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If you want to see more videos like this get this video to 100 likes Snapchat terrylavon23 for video request or questions Video is for Doordash https://www.doordash.com/dasher/signup/Danielle-Tyson-9042/?utm_source=fb&utm_platform=android
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zombiejedimaster (8 months ago)
You do have your space blankets. I saw two in your bag in the beginning of the video.
Entertaining tv (8 months ago)
yes have any opened them.
Nrnendn rnENensnbd (8 months ago)
It’s another app to make money
Nrnendn rnENensnbd (8 months ago)
Hey entertaining tv can you try out appjest
Greatest Times (8 months ago)
This is dope !!!!
Barbara West (8 months ago)
I use to work for Door Dash and Postmates as a customer service at home. I love it. The only thing is that if you took no calls you made no money Postmates paid more money per call. The way they were set up you and to be fast to get the calls. I now work for Grub Hub which is better because they pay by the hour.
Entertaining tv (8 months ago)
I heard about grub hub but we live in a area where we only have access to door dash.
Pleadship (8 months ago)
I gotta try that app
28trill (8 months ago)
Why is it that Alabama is the last state to get EVERYTHING !!!! BRUH!!!!
Solomon's Tech (8 months ago)
I'm doing Postmates, it's pretty decent
Entertaining tv (8 months ago)
I would but not in the area where we live yet!!!
Shenlord (8 months ago)
The root lol
Gabetheboss70 theboss (8 months ago)
Water Fall (8 months ago)
Gabetheboss70 theboss (8 months ago)

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