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https://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=terryjr90 http://apd.me/9LgYv snapchat terrylavon23 xboxlive terrylavonz20 facebook entertaining tv Instagram terrylavon23 twitter makemoneyonline or type @lavon1990 http://www.paypal-prepaid.com/prepaid-debit-card/applyNow.m?AID=Refer2PayPal&uref=5980669384
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Gideon Njogah (11 months ago)
For users in Africa,try using this app to download other apps. Here is the link http://bit.ly/2appmoney Very easy and simple to get points!!!
Natural Beauty (11 months ago)
New subscriber... I just want to say thank you.
Abram Lucas (11 months ago)
FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They're trying to screw you and not pay you(they're trying to steal your money), your HARD EARN MONEY!!!!! They're wrong!!!!! That's BULLSHIT!!!!! Maybe it's time to kick them to the curb, cut them off.....cut your losses and get out, move on to something else that will pay you right don't bust your ass for them anymore, maybe? IDK. Maybe work another app now.....
frankiezzzzzz100 (11 months ago)
Don't even bother with that app any more not even worth your time now. Stick with prize rebel. Try opinion outpost. Every 100 points is 10 dollars.
Noreen Ahmed (11 months ago)
please help i am not qualify for every survey
Aj Gaming (11 months ago)
not fair
Alex Cabrera (11 months ago)
Signets Yng (11 months ago)
Yes mine has been saying that they are updating app im glad u pointed that out im gonna cash out and put my time in others
Kay Creations (11 months ago)
thrid comment
Danny Stark (11 months ago)
can you email me with some advice on how to get the best outcomes from : prizerebel perk feature points apptrailers and all the other sites you post besides Prizerebel like gifthulk and whatever the one that your lady made the video earnbly or whatever or anything else in the world of money apps appnanasas well and sites I'm super broke and haven't been able to get work since 2013 when I got laid due to a head injury at the time and havnt had anything exciting so your videos always incourag e to keep my head up. thanks in advance..my email is [email protected] ..
Rakeem Grimes (11 months ago)
hey looking to make legit money from home if you work hard your make the money check out this link https://mcaprotools.com/team6fig/?s1=keemmoneyteam
CheeryGiggles (11 months ago)
Thanks for your honesty! What work from home do you recommend is worth doing as I live in Australia 😊
cece caban (11 months ago)
Want to work at home ? Are you a single mom or dad trying to make quick & easy cash? Well click on this link here to get started... I promise you this is no scam if I can do it you can do it http://DollarinPocket.com/?taskid=37558
Keyaira Elizabeth (11 months ago)
and how long did it take you to get 32,000 on prize rebel
Jacob Banks (11 months ago)
man I love you vid you dope bro but I do have a question I know you make money by downloading apps and doing surveys and stuff like that but is the majority of the money coming from referrals or just doing the stuff they ask please respond
Keyaira Elizabeth (11 months ago)
do a video of redeeming on feature points please
407 gaming (11 months ago)
Can you do a video of you cashing out?
treat12 (11 months ago)
Thank you for your info. I love your videos!
Asmin Rosario (11 months ago)
@entertaining tv i got to say you make functional video out there that are not scams and that makes me truely happy keep it up fam🙌
Professor H. KREWENSKI (11 months ago)
some of these apps are blaahh
Professor H. KREWENSKI (11 months ago)
inbox dollars is bad too . worst app
Nathaniel HaskinsJR (11 months ago)
Cameron Mallory (11 months ago)
dude I'm right there with you about appdown I dropped them like a bad case of fleas not worth the time I could sleep and still get paid better and quiker then them some of these apps are truly a joke and I don't even mess with them I trust the ones that actually pay me like 100 thousand points for ten dollars man I mean really nobody got time for that it might take you a year??? I am glad you did this video it might bring light to the subject with some of these companies to be more legit about their business practices peace homey
Nathaniel HaskinsJR (11 months ago)
Could u help me
BenificialMoney (11 months ago)
Janell Janell (11 months ago)
Subscribe for : luck to meet fav youtuber Like for : to get followed by on ig by your fav youtuber
Wayne Wonder (11 months ago)
peace... I wonder if the points are transferable?
Specs Yung (11 months ago)
It's probably easier to get AppDown points
IEASY RG (11 months ago)
Aviiya Nova (11 months ago)
I noticed a few earn from home apps & sites are raising the threshold of cashing out when people are making too much money pretty soon there gonna make it hard for people to make $5 smh
Greatest Times (11 months ago)
All those points for only ten dollars wow that's a rip off
wavvymar (11 months ago)
does he reply
Zilox (11 months ago)
Well I'm uninstalling this app!!
That Boy (11 months ago)
I followed u on instat
JXGUCCI BEATS (11 months ago)
itz emma (11 months ago)
Josh Mitchell (11 months ago)

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