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Best Games In All TIs - The International 2011 to 2017

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All matches placed in thia video are based on my personal opinion. This does not mean that other matches are not as intense or exciting as the one mentioned.
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Text Comments (30)
KommpLex (9 months ago)
I'm still crying at TI3 finals
vince mayo (10 months ago)
Where is tnc vs og on ti6
Slobodan Hofman (10 months ago)
no EG vs CDEC final game TI5 ? i mean its not true that in TI5 wasnt even 1 single good game
みらいMirai (10 months ago)
No Ehome vs EG mega comeback?
Shilu D Lkr (10 months ago)
13:9 is that miracle in the crowd? 😂
Makoto Hernandez (10 months ago)
The only thing bad is luminous casting...
Shahmok Shahwit (10 months ago)
wow bleach ost
Ariel Tanudireja (10 months ago)
vp liquid and eg ehome?
lucas felipe (10 months ago)
TI7 VP vs Liquid was better
TheKevlar4 (10 months ago)
I would’ve chosen EG vs Ehome at ti6 but EG vs DC was amazing too
Kroob (10 months ago)
That 2nd navi clip.... What a turn-around
Gj Lipana (10 months ago)
Ehome vs EG shoulve been in TI6
akshay naik (10 months ago)
NaVi vs Alliance.. it still hurts 😢😢
Camile Bellon (10 months ago)
Best? Trash video.
Jérémie Bradette (10 months ago)
Feeling better now?
Kaze Eyto (10 months ago)
No EG vs Ehome? 88 Dislike .
Rey Ven Briones (10 months ago)
no tnc vs og? no orange vs dk?
D4rkP3ngu1n (10 months ago)
EG vs Ehome? LGD vs Liquid? Wow so much good games
Ray Marben Tolentino (10 months ago)
"Patience from Zhou" --oh how I miss my chat wheel sounds
Ray Marben Tolentino (10 months ago)
-They're all dead! -I didnt know it was from liquid vs lfy. Thanks!
Roland Philip (10 months ago)
first video is epic
biawokuntapalebapok (10 months ago)
No ORANGE VS DK TI3 kyxy magnus 5man and 4man RP?
alliance out maneuvering navi!!! goosebumps everytime.
Sand Man (10 months ago)
Wong yew xuan (10 months ago)
1st game x-bok? thats how u pronounce it? lol
Vafele (10 months ago)
Larc (10 months ago)
__Kickz&Gaming __ (10 months ago)
TI7 should have been VP vs Liquid
the wEEb general (10 months ago)
TI3 final game 5 explains why people in lower mmr bracket rarely buys tp
Sampling One (11 months ago)
Holyshit. That DC vs EG game make my hair stand

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