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The International 2013 All Star Match Pre-Match Interviews HILARIOUS!

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The International 2013 All Star Match Fun Stuff Dota 2 LOL
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sahlool (5 months ago)
Dendi speaks russian 😂😂
Rick Rudimentary (6 months ago)
She is an idiot!!!! Get a man to do the job properly!!!!
John Cena (8 months ago)
awkward nerds
Eyy lagrazon (1 year ago)
the best all star match.
jillmer patio (1 year ago)
Good old days
drawin grunge (1 year ago)
Good :v
Adam Funke (1 year ago)
the cringe is real
Jas2davir (2 years ago)
man i wish they do this type of fun in ti6 :)
KellyZyeG (2 years ago)
chuan so cute
kb'sember kbspirit (2 years ago)
Gotta love Dota<3
Methos (3 years ago)
4:22 just screams "Muppet Show" when he talks haha
RomaBelboa (3 years ago)
Я бы ей вдул! По самые гланды!!
DUBRYJO HVH (3 years ago)
mec on voit ta souri sur l ecn
Admiral Ackbar (3 years ago)
"International". None of them can answer simplest questions in English.
GroinMischief (3 years ago)
+Admiral Ackbar Try answering few basic sentences of German for questions you didn't prepare for, without getting nervous about pronunciations and grammar. And no explaining what words you mean in English.
Admiral Ackbar (3 years ago)
+Sarfraz Hanjrah Stop making up stuff. I never said fluent. I said capacity of a few words to basic.
Main (3 years ago)
+MaxFlare You expect everyone to speak fluent English? Retard.
GroinMischief (3 years ago)
+MaxFlare Yes, they are prepared to do team communication in English, but not to answer surprise/trolly interviews. Your argument is biased, because obviously you don't know what it is like to struggle with a foreign language which has different logic and rules from pronunciations to plurals and silent letters. And speaking of logic and rules, English is one gigantic shitheap in that regard.
Axis Mundi (3 years ago)
Lets say a German comapny organizes Dota tournament. Will you learn German langauge in order to go to the competition ? 
Cristian Dominguez (3 years ago)
is dendi retarded?
Dj Ouf (3 years ago)
+2prize plz give a link :)
2prize (3 years ago)
+Cristian Dominguez yeah but hes got a hot sister
Cristian Dominguez (3 years ago)
i agree with you LOL
Dj Ouf (3 years ago)
I would rather say Dendi's acting the way they are excepting it !! We all know that dota 2 is the game which require all the concentration and all the team's coordination, so the woman's questions are dumb (like "have you got some trash talks too smile ??"). The truth is they all are very stressed, but it's still better to fake some silly acting in front of the TV.
Trance ID (3 years ago)
Watch Free to Play documentary!!!!
Chvideo12 Central (3 years ago)
she hot
Fraser Barrett (3 years ago)
Go back to League.
Etienne Lordéau (3 years ago)
T-ReXx (3 years ago)
"Good!" -Dendi
Florian Haffner (4 years ago)
Why are all the asian players too dumb to talk english?
Why are all western players too dumb to talk Asian language?
David Lin (3 years ago)
+Florian Haffner you expect all asians to be able to speak english fluently? Don't be an ignorant.
Uy Ars (3 years ago)
What about american talkin chinese
Heng Rapid (4 years ago)
Mushi Want to talk :D
Slick (4 years ago)
puppey your ass is dead
s a d b o y s 1 9 9 8 (4 years ago)
InVexp (4 years ago)
franciscobuilt (4 years ago)
why don't u get a girl who knows something about the game?
scmanuel (3 years ago)
Yeah instead of involving a fucking FOX NEWS REPORTER TO GIVE MORE ACKNOWLODGE OF DOTA, just get a hot chick who knows dota and is carismatic (Error 404). Fucking retard comment
Deadplok (4 years ago)
lol alliance is so fucking gay
Geybarowner (4 years ago)
bitch should be shot for how bad she is -.-
scmanuel (4 years ago)
is that so?
Megumer SBG-MLP (4 years ago)
RIP english
AndersonSilvaFTW (4 years ago)
she sexy
Gelo Wong (4 years ago)
dendi's quote "GOOD"
jhun talattad (4 years ago)
Lol i tought Chuan is gonna say feed himself to the other team xD
Dimitri Sainis (4 years ago)
Yeah sure, it seems awkward, but it's because most of them, if not all are not fluent in English and seem to only be able to say "good" lol jk. But yeah. It's funny and entertaining, so nothing to really complain about. They rich bitches anyways <3
eamh2002 (4 years ago)
rajonrondo zaynmalik (4 years ago)
Soe Is Hotter
so★ (4 years ago)
you cant have a professional news reporter cover something she knows nothing about. HIRE HOTBID
Henning Kaiser (4 years ago)
+so it really isn't tho. The goal was to make Dota 2 more accessable for non-dota players. Perfect choice for the job, and she didn't even do a bad job.
so★ (4 years ago)
+Emperror1 thats stupid
Henning Kaiser (4 years ago)
the whole reason she was there was because she is not involved with gaming or DotA in particular, so players would have to use "normal"language and not scene terms, so the non-dota-playing audience would still know whats up
mushi is fucking tryhard, dont fun only tryhard
Sawad Hossain (4 years ago)
"im happy i can kik his ass....finally" lol epic
Qwanysh Ataev (4 years ago)
0:34  Кто то обосрался  :D
Felix Dias (4 years ago)
я сообразил лишь что денди пообещал надрать пятую точку пупею и он счастлив опять резаться со смайлом
jackgamers _ (4 years ago)
британский обучать нужно!
William Weng (4 years ago)
she dont know what she is talking about...
Kawaii Usagi (4 years ago)
This girl is so awful
Cerebros100 (4 years ago)
she was awesome and this year too
Super Raw (4 years ago)
She did all she could do to get the best out of these super nerds ;p
Cerebros100 (4 years ago)
She did really good. 
john dellatto (4 years ago)
+George Cox lol yea it is. The video after the TI3 of alliance was the most awkward interview i've ever seen. If you play dota you appreciate just how incredible their skill is but they aren't used to being on camera all the time like regular athletes. The girl did the best with what she could I felt bad for her lol.
A H (4 years ago)
+George Cox Not really, for most of them its not their first language and most people would be nervous in front of a crowd / twitch. 
надеюсь этой пизды на 4ом инте небудет!
justjoyas (4 years ago)
Victor Tapes (4 years ago)
so akward omg
Ох денди будто для тебя не постыдно.good
Butters Da Baller (4 years ago)
don't even lie.. wants the D 100%
Angedattelt (4 years ago)
"Dendi? I'm right here. HIIIII. How's it going? "Good" :D:D Dendi's "good" is godlike :D
Storm Istery (4 years ago)
that's something really sad. But i guess you're right, i can't see true charism.
Mayank Bhasin (4 years ago)
Is he trying to peep into Kaci's boobs ? Wicked Sick
tonchh0 (4 years ago)
viet anh Nguyen (4 years ago)
more like pok-gai.com
IAmStaka (5 years ago)
it's Team Naa'Wi !!!!!! reported cyka
Tony (5 years ago)
I'm puppey from team naovi
Endezeichen Grimm (5 years ago)
Kaci Aitchison
facta26 (5 years ago)
she really did a great job during the whole TI3
IAmStaka (5 years ago)
opo-opo-opo-oposing team :D
IAmStaka (5 years ago)
she's getting paid to be nice to them so... i doubt it ;D
IAmStaka (5 years ago)
haha yea that was funny
сходу видать задроты, с дамским полом разговаривать не могут)))
doid3r4s (5 years ago)
Akke accent so funny.
Jonas Kratochvil (5 years ago)
Well, if you think about it, Puppey had support omniknight and Dendi had core middle Pudge. So obviously Carry kills Support.
Raprap Angeles (5 years ago)
And in the end, Dendi kicked puppey asses, 3 times.
John kalowski (5 years ago)
Im puppey from team Na'Wi :D 4:11
Cryosphereable (5 years ago)
Kacy wants the D
WickeD25100 (5 years ago)
it's makes me laugh all the time ^_^ lol Dendi hahaha
Ace Squad (5 years ago)
5:49 LOL
Ankyy Donkyy (5 years ago)
Kick His Ass ! LOL
theycamefrombehind (5 years ago)
look at that little chinese guy glaring at puppey
Metehan Simsek (5 years ago)
dat ''hi''
OneHends (5 years ago)
яб ей вдул-)
This video made ​​me smile all the time :D
Dan Lo (5 years ago)
Damn good!

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