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Dragons - Game of Thrones (Seasons 7)

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For anyone who has been a lifetime lover of Dragons and Dragon Fiction like myself, what a pleasure Game of Thrones has been. These Dragons created by HBO have no peer in the history of moving pictures.
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Bill Rogers (5 days ago)
Blackfyre...gets better everytime i watch another .Guess I'll be chazing the dragons for a while.😂
Samia Hannachi (5 days ago)
Games of trone gratuit français
JH Zehcnas (6 days ago)
Will dragonglass or valyrian steel kill the wight dragon????
Fred Okosun (11 days ago)
Tisha Anderson (15 days ago)
Allen Lichner (16 days ago)
You always play great soundtracks. Well done video. Thanks. Best show ever
DrSugarRay (18 days ago)
#HouseBlackfyre , your videos help so much with getting through the *"Game Of Thrones"* drought...you *truly* are a *blessing* - *THANK YOU SO MUCH !!*
Dragon Queen (19 days ago)
A few telltale signs, such as Dany's misplaced memory of lemon trees in Braavos (they don't grow there, but in Dorne) and the fact that fellow Thrones actor Alfie Allen has likened John Snow's parentage to a "Luke Skywalker situation", suggests that Game of Thrones' newest love birds could in fact be half-brother and half-sister. The idea here is that Daenerys was not King Rhaegar's sister, but one of his children conceived with his first wife, Elia Martell. It's postulated that, following Rhaegar's death, Dany was smuggled into Dorne and brought up there in hiding, in the same way that Jon was taken under Ned Stark's wing as his supposed bastard child. That means Jon and Dany share the same father, Rhaegar, but different mothers, Lyanna Stark and Elia Martell respectively, which explains why they look so different from one another despite the blood relation. Advertisement This theory leads us to re-interpret all sorts of events from Game of Thrones' televised history. Did Ned, as the king's hand in season 1, try to dissuade Robert from killing Dany because he somehow knew of Jon's close familial connection to her? What does this mean for the Azor Ahai prophesy about the prince who was promised? As for the future, could Jon and Dany end up as lovers, half-siblings, and shared rulers to the Iron Throne?
James Calhoun (19 days ago)
Thanks for showing the seasons i missed . My wife and wish u the best.
سجاد السراي (21 days ago)
العراق مر من هنا ليش ماكو ترجمة😕
Stan Da Man (27 days ago)
A bullet can not even stop a T-Rex in jurassic park, what good can arrows do to a dragon...
NAINEE PADIA (27 days ago)
There wer only 3 dragons. if 1 died in seasn 6.. hw cn she still have 3 dragons
قسومي تويكس (30 days ago)
Rosa Bermudez (30 days ago)
Si fuera posible
Rosa Bermudez (30 days ago)
amar. 206 (1 month ago)
لا توجد ترجمه أريدها مترجم وشكرا
Angel Pabon (1 month ago)
Bran was marked, they didn't have 2 kill Viserion!
Sania Waty (1 month ago)
Kiki Dwi (1 month ago)
Good wolf
Martin Simpson (1 month ago)
enfidaville titore (1 month ago)
32:09     the "Oh fuk..we're fukt for sure" look on the Hound & Tormunds faces as they witness their first close up of Drogon...Lmao. Love it. All my favourite men ..my queen and my dragons and of course the fkn Night king and his officers...and their dead horses in one battle...only sad part is, Viserion, Thoros of Myr and Uncle Benjens deaths...Rest easy guys...you 2 have contributed so much to Game of Thrones since you both made ur first appearances.As for Viserion...we'll just have to wait until season 8 to see what happens now..Thanx Daemon...ur a cool dude man...
Wanda Colon-rivera (1 month ago)
Ala verdad que la serie de Game Of Trone..está de para pelos.. está muy emocionante.y lo más que me gusta..son los dragones..
D3nSum (1 month ago)
I've been searching for some great GOT recap videos . Thanks a bunch !!! This really made my evening .
thư Vương (1 month ago)
hay lắm bạn hãy làm nhiều phim như vậy nữa nhé
Caroline Lynch (1 month ago)
Be great if the dragons could talk.
Subbareddy Yetra (1 month ago)
heroine I love you
không giới hạn (1 month ago)
Đm. Cái thằng ngu, thích thể hiện làm chết con rồng. Ng đẹp cũng tụ tin quá ko giục đi
Prasanth Prasant (1 month ago)
duxdawg (1 month ago)
Way cool! Thanks as always.
ريد هاذا لفلم مترجم
Termoska (1 month ago)
I love you!
Allys Tejero (1 month ago)
Dragon stone was where Stanis Baratheon used to live?
Tj Pacheco (1 month ago)
Allys Tejero Yes
Robl0xs Gt (1 month ago)
I love dragon :3
Ruthie Rogers (1 month ago)
Two leg dragon are cool but four leg dragon are awesome and more aggression and better roar and not very easy to tame plus got earn the trust with the dragon Dragon are very wise & intelligent Reptilian reptile
Annette Papana (1 month ago)
Great story 🙌👍
REAPER MAFISENT (2 months ago)
“I can’t shoot with one hand”
Daud Mohamed (2 months ago)
?&)*¥.* **_&&♢¤》《《♢♢♡♤
Vidswith danniel (2 months ago)
Soooo sad 😢
Mynguyet Le (2 months ago)
Phim gi đây ạ
Dariohernan Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Es lo máximo esta película :-)
Thanks ♥
TheIcemangoo (2 months ago)
can't believe it was that easy or seemed to be to kill a dragon of that size. am i missing something about this? was it meant to be that easy? just seems odd to me
Kunal Singhchauchan (2 months ago)
Yarianys Concepción (2 months ago)
What Will happend next? The night King Will be defeated? If The night King dies... Will viserion turn good again or he Will die? I cant wait!
Chenghuey Lim (2 months ago)
Elbert Derf (2 months ago)
doesn't sitting on the Iron Throne hurt your ass?
mamz1404 (2 months ago)
drogon 💔
mamz1404 (2 months ago)
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على عبدك ورسولك محمدﷺ
Shadow Hills (2 months ago)
46:13 The Hordes of Hell are upon us!! To battle, To battle Sons Of Durin! (wrong lore, just felt like saying it.)
armitage wytch tr-8r (2 months ago)
19:01 Leroy Jenkins right there. LOL
OPPO A37 (2 months ago)
I like it😍😍
Brax Aligno (2 months ago)
The story of dragon and his mom
Beta Orion (2 months ago)
May all the Gods, new and old, bless the Black that have faced these terrors of ice and snow.
Caroline Lynch (2 months ago)
I love Dragons. The only good thing about game of thrones is the dragons. Don't mind violence in it. Don't need to see people fucking about with each other though
Airton maia (2 months ago)
Quero saber quando vaii lança 8 temporada estou ansioso pra sabe assistir eu amo essa série
Tj Pacheco (1 month ago)
Airton maia En 2019
Isarma Winter (2 months ago)
I watch your videos everyday all day! I simply adore you! Gratitude
llSToRrM - 11 (2 months ago)
i love Daemon Blackfyre 2.0
Torri Simmons (2 months ago)
Did anyone else cry when Viserion died, or want to rip that guy who brought him back to life apart. Viserion deserved to die and not come back to life a monster ,poor guy. I'm crying for a fictional CGI animal.
Yue Jin (2 months ago)
i love Game Of Thrones
naser elnayem (2 months ago)
قمة الروعة والابداع العالى مليون تحية
Kunal Saini (2 months ago)
Angie Ar. (2 months ago)
Πιο τέλεια ταινία!!! Μπράβο!
VolJin (2 months ago)
Did you imagine the feeling of samwell?
دل نازك (2 months ago)
دل نازك (1 month ago)
اس ختاري ما
Sabah Saado (1 month ago)
دل نازك بو تاشي تو يا كيدارييي بي زةحمت
Sheila Burns (2 months ago)
Thank you Daemon for yet another great video. (I love GOT and it's nice to read like minded comments, so I will not let the naysayers, nitpickers or couch critics spoil the enjoyment I feel while watching this fantastic show.) .... PEACE
Agnolia Sampaio (2 months ago)
Porque vc não tradução em português????????¿
Vanessa Goes Da Silva (2 months ago)
Eu amei só gostaria que fosse em português
Timothy McCormick (3 months ago)
"This is Jon Snow"
Max82 (3 months ago)
The first time Jon and daney meet has been cut out :(
Max82 (3 months ago)
Ahh I didn't even notice the title. I was watching your other videos on auto play and this one played after I watched season 5&6 recap so I just assumed it was the 7 recap. Either way keep up the good work!!
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
That's because this video is about the dragons. I have several videos on my channel that have that scene.
Sattyanonda Sarkar (3 months ago)
sattababu good luck boss
Marlon (3 months ago)
30 minuets into video a Wight touched Jon Snow. That’s why the night king was able to destroy the wall.
moira walters (3 months ago)
The dragons are so awesome I have to remind myself they are fiction, wish they weren't.  Thanks so much for the recap.  Also enjoyed the adventures of Tyrion. Planning on watching more of your vids.
Nayan Patil (2 months ago)
moira walters yyu6 y and wi2uehdhdgdgdgdy
Elizabeth Flynn (3 months ago)
Ooopps! The baddies are on their way.
Georgina Mtika (3 months ago)
33:46. Moment of silence
Gajani Raj (3 months ago)
quiero verlo pero con traduccion en español
Alessio mentez (3 months ago)
lose one dragon,for save those idiots?
Jim Klinton 🤣🤣🤣
Eagle Sky (2 months ago)
Long live the night king with his new blue eyes 😂😂😂
Alessio mentez (2 months ago)
why need against UD?without dragon they can't even broke the wall! and is too risky
Eagle Sky (2 months ago)
Alessio mentez it wasn't about that lol , it was about all humans join together against dead !!!
Lina Santos (3 months ago)
Great Video thanks!!
Pat Koehler (3 months ago)
The dragons have the best scenes and the saddest of the season. Thank you for all your hard work.
manu ms8800 (3 months ago)
Please upload s8
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
their is no season 8 yet
Jaqen H'ghar (3 months ago)
24:25 khaleesi you put my Dick on fire,
Stannis The Mannis (3 months ago)
33:28. If his roar of sadness for Viserion didn't make you emotional don't talk to me. Haha fuck the feels over CGI reptiles.
مومل الملكي (3 months ago)
حلوو 😍😍😍
b donvi (3 months ago)
Fire is the purification of one in this life ... Thank you DEAMON!!!!!!! 🐲🖖🏾👌🏾✡🕺🏾🐉🐲🐉🐲
icewall flatearth (3 months ago)
where did they get all those heavy chains from to pulling the dragon out of the ice water?
Amber Ay (1 month ago)
The Night king is like Bran. He would’ve known and came prepared. He knew he was getting a dragon that day.
icewall flatearth yes....🤷🏻‍♂️
icewall flatearth (3 months ago)
+moira walters lol!
moira walters (3 months ago)
the same place the dragons and white walkers  came from
Lisa (3 months ago)
The most effective appearance of Deyneris.31:21
han 04 (3 months ago)
I've recently come across your channel and I think it's great! I've been bingeing your videos for days now, great work! Thank you 😊
han 04 (1 month ago)
Wasay Khan ?
Wasay Khan (1 month ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
thank you:)
Hifza Khan (3 months ago)
Thanks Daemon ❤
ha truong (1 month ago)
Hay đấy
Israr Sameen (2 months ago)
Hifza Khan hi
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
Indrumnity 9,999 (3 months ago)
Noice mate way to incorporate the Creedence. The nights have been dark and full of terror, but your fire has burned them all away. Thank you, Ser Daemon.
Tanveer Ali (3 months ago)
Why didn't I come across your channel before... God damn it
Jose Rivera (3 months ago)
Great video & amazing music like always to accompany it! Thanks.
Dyana (3 months ago)
Jon and Dany and their children
Daniel Hodge (3 months ago)
Another awesome video as always man!! Thanks for keeping them coming!
Tito Jr (3 months ago)
Daemon, this was awesome! Nice 👍 job!
Tito Jr (3 months ago)
Had Jon just gotten on Drogon, Viserion would still be fine.
Tito Jr (3 months ago)
Jon should be bonding with Rhaegal, the Dragon named after his father! I don't like that he touched Drogon, that's Dany's mount not his! He better ride Rhaegal and Dany on Drogon!
Tito Jr (3 months ago)
Dany made the right choice "U are not my Queen " he said and he and his son burned! Nobody else dared 2!
jackoscar11 (3 months ago)
Penny Scott (3 months ago)
One question. Probably one asked a lot. Where in the heck did the chains come from? Was it magic? Lol
Jay Dee (3 months ago)
Penny Scott if the night king has greensight he's had a lot of time to plan for this.
HairSchool Girl (3 months ago)
Oh yes!!! Love some GOT
Penny Scott (3 months ago)
Stellar video. And dragons. Magically!
diaa Dodo (3 months ago)

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