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Game of Thrones: Season 6 OST - Light of the Seven (EP 10 Trial scene)

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Official Season 6 Soundtrack available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/game-thrones-season-6-music/id1126106075 FULL SOUNDTRACK PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrqrQt36ddwDhQFbwqz5cB5C6Ab71ykQR Soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi.
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Text Comments (12232)
M I N (1 hour ago)
Who's here after the final season teaser?
k.c.a. schneider (3 hours ago)
Ramin Djawadi is modern day Mozart but people dont realise it. What a shame.
Zeynep Şanlı (4 hours ago)
Hi Turkey 🇹🇷
the explorer (9 hours ago)
Valar morgulis
DrzBa (11 hours ago)
Can I just say, if anyone still believes in the Fairy Tale-esque, Disneyfied happy ending and assumes GoT will have one - you, YOU are the very people George R R Martin likes to play with. He's setting us all up for a fall.
Zaur Farhadov (12 hours ago)
More then 2 years past. But THIS track is still the best.
malek (15 hours ago)
am in a time loop since 2016, HELP ME.
krerk (1 day ago)
Galputos en vivo (1 day ago)
4,6 K fans of Netflix dislike this.
Cola IsCola (1 day ago)
I do my homework 📚 to this song on low volume🎶🔽 for optimal results. 😏
Jaime Lannister (2 days ago)
Power is Power <3 #HearMeRoar
Ge Jin (2 days ago)
9 minutes feels like a decade.
sharif septa (2 days ago)
Epic music 🎶
Olivier Tournon (2 days ago)
Love Cersei.
Sukhdeep Brar (2 days ago)
RodoZoK (3 days ago)
THUNDERPOLI1 (3 days ago)
8:16 : oh my fu*king god she’s doing it!
Dedew 65 (3 days ago)
chills at 4:43
Mieczysław Kowalski (3 days ago)
This is beautiful
Laia Domenech Campos (3 days ago)
Selin Kaçmaz (4 days ago)
Where is the Türkish fans???
abbache ryad younes (4 days ago)
Cersei my love .
Meryem Aabirouch (5 days ago)
안젤리카Angelica (5 days ago)
*I'll play this at my wedding*
Alice Cooper (5 days ago)
I feel like Cersei when im listening to this
Doktor Faustus (3 days ago)
You certainly kinda look like her. Even better, if that's really you on your picture.
Drogon (5 days ago)
I wish i forget some thing to experience them once more...
Zen Madster (6 days ago)
I hope they don't jump the shark again in season 8!
Osama Anwar (6 days ago)
Cersei is my true Queen, The Mad Queen that she is, she deserves respect.... She demands respect.
Tanuja Sabakale (6 days ago)
I love it
Gamias Gamiass (7 days ago)
Error 404:Religion not found
Danielle Budapest (7 days ago)
After 5:22
Jeffrey Williams (7 days ago)
9:38 Goose bumps given.
Jordan brooks (7 days ago)
This is fucking masterpiece
randomnyss2011 (8 days ago)
Cersei is gonna win GOT
Sepadius Laartii (8 days ago)
The progression of this makes all the other layers that get added to it sound like they're feeding Cercei's madness...
Demi God (8 days ago)
I came
Mae (8 days ago)
They forgot to put the explosion sound at the end...
shubhakara bhat (9 days ago)
It's November 2018 and I'm still hearing this beauty 👌👌✌️
Sindibad (9 days ago)
i just want to know who put thoses dislike wtf
Jason Heidenfelder (9 days ago)
Epic 😍
Orgasm Alert
River Song (9 days ago)
Winter has come. Gonna have this on repeat forever.
Jasper van Soolingen (9 days ago)
badjas cersei
Mike Beares (9 days ago)
Cersei’s the hardcore bitch I’ve always dreamed about
Paulo Carboni (10 days ago)
RIP Lancel Lannister, Margaery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, Tommen Baratheon. Forget about High Sparrow
Paulo Carboni (5 days ago)
Oof. Sorry. And Mace Tyrell
Jordan R. (7 days ago)
How could you forget about our lord and savior Mace Tyrell?
River Song (9 days ago)
ThePUBGguy (10 days ago)
* At 4:40 its the calm before the storm *
HIdalgo yakerson (10 days ago)
This Piece made that episode the best in my opinion, up until the Dothraki cavalry charge.
HIdalgo yakerson (9 days ago)
+Ryan Goldsmith how are we any different? flint, club, gunpowder, nukes. ring a bell?
Ryan Goldsmith (10 days ago)
HIdalgo yakerson I've never liked the Dothraki. Savages in my opinion
pressrepeat2000 (10 days ago)
Probably the best episode of all. So many “WTF” moments I lost count. And so beautifully shot.
NiZZy Q (10 days ago)
Look likes Beethoven
Samson 21 (11 days ago)
Najlepszy kawałek tego sezonu , pełen emocji ...jak babski okres , aż chce się płakać...
The Punisher (11 days ago)
الساوند هذا كل ما اسمعه احس ان اللي جنبي بيختفي
Aparna P (11 days ago)
LordBezard66 (11 days ago)
I can't be the only one who actually really liked Pycelle, his death made me really sad
bashpr0mpt (11 days ago)
I would love to see this played, rather than a static shitty image from the movie.
Hauntsome (11 days ago)
does anyone know a similiar style of music like this? Idk why but I love listening to this when I study.
Ryan Goldsmith (10 days ago)
Hauntsome our English teacher would always put on classical music cus apparently it's been proven to help studying so why don't you give that a bash?
Hassan Hassani (11 days ago)
♥️♥️♥️ très belle chanson
mohammad bzeih (12 days ago)
I hear this daily while going to school And especially if it’s raining Oh man ! That feeling
Alec McInnis (12 days ago)
There is only one God. A girl knows his name.
Sreejit Mukherjee (12 days ago)
my life starts from @4:40
One-Eyed Ghoul (12 days ago)
5:22 Shit just went side ways in the most colosuss way. -- in the works of Deadpool
Hingle McCringleberry (12 days ago)
As Cersei wore the "black mamba", the perfect music was playing.
Katsic (12 days ago)
Jaqen H'Ghar (12 days ago)
this song on loop just removes all my distractions while studying , thanks Ramin Djawadi for such a masterpiece .
Viktor Khomych (12 days ago)
Alexandra Maglakelidze (12 days ago)
did anyone else here a part of the game of thrones theme song in the ending of this? hmm...
Hyder Pirzado (12 days ago)
I stopped watching GOT right after the end of fourth season. Coz I believed they will never be able to top that moment. Now I listen to this music. There is no way on Earth that this scene won't be worth every second!
TheDoctorwho747 (12 days ago)
This is my favorite track from the series, it’s so beautiful yet gives you a sense of foreboding which is exactly what the scene was. I also recommend “I promise” from the Westworld soundtrack as just an example of recent great ones.
Aniketh (13 days ago)
5:21 fkn goosebumbs
Amr Mashaly (13 days ago)
انا متكيف ناو ❤️
seamuseen (14 days ago)
I mean it’s just incredible really...
Walter Fortuna (14 days ago)
In some moments it's very similar to Flash's soundtrack..
Raphael D'Antona (14 days ago)
Muito bom! :)
Goccu Z (14 days ago)
8:57 shakes the Soul ..Amazing track!!
Dennis Reynolds (14 days ago)
I don't really understand why this is so popular. The like 5-10 second piano section is the only memorable part, the rest is generic as fuck. I love this OST, but man, people have terrible taste who aren't musicians. There are literal uncredited background songs in this show that have more creativity and nuance. This is boring as hell. Ramin is a GOAT composer, but this is not even top 20 in his composition history; was also very clearly inspired by the main theme of In Bruges which is 100 times better.
Dennis Reynolds (12 days ago)
+Boaz M. Oh for sure man! It was amazing in the episode. It was one of the most memorable intros to an episode I've ever seen in my TV watching history lol, no exaggeration there, and I'm kinda hard to impress when it comes to TV and Cinema, and this is still one of the best openings I've ever seen. I was just referring to the music itself; it's very generic to me on its own and I would never remember it if it weren't composed over the top of this scene... But the thing is... Ramin has made better music for scenes that completely overshadow the soundtrack (you can hardly here is compositions is what I mean). I'm a big Djawadi fan, so that's why I'm critical. Makes me sad to see his actual masterpieces overshadowed by what is essentially just a ripoff of Beethoven, and a bad one at that.
Boaz M. (13 days ago)
Have you seen the show? Because if you watch the scene and hear the music, then it is really nice and fitting, but you're right in a way though. On itself, the music is a bit boring indeed
Alego Legov (14 days ago)
One of the greatest TV episodes ever. Hands down.
Boaz M. (15 days ago)
"And where is the Queen Mother?" "There's something wrong." "Cersei is not here. Tommen is not here. Why do you think they're not here?" "Forget about the bloody gods and listen to what I'm telling you! Cersei understands the consequences of her absence, and she is absent anyway, which means she does not intend to suffer those consequences. The trial can wait. We all nead.to.leave." "We all need to leave now!" "Let me through. Let me through!" "Get out of my way!" "Let us through" *looks at High Sparrow* BOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!
PhebusdesTours (2 hours ago)
I swear it, I was freaking out before this episode. Was literaly yelling "You bloody morons, listen to Marg, for fuck's sake! You'll die right now!"
Kemo sabe (3 days ago)
While someone cherr and watch
Armando Damian (7 days ago)
A fine body to go to waist
Jaschke Yordanka (15 days ago)
Die Musik ist der Sinn der Seele. Ohne Musik hätte der Geist keinen Sinn.
Cesium Cat (16 days ago)
Haha remember season 1 when Joffrey claimed Cersei had "the soft heart of a woman"? xD
Francesco Bruno (16 days ago)
who dislikes this.
anantha ramayya (16 days ago)
i hate cersei but music is epic
Luiss Falz (16 days ago)
watched yesterday on tv like the first time emotions gave me. is a BLISS
BeckStories (16 days ago)
Mister Boopsmooch (16 days ago)
For some reason this reminds me of the first movement of Moonlight Sonata.
hehe lmao (16 days ago)
is the pic moving?? the girl looks like she's breathing
Luiss Falz (16 days ago)
oh my god
Naer (17 days ago)
This song is great but don't get me wrong it dosen't fit the got theme.
Dario Violo (17 days ago)
Best soundtrack of games of thrones
Zen Madster (17 days ago)
With music like this... You know heads are going to roll.
the lucid lynx (17 days ago)
i don't even watch game of thrones but i still got absolute goosebumps
Gregory Brown (18 days ago)
Love the Score for Season 6 the must.
Kylo Ren's Universe (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who is with TEAM Cersei after her Walk of Atonement??
Kurayuki- chan (18 days ago)
Kurayuki- chan (18 days ago)
Btw i really love this music omg
Kurayuki- chan (18 days ago)
Why are there dislikes?Why?
Nainesh Unhelkar (18 days ago)
It's been 48 days and 12 hours and still I watch this again and again .
Manuel Fernandez (18 days ago)
mos tafa (19 days ago)
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John Ruulez (19 days ago)
John Ruulez Obra-prima.
Brian Fortune (19 days ago)
Game of thrones is the greatest show ever created. I’m going to be sad when it ends. To the king in the North whose name is Snow. Long may he reign.

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