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I played the new Harry Potter Game: Hogwarts Mystery

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soooo I played this game exactly when it came out last week and recorded it but I had problems the video kept flickering.. Maybe it was Merula, but after a week I finally had enough energy to solve the problem and the video rendered perfectly!! But now I'm late! Anyway, I saw so many people playing this game on Instagram so comment down below if you play it as well and how you find it!! And comment which house yo chose? Is anyone a Slytherin as well? #GoodSlytherins ❤ MUSIC The Green Orbs - Snack Time Otis McDonald - Drive ❤ SOCIAL & CONTACT https://www.instagram.com/xxrosen/ ❤ WEBSITE http://rose-n.club http://nikarose.com For collabs DM me on instagram!
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Nick A (4 months ago)
You're very beautiful 😊
moikimchi (5 months ago)
i love this!! i hope you do more 💞
Rose-N (5 months ago)
thank youu💖
SarsiPC (5 months ago)
Keep up the grind!
Rose-N (5 months ago)

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