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CRAZY! Game of Thrones Season 8 Plot Leak! - Game of Thrones Season 8

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WELCOME back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Plot Outline video. Once again I was emailed another S8 Outline but this time it seems a little more legit than the previous one. Some of the things in this video do line up with how the series ended during the Season 7 finale but there are also some very CRAZY things in here as well. It's hard to say how much of this will be true but it's very interesting and entertaining to say the least. Hopefully you enjoy the video either way. It did take quite some time to edit it all. Thanks for watching. Let me know what you think! Images from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support the channel on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter! https://mobile.twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Song: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc
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Text Comments (4158)
aubrey Aubrey (3 hours ago)
Is this the last season? I really don’t like how this series is going with everyone dying
aubrey Aubrey (3 hours ago)
I hope cersei doesn’t die she is the only relatable character on the show, and is the most complex yet intelligent
Vic Canada (4 hours ago)
Sounds legit tho...too specific 👍
Jerry Su (5 hours ago)
1.4M watched this, feels good man
27th Kid (7 hours ago)
Hell no Jamie is gonna die in the hand of the women that loves her the most and that is brienne OK and if stormborn is gonna die I will die too
Jason OConnell (10 hours ago)
Frigggin sad
Svnate plarb (12 hours ago)
What a fiesta...
Himanshu Singh (13 hours ago)
Lazy Jaime should have killed bran with his sword in the very first episode, It would have ended there only.
Jack Johnson (14 hours ago)
Zuzana (15 hours ago)
I have to admit...I could see this comming
Tammy Martinez (16 hours ago)
Why are you the only youtuber to post this. If it was more credible more you tubers would jump on it!
Mica Loves Twice (23 hours ago)
I don't want this to be true. Argh
Tanner Broyles (1 day ago)
Whatever happens, and I don’t think this is asking for all that much, I want an epic battle scene sequence featuring Lyanna Mormont
Noah Chance (1 day ago)
The Jamie plot seems off.
snap fps (1 day ago)
After reading some of the books and watching every season and episode I can confirm that 90 % of this is true. This will be the direction season 8 will go. FOR SURE !!!!!
Sharon Hill (1 day ago)
If Bran is the night king, why does he want to kill his family and everyone he knows?
wil8115 (1 day ago)
wow, nice twist
Revell (1 day ago)
I believe first bran will worg into a man this man will be called bran as well bran will help build the wall and winter fall. Bran has thinks that by creating the wall he would the walkers but it does work. So he tries again and then he does what the video says.
The Amu (1 day ago)
That’s a HOT TAKE
Kenny David (1 day ago)
Sooooo... Bronn is alive?
Nasmr (2 days ago)
No chance. The whole brain wargs into nights king makes absolutely no sense. What's the motivation? To kill himself? Why? And why would have he have missed every opportunity to take that chance when he was travelling through north of the wall? Nights brann would have had the foresight to attack at any point then but doesn't. Is it just unfortunate timing and he has to mindlessly kill all of men? That still doesn't make sense as to why theres thousands of years of wildlings who stay fine and it's only recently he started making moves. It also doesn't explain why he was turning crasters sons into others when he could just turn everyone into wights. Also in the books don't the others predate that moment he was stabbed and turned into the nights king?
Lythrana Nirinath (2 days ago)
Yes, i wanna believe this!
SMI0025 (2 days ago)
Kimi-Jayne (2 days ago)
Some of this, yea i can see it and some of it, doesnt make sense with how the story has been played out. especially Jaime....he has had redemption or on the road. They know they can't end his story with a ? so i dont believe that. Most want Euron dead to so i think they will give justice to that
Serimus Obumbratio (2 days ago)
This is gonna be LIT
_ Mydood (2 days ago)
No thanks. I feel like it’s a waste of yara Theon Jaime Arya the hound beric greyworm and way more. It has to be better than this
william boone (2 days ago)
The final season will bring us to explore the darkness world , the night king and his army, they got a very important role in the drama but still we don’t know anything about them. So the final season should tell us what and who they are, I don’t believe the darkness world is only a evil symbol in the drama
Shivy Shurima (2 days ago)
But it doesn’t explain why the night king wants to kill. If it is brand wouldn’t he want to help jon?
Luke Psywalker (2 days ago)
I think most fans have overlooked one of the most important lines in the entire series which is foreshadowed In Season 7 Episode 5 - "Eastwatch". When Sam is at the citadel and the Maesters are talking about the raven that Maester Wolkan sent informing them that dead men are on the march north of the wall, when Sam tells them that the dead are infact real he is soon then dismissed by Archmaester Ebrose to which one of the other Maesters seated at the table says; "It brings to mind the work of Jenny Oldstones who claimed descent from the children of the forest", to which another Maester says, "Don't forget the prophecy of Lodos, who promised that the Drowned God would rise up and destroy Aegon the Conquerer". Season 6 Episode 5 - "The Door", Euron lays claim to the Salt Throne becoming King of the Iron Islands and is reborn (rises) in the ceremony process as the human servant of the Downed God. Season 7 Episode 7 - "The Dragon and the Wolf", reveals that Jon Snows' name is in truth Aegon Targareyn. Euron will fulfil the prophecy that the Drowned God will destroy Aegon the Conquerer by killing Jon Snow in the last episode of the series (Season 8 Episode 6) somewhere at sea as this is where the Downed Gods' strength lies.
Colin Corbett (3 days ago)
This prepares for a spinoff with Arya hopefully
herman hermanheimer (3 days ago)
If this is true it will be extremely disappointing. I hope the bran being the night king theory is false, it’s so predictable and we get no backstory on the night kings motives or who he is
Eric Kwak (3 days ago)
Presumably dead?
Captain Ace (3 days ago)
That was the fastest baby conceived.
Red Reyes (4 days ago)
Still bronn didnt have his castle
Nate Vegter (4 days ago)
Felt like that took 2 hours jesus christ bro
Nic B. (4 days ago)
Most of this seems plausible to me but I hope it doesn't leave us with so many loose ends.
Chopa72 (4 days ago)
I got goose bump now.
Armaan Islam (4 days ago)
this can't be, it can't end without bronn getting his castles
Gong Yoo (4 days ago)
Ohhhhh I’m not seeing this... Revive Stannis please...
Iggy7103 (4 days ago)
seems like it could go like this...Jon would be the right person to rebuild Westeros and bring it back to the way it was. Also, It fits for the Night King to be Bran. The cycle would continue if Bran isn't killed. Only Jon can do that in my opinion.
Matt Strachan (5 days ago)
Ugh what have I done.... I shouldn’t have watched... dammit
Darryl Moppin (5 days ago)
Why would daenerys be sleeping in a tent at wintfell,she would for sure be in the castle
qenismcgee (5 days ago)
Yikes with how the show has been going recently, this sounds depressingly possibly
Bethimation (5 days ago)
Some of this i don't really believe, especially the bit about Sansa and Arya completely supporting Jon's allegiance to Daenerys. Arya may be more supportive, but she would be hesitant. Sansa, however, would most likely be furious. She just got the north back and she's not going to lose it to a southern ruler again. It's upsetting, but its just their characters. As well, the Bran=Night King theory has been debunked time and time again, and that being true would infuriate so many people that the ratings would plummet. It doesn't seem like a good story decision or business decision.
MxFlorian23 (5 days ago)
This sounds soooooooo real!
Karan Vyas (5 days ago)
It totally shouldn't end like this man! Pleaseeee... This sucks completely... :(
Dt0x75 (5 days ago)
Jaime having an end like that does make sense, since we watched the last 2 seasons, his char has come full circle...
Christopher Clarke (5 days ago)
That whole thing was awesome.... minus Jon Snow singing at the end
Saleheen Rizwan (5 days ago)
OH MY GOD!! My heart is beating so fast.. I love this plot but I don't want so many of my favorite characters to die.. I want jaime alive!!.. 😭😭😭
N†ZzO (5 days ago)
It's all true
Scott Adler (5 days ago)
I usually try to say something silly at this point, but I can't. Nothing funny about this.
Elijah Ozdo (6 days ago)
When I saw Jaime Lannister coming to winterfell I nearly began to cry bc how happy I was
Urek Mazino (6 days ago)
Fanfiction. You used Daario too often considering he hasn't even been sighted at any of the locations used to film those sets. The casting for the Golden Company also eliminates the possibility of him being a Golden Company leader.
Lisa McLaughlin (6 days ago)
If Dan and Dave end it like that, then it’s no wonder why GRRM walked away!
Samrat Dey (6 days ago)
What just happened...why??
Sai Kiran (6 days ago)
Highly conventional. Martin's way of story telling is entirely different. Disappointed!
Tang Yi Zhe (6 days ago)
Glad that Daenerys die after all she had done to others Phewww.......
Rudra Saha (7 days ago)
I felt like I was really watching the final season
Leslie Sauceman (7 days ago)
I've heard s similar one before and I didn't like it then or now. I hope that's not the way they go.
Steve Sand (7 days ago)
I think it would be cool if the night king goes into the cripts of winterfell and raised Ned Stark to fight as a dead army commander
Patrick Ong (7 days ago)
some theories are nice but with so many plot holes like the circulating theory about bran being the night king is too obvious to be used so I think they won't do this plot and if they kill bran, who will serve as the next three-eyed raven? for sure they'll present a diff. way to defeat the night king.... jaime's end story here is just too bland tbh, I think the show will give him justice... and how about sam and gilly's story line and them figuring out that dany executed his father and bro? how bout varys' story of someone who spoke to him from the flames and what was told to him (others say it was bran from the future)...if you remember he also had a convo with melisandre about both of them dying in this strange country (westeros).... also I think either yara or theon should survive so they can rule the pyke... I like the idea of having independent kingdoms, though! :D
DaJoker808 (7 days ago)
Yeah that sucks . GOT does the “only comic books has a happy ending “ episodes and disappoints everyone with a hero or heroine death and finish it of by shooting the dog. So I really hope the end it well .
tushar agarwal (7 days ago)
this is not the end..its completely made up
Shoot2Thrill YouTube (7 days ago)
Seems believable
imladris78 (7 days ago)
Everything seems plausible. We all know that it will be Jamie who kills Cersei so thats logical and its been hinted at enough for Bran to be the Night King and we also know that the real sword of fire will appear at some point. The only thing I didn't like was the non-ending for Jamie. In the books at least (and in the show as well) a large part of the story arc is also Jamie's redemption. There's no way you can end the series without concluding Jamie's redemption (good or bad). As this is the end, with the next TV series going back to the original Targareyn invasion of Westeros then Jamie's story arc needs a conclusion
jamie fraser (7 days ago)
I was actually believing it until the end when they said noone knew where jamie was. They would give him a much better send off
Ville Siitonen (7 days ago)
Seems legit. But the thing is that they are filming five different endings and they don't even tell the actors which ending is the real one, so we really don't know 100% sure how the series will end.
Morgan Hildreth (8 days ago)
In all honesty I don't think Danny has the baby. Because if she does get hit with fire and stuff the injury and the stress it's self is going to give her a miscarriage.... so I don't think she dies from that.... also if she does die I'm literally going to start a riot like they did when derek died on Grey's Anatomy
Dale Kevin (8 days ago)
so what happened to Euron and Jaime? it's not mentioned here
IPL Fans (8 days ago)
This ending kind of upsets me This should not happen or my heart will explode into thousands of pieces
Cami Francesmith (9 days ago)
Noooo that sad part is it might be true
Mr. Vain (9 days ago)
It was me who emailed you the plot... guilty as charged =(
Eric Saucier (9 days ago)
What about Jaqen H'gar
Jami Beck (10 days ago)
I honestly thought this was all plausible right up until you've got jon playing a harp, singing, AND smiling. No can dosville.
Omen Nemo (10 days ago)
While I love watching movies like this, I found myself getting frustrated and anxious.  I watched the 7 seasons,  By the end of the fifth season I had to take a break from watching GOT.
Alison Dennise (10 days ago)
well. It does not sound completely believable. I think that it all went down when Cersie dies so suddenly. Thats when i knew the plot for the rest of the characters was also gonna fail. and yes the ending of this outline was dissapointing. especially with the fact that it is only 6 ep. i think it all happens too fast. Im just hoping this wont come true next year. :)))
OlgaQLD (10 days ago)
If this is a true script of the 8th season I certainly won't be purchasing the entire series as I had planed. If this happens the brilliant TV series was for nothing... I will be so disappointed!
Christian Fridlund (10 days ago)
My theory is that the night king is brann and he is trying to kill himself all this time. the reason for doing this and not just staying in the north i do not know. maybe he has ben the night king for so long he just wants to die and is willing to go to any lenghts to do so?
Americo Espinoza (10 days ago)
This rings true, but I hope its not.
Simon Brown (10 days ago)
sounds like nationalism lol
Lazeric White (10 days ago)
I wonder if we get confirmation of Tyrion's parents...
Lazeric White (10 days ago)
This was really good. I don't know if I missed it but what happened to Sam, Gilly, and Ghost? I can roll with this as being accurate and believable.
Existential Crisis01 (10 days ago)
I don’t think this will happen because if Dany just dies in labour it defeats the purpose of her story arch
carlo sanchez (10 days ago)
.....HOUSE REED with the castle in Greywater Watch.......will be a key part and its not mentioned here
Patrick Wilmes (10 days ago)
I believe all of this be true
elijah Xbib (11 days ago)
I just want to take a minute to remember Hodor.... the only guy who did his job and was true to himself.. R.I.P
YourFriendlyNeighbour (11 days ago)
I don't want this to be true and I'm regretting watching this
Nunya Business (11 days ago)
Welp thanks grrm. You not finishing the books fucked up the show. If the books ends like this im hosting an epic book burning.
Stefan Berglund (11 days ago)
Jon Snow should be dead
prajakta kadolkar (11 days ago)
i would like to see brienne and jaime's lovestory
noizW (11 days ago)
This is happing no way... If you take a look at the directors, you can see who did previous episodes, some of them did the "great battles"... I think you've been fooled.
PRASHANT DEORE (12 days ago)
Sadest end
Jims Sessions (12 days ago)
Click like if you were strong enough to stop watching at the midpoint
Jims Sessions (12 days ago)
All of your damn leeks were true. It ruined the show for me. Yet I'm still watching 😖😥😪 Turn it off JS!!!! DO IT NOW
Jims Sessions (12 days ago)
limso cro (12 days ago)
Sounds like i imagine it to end..."bitter-sweet ending"
André C (12 days ago)
This kinda made sense until the last part. The snow melting away after a few months? They had a long summer, which means a long winter that will last for years. As Cat pointed out to Renly in his camp: "They are men of summer and winter is coming". So the summer probably lasted for about 20 years, which would give us a winter at least as long.
Cole Nemitz (12 days ago)
This sucks
Stephen m (13 days ago)
Triggerslipped Jenkins (13 days ago)
it is rumored Syrio Forel will be returning in heroic fashion with a wooden sword in the final episodes.
Leila Moreno (13 days ago)
Aegon The Conqueror united the seven kingdoms. Jon Snow will divide them?

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