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11 Things You NEED to Know About GOD OF WAR (2018)

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Are you excited for God of War? ► SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/fragherosub ► http://www.gamebyte.com ► http://www.facebook.com/fraghero ======= God of War is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year so far. Although it's easy to jump on the hype train sometimes its good to learn a bit more about it. We decided that 10 things you need to know about the new God of War just wasn't enough so we made a list of 11 things you need to know about God of War 2018. Hopefully that covers everything without spoiling too much. 😁 ======= Have you got an idea for a FragHero video? Let us know in the comments! ======= Narrator: Conner Rush
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Text Comments (24)
Debendra Nath Mukherjee (6 months ago)
Why do I feel like I'm missing the old school God of war gameplay...
Infiniteprod (6 months ago)
No open world? Awww... :(
max delzen (6 months ago)
And am bright😂
max delzen (6 months ago)
Infiniteprod 😂😂am not a kid
Infiniteprod (6 months ago)
Kawsu Sawaneh Thats contradicting what you said, you clearly are not very bright or you must be a kid. Im going to end this conversation. If you dont like a game to switch open world yet you like a game that completely changes Kratos as GOW, then you are a retard.
max delzen (6 months ago)
Infiniteprod open world games are now that much fun it always as problems I will not buy a God of war open world game because I don't know God of war like that
Infiniteprod (6 months ago)
Kawsu Sawaneh I completely agree and I will still buy this, however I was hoping this time Kratos would be exploring open world!
Ian Bonnar (6 months ago)
Maybe he's more chill because it releases on 420
Black Raven03841 (6 months ago)
30 fps doesnt sound too good
Smorfar (6 months ago)
Black Raven03841 if the frame times are good than it wont matter that much
Bretty (6 months ago)
Can't wait to play this!
TheAverage Gamer (6 months ago)
Dcypherman plays (6 months ago)
Hyped for this game!!!
Jannis (6 months ago)
FragHero (6 months ago)
Will you be picking up the new God of War?
Hamad Raesi (6 months ago)
FragHero yes
ghostieeitsohg (6 months ago)
RaptorRex 007 (6 months ago)
FragHero is this a serious question?
The Shredder (6 months ago)
wonder waffle (6 months ago)

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