw already
King Wolf Gaming (16 days ago)
Dylan Lunney (16 days ago)
Rares Padiu (16 days ago)
12th comment
ukezi (16 days ago)
is the new update on ps4 ???
XXZeroOfArrowsXX (16 days ago)
Are you serious. I have ps4
Anym (16 days ago)
ukezi no. This is PTR. Console doesn't have the ptr
berdizeek (16 days ago)
berdizeek (16 days ago)
Fireball12 (16 days ago)
It should be
Beeforoni (16 days ago)
So does that mean it's easier to get her cute spray now, cause that's the main thing I'm curious about.
Raamiz Khan (16 days ago)
I already have it, so if that’s the case, I’m annoyed that I didn’t wait for the update, but I am proud for teleporting 24 people in one game!!
Sith Lord Owen (16 days ago)
They will probably rework it sadly
LunarGirl XOX (16 days ago)
“If you never want to go another day without my voice” lol XD
Mercurial Moose (16 days ago)
Wow...I might actually have to try playing Sym now
NEON ZERO 0 (16 days ago)
You can teleport your own terates if you throw them on the base of the teleporter.
Gamepedia (37 minutes ago)
You can also Teleport them while they are in the air
SimpleBanana612 (4 days ago)
Eric fregoso (16 days ago)
NEON ZERO 0 yes thank u
some weeaboo (16 days ago)
Just make the teleporter permanent, and I might play her more
Anym (16 days ago)
the engineer's tp is a one-way teleport. you can't keep going through it back and forth as far as I know. +his teleport has kind of a wind-up time. symmetra's has not (except a quick button prompt). symmetra's tp is meant to be a quick use for f.e. engages or disengages. besides if the teleporter stays up for the whole duration, the cooldown is about 1.5 seconds
some weeaboo (16 days ago)
Anym I mean not really, let's compare the engineers tele from TF2, it's a permanent, teleporter which costs metal which can be upgraded to lvl 3 which costs metal. Many people like the fact it's like this and say its balanced. What I want is it to be the same thing but when it's destroyed, it has a cool down of 12 or 20 second cooldown and can't be upgraded
Anym (16 days ago)
some weeaboo that'd be OP as hell lol
Rudy Yeye (16 days ago)
No lol the whole point of making it a main ability is to use it multiple times and it last for a while i dont see a problem with it
Yogita Aamit (16 days ago)
sleepyfroggy (16 days ago)
omg I love your channel, you’ve helped me improve so much as a player in overwatch. thanks man ⭐️
Granny Boi (16 days ago)
Wolf lisnjak (16 days ago)
Dat is typisch Skyr (16 days ago)

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