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CS:GO Perfect Crouch Jump Bind In under 2 minutes!

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unbind "space" alias +DJUMP "+jump; +duck" alias -DJUMP "-JUMP; -DUCK" bind space "+DJUMP" host_writeconfig
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Text Comments (103)
awesomedude john (10 days ago)
I done that in console and worked BUT line by line
-FGYT- FireGamerzYT (1 month ago)
And now im stuck crouching... I tried unbindall and reset binds but it not wor
Kapteeni Peräpuikko (3 days ago)
-FGYT- FireGamerzYT me2 how did u fix that plz say
DJEditz (1 month ago)
to unbind in console type unbind (whatever you put as ur cj button)
DJEditz (1 month ago)
I did it in console
Kartik Gupta (1 month ago)
how to unbind?
Rasmus Holm (2 months ago)
is it enable when i save it and log in to CSGO
Asd F. (1 month ago)
If it doesnt then type in console Exec autoexec
simonS (4 months ago)
does it still work? and will i get a ban for it
Karambit Gaming (4 months ago)
"What does host_writeconfig do?*
Fuzzywuzzy Kitty (4 months ago)
dosentwork :/
PipoLätkä (4 months ago)
I dont understand how it works like i made that but how to use it:D
Ryan Krhla (6 months ago)
thanks so much, but your audio/mic is only in one ear :/
IO FPS (5 days ago)
Rip headset xD
Człowiek Skuriwel (8 months ago)
alias +DJUMP "+jump; +duck";alias -DJUMP "-JUMP; -DUCK";bind space "+DJUMP"
Cruze Willis (8 months ago)
you need more subs dude
Sn0wツ (8 months ago)
*Working nice!*
Ski wi (8 months ago)
Hey, great one thanks! I've been using it for a while but i want to remove it... May u tell me how to go to the default jump setting?
Arham ahmed (3 months ago)
hey just delete the text from the autoexec.cfg and then go in your csgo setting and just bind space to jump
Jaajuu (8 months ago)
thanks its fuckig op
Last Impulse (9 months ago)
Wouldn’t you want to bind it to mousewheelup rather then space?
Karambit Gaming (4 months ago)
mwheelup for djump mwheelup for normal jump!
Someone Unknown (5 months ago)
CS Wolf I use mouse wheel to jump so it's ez to bhop
Jaajuu (8 months ago)
CS Wolf if you are bhopper then space
UnderAgeScrub (9 months ago)
CS Wolf that would be retarded
Julius Šakalys (9 months ago)
Just write this into the console, should be easier. unbind "space"; alias +DJUMP "+jump; +duck"; alias -DJUMP "-JUMP; -DUCK"; bind space "+DJUMP"
TheJumpyBean (9 months ago)
It's way easier, but you have to do it every time you launch the game. This is the equivalent of automatically writing that command to console every game.
Alexander Ileto (11 months ago)
this is still working?
TheJumpyBean (10 months ago)
Yes! I was just using it :)
spacemann123 (11 months ago)
its not working..... and when i try save it as a text dec it wont work
mexta (9 months ago)
You're supposed to save it as a cfg
Rocket 770 (1 year ago)
Anyway i can do this with mwheelup/down
DeD SeC (2 months ago)
i try the cfg on space but it still just holds me ducked
thnz (3 months ago)
it doesn't work, it holds you ducked because of how the mouse wheel works in csgo, there is no possible way to use mouse wheels to djump
Karambit Gaming (4 months ago)
Emm dude, bind mwheeldown "+DJUMP" or bind mwheelup "+DJUMP"! Reply If It Worked!
DJMikserTV (1 year ago)
does it still work? Or need other bind?
Linkouille (1 year ago)
how to remove it dude
YoungShows Gamer (1 year ago)
unbind "space"
David (1 year ago)
i need help // how can i set my bind like when i hold space it 'll jump again n again :/
WeinerGlory (10 months ago)
Daud Khan you can do it by going to a bhop server
RBD Bocoboii (1 year ago)
U can gey overwatch ban / VAC
Nameless (1 year ago)
There is an application call hotkey utility that allow you to do that infinite jump that you want to do but like he said the macro infinite jump that we called that script from the hotkey app is vac ban now. So if you use it you may get ban on secure servers!
David (1 year ago)
can u explaine it a litlle bit more brother :/
CyberRaceR (1 year ago)
TheJumpyBean macro is ban
Ponas Kaktusas (1 year ago)
Thanks! Working for me perfectly!
R1naldo (1 year ago)
Thank you so much man :D
GamerDeividaz (1 year ago)
Good job u fucked up my Team Fortress 2 The problem is i cant turn it off...
Battery Pack (1 year ago)
LOL 10/10
TheJumpyBean (1 year ago)
I didnt make this video to get shit from an 11 year old, the title says cs:go so verify your game cache and go fuck yourself.
TheJumpyBean (1 year ago)
this isnt for tf2 man, but just go into the auto exec and delete all of the text
GamerDeividaz (1 year ago)
it doesnt fucking fix good fucking job
GamerDeividaz (1 year ago)
nvm it broke again
GamerDeividaz (1 year ago)
it says command not found "-DJUMP"
CenterNova (5 months ago)
need to make it a alias
Jaajuu (8 months ago)
GamerDeividaz dont press " before -
GamerDeividaz (1 year ago)
please say how to remove it ;(
GamerDeividaz (1 year ago)
GamerDeividaz (1 year ago)
how to remove it? xDDD im stuck ;(
Victor Knapp (8 months ago)
unbind space
Phantom4045 Gaming (1 year ago)
Type in Unbindall
Yellow Penetrator (1 year ago)
does it still work?
awesomedude john (10 days ago)
TheJumpyBean (1 year ago)
Rozera (1 year ago)
RBD Bocoboii (1 year ago)
Hexer (1 year ago)
Go to Properties, then local files, then verify integrity of game files.
TheJumpyBean (1 year ago)
ITZskyHD can you explain the problem? I've never had this not work for people who follow the instructions
Ansgar Nachname (1 year ago)
i dont want it on space where do i have to but another key in to bind it on it?
Zsigi 77 (1 year ago)
Ansgar Nachname delete unbind space and the last line edit space word
Mocel (1 year ago)
can i get bann??
I am Savage (3 months ago)
Zhang Adrian (11 months ago)
TanShowsYT i
TheJumpyBean (1 year ago)
Hong Colby (2 years ago)
what is 0.01 song name?
TheJumpyBean (2 years ago)
Aero chord - surface
victor (2 years ago)
a CJ bind wont do much in comp anyways, its only really usfull to make better LJs in kz
mraction112 (1 year ago)
not if youre already into KZ you wont fail those easy jumps
Tim Podgajski (1 year ago)
it will
Zhawn (2 years ago)
i cant jump anymore...
Zhawn (2 years ago)
i saw a name today on payday 2 "fuck valVe"
AllSummerLong 123 (2 years ago)
i play with jumpy all the time and he sucks and i am WAY better than him
LuXeRiNo (2 years ago)
TheJumpyBean (2 years ago)
+Ready Cs Go + More You cant get vac banned for this, because you aren't modifying the files you arent supposed to! It's a .cfg file, and it is made for you to configure. It is however not allowed in ESEA and leagues like that :D
Skaadi (2 years ago)
Can this be use with mwheel up instead of my space bar? My mheelup is currently my jump atm
Nathan (2 years ago)
+ayy rofl Yes I know that, I wanted the command for auto crouch when I use both up and down mouse wheel.
Skaadi (2 years ago)
+Nathan If u want to jump, just scroll up or down with mousewheel they say it's much easier to bunny hop with it instead of space bar
Nathan (2 years ago)
what do I do when I use wheel up and wheel down?
Nathan (2 years ago)
Command please!
TheJumpyBean (2 years ago)
I'm not sure, I don't used mwheel to bhop :D
Simon Liu (2 years ago)
Lool this is the best
Chichy862 (2 years ago)
Why did you delete all your videos?
Robert Gilmore (2 years ago)
Does it actually work?
Robert Gilmore (2 years ago)
+TheJumpyBean ahh cool :)
TheJumpyBean (2 years ago)
It makes it so you can jump the highest every time perfectly!
Robert Gilmore (2 years ago)
+TheJumpyBean What does it do?
TheJumpyBean (2 years ago)
Yes ^.^
Robert Gilmore (2 years ago)
+TheJumpyBean So?

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