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Getting My Tinder Date High Experiment - Weed Vape Prank 2016

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Text Comments (148)
XXX TOXIC (7 days ago)
Him pulls out mega CAM from back poket. Him:haha bitch u trippin bitch u sippin haha u is dead. Her: wtf
Luis Escorcia (28 days ago)
Porque dejaron que youtube se llenara de mierda con estos youtubers que no hayan ya que cagada subir?...... Lastima de youtube.
Romy chuknwme (3 months ago)
these chips are really making me Horny!  LMFAO!
Siaoloa Teauariki (4 months ago)
Who play Fortnite
Xan Zu (5 months ago)
Ashley how you get so high Ashley how you get so high😂🤣
ybn_kike garcia (9 months ago)
Thia dude got some heat Jordan 11s
That Guy (11 months ago)
All these soulless whores
billy lovette (1 year ago)
Ashley how you get so high dumb ass
Jairo Tapia (1 year ago)
Chips make you horny wtf
Isaac Sandoval (1 year ago)
He probably picked up these hookers from around the corner.
BriskillaDaGodzilla (1 year ago)
Legend says they still feel high to this day
Its Repel (1 year ago)
So cringe
Maria & Idis (1 year ago)
Make more tinder videos pleaseee, lol they're really good and entertaining and funny
Landon Davis (1 year ago)
On my life I would have smashed
Sam Lee (1 year ago)
Its called "The Placebo Effect" they believed and they got high ... the power of believing !
Savage Madness (1 year ago)
The Milf was keen as fuuuck. I would've ditched the prank brotha.
Shalom A. Esparza (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the name of music?
Sega Tortoise (1 year ago)
holy fuck PUT YER DAMN SEATBELTS ON suicidal fools
domenic emporio (1 year ago)
Jerrin Coonrod (1 year ago)
that some funny shit
REVILO FIFA (2 years ago)
you can still feel high
Levi Steel (2 years ago)
lying bitches
Gaming Bananas (2 years ago)
Taco Two's Day (2 years ago)
bitches be stupid
Matthew butler (2 years ago)
I wonder if her husband has found out she is cheating. Speed 0.25 paused at 1:10 could be the end of it.
Shine MS (2 years ago)
Thanks for u getting high 😂😂
parking lot boys (2 years ago)
oml this is the most cringy thing ever
abuckfifty (2 years ago)
JNaasty (2 years ago)
a placebo effect is a hell of is a hell of a mind fuck
cookieman335 (2 years ago)
Let me get this straight, this BuzzPranks is only using other peoples pranks? so he doesnt do any of his own?
Lego Bikerider (2 years ago)
this looks like hammertv
Ozan Lale (2 years ago)
OMG a sexy Milf married ?!
Irving Ramirez (2 years ago)
plasivo affect
the_ _Slayer (2 years ago)
She's married bit** what the fu**
HeadHunter Jones (2 years ago)
Piet Hendriks (2 years ago)
why u stealing video's ?
SpontaneousDX (2 years ago)
its all in da mind
Zhaksi Pikir (2 years ago)
Max A-G (2 years ago)
That girl in the blonde hair is hot AF like why would he do that I'd turn off the camera
abdelrhman shams (2 years ago)
is she areilla ferrara (mom) ?
abdelrhman shams (2 years ago)
+iiShots Fired I know but her voice like ferrera so much
i agree (2 years ago)
not everyone is a pornstar
Фиона (2 years ago)
That girl wants her husband, Buzz and chip dick.
Drum bum (2 years ago)
3:45 no1 is going to comment on the weird yogurt gulping?
Sam Pineau (2 years ago)
I would be very upset if I figured out there is no thc in the vape
Austin Blake (2 years ago)
All they do is post other people's pranks🙄
Joseph Stalin (2 years ago)
look at 1:10 at 0.25 speed you can see her face!!!!!!!!!!
Ebony Pitt (2 years ago)
Oh god this is soooo cringey! But I guess it's sort of a placebo 🤔😂
gabe v (2 years ago)
its just the classic placebo effect
MacNifty (2 years ago)
Ashley is fine as hell. Wow.
MacNifty (2 years ago)
Thanks for showing me this.. now I am waiting on the prank where you just whip your dick out and we see if they take the bait! Although I think all these girls in this video were down for a quickie no doubt. Damn Danielle! I am signing up to Tinder!
Dess (2 years ago)
Imagination 😂
Lastpenguin01Games (2 years ago)
Why do allll pranksters post other pranksters vid this was not made by you so why should you get money off of it
Ibrahim (2 years ago)
Fake it's inpossible to think that there high there either high or not, I'm a medical doctor and trained therapist
MacNifty (2 years ago)
+The Luxury Life It is not impossible. I have done this prank to a friend with that fake cannibis you can order in magazines and many people acted really high.
FLA-GA Line (2 years ago)
nice Camero bra
SmashBomb (2 years ago)
That wife was crazy man I'd hate to have that mom lol
Alexios Psyhomantis (2 years ago)
Speed 0.25 pause at 1:10 and you can see the mom! Editing done wrong !
Francesco Mastrocinque (2 years ago)
for me she looks really good!
Alexios Psyhomantis (2 years ago)
+christopher viesca This is why you set speed at 0.25 :P :P
christopher viesca (2 years ago)
+Alexios Psyhomantis oh yeahh but i had 2 pause and play tons o times
Alexios Psyhomantis (2 years ago)
+Hussein Kaheel .. press the gear ⚙ !
Hussein Kaheel (2 years ago)
how can i speed it?
Any Flores (2 years ago)
Julius Andre (2 years ago)
Randy Orton, is that you?
Zu'l (2 years ago)
Alexandre Marques (2 years ago)
Some body (2 years ago)
GameJump3RZ (2 years ago)
Good ole placebo effect
Marie Johanna Schütz (2 years ago)
What if he actually used the real oil :D
Qwerry (2 years ago)
Please answer me what's the difference between high and drunk.
Qwerry (2 years ago)
Thank you.
Cheryl Nathan (2 years ago)
+idemili༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ Being high feels like you're in a dream. You're completely relaxed and more aware of everything around you. Being drunk feels like a blur. You get more loud, it brings out all your thoughts and emotions deep down, and you have more of an irresponsible attitude. You're not completely aware of what you're doing and even if you are, you just don't care.
J (2 years ago)
Placebo effect lol
Lexi Tatum (2 years ago)
Part 2?????
The Corndawg (2 years ago)
So Fucking Fake
Andy (2 years ago)
Unless he really used the real oil 😭😭
Zach norman (2 years ago)
I'm dead 😭😂
Nick (2 years ago)
Thats what girls on tinder are like? haha
Fabian Freeman (2 years ago)
I wanna be part of one of videos bro
MelonJuice (2 years ago)
Fake and gay
Dr. Squillo (2 years ago)
placebo effecct op
Twisted_RAVENZ (2 years ago)
okay this is kinda shitty. no body acts how they would when they are false advertised like that.
Angelica ❤️ (2 years ago)
Lol I died this was hilarious
Doyle Allen (2 years ago)
They actually could have gotten a psychological high from the suggestion. I've seen people do that and they got high just from the thought and procedure of getting high. I've seen people eat sugar candies thinking they would trip, and they do. We are weird creatures. They power of suggestion.
Viralized (2 years ago)
elder fuentes (7 months ago)
HammyTV rufff Rudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Eva Munoz (2 years ago)
I'm really really really really really really really really confused
Eva Munoz (2 years ago)
I mean what does eyt X thr mean? Soo autocorrect
Eva Munoz (2 years ago)
Eva Munoz (2 years ago)
This is how dumb i am i have no idea why I said like candy
ll BlaZe ll (2 years ago)
5:50 got me like ??????
Akash Pun (2 years ago)
He stole a video from another channel !! I have seen this video already !! U thief !! 😡😡😡😡😡
Louis Bernard (2 years ago)
do you actually race?
WhyAre YouHere? (2 years ago)
Daily Dylan (2 years ago)
wheres the 2nd 1
Azzeko (2 years ago)
todas estan bien ricas xD
hello bye (2 years ago)
its a placebo effect so their body acctually works like their high and it mentaly effects them so they are acctually high
i agree (2 years ago)
that's really not how that works
Mohamed Gomaa (2 years ago)
Please ask a married daughter to fuck
101roh (2 years ago)
Mitch Wiley (2 years ago)
Dude I came as early as a Korean prostitute
DroidGaming (2 years ago)
it's placebo effect
Sam Lee (1 year ago)
Exactly ! they believed and they got high, powerful thing believing
Hideika (2 years ago)
The placebo effect is real with this one
heckii clears (2 years ago)
damn I'd bang that milf then tell her the truth !
heckii clears (2 years ago)
+Shan Devin true lol
Shan Devin (2 years ago)
+FuZionz Smurf then catch 10 diseases
Tyler (2 years ago)
Its a placebo affect
Jake Fontaine (2 years ago)
exactly. I'm ngl I was like this the 1st Time I smoked
tony pereira (2 years ago)
him:wanna go in a second date? her:no😂
Zach Fox (2 years ago)
This is so awesome I love this. Lmao she was actually feeling high.
Kyle Coleman (2 years ago)
・ ・ (2 years ago)
What video type should I post on the YouTube to get fun? I'm sorry if my English is bad...
・ ・ (2 years ago)
+Ffboarder4life dude I'm not racist this is "mani" it not nazi seriously
+Ffboarder4life 2*
+卍卍(千尋_Chihiro) bruh the first to shapes in your name are the nazi symbols
Hey (2 years ago)
+卍卍(千尋_Chihiro) yes
・ ・ (2 years ago)
+Arthur Zhou you don't know kanji?
Tosostp (2 years ago)
Dumb broads
Nike boy (2 years ago)
Cryphex Plays (2 years ago)
Migic Gamer320 (2 years ago)
viktoria yarmolich (2 years ago)
Blood_ Bulletz93 (2 years ago)
Shame on people who get high
Fraser Rodrigues (2 years ago)
My friend lives on the 14th floor shame on him.
olivia kennedy (2 years ago)
S3XY PLAYzz (2 years ago)

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