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« Game of Thrones » : the five seasons summarized in 7 minutes

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« Game of Thrones » is back for a sixth season. After fifty episodes of political scheming, tensions are at their highest in the Seven Kingdoms. The capital, King’s Landing, is the arena of dirty conspiracies while the threats are rising at the frontiers of the territory. But how did it come to this? What are the roots of the crisis in Westeros? Let’s see what happened during the five first seasons. In seven minutes. Click here to watch the french version : http://www.lemonde.fr/pixels/video/2016/04/15/game-of-thrones-les-cinq-saisons-resumees-en-sept-minutes_4902909_4408996.html
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Fourth Reich 卐 (6 days ago)
Rob Stark was not a self-proclaimed king. All he did was call the bannermen when his father, Ned, was falsely imprisoned. It was the Northern lords who declared him King in the North.
Tony Abraham (13 days ago)
GeisT (1 month ago)
Hein ?! Quoi ???! Pourquoi c'est en anglais ????😩
TWSTF 8 (1 month ago)
Stannis was NOT a, "pretender!" By the laws of succession, he was next in line to the Iron Throne after his brother, King Robert Baratheon's death. Of course, Robert himself didn't become King by succession, but by conquest. So, for a not insignificant number of people in Westeros still loyal to the Targaryens, Robert was considered a, "usurper." Everyone else was just taking advantage of the power vacuum left in the wake of Robert's death. (Except Robb Stark, at first. He was just initially trying to free his father and sisters. It was his bannermen that named him, "King in the North," and turned on him only after he broke a sacred vow.) (And, it's pronounced, "Bay-lish," not, "Bye-lish."!!!)
Visit Edmonton (1 month ago)
5:00 stannis killed ? sryls wtf.... Dislike!
Somfic (1 month ago)
It's Meereen not Mereen
Alpha Neon (1 month ago)
petyr bealish = peter bay-ish not byl-ish
Ryan Koelzer (1 month ago)
The fact that this half-baked, amateur video has 1.6 million views is a testament to the overall decline of youtube.
Ur Mom Gay (1 month ago)
Who else saw the map as northern Europe?
STUNTS (2 months ago)
RIP Stannis. We will have the head of that bastard cunt Gordon *Ramsey*
Nitin Jena (2 months ago)
Still so boaring
Fenris17 (2 months ago)
Tywin described as charismatic first makes me lmao hahah Nice vid tho
PandAdamdır (2 months ago)
Why Essos map Is Like Turkey s Map And Why Westeros map Is Like England
Steve N (2 months ago)
This channels too wrong to even try to watch
ajay kumar Reddy (2 months ago)
50 hours in 7 minutes,
Caleb Britannia (2 months ago)
Balon had very little to do with the assault on the north, Theon led this charge and was essentially abandoned by his father because of it
Stefan Krstenansky (2 months ago)
Ryan Garner (2 months ago)
This video was really bad and kinda boring for a summary of Game Of Thrones
Angry Asian (3 months ago)
The brothers of the night watch LOL
Gwasneth (3 months ago)
Pourquoi c'est en anglais?
Meghana Thakur (3 months ago)
Oliver Longley (3 months ago)
You missed out all the key points leading to Rob’s murder. You just said “He led his army down but was killed”
Yash Mardikar (3 months ago)
3:49 past participle of shut is shut itself, not shuted..
Roger Rennenger (3 months ago)
Bear ahh thee on
emrys (4 months ago)
Rob was not self proclaimed the Northen familys named him King in the North
Paras Chimbaikar (4 months ago)
Don't watch this it's just a rip off
Dominick Fischer (4 months ago)
I wish they did this kind of stuff for real history (correctly of course and with dates). They would have to do it by era or periods ot it would be too long.
Phobos (4 months ago)
omg this video is just a recap of major political outbreaks.. It's not going to explain all the fking show you dumb asses.
Black Thunder (4 months ago)
MrKsf1997 (4 months ago)
There are so many things wrong with this video it actually gave me cancer
Lone Wolfff (4 months ago)
Winter is comming
VoTkA Ciprian (4 months ago)
Morgan Freeman , is this you?
lickjo (4 months ago)
a lot of mistakes in this video
Matt Morrissey (4 months ago)
It is impossible to recap the show in only 7 minutes. Not saying this does a horrible job it actually makes a noble attempt, but the fact that he’s or Tyrion or Arya wasn’t even mentioned just proves my point
Stoney Hiker (4 months ago)
Lots of people like this vid. Yea lots of cunts
Autist-Chan (5 months ago)
Are you sure about that
Archer (5 months ago)
i actually thought this was a proper news cast😝
cole turner (5 months ago)
Its a good thing there wasn't a dragonpit style meeting during the war of five kings, cause if Baelish went there, each side would be confused who he's there to represent! ;)
SuperDubios (6 months ago)
Essos is Turkey, Westeros is Europe
Chris (18 days ago)
Most retarded comparison.
Machinima Gothic (7 months ago)
Tyrell kill Joffrey? I always thinked that Littlefinger do this
FatLi TheLi (7 months ago)
So much confusion for someone who never watched the show.
Rafsan Ahmed (8 months ago)
dany don't be stupid you lost one dragon alredy don't lost others. stay in dragonstone and let itger fight for there survivel. also gorge r r martin don't give a fuck about my opinion it appears that "gorge r r martin is not your bitch"
Matt Fernandez (8 months ago)
Meera and Jojen Reed (the kids who helped bran stark with his ventures) are from greywater watch which is just south of winterfell And Shae (Tyrion the midgets girlfriend/prostitute) is from Lorath which is just east of Braavos
Matt Fernandez (8 months ago)
Honestly this was much more helpful than the other videos. Thank you.
xan t (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who knows ASOIAF geography better than the real one,,,🤔
Lee Sin (9 months ago)
What is with the half a second pause after every sentence?
MrVendetta15 (9 months ago)
People, if you want an accurate story you better, uh, watch.. oh, just read the book.. peace!
Nitzan 159 (9 months ago)
You forgot about Robert's fart
wass up (9 months ago)
It was informative..tq
iTz Adzii (10 months ago)
basically the UK and Europe
Rigo Hernandez (10 months ago)
Although the graphics are pretty nice, this video was poorly executed.
Caleb Britannia (10 months ago)
If you ask me, Brans fall was the begainning of the events of game of thrones, this led to Tyrions capture and a lot of tensions rising. You could also argue it was Jon Arryn death as that was a large factor in the arrest of Tyrion.
Randall Jones (10 months ago)
The amount of wrong in this hurts me.
Entertainment Plus (10 months ago)
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Marco Alvarez (10 months ago)
Dope stuff
Arthur Maximillian (10 months ago)
this is too complicated, where are the Germans when you needed them the most
Stavros (11 months ago)
Bailish? srs? you people in England never learn latin?
karthick raju (11 months ago)
Though you missed many main points the vid was great
fritz (11 months ago)
nicely done!!
John von Shepard (11 months ago)
Aegon Targaryen is the true King of Westeros.
Maxine Harper (11 months ago)
Not a bad summary...
Rev (11 months ago)
They didn't explain everything thing they skipped some important details, you can't explain the whole lore in 7 minutes it's more like 20 minutes
Apple 2.0 (11 months ago)
He wasn't a pretender, he was the actual heir, Stannis Baratheon
Potatro tatro (11 months ago)
You said Daenarys' name wrong
FatLi TheLi (1 year ago)
watched this before the show didnt understand anything, watched the show and i did, there are many crucial events they missed.
Tristyn Russelo (1 year ago)
I thought this was going to explain 5 WEATHER seasons.... duh..
Belen Rosas (1 year ago)
is there an updated version of this video?
bianca (1 year ago)
why am i watching this i've already seen the entire series lol
Andrew Cunningham (1 year ago)
Can summarise it in twenty seconds Season 1 - Good Season 2 - Amazing Season 3 - Amazing Season 4 - Incredible Season 5 - Okay Season 6 - Good Season 7 - What the fuck did you do to the show!?
Ahmed Albadwawi (1 year ago)
amazing video can u plz tell me what programs u used ?
Sebastian Schwarz (1 year ago)
You should do an update of this video it was great!
Jamie Marmion (1 year ago)
Awful Video. You know nothing Joanna Gill
caesar (1 year ago)
Petyr "Byelish" bitch pls
Dazzle Labapis (1 year ago)
Hope it started a bit from the Robert's Rebellion
Lee Leriche (1 year ago)
I only watch The walking dead...I'm confused.
Jack (1 year ago)
Where is house Forester's where is Asher
Torin Jones (1 year ago)
omfg I watched to 2:25 wonder wtf this has to do with seasons and then I realised
Emo Nemo (1 year ago)
Rofl Petyr Baeileesh....
Xplanator (1 year ago)
Loved the presentation!
francisco4ben (1 year ago)
The write sucks idk how this show became so popular almost every heir to the throne has been killed and every heir to the houses is killed as well So what type of kingdom is this when each house is wiped out its dumb and not how thing truly would have been done but than I guess its his world
Llukea (1 year ago)
"Can you summarise season 1 of Game of Thrones, please?" - "The death of Robert Baratheon"
Z's Stupid Videos (1 year ago)
The death of Ned and Robert, Dany getting dragons, and the Night's Watch finding wights are all that really mattered in that season that have an impact currently. I suppose the death of Drogo is one too, but it's tied to Dany's dragons and has less of an impact. 3/4 of the above were covered, and the wights were still gone over
Bertie JJ (1 year ago)
So many pronunciation and factual errors
This s like a mix with what Fimo did but you have arrows which I really like and a tree on the right white he has smother animations if you two got to get her you two would make awesome maps
wheeZy (1 year ago)
You speak very slowly
Oisín (1 year ago)
stopped watching when she said 'the night watch'
Pedro Mota Soares (1 year ago)
Do the 7 seasons summarized please!!
tejay108 (1 year ago)
The way she said Petyr "Baelish" still keeps me up at night...
Kaalgrah (1 year ago)
This whole video was a mess.
DANtheMANofSIPA (1 year ago)
Why does this chick talk down to my man Stannis the Mannis, the one true king of Westeros, but talks about Renly like he was actually a good character
LeAkY_DrAgOn lp (1 year ago)
Do another Part because of the other seasons Season
baygon cyka killer (1 year ago)
Dorne? Not dawn? The accent of the british doesnt pronounce the letter R .
ZPSBestProfileName (1 year ago)
Nice pronunciation of Baelish...She must not have seen the show?
Tomdabeast567 (1 year ago)
She's just not watched the show lol
George Ross (1 year ago)
Anyone think the thumbnail was a sc map at first
Dave David (1 year ago)
I'm voting for the wight walkers, everyone else is too complicated, wight walkers are so OP, fuck it.
Lukas Troni (1 year ago)
Spoiler alert
F Vingardium Leviossa (1 year ago)
Rob Stark was a king not only of North, but of Riverrlands too.
Average Alien (1 year ago)
They live on a planet similar to ours, but several times larger. There might be another continent on the other side.
Mitch Reaser (1 year ago)
In short, the world is a shit show, so we might as well just let the White Walkers have it all, because we're all just gonna kill each other anyway. #TeamWhiteWalkers
Polar79 (1 year ago)
leftist propaganda that is game of thrones

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