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Minecraft Admin How-To: Bite Skywars [FREE]

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https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/biteskywars-multiarena-kits-cages-titles-stats.9245/ This is a great all inclusive Skywars plugin that lets you modify all aspects of the game. ======Credits=============================== Tutorial Music provided by Jake and Chris Fleming ~~~~~~Ways to Support~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/koz4christ Looking for a good server host? http://bit.ly/1aWPFY3 Looking for a network? http://bit.ly/mcfcurse --------Social------------------------------------------------------------------ Twitter = https://twitter.com/koz4christ Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/Koz4Christ/ ==========================================
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Text Comments (296)
Ronn Weazly (4 months ago)
bro i think its not wirking on 1.12.1
Xonix (6 months ago)
I know this is outdated but there is no games folder and it now requires multiverse. Also whenever i make signs i get "This arena name not found' Help
Xonix (6 months ago)
Nevermind i found the error in the logs, Thank you so much +Koz4Christ i got my server up today
Xonix (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for the reply, My console shows no errors and i'm on 1.8 like the spigot site says is tested and supported, Everything goes fine until I try to make my lobby signs and it says "This arena not found" any way you could help? This is the last gamemode for my server to go live :(
Koz4Christ (6 months ago)
Check your console for errors and make sure you're on the correct version of MC
AQUA GAMERStr (7 months ago)
OMG i am using this and, uh it is powerful. I was using SkyWars 2.2.0 (i think you understood it is for bukkit) and i switched to spigot and dowloanded this, it is powerful thank you so much
Zimbi El gamer (7 months ago)
Cool like :) new sub
Koz4Christ (7 months ago)
F u n (7 months ago)
You are using Bedwars map for Skywars nice!
Thegamercoder19926 (8 months ago)
Can you use that with teams.
Koz4Christ (8 months ago)
I don't recall
Alpha Predator (9 months ago)
Where do u get other plugins?
Koz4Christ (9 months ago)
Either Spigot.org or bukkit.org
BeastGames (9 months ago)
One question, are you a Christian? Cause that would be really cool to find a Christian Youtuber.
BeastGames (9 months ago)
Koz4Christ Cool! Also thanks for the help, the new version is called BiteSkywarsReloaded and I didn't know how to use it so I got the older version you have and it's running great, the new version had bugs and not as easy. So good luck on your channel, because you be deserve more than 100k subs! My server: MineSlop.us.to , also if you know a way to keep your server 24/7 that would be really cool! Anyways, Thanks again!
Koz4Christ (9 months ago)
Indeed I am!
Arthur_MCgamer12 (9 months ago)
One question wich version of the plugin did you use
BeastGames (9 months ago)
Arthur_MCgamer12 I think the plugin was version 1.8, not sure
Koz4Christ (9 months ago)
I don't recall
vinko vuković (11 months ago)
How to create/host minecraft server plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz
Skycrafter (11 months ago)
is there a way to not always have the shop and cage items? becuase when im in my factions world i still have the items.... help
Dutzu2007 (7 months ago)
use multiverse inventories
Wombo Combo (11 months ago)
bro in my server when i try to restart the server plugin breaks and get deleted automaticly
ItsNightmareFam (1 year ago)
my plugin isnt working when i run a command it doesnt say anything
BeastGames (9 months ago)
TheGamingNightmare make sure you have the .jar file in the plugins as well with the BiteSkywars file. (You get the BiteSkywars file when you run the server)
TGMMind (1 year ago)
Y I can't do that at sign ? It not work Y?
NorthEastMedia (1 year ago)
u should do horror games i think it will get u big
Godly Noob (1 year ago)
How do we edit the scoreboard?
Clark Uztine Villamor (1 year ago)
Mine works with multiverse
WintersNoo (1 year ago)
Now I can't do /sw tp world
WintersNoo (1 year ago)
My [sw] Temple isn't working I did everything you said
BeastGames (9 months ago)
JustCharmanders Gao did you change Build mode to false??
tomas domingues (1 year ago)
how do you know the itens id? Help please
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
why everytime i turn build mode to false the Plugin didnt work i write /sw and nothing happens
Sforge Lol (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ can you pls help me? when the game ends it doesnt let me go back to spawn. I did /sw spawn
Vibez (1 year ago)
when i start the map again all the blocks are still there when we play again please help
nothing dosent work when i use /sw load
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
Need Multiverse , Multiverse Core , world edit .
i will use multiverse core then
FluxRBLX (1 year ago)
Its hypixel skywars
Brenda Bass (1 year ago)
Whenever i play a second game, the blocks placed in the first game are still visible. Any fixes?
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
You selected wrong the map.
Yee _LWS_ (1 year ago)
why every time i restart the server,the sign still looks the same and i do /sw nothing happen.. PLEASE HELP
BeastGames (9 months ago)
_LWS_ Did you change Build mode to false on the config file? Because I had that same problem, but then I figured out I forgot to change it to false. Then it worked! Hope it works for you! :)
전원택 (1 year ago)
can i change the gamemode for only ranked people?plzzzzzzzz tell me
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
With multiverse you can change the gamemode per world. Watch a tutorial :)
Stopmotion Ninjago (1 year ago)
How do you go to the place where there is just the sky and no blocks
BeastGames (9 months ago)
Stopmotion Ninjago over world I think
Apeyy (1 year ago)
I have the sunflower thing and the anvil, but the sign did not work, how do i fix this?
MC Zetter (1 year ago)
how to add more cage and more trail like hypixel ?
ItzEzequiel (1 year ago)
Is this 1.10!? I cannot do skywars commands
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
What Is The Permissions There Is Nothing In The Website Just "New Skywars" PLZ I NEED THE PERMISSIONS
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
What Is the Permissions plz reply
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
How To Setup the Permissions
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
Non Op Player Cant buy Kits
Ronn Weazly (4 months ago)
watch some tutorials men
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ I Dont know The Permissions
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
You need to setup your permissions to get those players access to those kits
RedstoneCubestツ (1 year ago)
i Cant hit Other Player
Tạp gaming (1 year ago)
Great plugins for you to understand I subscribed to your channel already
sorrY (1 year ago)
Appreciate seeing you still responding to comments!! :P
Xipoden Gamer (1 year ago)
When the skywars end, does it seem to win back to the lobby that died of says it's still on skywars what do I do?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Check your console for errors, make sure you're on the correct version of MC and contact the author
WqtchDog (1 year ago)
Knox why the games is finished and I can't teleport back to the lobby?
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
Check the console. and if there ERROR , contact the autor.
McAccident (1 year ago)
i take anyones help i did the sign like he did it wount work can someone tell me what to do nothing working pls tell me pls respawn
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
You do something wrong , re-check :3
kalanoon (1 year ago)
Hey Koz No Commands Are Not WORKING in this plugin like /sw or /skywars or /leave abd anything on this plugin is not working please help!!!!
This plugin gives me this error: Spawns 12 || Players 12
Valz Plays (1 year ago)
btw i cant take item from gamemode ??? after i set up this
TheAcdemyOf Fun (1 year ago)
could you do mine reset lite plz
Its Frosty (1 year ago)
666 :)
RedClimpy (1 year ago)
[14:10:19 WARN]: [BiteSkyWars] Task #4 for BiteSkyWars v1.1.9 generated an exception java.lang.NullPointerException at net.spikybite.ProxyCode.utils.SwVault.getMoney(SwVault.java:21) ~[?:?] at net.spikybite.ProxyCode.objects.SPlayer.getBalance(SPlayer.java:169) ~[?:?] at net.spikybite.ProxyCode.utils.SwBoard.getVarsLobby(SwBoard.java:113) ~[?:?] at net.spikybite.ProxyCode.utils.SwBoard.updateSyncScoreboard(SwBoard.java:74) ~[?:?] at net.spikybite.ProxyCode.task.ScoreboardTask.run(ScoreboardTask.java:16) ~[?:?] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_7_R4.scheduler.CraftTask.run(CraftTask.java:71) ~[craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-205-gb748d57] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_7_R4.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(CraftScheduler.java:350) [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-205-gb748d57] at net.minecraft.server.v1_7_R4.MinecraftServer.v(MinecraftServer.java:641) [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-205-gb748d57] at net.minecraft.server.v1_7_R4.DedicatedServer.v(DedicatedServer.java:275) [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-205-gb748d57] at net.minecraft.server.v1_7_R4.MinecraftServer.u(MinecraftServer.java:584) [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-205-gb748d57] at net.minecraft.server.v1_7_R4.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:490) [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-205-gb748d57] at net.minecraft.server.v1_7_R4.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:628) [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-205-gb748d57] ???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
Need the plugin ''Vault'' for economy.
Helixiss (1 year ago)
Can you change the (play.server.net) to your own server Id? Please I can't find it
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
Use NO-IP , find a tutorial :D
Makyx (1 year ago)
Don't reset the map
Alexio Show (10 months ago)
You selected wrong the map.
X Coolguy (1 year ago)
RaT iAmRocket (1 year ago)
Where do I find the permissions for the cages and kits? I really need to know how to do this.
WatchBOT (1 year ago)
Hey, I have a problem. Whenever I put down the beacons, and do /sw scan after I do load and create, it won't fine the beacons and use them as spawnpoint. I tried adding the manually to teh config, but that didn't work either. I did it before bu now it wont work.
Panzoid Intro (1 year ago)
i want ask.Why i write cmd /sw but no haven't lisr cmd
Ritro (1 year ago)
how do u add that skywars gui and the coins?
CHE Channel (1 year ago)
How to change the word play.server.net
SAN0ZKA (1 year ago)
how to change the scoreboard?
SAN0ZKA (1 year ago)
k i found it thanks
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
I believe its in a config file
Kizburb (1 year ago)
Is there a way to have signs with stats like top kills etc?
Kizburb (1 year ago)
And now i get an error when i join and join signs don't work...
Kizburb (1 year ago)
But the author is inactive af, doesn't reply to anything.
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Contact the author
ElmikoIOS (1 year ago)
how can i disable the Menu? please reply
ElmikoIOS (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Contact the author
Mr_Xaker (1 year ago)
JustiBoy (1 year ago)
Whenever my players get close to the middle island they can't build not break blocks, and they can't open chests. I don't know why
JustiBoy (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials I realised that like 5 min after I put this comment. lol Everyone makes mistakes. Thanks for the responce.
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Sounds like you have spawn protection on. Go into your server.properties file and set spawn protection to 0
Ez Breezly (1 year ago)
worked ty ;P
Ez Breezly (1 year ago)
nothing it was a bugg i think
Ez Breezly (1 year ago)
2/4 and the Arena dont start!! why?
Eksnoverse (1 year ago)
Hey! Whenever i reset all My world Get un loaded and i need to do everything again can you help me?
DETRIX 07 (1 year ago)
Hello, anyone know of a tutorial like this but in Spanish
is there any way that I can disable stats board in other worlds? for example at the server hub?
Joseph Kovalchik (1 year ago)
how the hell do you get out of lobby lol?
Valz Plays (1 year ago)
do the tutorial how to set up perm for skywars
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Need to setup your perms
Joseph Kovalchik (1 year ago)
And it says i dont have permission to leave skywars when im out of OP mode
THe_kNIghT SlAYeR (1 year ago)
Whats the download link and also on the updated skywars it works but in the game ppl Cant PVP
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Make sure you don't have another plugin stopping the PvP
hector cuellar (1 year ago)
Hey I use the comand /sw and nothing Why
make sure you have vault and a permissions and an economy plugin
SuPerXmOnKZ 123 (1 year ago)
I keep getting the error: ------> Error occurred while enabling BiteSkyWars v1.1.9 (Is it up to date?) However I have VAULT installed! PLEASE HELP!
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Keep in mind it only works with 1.8,1.9,1.10,1.11
FeZeZ Clan (1 year ago)
how do you add enchantments to your kits
FeZeZ Clan (1 year ago)
kos, this didn't work whenever i do /sw nothing pops up Its just BLANK! PLS HELP
FirasDoesGaming (1 year ago)
When did you mention it?
Max Prins (1 year ago)
restart the server.
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Yup, thought I mentioned that
FeZeZ Clan (1 year ago)
never mind its just this... This plugin is INCOMPATIBLE with Multiverse-core.
Matyop (1 year ago)
Hi i am Matyop.please send me folder server ([email protected]).
Matyop (1 year ago)
were dowload kindoms
Fire_tail (1 year ago)
koz4chirst i love you!!!!
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Fraikes (1 year ago)
Video is not clear. Dislike
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Guess you're the first. This plugin does require some basic plugin experience to use
Galax P (1 year ago)
iam not allowed to scan the world :/
ahmad alifi (1 year ago)
why. i play with my friends and my friend is die , but why me not winning? please help anyone
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Check your console for errors and make sure you're running the correct version of MC for the plugin. Contact the author
Marko Delac (1 year ago)
How to remove scoreboard when you are not in skywars game. Does this plugin support multiverse? kind regards
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Message the author
Lazy Weeb (1 year ago)
The join signs doesn't work but i don't bother :P
Ok thanks , I actually set up a hosted server on my PC and learned how to set up BungeeCord. I got SkyWars all working fine now, so I can't wait to play it! <3
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
This plugin should run fine on a hosted server
Pink Panther (1 year ago)
when i use /sw scan it says An internal erroroccurred while attepting to perform this command.What can i do?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Most likely running the wrong version of MC or missing a step
ACE DPM (1 year ago)
It works now but I know I can't build without /sw build but I want players to build, the plugin refects to other worlds so how do I fix it
Hao Teng (1 year ago)
you use another server :).
ACE DPM (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials then how are players supposed to build in a wild world?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
This plugin takes over the whole server I believe
ACE DPM (1 year ago)
Um help? I did everything and the sign is still the same including that fact that the anvil doesn't show anything but red
LittleDog1 Dog (1 year ago)
Whenever I put my build mode on false the plugin just stops running... If its off everything except signs is ok. Pls help
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
You missed something in the setup
The problems are: 1. Doesn't reset the maps :/ 2. Sometimes, the kit selection just won't work
~Zoark (1 year ago)
I can't select a kit when I join my game?
MOMO_3 (1 year ago)
i have a question, i made my arena and after we played on it the map didnt reset, all the blocks were still there. how do i fix that?
Zac Plays (1 year ago)
Wheres the config for the Scoreboard in the lobby?
Armando Medina (1 year ago)
when i try to type /sw create nothing happens... i havae the latest version of buildtools with minecraft 1.8.8 ( also i tested it with the jar that buildtools gave me ( 1.11) ) please answer! with this error Error occurred while enabling BiteSkyWars v1.1.9 (Is it up to date?)
Sander Van De Hoven (1 year ago)
You need vault!!!! that helped me
ok thanks for the answer...but i give up
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Dunno, contact the author
Flamingred05 Studio (1 year ago)
I don't get it
Daniel27D (1 year ago)
Kingdoms is an eggwars or bedwars map right?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Gangsta Bunny (1 year ago)
Does anyone know a fix to this error i keep getting, or possibly the reason why? -> Error occurred while enabling BiteSkyWars v1.1.9 (Is it up to date?)
Sander Van De Hoven (1 year ago)
U need Vault on your server.
Random Vloggs (1 year ago)
Nothings. Happend when i write on the sign. Its not say join or something HELP MEEEE
ItzAnimal (1 year ago)
For some reason, the sign's are not changing at all... I watched what you did and copied but they didn't change color.
Luiz Felipe (1 year ago)
Random Vloggs This problem happens because multiverse core conflict to bite sky wars soo u need to remove multiverse core
Random Vloggs (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials how Do you check the console please help meeee i hade 1.11 on My server
Random Vloggs (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials IT same for me? What console im gonna check please help!
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Check your console for errors and contact the author

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