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GTA Liberty City Stories PSP Cheats

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Some of the cheats in PSP
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Text Comments (79)
armed vampire (1 day ago)
What is the price of your PSP
Selmi Afef (9 days ago)
Yeban Studio (15 days ago)
psp в 2017?
Dank Dank (15 days ago)
50% of GTA Liberty City Stories players are foreigners that always post the most obvious comments on GTA Series Videos. That and type in broken English
Gaming Fist (30 days ago)
How to download gta liberty city in psp grand classic
Cini Sreekumar (1 month ago)
Your teachong was awesome 😁
Zakia Palari (2 months ago)
psp bhej ny h
yiuncorn Vurchio (2 months ago)
Aliff Hamree (2 months ago)
Your enliish sucz dud
Bondoe Intiql (2 months ago)
This video is awesome.....it all looks like a game like whaaattt
Abdoelaziz Samiera (2 months ago)
Doe de gun
Arafath Khan (3 months ago)
really working awesome
Fire Rodan (3 months ago)
It works!
Mewtwo master Kid (3 months ago)
I'm ur 31st subscriber
SEMİH DEMİR (4 months ago)
You one fak
Gurmeet Kaur (4 months ago)
fake fake game
Minecraft Builder99 (5 months ago)
Cheatcc psp find ur game then boom click the link boom all the cheats
Ridwick Chawla (5 months ago)
Can you write all cheats
marjo pardo (5 months ago)
Its better than playing on smartphone
Julian Pagaza (5 months ago)
How come my camera is all the way on top of my guy
Mighty Man (6 months ago)
I have the same psp 3006 with blue version
Achacoso Siomai (7 months ago)
Ang panget mo bobo ka fuck you
Morris Swann (7 months ago)
Thanks bro !
Percibal Acdol (7 months ago)
Thks to you this is cheat working
Элджей 09854 (7 months ago)
Futureshadow z111 (3 months ago)
M.aliyafi js hello and I'm not russian
ALI GAMERS (3 months ago)
ALI GAMERS (3 months ago)
Lo sape
Futureshadow z111 (3 months ago)
Roman Bellic (7 months ago)
ur voice is terrible
The People (1 month ago)
Man stfu
SilverGoldenKitty (1 month ago)
Your rasist
charlie charlie (3 months ago)
so sad and racist
red monzon (7 months ago)
I missed m childhood
Afaq Khan (8 months ago)
Plizz write a helicopter cheat
Donte Davis (8 months ago)
your so skill how did you find out
Donte Davis (8 months ago)
sorry you did speech neglish
SilverGoldenKitty (1 month ago)
Donte Davis (8 months ago)
could please speech english
SilverGoldenKitty (1 month ago)
SilverGoldenKitty (1 month ago)
Bro you don't even know how to spell dumb hoe
Roman Bellic (7 months ago)
could you please 'speech' english?
GOOSE TV (8 months ago)
DEDYSA BS (2 months ago)
Хахах ДА
Kyle Yuri Garcia (8 months ago)
my PSP has the exact same colour as yours
Arya khan (8 months ago)
Plus send me a link
Arya khan (8 months ago)
On amazon
Arya khan (8 months ago)
From which shop you get this psp
Ghost Hunter (9 months ago)
ফুচক য়উ
Joey Plays Games (2 months ago)
I got that watch in your pic from my ex worst shitty watch
Shintu Kumar (4 months ago)
Ghost Hunter (9 months ago)
Ghost Hunter (9 months ago)
Ghost Hunter (9 months ago)
Aliff Hamree (2 months ago)
Fuk off
Ghost Hunter (9 months ago)
Ghost Hunter (9 months ago)
Ghost Hunter (9 months ago)
go fuck your self
Umeedkhan Kingking (9 months ago)
Çhamp Agent (9 months ago)
snoop dogg dank kush (9 months ago)
MAF Vines (9 months ago)
How to deactivate pedestrian cheat
Prime215 _Gamer (9 months ago)
I will get all the money
v.p.saravanan vps (10 months ago)
Verrrrrry thanks broo
Marivalda Pereira (10 months ago)
Manda fke
Dichy (10 months ago)
Buy u live in 2017 theres already gta5 oke😂
tu culo (2 months ago)
Dichy ummm because its portable
Your Father (9 months ago)
Dichy Gta 5 went down hill. Compared to the other gtas Gta 5 is trash
Marco Chacon (10 months ago)
Dichy psp is awsome to play and you can take this game anywhere you go
Clash Of Kings (11 months ago)
You should play multiplayer
TheHoodie Man (1 year ago)
Why So Buddy Hate This Vid Its real
Pearly Porbile (1 year ago)
i got psp but is wrek
yes (1 month ago)
its 2018, why would you buy a PSP. My parents bought me a PSP back in 2006 and i still have it lol
Rattapoom Petchpoothong (8 months ago)
use ppsspp app to run your game on android phone
Soul Glo (11 months ago)
Pearly Porbile rip
Pearly Porbile (1 year ago)
Udaypal singh Chohan (1 year ago)
give the cheat of helicopter
Maurice Hoff (11 months ago)
you want this cheat you need cfw
Golden Freddy (11 months ago)
Udaypal singh Chohan yeah helicopter will be awesome but if it exists and if the cheat works

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