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HE360 (6 days ago)
WOWWWWW, people's creativity is AMAZING!!! I love seeing the games that people make. It is AMAZING what people could think of. I will soon adding to the list of games made with Godot, because I planned to make a very UNIQUE game too. It might be a while, but I planned to post it on my channel when I am done.
Kemil Smith (8 days ago)
Nice !!!
MashySob (8 days ago)
I wish godot wasnt so hard
Crisisdarkness (6 days ago)
No problem :), it has been a pleasure to have helped you
MashySob (6 days ago)
Crisisdarkness THANK YOU SO SO MUCH
Crisisdarkness (6 days ago)
Yeah :) I'll tell you the names of channels that are teaching about godot. #1 Gamefromscratch #2 HeartBeast #3 KidsCanCode #4 GDquest #5 Kemzie (young channel) #6 Krystian Erber (young channel) #7 Stein Codes (young channel - I really like this new channel)
MashySob (6 days ago)
Can you link me some channels pls I have been looking for some for a long time thanks
Crisisdarkness (6 days ago)
That's true, but you have to be happy that bit by bit new tutorials from developers who are teaching Godot have been incorporated, I've found plenty of new channels that are teaching both basic and advanced things, so just be patient, you will find a lot of help on youtube :)
Rhijn Wiegman (8 days ago)
Why do I smell coffee...?
Exerion Artist (8 days ago)
WOW godot is badass
Artist inc. (8 days ago)
will you make c# basics video sir?
Artist inc. (8 days ago)

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