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Best Funny Veggies! Game for babies - Free Onlike - Game For Kid

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☺Welcome My Friend. ☺Educational Cartoons and Games for Kids. ☺Free Kids Games Here ... ♥ Do not forget to watch our other videos. ♥ Thank you for watching videos . ♥ Please subscribe to the channel. 😀😍❤😀😍❤😀😍 Exciting games with funny vegetables will capture your child’s attention and will teach the little one logic, comparison of shapes, colors and various actions with vegetables, all in an easy casual way. The game is adaptable to your child’s age and is suitable for very young children. It fosters interest in healthy lifestyle from early childhood. New games are added to the package every now and then. In “Funny Vegetables” you will find the following mini-games: 1. POTATO: wash and chop the potatoes and put them in a pan (FREE). 2. CUCUMBER: eat the cucumber and choose a present for each slice to match its color. 3. Are these VEGETABLES or not? Tell, which ones are vegetables and which are other products. 4. SALAD: find matching pairs of whole and sliced vegetables. 5. PUMPKIN: use vegetables to make a picture of a face. 6. BEAR CUB: feed the bear with the required number of vegetables (FREE). 7. SHAPE: find a shape for each vegetable (FREE). 8. COLORS: vegetables have lost their color, help them to get their colors back! 9. MEMORY-game: feed children. 10. FUNNY PUZZLES! 11. PHOTO of vegetables: find the picture. 12. CLEAN, cut vegetables and make salad. FUNNY VEGETABLES is a game for inclusive child development. The game develops the following functions: ATTENTION – learn to hold an object without losing it for a specific period of time IMAGINATION – make a face out of the vegetables COUNTING – give the bear a correct quantity of vegetables DISCOVERING THE WORLD – compare whole and cut vegetables LOGICS – select the right present for a cucumber VISUAL REASONING – figure out the color of the vegetable EVERYDAY SKILLS – wash the vegetables and make a salad MEMORY – memorize what kids thought of; memorize what’s inside the jars COMPARISON – compare the pictures and photos REACTION SPEED – learn to pick the right vegetable fast ANALYSIS – what kind of shades fit the vegetables BIG AND SMALL – allocate the vegetables into pots EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – vegetables have their own temper and demonstrate feedback GAME FEATURES - Vivid graphics - Funny Animation - Different levels of difficulty - Natural sounds and cheerful music - Learning, training and development of the child Play with our nice and kind vegetables, and you’ll get new games when you download the updates! Download: http://123link.pro/BestFunnyVeggiesGameforbabies
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