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Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex!

4 ratings | 823 views
Big win on Microgaming's slot Jurassic park during Tyrannosaurus rex feature! This video was posted by BigWinPictures member: Smiley
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Text Comments (4)
miikapekka (2 years ago)
Very nice. With 1 wild reel! WOW
пабратски (2 years ago)
What size bet?
steve uk (2 years ago)
thanks ifrag
PortalBreaker (2 years ago)
Also, congratz onthe win Smiley!
PortalBreaker (2 years ago)
I got that once but with one more T-Rex symbol! Thought it would be way more then 700-800x, but still amazing to see :)

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