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10 Stealth Game Concepts That MAKE NO SENSE

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10 weird stealth game problems that don't make too much sense. Sneaking fans, let us know your gripes! ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV
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Asefz Mulyadi (1 hour ago)
The last of us, you hide at one side of table and guard is near you, just at other side of table. But he cant see your head. Really?!
Masahiro Sakuria (7 hours ago)
Stealth tip for Skyrim, Put a bucket of the head of the npc
BOOM! idc Tv (9 hours ago)
10 is a little untrue
xXpheonix fireXx (12 hours ago)
In gears of war 3 if you stay in a shadow whilst split up from your partner long enough, they forget your existence and attack your partner
ZMan1471 (13 hours ago)
I hate how stealth games penalize you for killing people. Kinda a huge contradiction. I mean, it's ok to blow the whole base up, just dont snipe 3 people on your way. Also really hate how all the guards have this hivemind ability to spot you even if you kill that one guard who got a full detection circle on you lmfao super fuckin gay
DARKBOYQ (16 hours ago)
the thing in skyrim that i love but hate is the fact that u can literally go into sneak mode and hide not even a foot by an npc and they don't detect you. but if u try this with a enemy they probably will see u coming even if you move at a snail's speed.
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (22 hours ago)
1:50 😂😂😂 Love Fucking around in Skyrim
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (22 hours ago)
0:30 That's funny
Redstone Boss (1 day ago)
Troops are walking in two parallel lines in assassin’s creed and you take out one in the back and nobody notices.
Folley Junkline (1 day ago)
a mobile game called assasins creed identity it has good ai
Ethan Turner (1 day ago)
I have 2 Skyrim stealth concepts that made no sense. 1. I was doing a mission for the Jarl of Riften and I made a little too much noise in some base that was in a cave. So all the guys (3 men) got up and started walking around. I just sat in the darkness staying still. Even after walking right NEXT to me, they continued "searching" for me. 2 of them bumped into me and just walked around as if they thought I was a random box. Eventually they caught me only because I drew out my war axe. 2. I was going to a Dwemer sort of base and ran into a team of 4 falmers. I shouted 3 of them off some stairs, (It was a very fuckin high set of stairs like goodness guys add some railings to save yourselves) and quickly crouched and moved into some crappy shadow area. The last falmer ran up the stairs and took a look around. Sometimes it was like right in front of me. Then it gave up. After I moved a single INCH, it looked at me, drew out its fireballs and killed me. (Needless to say, that was a pretty strong falmer.)
Captain Redundancy (1 day ago)
Last of us Batman Arkham series Horror games (fighting isn’t an option)
Noah Wolcott (1 day ago)
Favorite stealth game is dishonored. One problem with it is that the guards will literally have a conversation in the middle of a fight
Da gaming warrior (1 day ago)
And I love hitman
Da gaming warrior (1 day ago)
When you open a door in hitman and when the guard heard and sees and your hidden he doesn't get alerted
Da gaming warrior (1 day ago)
When your running close to a guard and you into a puddle and it makes a loud noise and the guard isn't alerted by it
Juan Martinez (3 days ago)
COD Ghosts, greatest stealth game ever.
Kylez Klaw (3 days ago)
I got a condom ad lol
Nether Lite (3 days ago)
Theif was pretty good at the environmental identification. You step in a puddle and the whole area knows you're there.
Zahon CZ (3 days ago)
My Most Favourite Stealh game Is Deus Ex (Any version) I played Deus Ex, I Knock outed guard. Other Guard came to him, waken him Up And He said "You must fall asleep" He has been lying on Ground in totally unnatural position, And He says "you must fall asleep" they watched at me too, I was behind glass, aiming at them, And no, they didn't see me :D
A Channel (3 days ago)
In some games you might be wearing a loud and clunky set of armour power armour for example and even if your moving ang making a load of noise you are not heard until you fire a weapon or get spotted
Crow Shock (3 days ago)
Assassin's Creed,sky Tim,and metal gear,and halo even if it's not stealth.
Dogs N, Stuff :D (4 days ago)
On far cry 5 I killed 5 ppl in a tube by hiding and shooting them they didn’t find me lol
Brad Yopie (4 days ago)
When an npc is in plane sight and nobody sees them
James Zhou (5 days ago)
Fallout 4: Shoot a nuke into gunners plaza. Thousands of people go like huh outside and seconds later dead people litter the ground and the surviving guards go like I need to take less chems (drugs)
Rob Learn (5 days ago)
#skyrim is boss
Rob Learn (5 days ago)
Harithulasidalam Appo (5 days ago)
I lost most of my scores thinking about all this shit from my class
Mateo Jokanovic (5 days ago)
The best stealth game... Metal Gear Solid V
Poot Is (6 days ago)
where's payday 2
XInsaneDinoX (7 days ago)
what about when guards stand right next to u and they cant even see u
MVPdetSTRIKE 110 (8 days ago)
hmm, must be the wind
Kimberley Clarke (8 days ago)
My favorite stealth game is metal gear solid V and the dumbest crap is when you where a chick hat they think it's a stupid chick
Quinn Lozier (8 days ago)
Well I mean to be fair, do you want a REALISTIC stealth game, where guards can spot you right away if you leave toe exposed, a single bullet will kill you, guards actually hear your footsteps and permanently acknowledge the fact you killed someone or knocked them out, I wouldn’t, that wouldn’t be fun
reflectedtooth (9 days ago)
Ever heard of "shadow of mordor" and "shadow of war" look at their stealth, it's terrible.
James Moss (9 days ago)
I find it weird in Assassins Creed when you are fighting people then you turn a corner and hide. guards come in and there's 2 haystacks, 4 closets and a well and they are like 'he's a guy who trains in hiding such things. where could he be?
Jennifer Taul (9 days ago)
I was playing a stealth game there was a guard close to me i was hiding behind a wall when i last saw him he was chill then he looked at the wall i looked away i herd him yell TAKE COVER and he turned the corner with a gun out .......... wtf its a wall not me but nice detective scills but thats bullshit
dao thiennhan (9 days ago)
what the game with the guy hide inside the box
Lone Wolf (10 days ago)
5:14 what game is it?
DK116MARQSOME 116 (10 days ago)
I think the developers don't want it to make them more intelligent like in Real life cause the gamers won't complete it...there Skrubs
Timothy O'Fallin (10 days ago)
Dishonord. A daed guard stretched across a coredoor and the other guard is just ok with it.
JBMASON (12 days ago)
Skyrim is the best though you can literally crouch/sneak walk right past people and they can't see you. You can escape prisons by literally walking past the guards
Mr. Cactus (12 days ago)
In skyrim, a bandit is in front of me and he can't even see me
jedssski (12 days ago)
the most dumbest thing on paday experience... the civillian is front of u but u are still not detected.. dude wth
Ika 1009 (13 days ago)
Kidkaboosky 21 (13 days ago)
My fav is metal gear solid five the phantom pain
Grizmatic (13 days ago)
No one ever notices me because I live in a box on the highway
HunterAidan Boisvert (13 days ago)
i once played thief and i leaned past a pillar in the TUTORIAL level stared a guard right in the face and didn't notice me! the guy sitting next to me said "well he's retarded."
SUPERPLAYERLD 38 (14 days ago)
2:52 Rip Boxrot tf2 taunt
evorm (14 days ago)
its so cool looking back at this and seeing how batman arkham knight doesnt have any of these problems (tho maybe #9)
Game RANT (15 days ago)
Eğelence Saltanatı (15 days ago)
Play payday 2, then make this list!!!
Ceril S (15 days ago)
If Arkham Knight's army listened to him, batman wouldn't be able to sneak around, but they are idiots soooooo...
RnB Harley (15 days ago)
What's that game in 5:48?
Weeaboo (16 days ago)
Payday 2
Generic Person (16 days ago)
Have you ever played Payday 2? It has "AMAZING" stealth! This I say, totally not with a tone sarcasm
LaNo games (16 days ago)
Watch dogs 2
Alex Santacruz (16 days ago)
MGS 5 Smokes cigar for 2 days straight???
GOD OF BOI (16 days ago)
One time i jumped out and started shooting aimlessly in front of a guard and he stood there and said "shit did anyone hear that" with basically my loudest gun
GOD OF BOI (16 days ago)
Saints row guards are dumbass
GOD OF BOI (16 days ago)
Watch dogs is different
Kieran Orchard (16 days ago)
To be fair, the cardboard box in metal gear is just kinda there as one of the series most iconic features. Don't you think people would be upset if they removed it? Also, I agree, it's pretty BS, but there is that small change the box blends in with the environment. Like maybe some form of factory, or cargo vehicle. I think in TTP it also says the colour blends in with the sand, so I guess from futher away it could be of some use. Cool video! It's funny to think that the soldiers in stealth games must have some form of training, and surely if they wanted to be a guard they must be considered good. If a soldier can be this dumb, imagine an average person guarding!
xXHishamXx (16 days ago)
The best stealth game is minecraft
flow repins666 (17 days ago)
Wish there was a sneaking game like metal gear with random ai behavior, would be epic
NotWorthyBleach (17 days ago)
the people who make the games only do that so it's more fun
johnny zeno (17 days ago)
I can walk behind people undetected
Cookin'DankMemes (18 days ago)
Smh PayDay
Blazified Crusader (18 days ago)
Favorite Stealth games: 1. Splinter Cell Blacklist 2. Metal Gear Solid 5 3. Assassins Creed 3 4. Skyrim 5. Bateman Arkham City, and honorable mention ( don't hate me) Assassins Creed Unity
Sunyan Pirzada (18 days ago)
No: 1 was exactly my thought when i played Hitman Absolution mean really if we are penalized for doing something which us really cool what the point of it being in the game, Thanks God someone agrees.
Chris Soto (18 days ago)
When crouching magically silences your footsteps
Cameron Maaon (19 days ago)
Don't talk shit about skyrim
Sol (19 days ago)
The cardboard box trick isn’t BS, I think it was some German guy who actually escaped prison using it 😂😂
Shoruko (20 days ago)
In assassins creed syndicate an enemy looked for me saw me and ran away. He came,he saw,he ran
Zomagedon (20 days ago)
In Batman Arkham Games when you throw a batarang at a guard, they investigate the batarang and somehow calculate the trajectory and direction it came from and say “I’m sure it came from over there” and they catch you.
lucas mcalpine (21 days ago)
Another bad concept from Payday 2: "Hey, You're lucky to have used your pager RIGHT... BEFORE ... YOU DIED." And it's not always on, We know this, So explain why he turned it on right before he got shot by silenced weapon without knowing? Also, I found this one funny stealth mod, Where if you're in the shadows, You can never be seen. It was hilarious.
YoBroKyle (22 days ago)
Thing I hate about stealth games is that when you sneak attack someone, they would make a lot of noise, and the guy 10 feet away doesn't hear a thing!!!
Trebine Biascan (22 days ago)
Dishonored, a guard pissing on the edge of a high tower, turns around and sees you doesn't bring his swords out or doesn't shout just get surprised and jumps back a little bitthen falls of the clip. Another from dishonored, a guard on fire and doesn't jump on the river beside him but tries to put it out by moving around and hopes the wind puts the fire out
Trebine Biascan (22 days ago)
*inthe river beside him
Battlefield one is kinda a stealth game in the war stories and the stealth mechanics are good because if a enemy sees you he alerts the rest of the enemy and if you don’t kill the alerted enemy they will Even know your position and when you throw a bullet shell they get scared. So yeah play some of the battle field on campaign if you want fun stealth(also forgot to mention if a enemy sees a dead body the are alerted for a bit and then they look for you)
F1R3 P0W3R (22 days ago)
WATCH_DOGS 1 and 2 did stealth really well, one slip up and your doomed. Unless of course, there's a enemy who you took down, everyone searches, but my question is, how do you know your looking for? And this applies to all games, after a while they'll be like "He's gone. Forget it" nobody ever goes and like cries, or something, like I want a stealth game that recommends you to just stop, hide, and listen to people talk, hear their weaknesses, or who are friends, so that way, you should avoid letting the friends see one another's body, because then they'd be ruthless because you just killed their best friend. Batman did this well, it took a whole 25 minutes or longer for people on the rooftop/room to assume I'm gone because i stopped being active. Not only that, but Arkham games really did a good job, because people are going to check up on fallen allies, but like, people are like "I'm going to check on my friend" nobody is like "*random name* are you okay? Oh you son of a bitch!! Your dead now!!" And roams the room pissed off, like if someone took down my friend id make sure their dead. Even though stealth games are easy, I kinda like it, because it really makes me feel powerful, like I play like a ghost, scaring people by making loud noises just to make my enemies jump and get terrified.
NinjaOclock Cc1 (22 days ago)
Two words chicken hat
Will 999 (23 days ago)
1:53 or if your like me you get your sneak Oooooh high that you can stand literally right in front of them and they dont see you ...in plane sight... R.I.P logic
EightBitDeluxe (23 days ago)
Legend of Zelda: Skyrim Sword
Dawn Hunter (23 days ago)
Oh wait, there is a black widow in the thumbnail,so it's gotten a 11/10 review by IGN. Definitely gonna watch it!
Barney the destroyer (24 days ago)
Assassins creed lol
Soviet Samurai (24 days ago)
Metal Gear V: A spotlight was on me while I was crawling and they didn’t notice me.
Zac Milioli (24 days ago)
In skyrim we are in skyrim, not Tamriel
Potato Dwarf (24 days ago)
-Go to stealth takedown someone -Walk up behind future victim -Press X or whatever button to takedown -Grabs from behind, spins target around to face them -Punches in face, grunting very loudly (borderline yelling) -Grabs head and slams face into ground, incredibly loud crash -Victim lets out huge moan as they pass out -Enemy 5 feet away is completely unaware
Evripidis S (24 days ago)
You didn't refer to the obvious one, that's when a guard is lets say 15-20 metres away looking at your direction, without you trying to hide and can't see you though there are no obstructions between and and there's plenty of light just cause you're "Out of his cone of vision".... MGS's my fav btw.
Shadow 458 (25 days ago)
payday and the ting that they dont scare out before they directky see you but when you trow a bag O SHIT THERES A GYM BAG
HorrorPleb (25 days ago)
Enemy: Did you kill him? You: Uhm..... no.........? Enemy: Must have been the wind. You: *Realised weapon was equiped but enemy didn't care*
Lukas Oddie (26 days ago)
Too bad Hitman 2016 wasn’t mentioned cuz it fixed almost all these problems I think
xzas90 (26 days ago)
Me evil Vladimir soldier
Gadiel Sanchez (26 days ago)
Also i forgot the game name but u start with a syringe and you have to kill a guard with it you inject it the guard didn felt anything the 5 seconds later jumps and dies
The_Order of_Blance (27 days ago)
I wasn't playing a stealth game I was playing a level of battlefront two and you were a droid and if you went on the floor and passed a rebel they wouldn't notice it
thinking * (28 days ago)
MonkYY (1 month ago)
Takes all the no sense things in the vid and mix = Payday 2
Best Deals (1 month ago)
Arkham Knight Guard: oh god... somebody got taken out! A few seconds later... (literally) Guard: let's leave him! We gotta look out for ourselves! (Actual dialogue)
Didaka D (1 month ago)
Raiden is worse with the box thing. I mean he has a fucking hat on top of it.
sami THE sami (1 month ago)
payday 2 is best

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