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Game of Thrones: The Loot Train Attack (HBO)

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The Game of Thrones cast and crew give an inside look on filming the loot train attack in season 7. Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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Jermaine R (11 hours ago)
these guys are the real mvps
Liam Horn (12 hours ago)
This is all truly awesome and everything but how the fuck did they get the gold to the iron bank after losing the battle and everything getting set on fire? Did Jaime and Bronn do it? Didn't team Daenerys think to grab the Highgarden loot?
Kenneth Lopez (7 days ago)
Noah went from building an arc to building a hot damn tv series scene. Wow. That’s grace.
Shalltear Bloodfallen (11 days ago)
I feel like when Jamie said"we can hold em off" Drogon was like "Wanna bet?"
Braiven (11 days ago)
Respect to the 20 guys on fire.
Dylan (13 days ago)
High Sparrow: I like to pray Roose Bolton: I like to flay Oberyn: I like to lay Loras: I’m gay Walder Frey: I like to betray Lannisters: We always pay Starks: We’re always in dismay Littlefinger: I like to sway The Mountain: I like to slay Hodor: Hodor!
kwgrid (17 days ago)
*standing ovation* Absolutely incredible work! I've watched a lot of these behind-the-scenes clips and it's astonishing how much work is put into this series. Kudos all 'round!
Best series of history
JohnnyBoi80 (1 month ago)
12:30 must have been absolutely terrifying
Avalon Harris (2 months ago)
Lit asf!!!!
QZ- A.S.M.R (2 months ago)
Poor horses, being made to work so hard all for our entertainment 😢
Monkey Man (2 months ago)
Epic scene
gotama420 (2 months ago)
what a job
Elizabeth Johnson (2 months ago)
I could not stop watching this after the episode premiered...then to see behind the scenes how it was done was icing on the cake...I felt this should have been shown on the big screen. I can't remember when but AMC Theater in Chicago put a small blurb in the newspaper and did just that. They knew not to go big with the advertising because thousands of fans would have shown up and caused a mass riot. When read the blurb it had already happened the day before...
beyond a learner (2 months ago)
I've watched this episode at least five times. I can't even count how many I times I've watched this scene.
Ahmed Haris (3 months ago)
Creating a benchmark year after year. Hats off to GoT Team.
alpal7 shnikers (3 months ago)
Take my credit card....keep making these amazing practical effects
Brock (3 months ago)
What song is played at 1:40? Anyone know?
JuanmaGdo (3 months ago)
PrimeUser_ (3 months ago)
i can't wait for the battles in Season 8
Anomalous Gaming (3 months ago)
Made me bust a nut in the first few seconds 10/10
187Ares (4 months ago)
Nobody fooking cares for Emile Clarke aka Dany brat
EpicThe112 (4 months ago)
Amazing job by the crew and an actual comparison to the dragon would have been bringing in an A-10 Warthog and it's Russian equivalent the Frog foot aircraft to a medieval Battlefield since its main purpose destroy tanks and infantry from the air. Here in Game of Thrones set in 305AC season 7 episode 4 Danerys & Drogon are like the A-10 & the Su-25 with it's pilot mowing down ground troops from the air in this scenario it would be mowing down Lannister & Tarly troops from the air
Brent Parks (4 months ago)
This is what makes TV/film so interesting. Seeing what it takes to make an epic scene like this. Amazing job by the crew.
Evangelos (4 months ago)
Wait what!? If anything the dothraki are more like the Huns... Atleast that's what I always thought. Horses weren't even in America. Horses were a new thing to the Indians they didn't worship an animal that wasn't there. The mongols were very good on Horseback but I don't think they had those types of blades and clothes. Mongols also came from a much colder climate. If anything, I'd say the Dothraki resemble the Huns more than anything.
Arioch IV (5 months ago)
I love how even the cameramen are in costume.
Reck Ssel (5 months ago)
Worst show ever
EvanSol919 (5 months ago)
Best production of any TV show ever.
cookiesandcream (5 months ago)
I remember when I first saw this scene. It was so unexpected! I was holding my breath when the Dothraki came and when Daenerys starts burning everyone, I was literally in tears! I'm so proud of her! She was weak but look at her now!
Johnny Skinwalker (5 months ago)
Why don't they put stuff like this on the DVD/bluray sets?
mawdi478 (5 months ago)
I wish I could just hug them all!
Rafsan Ahmed (5 months ago)
give cersi one or two dinosaurs it will be an equal game... 😁😁😁😁
Blasphy B (6 months ago)
Look at that Mary Sue go!
adil nadeem (6 months ago)
10:17 male or female?
Юрий Мешков (6 months ago)
Привет из России
EvanSol919 (6 months ago)
Best production of any TV show ever.
Mubarak Hashmi (6 months ago)
Handsoff to entire team.....
Jay Z (6 months ago)
Bronn should've died in this scene
udubdave (6 months ago)
Wow they actually set dudes on fire. I thought it was all CGI. That's why it looked so real!
AZM Abdullah (7 months ago)
10:24 Don't mind me. Just a casual day of me being on fire
Jo Kah (7 months ago)
"Anyone who charges cavalry into spears is a Noob"- Lord Tywin Lannister
Abbe Satty (7 months ago)
8:10 that was awesome!
jennifer sharma (7 months ago)
Dothraki men standing on the horse was one of the most epic scenes...
Gipper 1911 (7 months ago)
Jaime is one of my favorite characters, and watching this the first time was an emotional gut-bunch because I legitimately thought that he was going to die.
rosheru jotei (8 months ago)
all this hard work and dedication.... i realize i shouldn't complain why it takes so long for a season premiere or why there are only few episodes...
Amenadiel Jagger (8 months ago)
Although the scene is mega epic, 'The Loot Train Battle' is loosely phrased based on the fact it's technically not an actual battle but a rather more defensive attack instead. The attack on HighGarden by Lannister Army was Cersei's reason to seize the only gold reserve in Westeros to pay off the Iron Bank. Since all Westeros' food supply comes from The Reach, Cersei's deliberate action on seizing control to cut off food supply to DragonStone, to starve out Dany's army. Hence Dany left with no choice but simply send a "Since We Can't Have It, You Can't Have It Too" clear message to King's Landing.
Jervis Germane (8 months ago)
10:24 "Oh don't mind me. I'll just stand here on fire until you need me." XD
MR Bloom (8 months ago)
what a shame being set on fire by that bitch....!! I would have scream and Runnnn arggggg arggggg
IgorSaray (9 months ago)
I don’t care about rest of you but I’m naturally more inclined to side with Lannisters, even Cersei. Normal humans vs barbarians and beasts. But I really hope Jaime survives it all in the end, he should’ve been head of House Lannister from day 1, best Lannister by far.
Reyansh Das (9 months ago)
Promote employer significant management happiness odds collapse representation alive.
Kalahridudex (9 months ago)
Cersei Lannister best not make any more threats or else she'll be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.
marinower17 (9 months ago)
I am so happy that this amazing battle was shot in Spain, my country!!
AnalKarl der vierte (9 months ago)
07:01 I kinda want to become a pyrotechnician now...
AnalKarl der vierte (9 months ago)
Can we get Chris Newman (guy at 5:05) to be on the show? He would make a dank maester.
lightsidemaster (9 months ago)
"... that the audience doesn't know who to root for in that sequence" ... Well... Drogon of course, who else? GODS I LOVED DRAGONS THEN
Black Widow (9 months ago)
Honestly this is one of the best scenes both in terms of Visual and Emotional Effects. The visuals was just awesome but the fact that they managed to make people question who we really root for in this scene is AMAZING. I like Jaime and Bronn but I also love Dany, Drogon and the Dothrakis. This is what we have all been waiting for for the last six seasons and when it happened we started to question Daenerys and how cruel she is forgetting that the Lannisters are just as cruel. I think they succeeded and I applaud the cast and crew for the dedication and for always wanting to bring a brilliant episode.
ronnie mac (9 months ago)
Was the only scene this season where my heart was in my mouth... OMG, hearing the dothraki horses, then seeing drogon with mum on back finally making a stand in Westeros was a satisfying moment... too bad the rest of the season was a disappointment
M (9 months ago)
7:12 I first read "Sam Conway - Sex supervisor". But maybe that's for the finale.
god 113 (6 months ago)
god 113 (6 months ago)
Rahul Chaudhary (9 months ago)
Regards to lions
jonah schmitt (9 months ago)
gang tomato base strange hide city belong drop
Alex-X-x (9 months ago)
that episode blew my mind!
John von Shepard (9 months ago)
6:14 Strap in.
Minemoney (9 months ago)
I wish i could forget this episode and watch it again whenever i want... The feeling when i first saw this scene and heard the dragon roar is something unrepeatable <3
ZaraZenegal (10 months ago)
This is honestly the best scene in GoT history! They all did a great job with it!
Neyjina (10 months ago)
12:36 Left bottom corner When you actually are a Targaryen and you're not catching fire, but you have to pretend that you are because you don't want to destroy the shot #justtargaryenthings
Kemily Play (10 months ago)
gostei muito
Extragorey (10 months ago)
13:47 that's one chill horse, having a blade swung over its head...
Art on (10 months ago)
James Valt (10 months ago)
The book readers are the source of the cancerous feed back and lm one of the book readers. I love seeing the world come to life and appreciate every detail, yeah it's different but wow.
Patience Rachel (10 months ago)
You made me so emotional this episode. I had no idea who to cheer for. I spent the majority of my time being angry at Bronn and then being scared for his life and then yelling at Jamie for going after my queen but then being pissed off at Dany for bringing Drogon and having him almost kill Jamie. I was so upset and so happy 😭😳.
Mr0011011 (10 months ago)
Best episode of the season!
Mr0011011 (10 months ago)
Jamie's metal hand should have melted off.
NemoTheGrey (10 months ago)
I love GoT but the fanbase is CANCEROUS AS FUCK. People cry when Dany killed the Tarlys for not bending the knee and praise their honor, despite the fact that they literally stabbed their Liege lords the Tyrells in the back and killed them by helping the cunt lannisters. People ignore Cersei for SLAUGHTERING BABIES in season one and blowing up an entire sept killing thousands of innocent people whilst she smiles like the disguisting CUNT she is. And yet when Dany strikes back by attacking SOLDIERS after being so wounded in this war people cry out comparing her to the mad king and rooting for Cersei like what the actual FUCK is wrong with this fanbase?! I know many sensible people among the GOT fanbase but holy fucking shit there are so many cunt GOT fans aswell!
Abbe Satty (6 months ago)
+Ser Jaime Lannister: Cersei was complicit, she defended Joffrey 's act when Tyrion asked her if Joffrey slaughtered the kids. People often forget that the Taryls waged a war against Dany's allies (Tyrells) beside Randell and _Richon:)_ chosen to be burn, they have been given a choice, we all know this _(been given a choice)_ is a RARE thing in GoT universe. People complaining about this are either nuts or not paying attention.
Ser Jaime Lannister (6 months ago)
NemoTheGrey Joffrey ordered to kill the kids in S2 not Cersei
Abbe Satty (7 months ago)
NemoTheGrey ikr? They forgot that the Tarlys have been given a choice and how an ass Randyll was in treating Sam. Most of Danny haters even don't know why they hate her, some are not GoT fan materials and some have some fishy agenda, I see them everywhere crying about how GoT empowering women.
TheEluminator LP (9 months ago)
NemoTheGrey #teamcercei #srynotsry go on, hate me:)
Keyboard Warrior (10 months ago)
The only movie/series that could top Game of thrones in this genre, in my opinion is probably The trilogy of Lord of the rings.I would rate The Lord of the rings higher though because not only it had huge astounding battles but it had so much emotion to it that you can't stop yourself from crying at some point in the trilogy.Which movie or series do you recommend watching in this kind of genre?outside GoT and Lotr ofc.
LUIS GONZALEZ FILMS (10 months ago)
*BRAVO!* 👏👏👏
Shadow Song Studios (10 months ago)
The amount of effort that gets put into these sequences makes me want to do a two things: 1. Become a stunt rider (heck yeah me and my horse'll go riding across the plain chanting like madmen) 2. Go find these behind the scenes folks and congratulate them over and over again because without them, stuff like this literally wouldn't exist.  Bravo, folks. You all deserve an award.
Thomas (10 months ago)
great job, great movie serie
AlternativExXxHonK (10 months ago)
I have one wish for Season 9....please get the king of the best final battles for the final fight against the Night King PETER JACKSON !!!
Sonny (10 months ago)
Thank you to every stuntman for making this happen
shizzle Dwizzle (10 months ago)
Alex Harrison (10 months ago)
When the only way your VFX producer can describe a scene is 'blasting the shit'...you know you're doing something right.
ErikVaughnDillinger (10 months ago)
The lannisters can suck a bag of dragon dicks.
Jimmy (10 months ago)
why do things like this not get uploaded in 1080p? surely they have the capability?
Eric Lee (10 months ago)
Incredible battle and sequence. But there has to be a better name than the "Loot Train Attack"!
ARNOLD SHRIVER (10 months ago)
who to root for, but
usman cheema (10 months ago)
Thid is bigger than bob??? You know nothing.
Ben Hur (10 months ago)
Thanks people you do a very amazing job 👍
here2watch08 (10 months ago)
Holy fuck! One fucking scene, albeit a long one, and it's like a whole action film worth of work. Okay, I didn't quite get it before, but now I do; I see why we won't see season 8 until 2019. If this season was like season 6 on steroids, then next season will be like season 7 on steroids! LOVE this EPIC show!!!!
Baker's Bread (10 months ago)
did the special effects guys just give all the lanister troops massive chins?
Taloni (10 months ago)
Can we talk about how they call the Battle of the Bastards, BoB???? That's amazing
The Box of Magic (10 months ago)
That shot of Sam 7:02 behind the fire looks badass as HELL
Frederick K. (10 months ago)
What's Emilia Clarke's favourite Band? Imagine Dragons
SG pro (10 months ago)
The fire is real
SHARE H!S V!S!0N (10 months ago)
All that money they spent on cgi and they couldnt get that tree to move with drogons wingflap @6:27? I am the first person to mention this and I have read thousands of comments for this clip across many videos.
Theresa Sansom (10 months ago)
I would love to know more about the animal training on set.
Mega MovieZ (10 months ago)
One of the most badass moments in GOT history! Up there with Battle Of The Bastards for me! :D
Genti Lushi (10 months ago)
I love the music and Jaime's face when the wind blows the ashes of that soldier (theatrically)...it is just priceless
Jimppunen GT (10 months ago)
Like jos oot suomalainen joka kattoo tän
Zech Moreland (10 months ago)
It's crazy watching these how much work goes into the battles then there's a lot of smoke or fog that sort of erases some of the detail but adds more as well.
Marc’s Fx (10 months ago)
A great film is nothing without great stuntmen/women, all the background staff you never see, it's they who deserve the awards and pats on their backs.....and a bloody good wage too!! 🏆😉👍🏼😊
Yahya Abdi (10 months ago)
Loot train attack vs battle of the bastards

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