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The Move That BROKE Pokemon! | The SCIENCE... of Pokemon Pay Day

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SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► https://goo.gl/kQWHkJ How RICH is a Pokemon Master? ► https://bit.ly/2JlD4do Weapon is....Wind? (Zelda Wind Waker) ► https://bit.ly/2svucXY Payday, a seemingly useless attack move in Pokemon that has CRAZY potential. If you cheat the system, it could make you RICH. Except, you could also be destroying the entire economic system of the game. Yeah, jerk move. Today Theorists, Austin is going to show you how cheating the game could have HUGE consequences. Day by Dave: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwIxsvoZdE976J4hyRiRI5A Game Theories: The Pokedex is FULL OF LIES! ►► https://bit.ly/2rRhfHW WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl The TRUTH of Fire Pokemon ►► https://bit.ly/2GuXuLl Humans are Pokemon? ► https://bit.ly/1rgbRGv Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END! ► https://bit.ly/2g39uao How Bendy Will END! ►►► http://bit.ly/2oqRNbd More The SCIENCE! MONIKA: Google's Newest Creation! ►► https://bit.ly/2G3uifh The INSANE SCIENCE of Getting Over It ► https://bit.ly/2mzWWNe Minecraft Diamonds DECODED! ►► https://bit.ly/2IHqk0n Minecraft’s Enderman, SOLVED! ►►https://bit.ly/2G1w40k Super Mario Galaxy's DEADLY Physics ► http://bit.ly/2o8Gztp Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://bit.ly/2GAYCgW
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Text Comments (16185)
Andrew Werner (3 hours ago)
Dislike for obnoxious Austin. That voice makes the whole thing unwatchable.
TheWarHero 121 (3 hours ago)
I thought it should’ve been Baton Pass but pay day? Idkkk
QQ QQ (5 hours ago)
I wanted to watch this, but only got to 1:45 then I had to stop, you need a new, less irritating presenter.
Pokekamon (10 hours ago)
Who knows the song at 16 minutes in?
Joshua Armstrong (11 hours ago)
Woohoo! This video!
William Staton (16 hours ago)
This guy is annoying
RED PANDA (21 hours ago)
My only question is why use pikes instead of views
Ash Ketchum (21 hours ago)
Jackson Beal (22 hours ago)
Well, MatPat was wrong Very wrong (Edit): you can be rich in Pokémon, just be a criminal. NBD
Šimon Tomko (1 day ago)
Well payday is acrualy throwing golden coin, so either they are throwing lost change or gold coins. The animation for payday is golden coins if i femember
DaNooch669 (1 day ago)
If pokemon was real couldn't you just tell meowth to use payday regardless of whether it was in battle?
DinoHunter444 (1 day ago)
Wtf was that end card song?
Toms Sy (1 day ago)
How do you even begin to get to 47 000 people in Kalos if you based it on France ? France has a population of 65 million people living there , over a thousand habitants per meter square , and is over 650 000 meters square . So how the hell do you reach 47 000 when the region of Kalos is basically a representation of the whole country ?
Gavin Jatulan (1 day ago)
I got a question. Does alola have gyms?😐
DanyPlays/Vlogs (1 day ago)
I thought splash was the reason Pokémon was broken
Joshua Fluman (1 day ago)
Was laughing so hard during parts of this. Do you record yourself and then up the speed during the "talk super fast" portions?
Al Bundy (2 days ago)
Wow the commentary is super hyper and really gay. If this is the people's flow...more power to them. But I can't stand this guys voice. Reminds me of Spongebob mixed with the gay guy from Family Guy.
Noah Jerred (2 days ago)
What is a electron
JD Random (3 days ago)
The end kills it! :D
Pass DaController (3 days ago)
0-0 That explains Giovanni with his Persian....
Cool Story (3 days ago)
.........I believe you just created the villain plot for the next Pokemon game. Pokemon: Economy and Revolution
Awesome Amazing (4 days ago)
Damn he’s good at math
Matthew (4 days ago)
In scenario 2, You made an assumption but did not mention it in the video. The assumption is that the money from PayDay is coming from anyone not using the payday grinding method. Without this assumption, As the money that the grinders have grows its more likely money will just be moving between grinders, thus slowing down the rate of, but not preventing, the economic implosion.
hblaub (6 days ago)
Be careful ! BitConnect uses "scam" attack. It is very effective.
[WUT] Hope (7 days ago)
oh carp
Allan Smith (7 days ago)
As an economic historian, I was with you until you started claiming massive civil wars and death in the last couple of minutes. There is almost no point in history where that has ever happened for economic reasons, and we HAVE had points of history where over a quarter of the wealth was held by less than 1% of the population. Basically, the disaster is massive technological regression, mass starvation, and mass death, for everyone except the Meowth and Smeargle owners who got us into that mess. You might get lucky and see some death, but it would almost certainly be promoted by other meowth/smeargle holders who point the blame at each other.
xGhostx (8 days ago)
what is the songs name? xD
Vital Panda (8 days ago)
Either that or people would go to digital money You can't steal something digitally ;)
Animal_ Lord (8 days ago)
Um go back to Pokémon orange in the anime
why did i do this its late and now i have this but i need now to see how it ends
Patrick Yang (8 days ago)
Nieru (9 days ago)
Pokédollars are yen. Literally Japanese yen. The symbol used was invented for western audiences, but the Japanese versions use yen. I'm not sure how MatPat missed that. That would make 100 Pokédollars closer to $0.89.
Ebi Day (10 days ago)
Meowths get their money from stealing... they’re stealing from you. They briefly cover it in Meowth’s episode.
Kristin Alphamegamia (10 days ago)
Love the outtro... But keep Bob Ross's name out cher mouth.
Paris Sigalas (10 days ago)
or, they could just change currency
phroggia 123 (11 days ago)
Héctor Pazo (12 days ago)
Even if the payday movement printed money, inflation would be much lower than what we have in Argentina. 😢
Chazz vc (12 days ago)
But you wouldn't be stealing from the richest people forever. Eventually you will just be stealing from the other Pay day abusers in a never ending game of tug-a-war. The economy would just change it's currency to something the Pay day can't steal, or just go 100% digital currency which means there would be nothing to teleport into battle that is spendable.
keith hoskin (12 days ago)
Imagine instead payday uses your own money
Paul Wiele (13 days ago)
But wait, there's more! GDP is the total value of transactions in the economy, not the amount of money in circulation. GDP counts uses of the same individual units of currency, whether in cash or just in changing numbers in electronic records. I pay you a dollar bill for something, you use that same dollar bill to pay for something else, the GDP grows by $2. But Pay Day doesn't throw transactions, it throws currency, specifically coins. Long before you hoard all the money, you'd cause a totally different problem by taking literally all coins in the world out of circulation. Small transactions would have to be done electronically only or not at all, as would transactions not involving whole number multiples of whatever denominations the Pokemon world presumably issues in paper bill form. Countries would either have to issue different low-value physical currency made out of something not useful for battling, or go cashless, or there would be small but significant changes to the price of everything as businesses work around these asshole trainers stealing all of their, and their customers', change.
cryptoslice (13 days ago)
well that escalated fast
DEADPOOLII (13 days ago)
or C) its literally converting whatever materials in the pokemons body into a physical form of money(like say gold or palladium), so while not a form of fraud or theft, is a form of money making at the expense of the pokemon using payday health or lifespan
galacta knight (13 days ago)
dont trust verlisify
FaillenOtaku (13 days ago)
Love how you have all these evil teams yet none have figured out you can destroy the world this way
Mario Alberto Moreno (13 days ago)
That's great, an impressive theory, but I got a doubt, How much value has money, in general, in the Pokémon world?, because really, if you have played any game you can realize that, aside of the shops, money doesn't seem to matter all that much; the criminal organizations don't go after it, people gave you things for free over the most random things, almost like if the money doesn't even exists, you say that it would ruin economy, but what if economy doesn't even exists anymore, just like in super Mario odyssey, what if in the Pokémon world, money is nothing but an excuse to get people to do things
Jonathan zeleke (14 days ago)
Who wants free vbucks without destroying the economy
Lemuel Clarke (14 days ago)
i think the lore is that payday teleports loose coins from all over
i love pay day cant wait to get meowth in my team
4400kuba (14 days ago)
Interesting topic but ur annoying.
Shy boy gaming (14 days ago)
Gold based paint?
rTiger (15 days ago)
And what are the odds that the .21% arn't stealing from the .21%? You are assuming this is strictly a reverse robin hood scenario. If it is a robin hood scenario and all that happens is everyone abusing payday is stealing from each other, things are not nearly so grim. Throw probability into your conclusion and it becomes that your conclusion isn't so likely.
Yi Sun Shin (15 days ago)
rye rye (15 days ago)
Coins you forced him to hand over
S T (15 days ago)
Actually Payday is supposed to use the money a Meowth picks up. Cause you know Meowth loves shiny things. So even though it's possible in-game, in "reality" I doubt any Moewth would have found such a huge amount of money to throw.
Ultra Beast (16 days ago)
You ruined pokemon
Henry Tang (16 days ago)
Smart people don't follow the herd. Why become a Pokemon master, when you can hire them to fight your battles?
Superreisz (17 days ago)
its just a game bro
Superreisz (17 days ago)
it wont happen lol
dark link (17 days ago)
Wait... so the move Pay Day in pokemon GIVES YOU FREE MONEY? WTF just imagine using gameshark to get meowth as the starter! You would never expirience any trouble in buying potions and pokeballs!
joel martinez (17 days ago)
Who is this new guy
The Pokémon League (17 days ago)
10:24 HOENN”:” 987,000 😛
Chris bromley-west (18 days ago)
so when i first watched this i was feeling lax, perhaps even helpful. but upon watching this the second time i can actually say, without a doubt that you are totally wrong. allow me to explain. yes you're close. amulet coin+payday is a good start. and since we're talking gen 7, you mentioned poni canion, we should consider more moves than just  pay day. specifically, in generation 6 there was an event for a happy meowth. it is the only way to know the move happy hour for a meowth. or in gen 7 there was an event for a happy hour rockruff which persists even after switching out. but using happy hour meowth just streamlines it a bit more. now since happy hour and amulet coin both stack together that level 100 meowth getting 50% buff from the amulet coing and 50% from happy hour nets a (L= level) 10L poke-yen per attack. but wait there's more. in generation 7 there is also a  mechanic allowing wild pokemon to come help out an injured pokemon. the lower health they have the higher chance for an SOS encounter. and meowth happens to learn a move that can knock an opponent down to 1hp without knocking them oout, thus maximizing the chance for an SOS encounter. couple that with the ability intimidate or pressure, if you could find a way to skill awap it over, (which further increases the chance of an SOS encounter) and the item adrenalyn orb (which EVEN FURTHER increases the odds of an SOS encounter)  your wild friend will be calling for allies almost every turn, resulting in you being able to knock out a pokemon without having to go through both the encounter, the victory screen and knockout animation, essentially making the forging of money 2 maybe 2 and a half times as fast. letting you destroy economies that much faster.
TheGameSpace (18 days ago)
Great pokemon war 2
coulten robinson (18 days ago)
That’s why team rocket has all this technology
noname goodguy (18 days ago)
Pokedollars that the pokemon throws are gold so the money is coming from a rare metal not a paper currency
gardevoir gaming (18 days ago)
18:26 .....???
Kyle Rowe (18 days ago)
Joseph MacKay (19 days ago)
One thing you need to add in is the vs seeker. I use it in fire red to battle the same trainers over and over and over again. Now add in the amulet coin and the level 100 meowth. You are making way more especially the one hotspring area... Insane
Kacey Jamison (19 days ago)
What if it happened? lt surge is a war veteran my guess is either this situation happened or it was a war to control the strongest Pokemon. Because most of them are more powerful than nuclear weapons It would explain alot and why more Pokemon came to being years and decades after the war. Take the first games as a few years after the war small population of people and Pokemon and as time passes more people and Pokemon emerge cause the planet had time to rebound from the horrific loss of life that war created.
The only problem with this theory is you're assuming the trainers won't be spending this money at the same time. Off the top of my head I'd say the effects would be far more unpredictable.
SSDARKPIT (19 days ago)
Someone should make a Pokémon fangame where you can decide what profession you have, like do you want to be a professor, a breeder, a store owner, a Gym Leader, etc. That would be really cool.
Madeleine x (19 days ago)
I remember in the Jirachi Pokemon movie, Jirachi teleported a ridiculous amount of chocolate and candy and when Ash & Co wondered where the hell Jirachi got it all, the focus cut to the rest of the circus where vendors' goods were just disappearing. If a Pokemon can teleport food it's reasonable to assume that they can teleport other things like money, too.
Mister Jekal (19 days ago)
I gotta know did he use a speed up software for that 1900 part or did he just say that fast?
elitenack yt (19 days ago)
See team rocket is not all bad like if agree only the leader is
Clement From Pokémon (19 days ago)
I didn’t just wanna day it
Jedediah Taylor (20 days ago)
Now I have a theory for the origin of the Great Pokémon War
Ligerstripe (20 days ago)
6:21 The pokemon equivalent of the ff4 summoner grind.
Jamie Doron (20 days ago)
Thats assuming that you cant steal from people that have already used payday
Berylviana (20 days ago)
I really like Verlis
Jonnki (20 days ago)
*K E Y L O E S*
Grimlock Greg (20 days ago)
Still do it
D3dW01f Gaming (20 days ago)
This was fantastic. I dont even like pokemon but this was great.
Demokrat11 (20 days ago)
you know there would be just a very very few people around with miauth and the information about them would be burned out of existance also i think money wont be teleported, its just simple gold lol
Daniel Del Valle (20 days ago)
why are you guys so insufferable, i guess i'm just not your demographic because i'm older than 11
Candyvulture (21 days ago)
18:11 the most beautiful thing ever
Bryant Reyes (21 days ago)
Thats what ive been asking to other but literally your the who answer it even tho i didnt ask this is the first video of yours that i watch like it
9:22 Alexa play Rap God
SansGamer 123 (21 days ago)
smeargul probably painted the money cuz its an artist.
Kirrie Sushicat ô.o (21 days ago)
This states- either team rocket is stupid af (Giovanni has a pet Persian) or Ash is really still in a coma dreaming of being the best poketrainer ever.
Crystal McKethan (23 days ago)
This vid is one of the biggest wastes of time ever!!
Fair Strife (23 days ago)
The way he said Kanto and Kalos physically hurt me. I'm surprised more people didn't know about Payday + Amulet coin combo? I've been doing that since I was a kid. Stil a fun video to watch
Mel Ferguson (23 days ago)
Austin is a drug
One point you seem to miss in the "stealing" scenario. You seem to assume that the stolen money only come from the people not involved in this grinding. And when there are only 0.21% involved and wealth is mostly equal, this will be the case. But once the grinders accumulate a sizable portion of the wealth, more and more money is going to be stolen from them slowing their progress in ruining countries. And there is an issue of them stopping. Seriously. When you only have enough money to make ends meet (as most of us are) you see money as "the moar the better". But once you get past a certain point, earning more money is... Just becomes not worth it. There is such thing as "enough money" (unless you have some physiological disorders). Money don't have intrinsic value and once you don't have to worry of them running out in your children lifetime, working 8 hours a day to get more... looses it's appeal. 0.21% grinders are going to cross this line before ruining everything. So there is hope.
Zero (24 days ago)
and team rocket cant afford to eat a meal lol
dankie poo (24 days ago)
this video reminded me of the time i glitched infinite money in an online game. bad things happened to that game's economy. that is too much power even for just one person.
LetsSaboogi (24 days ago)
Did I MISS SOMETHING why aren't more people talking about that outro-
Vo Dinh Bao Anh (25 days ago)
0:57 there's a guy that talks about payday just before it cuts to another scene
The C.I.A. (25 days ago)
I use Payday 2🖤
wierd Mexican here (25 days ago)
Or the amulet coin
Leonard Romano (25 days ago)
You made an mistake in your final calculations for the stealing scenario! You assumed, that the income of one person would be linear with respect to time but that is not the case, as of yours your money would be stolen aswell. It is true that in this scenario the normies who are not farming will be losing all their money, but the rest of the money does not increase but stays at a fixed amount. So using some mathematics you can see quite easily that in the end the distribution of the money will converge towards a scenario where the money is evenly distributed among the farmers. Assuming that the amount of money availabe on earth is extensive, i.e. scales linearly with the worlds population it is easy to see (let's assume one person adds the amount of money a person needs to live), that the amount of money a farmer has will be constant even as population increases (poverty often results in higher birthrates). So let M be the amount of Money and N be the worlds population then M= x*N. So the money $ a farmer has will converge towards $=M/(0.21%*N)=x/0.21%~476*x so around 476 times the money they would need.

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