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Watch Live Sports Streams On Fire Stick. NFL, MLB, NBA (2018-2019)

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How to watch live sports on your fire tv or fire stick. Stream NFL preseason and 2018-2019 regular season games, NFL Network in High Definition. Stream MLB games, and get ready for the 2018- 2019 basketball season with HD Live NBA Streams! All from one awesome website! We do all of this without kodi and no apk's for your firestick! https://iptvology.com - Gears IPTV 19.99/month Get a VPN 57% Off : http://bit.ly/dorkstick Get your next android box here: https://cklgoods.com BUY SOME ReviewDork Swag at Teespring: https://teespring.com/stores/reviewdork ✅==CHECKOUT http://dorkboxhd.com FOR THE BEST APKS== ✅Share this video: https://youtu.be/pBCklI_oWec Want Us To Review A Product ? Let us know in the comments! -------------------------------------------- Follow Us On Twitter ✅https://twitter.com/ReviewDork -------------------------------------------- ReviewDork, where we review tech, media, viral videos, video games, and show you the latest in how to's , and sometimes we VLOG! :) NEW VIDEOS: ALMOST EVERY FREAKING DAY!!! Contact: ReviewDork [email protected]
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Text Comments (310)
ReviewDork (1 month ago)
This is an updated version of a video I did a few months ago - https://youtu.be/7Xxi9KrOv_s - and I had to do it because I was getting slammed with emails! So like share subscribe! This site now supports NFL and MLB streams so this is an exciting time to be a sports nut!!!!!
Gerardo Becerra (8 days ago)
It's not working?
Tanna Young (25 days ago)
Thanks, Gabe! Can't wait for NBA!
ReviewDork (1 month ago)
Preason isnt covered under NFL Sunday ticket bro
ReviewDork (1 month ago)
Look up sports channels man
HEK (1 month ago)
ReviewDork so I'm upset that in this guide I can't even find the giants and Detroit game, on nbc??? It's like dam I really purchased because of the reviews not missing any nfl game including preseason, I am a NY GIANTS FAN, now I can't even a watch a freakn game. My faith just dropped
Justdissin (1 day ago)
Thank you it worked for me being from cali now i can watch my chi bears play,wish they had the redzone ch tho
Colby Deegan (1 day ago)
Worked for me after two downloads. Thanks dude👍👍
E&SIERRA SAME LOVE (2 days ago)
Ad blocker suggestions?
Frank Orozco (2 days ago)
Silk browser doesn’t come up on my fire stick. Is there a different way of downloading it
Marcos Rodriguez (2 days ago)
What’s up with the fight tonight?
sizzle r (7 days ago)
Thanks so much! I tried 5 different links today and this is the only one that has worked!
Gerry Grabinski (7 days ago)
I downloaded Silk and then tried to watch the New England Patriots and it did not work. I then added Sports 365 and it only showed 4 NFL games. I only want to watch the New England Patriots. Any ideas for an app?
B dubb (8 days ago)
It kept crashing yesterday some games wouldn't work
YungLegend 00 (8 days ago)
It works but what do I do if it is laggy
Jovair Adams (8 days ago)
Yo yall less
Shane Jay (8 days ago)
I have so many questions how does your silk browser look like that mine is just bing and when I go to the site it just gives me an error message
Randy Hopkins (8 days ago)
what can I do? I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan
Randy Hopkins (8 days ago)
This is not working for me.
Glenn Robinson (8 days ago)
this works well.
Josh Pena (8 days ago)
How do I get rid of the annoying pop ups ?
TYSEN EDWARDS (8 days ago)
I need serious help. My silk browser keeps saying all not found when I attempt to download it. So it’s Sunday during football and I’m sad and stuck 😭
TYSEN EDWARDS (8 days ago)
Sorry. It says “app not found” when I attempt to find silk browser. I’m hoping I don’t have to totally reset this firestick. I had it earlier today and I somehow deleted it by accident
Thatboi Rob (8 days ago)
Does not work all it does is tell you the webpage cannot be displayed
Marcos Rodriguez (8 days ago)
It down! On week 1, HELP!!!!
ReviewDork (8 days ago)
It's up
RichRoland33 (8 days ago)
Thanks for all the videos you make. Do you have any suggestions for NFL redzone?
Steve Soltysiak (8 days ago)
U da man!!!
Brandon Rene' (8 days ago)
I can’t get it to work. It’s taking me to other web pages. Not to the game
Marvin M. (9 days ago)
Works Thanks
Goku 444 (9 days ago)
Great video
Jesse Ramos (10 days ago)
ElMexChicano (11 days ago)
I get a pop up while I'm watching a game can u help? Thanks
M H (13 days ago)
Diamcutt Cutt (13 days ago)
Great video website not working it's says something about file manger is the best file manager efficient secure private click ok then when you hit cancel it comes right back
F R III (13 days ago)
Did it just go down? I'm having complications trying to use it.
F R III (13 days ago)
I've used it for a month or two but today, it started popping up with file manager blah.
KIP (14 days ago)
Is there any reason why when I open up sportshd on my xbox it says I need to download a java. I was seeing if at least nfl network would work but it wouldn't and the java thing kept popping up, and I thought that it might've just been an nfl thing since there aren't any games on rn , so I tried mlb games and it said the same thing too. I dont think it's an xbox problem bc I watched all the charger games last year on it, but idk if that website is just going through issues rn or what bc its never said anything about downloading a java to proceed. But the 720p website is working for me rn on nfl network. And I don't know if the sportshd problem will still be happening sunday so I want to be prepared. If anyone has any additional websites to use please let me know bc I want to be able to watch the game on sunday!!!
Joe Zapata (14 days ago)
Hey is this one down? It's not working for me. Anyone else having this problem? It was working fine last night
KIP (11 days ago)
Joe Zapata Does sportshd work on the firestick?
KIP (11 days ago)
Joe Zapata No but I can get it
Joe Zapata (11 days ago)
+KIP cool will you can use the firestick then that what I'm using right now and it working do you have silk browser on it?
KIP (11 days ago)
Joe Zapata No but I do have a firestick and computer
Stef K (14 days ago)
Dude you are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BrianBeamers (14 days ago)
No nascar? Bull crap
kingboricua2018 2018 (16 days ago)
Great,keep it up!
Terrill Scott (16 days ago)
How do you play the shows? I don't see the game all I hear is the game
Joemomma (17 days ago)
Works beautifully thanks so much
Dakota Lakota (17 days ago)
how about collage football???
Jesus Gonzalez (18 days ago)
Thanks man saved my life this shit is a life saver you are a life saver i as going to go crazy with out football
PalmettoMoon (19 days ago)
Does this have,SEC NETWORK? Thanks
Juan Madera (19 days ago)
How about androids devices?
kostas paragios (20 days ago)
This will work to watch the regular season games of The Dallas Cowboys
Luis Rojas (20 days ago)
Hey Gabe, so i’m only 21 years old just got my own house 5rooms 2bath have 2 kids and my gf 🙌, but see i don’t want to be having direct tv , comcast none of that .... what streaming app do you think is best to have && also all the streaming apps have the “silk browser” ?
Ceazy Beats (22 days ago)
Your a got damn genius. U must have an i.q. of 180 son
alex rodriguez (22 days ago)
How to watch Boxing
emisoccer • (23 days ago)
Does it do the NHL?
Bob McCall (23 days ago)
does not work....when i click to watch a game it says im going to another site where they want to sell you access.
maine2243 (23 days ago)
Hey is it an app for all college football games?
Ismael Ortiz (23 days ago)
Last weekend sportshd.me was working way better for me.
Ismael Ortiz (23 days ago)
Sportshd.me working slow on ps4 and my firestick on silk browser. The 720 one seems to be down Also.
Ismael Ortiz (23 days ago)
Yo review dork what you recommend for watching NFL live games on a ps4?
Chadrick Walsh (23 days ago)
This is no longer free.
Chadrick Walsh (14 days ago)
+KIP nope! I just paid for gears tv.
KIP (14 days ago)
Chadrick Walsh Is it really not?
Orlando Mendez (24 days ago)
Thanks! You are the man. 👍
Jeff Williams (24 days ago)
Man great tip on this site. I've only had Firetv for a few months and have been trying different things. I have been missing my local team's NFL preseason games..... until now. Panthers game up and running in as little as 2-3 minutes from download of the Silk browser. Works great. You tha man! Thanks bro.
ReviewDork (24 days ago)
Welcome bro
bryshal jones (24 days ago)
Works today! Thanks!
James Collazo (24 days ago)
How can I get this on my Nvidia shield?
David Mondragon (24 days ago)
Dude your the man. Thanks. Fak beaches get money lol
Link Young (25 days ago)
SkoL Vikings
Ruperto Cabán (26 days ago)
I'm so glad it's back. Thanks again Gabriel.
DJ Slice (26 days ago)
be careful... this site is maintained in the Russian Federation
junie louis (27 days ago)
Well we all have it thanks
junie louis (27 days ago)
Hey buddy I want to share something with u , like u have me ,go to silk ,type in this, 720pstreams.me,, this for u and let me how u like this one , its almost like what u have me to watch. Me to u thanks.
BRANDON junto (27 days ago)
Nfl channel isn't working
What happened to your mouse toge apk .ca. It do d it anymore?
WAYNE KING (28 days ago)
Silk takes me straight to you too
jim crabtrey (29 days ago)
Why do I have to keep hitting reload.?
Marcus Coleman (29 days ago)
Great job thanks!!👍🏾
southcac 32 (30 days ago)
ripple.is just type that in on the silk browser works for me
OSOGOOD85 (30 days ago)
You are badass bro
D-Blocksta (30 days ago)
Awesome liked and subscribed and lets go 49ers
john alva (30 days ago)
You bad ass
Princess Hx (30 days ago)
Ismael Ortiz (30 days ago)
It work on my firestick but not ps4?? And on my firestick its kinda blurry
Ismael Ortiz (30 days ago)
Danm how yours look better. Ima try on my ps4 see if theres a difference .
Ismael Ortiz (30 days ago)
This aint hd but works good
Ismael Ortiz (30 days ago)
Kind of blurry but still better than sports devil
Ismael Ortiz (30 days ago)
Thanks for thiz.
Shnake the 13th (30 days ago)
Anyway to get the quality of the picture better, or is that just the Wifi signal?
Ismael Ortiz (30 days ago)
I can just put the url on my ps4 right
Torrey Nic (30 days ago)
Once again Gabe, you've come through for all of us who can't  get our favorite teams on local stations!\
ReviewDork (30 days ago)
Always bro
Maiden (1 month ago)
Do you know if they have the sunday ticket channel. Where there's 8 different games on at once?
Debbie Lemon (1 month ago)
This works perfect! Thank you. Do you have anything like this that will pick up college football games?
Joe Truth (1 month ago)
Gears preseason games not working again
ReviewDork (1 month ago)
It will
Joe Truth (1 month ago)
ReviewDork i know but gears said all preseason games should be playing this week. Yesterday games worked. As long as the tickets works fine during season ill be happy
ReviewDork (1 month ago)
NFL Sunday ticket is for NFL season only
*bout that time* (1 month ago)
Monice McLean (1 month ago)
Gabe, as always.. Thank you for another amazing video. America's team Baby... the Dallas Cowboys!
I NO PUNK B!TCH (1 month ago)
Your are a genius. Thanks
Judy Epley (1 month ago)
What website for college football game on Firefox
Omar Rivera (1 month ago)
Not loading Eagles and Pats game
rory ginness (1 month ago)
After I get to sportshd how do I bookmark it as soon as I back out it brings me to Bing
rory ginness (1 month ago)
After I leave silk browser how do I get back to my sports stream it says BING where is my bookmark and note I wanted to do the other sports stream and I can't find the first page like I did at the beginning
Carl Zimmerman (1 month ago)
This site isn't working anymore. Plain B ?
NxTLvLTech (1 month ago)
The APK for sportshd works pretty good too
Nita (1 month ago)
I turned this baby into an app and installed it on my phone and box.
Gregory Peters (1 month ago)
Nice video bro, is this his with college sports
Arthur Meeuwen (1 month ago)
It doesn’t work no games just mlb network
MrDobberdude (1 month ago)
Thanks bro....you saved me having to send you a message :-)
Daniel Lopez (1 month ago)
Does not work on iphone
Only Terrific Teevee (1 month ago)
Dang school already My kids not back Until after labour day.  Feel sorry for the little man.  However great news for you LOL.  Awesome vid gabe.  Thanks for all you do
ReviewDork (1 month ago)
Hahahahah I'm lovin' it
juan almonte (1 month ago)
Hey review dork I was having beautiful thoughts when I when I when I heard your voice I was having a beautiful thoughts about a lady and when I heard your voice everything crumbles everything just went away God bless be safe
Adr Esc (1 month ago)
Thank you very much gabe excellent I used to watch it on my laptop now I can watch on my firestick tried doing it on Firefox but it didn't work as well as the way you showed it on silk browser thank you again great job
William Cowart (1 month ago)
I was wondering how i can save it on my mx pro 4k android box so i don't have to keep entering everything in.

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