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10 TV Shows That Would Make Amazing Video Games

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We can see that many gamers like to dabble into various highly rated TV series and some of them wish that they could be experienced with a mouse and keyboard or a controller in hand. That’s why today we are going to be hypothesizing about the best TV shows that would make amazing video games. Rest assured that we will not be mentioning any spoilers that might ruin your viewing experience. We would also like to thank each and every fan that took the time to respond to our Facebook post about this topic. So, without further ado, let us have a look at 10 of the most game worthy series and how they could be adapted for the fans of the ever so cherished interactive medium. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.facebook.com/fraghero http://www.fraghero.com
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Doctor Jay (1 year ago)
Soa for motherfucking life
King Wewuz (1 year ago)
I'm thinking closer to an Army of TWO/Gears of War style game for Supernatural, where you play as the Winchesters and stop a demon threat. Either way, a Supernatural game would be DOPE.
Nolan Fuqua (1 year ago)
sons of anarchy mission 2. Objective: get to warehouse and bleach out mexican hookers stomach of your dna. aka manly bazooka juice.
J (1 year ago)
The Walking Dead would work best as a mix of Left 4 Dead 2 and dying light.
MM II (1 year ago)
There's a Prison Break game
Mortis (1 year ago)
I would almost guaranteed love a Stranger Things game.
derrin davis davis (1 year ago)
omg I would love a supernatural game please how can we make that happen
Charlie Sheen (1 year ago)
I want something like Two and a half men .. expecially like Uncle Charlie.. just drink and fuck..
Joe Cherrett (1 year ago)
Red Dwarf point and click adventure game?
TheJiloo (1 year ago)
1,25 what game is that??
Simanis Gribuss (1 year ago)
Game of Thrones already has an RPG
David .Rodriguez (1 year ago)
There's already a prison break game but it sucks ass
Chad Wallis (1 year ago)
I was thinking how amazing Supernatural would be as a game!
John Ludlow (1 year ago)
Game of Thrones has a lot of potential - I think a Total War (or perhaps EU) style strategy game would probably fit the series best, or possibly an Assassins Creed-style game following the Faceless Men. I sort of think a game adaptation of The Walking Dead would be a bit too like a bunch of other zombie games - there's zillions of them so the bases are probably covered. Interestingly, you didn't mention The Expanse. This was originally going to be an MMO which never happened and instead the guy who had the idea teamed up with Daniel Abraham and they wrote some books and they're now been adapted into a TV show. I'm glad that happened - I love the books and the TV show, but won't touch multiplayer games with a 20AU-long barge pole.
Richard (1 year ago)
Grimm: Modern day Sleeping Dogs style martial arts shooting and driving\ with LA Noire style mystery solving and Skyrim style leveling tree Spartacus: Think WWE2K17 or Ryse to Rome Gameplay Meets Mortal Kombat style gore in a big arena with 100s of different weapons and armors to use and upgrade. Badlands: Sleeping Dogs Martial Arts in a fallout like world except without guns or mutants only Martial art and Melee and hint of Final Fantasy
Richard (1 year ago)
Sons of Anarchy would pretty much just be GTA4 : The Lost and Damned with different skins
Caleb Ballard (1 year ago)
"The 100" would be a good one.
Joshua (1 year ago)
"Sons of Anarchy" so The Lost and The Dammed Dlc for GTA IV
tonedcos (1 year ago)
GTA4 tales of liberty city dlc had a patch club one became president of and did bad boy shit :)
Canadian Platy (1 year ago)
I think you need someone to do your thumbnails or something. I believe that it may attract more viewers that way. Anyways, nice content like always :)
Kendallicious (1 year ago)
WOOOOOAH a Mass Effect style open world RPG in a medieval style game? You mean like Dragon Age, the game made by the same developers?
Meloe haze (1 year ago)
Dead Like Me and X-Files
MarkHD (1 year ago)
Just start developing games already lol.
Tord L (1 year ago)
a wow another day , more tlou yeah well anyway i would like to ee something akin to the xfiles. Or a combo something like 24/the unit
Kanchor (1 year ago)
what about Arrow, you play a man who tries to save his city after 5 years on island
Kanchor (1 year ago)
thats your opinion man :)
DingDong (1 year ago)
Kanchor Gaming nah, idea sux
Krager (1 year ago)
Well, there is a walking dead game coming out that isn't Telltale
Alex Jaeger (1 year ago)
I'd gladly throw my money for a Supernatural game that has a Witcher feel.
theantichristZD (1 year ago)
A Curb your enthusiasm adventure game(point'n'click) - Larry goes on a quest to solve some hilarious mystery, with Richard Lewis as a playable character. A potential classic of the genre if you ask me
coaster 121324 (1 year ago)
ppadrao (1 year ago)
Theres a Prison Break videogame already
Major Plothole (1 year ago)
Stargate - preferably SG-1 or Atlantis. Kind of done in a rpg mixed with Xcom style combat. Form a team, suffer casualties - deal with extraordinary situations, aliens, and being outgunned every which way from Sunday.
Zian (1 year ago)
that guy from sons of anarchy is in PAYDAY2
Supernatural and sons of anarchy I watched all season oml
Austin M (1 year ago)
I'd love a supernatural game or even an arrow game... Just as long as telltale doesn't make either of the games I'd be happy since I hate any crappy game telltale makes...
uncleweirdbeard (1 year ago)
how about movies? I for one would love to see The Ender Games as a VR game
cal lightman (1 year ago)
Would love to see a game about Vikings.
Alex Townley (1 year ago)
Before I started this video Breaking Bad came to mind!!
Haris Mališević (1 year ago)
Burn Notice!!!
Andy Abdullah (1 year ago)
yup, make a game about supernatural series. i will buy it
Gollum (1 year ago)
Did u just talk about supernatural and shown Witcher 3?
Gollum (1 year ago)
I mean how can anyone compare Witcher 3 with Supernatural.. Batman and narcos are both great.
Fish (1 year ago)
He also talked about Pablo Escobar then showed Batman
Sean Wattsmoore (1 year ago)
Despite the telltale version this series surely deserves way more-OHHHHH!!!!!!Burned!!!
Lewis Trice (1 year ago)
All this video said really was, games that give you this experience already exist but wouldn't it be great if they got the license for these TV shows and copied them....wouldn't that be cool. Probably not TBH games based on films / TV don't tend to be very good and the stories don't usually tie in or add up on the different mediums. Instead of recycling characters from TV shows why not enjoy the original material created for games.
David Navarrete (1 year ago)
Person of Interest
Holy Sinner (1 year ago)
PC version or it didn't happen...
The Volkoff (1 year ago)
Supernatural Video Game , i´ve been waiting for that 11 years....!!!
Javonte Brown (1 year ago)
there is a prson break game
swag monkey (1 year ago)
cool keep it up
Darude Sandstorm (1 year ago)
...dead space trilogy *jizz everywhere*
Darude Sandstorm (1 year ago)
well great as a movie...right?
Leaglestalon (1 year ago)
the show that came out called 'badlands' involving martial arts fighting in a world where guns were basically banned would definitely be a cool idea for open world faction based play
AntiA (1 year ago)
I wish these were real lol they are pretty cool
erik sandh (1 year ago)
Prison break already has a game. Prison Break: The Conspiracy check it out.
Heero yuy (1 year ago)
love a burn notice game,i guess it be like GTA mixed with the badboys game
Rj Cruz (1 year ago)
Heero yuy (1 year ago)
+Mr Bosnian can you imagine that game tho :) set in Miami and open world like GTA
Haris Mališević (1 year ago)
Heero yuy I love Burn Notice, too
Distopia Gameplays (1 year ago)
N0.1 already exist and is called Fallout New Vegas
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
Distopia Gameplays smh you're so dumb
HairyDragonBalls (1 year ago)
SOA would be dumb as hell. It would be a game about setting up deals then fucking them up because teller is an idiot. One more thing, its basically happened already, twice. Both from rockstar. the dlc in GTA4 and just play GTA online, they have a biker gang update.
Matt (1 year ago)
Sons of Anarchy would be a GTA type game or like Sleeping Dogs. I haven't seen the show to be honest.
Swifters Supercard (1 year ago)
Bad TV taste...........
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
Matt the first 2 seasons are great but then it goes tryhard. literally all they do is curse and make bad jokes and kill people. I don't recommend it.
Heero yuy (1 year ago)
its worth watching
Tim S (1 year ago)
Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Prison Break all had their own games and no I don't mean Story games like those that Telltale makes. They all were shafted seen as horrible buggy messes and probably why we haven't seen any others get made. Creators are protective of their IPs.
GibboDaBeast (1 year ago)
I only subscribed to get into LT.Lickme's competition but I have been enjoying all your videos so far.
Dennis Pimentel (1 year ago)
Called It! Supernatural!
Gusta (1 year ago)
Blitz (1 year ago)
the idea of a supernatural game styled like the witcher with the things said in this video, fuck that'd be really cool
derrin davis davis (1 year ago)
Blitz so fucking true this video has me thinking of how a supernatural game would be
Life of Elias (1 year ago)
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
ET Elite Gaming go get an original username, opinion, and comment. also get a life, an IQ, a friend, a boyfriend oh also grow up!as what I said was a joke but you're too salty to realise it.
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
go suck a banana
Jacksepticeye J (1 year ago)
Ben Streu (1 year ago)
Evan Morrissey 3rd
Ben Streu (1 year ago)
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
Ben Streu nobody fucking cares

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