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Text Comments (224071)
Itz_ Nitch (1 minute ago)
Deji who???
Itz_ Nitch (2 minutes ago)
KSI who???
Itz_ Nitch (2 minutes ago)
I never knew who ksi was or deji till Logan Paul or Jake Paul should them to me lol
Mitchell Griggs (2 minutes ago)
Logan you still have the Logan with you forget about them he's just a sore person
Dejan Peraj (5 minutes ago)
Kis and deji gays fuck
Renāte Š (7 minutes ago)
Fukk logan pul
jake mamola (9 minutes ago)
The Paul’s are deadass gonna get their shit rocked
SnowWitchPrincess (16 minutes ago)
If ksi loses he had it coming don't start a fight if you're not the one who ends it. Logan if you lose that should teach you not too laugh at dead bodies. In reality I don't care who wins though 😒 I just want too see the reactions of the winner and loser whoever those too will be.
Mumtaz Juwle (17 minutes ago)
Why do I feel like this is all scripted
Elisha Espinoza (18 minutes ago)
Not to be a bitch or anyrhing, but KSI talks a lot of shit. But it's kinda funny because any one know the saying talk shit get hit. Yay it's cheese, but no one should ever disrespect another man mother.
Kathy Nguyen (21 minutes ago)
what a cringey ass dude..
Imelda Castellanos (22 minutes ago)
I had no idea that people REALLY hated Logan Paul. So its because he kisses underaged girl? Oof, catch a case. And apparently the whole family is fucked up?
Mark George (27 minutes ago)
Jacob Lozano (29 minutes ago)
Honestly no offense but Logan and Jake Paul are the example of white trash.
Unicorn Bunn (29 minutes ago)
KSIII 100%%
Moonqueen Thapa (31 minutes ago)
Logan for life❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hunter Winsor (32 minutes ago)
What's sad is that ksi is only doing all this shit for views. He is such a child. He needs to grow up. He is so immature like why did he have to start the fight in the first place. The only question we don't know and ksi avoided is why did he choose Logan??
Kayla McGee (34 minutes ago)
this may be exciting, but how does this help our world. putting this on youtube for the world to see. being so rude to each other for children to watch, then they will repeat it at school. this is really stupid.
Skye Montanez (34 minutes ago)
He thinks he’s all that just because he wononefight wow so wrong if you can notice of being sarcastic he sucks
[ANANAS-AMVs] (35 minutes ago)
Thats not even serious.. thats just fun :D This all is just "show" for fans... :D I absolutely have no idea why all care about it, and why is whole Youtube cluttered whit this "fight" or whatever it is.. :D Oh wait.. i know.. money and fame.. :D
Wolfie sniper66 (36 minutes ago)
Ksi is. Going. To lose this fight logan going too win
pyro mander (37 minutes ago)
Poor Logan homie got blasted
Lol Sellers (40 minutes ago)
Lol why dose ksi lil brother have to say so much crap and he isn’t even in the fight and ksi stutters a lot
Wolfie sniper66 (42 minutes ago)
Ksi is weakk asf logan going too win
Loganggggggggggg! WOOOOOOOOOO :KSI Noooooooo 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 BOOOOOOO
Lackey Gaming12 (44 minutes ago)
Ksi dejji please I beg you knock these snobby rich kids back to mars were they belong
magic Hipster (45 minutes ago)
"KSI" I can't wait to see u cry
Emzhi XD (46 minutes ago)
Is that a dead body
M.L 1234 (46 minutes ago)
Logan you’re a fucken douche dude! You’re so annoying and self absorbed.
ZEUZ Men (47 minutes ago)
Fucking asshole you scared pussy
SVR Official Channel (47 minutes ago)
Where is the big rock who going to kick ksi ass
ZEUZ Men (48 minutes ago)
Fuck you ksi
Melanie Estrada (48 minutes ago)
Man I love George He was the first one who flippin Jumped on to the stage to defend Logan now that's true friendship
magic Hipster (49 minutes ago)
Team paul WooW
Sanish Maharjan (52 minutes ago)
Katherina Karmi (53 minutes ago)
Team Paul
CMF VIDS (53 minutes ago)
Someone please tell me if this is LEGIT, or a publicity stunt
London (55 minutes ago)
Logan is all in a suit and so is Jake but them weak people are wearing track suits like the hell at least logan has the power
Rosa Maria (58 minutes ago)
Dud all of us got ther back
Karisa Galloway (1 hour ago)
Definitely not a fan of Logan of any of the Paul’s for that matter. But I would love to see ksi knocked on his ass and I wish I was the one who could do it
Hunter Winsor (1 hour ago)
Ksi is so immature with all the shit he is saying. Why take it out on logans parents and gf. For starters half the shit he said was false and he just makes the stupidest assumptions. He needs to grow up and be a man. He says apparently he is one but he definetly doesn't act like one. I really hope logan wins this fight. Fuck ksi up 🖕🖕
Genny Myers (1 hour ago)
The PoOuLSss 😂😂😂
Ayah Badawy (1 hour ago)
yeo this dude KSI needs to shut the fuck up he thinks he can roast but he can't. I am 13 and i can roast better than his old ass. He thinks he is something all of a sudden but thats just because logan paul is gonna beat his ass. He is rude as fuck and all he can do is talk about logans fam and logan himself. Honestly he needs to shut the fuck up and look at himself before talking shit. And it is true the more he talks the dumber he sounds so he has been talking a lot. Anyways i am on team logang till the end. love u logan.
payton guzman (1 hour ago)
Ksi charged and Logan just stood there
Katarina Lampič (1 hour ago)
You got this Logan!
Kayla Carter (1 hour ago)
Asma Sajad (1 hour ago)
omg logan paul is so rude he took the bandanna of ksi ksi is so gonna win
kittylover 246 (1 hour ago)
U all hv got to see joe wellers response to this..in my opinion,its true af
Gemma Clegg (1 hour ago)
ok so i have watched both confrences and ksi has said the same things over and over he needs to stop and start over
Kelly Ihejiawu (1 hour ago)
Logan will get rocked hard
After 2nd Conference
Viany RamiRez (1 hour ago)
Ummm I can't see the mach so ya can up loued it to YouTube
Lindsay Heredia (1 hour ago)
KSI wil woop you ass and at the begining you were like holy shit am the man you aint shit
Hannah Oh (1 hour ago)
this gotta be the most immature shit I’ve ever seen. and the fact that these boys are “influencers..” yeah.. what influences they all are.
GamerGurlTV (1 hour ago)
Logan and Jake will win Bye for now lil carrots and deji👋
jordan natara (1 hour ago)
the fact that ksi would even make jokes about the incident is just so disgusting
Svucy (1 hour ago)
What happened at London?
xXEmma SparklezXx (1 hour ago)
I have a good feeling that KSI is gonna win like if u agree
Parker Swaney (1 hour ago)
Supreme Memez (1 hour ago)
Deji has autism
logan logan (1 hour ago)
Jake Paul looks like a fuck ! Acting like McGregor I bet Deji can knock his ass with one punch haha
Chimp808 (1 hour ago)
Camdraws (1 hour ago)
OMG i love it when George just jumps on stage just super George to the rescue
II-GrotBeef-II I (1 hour ago)
This is clickbait,you said this video was “insanity” in your channel but uh KSI is betta.
Jazzy Kidd (1 hour ago)
People are honestly under rating ksi
Pak GamerzZz (1 hour ago)
Logan paul is best
AnthonyProductions (1 hour ago)
Josyf King (1 hour ago)
I know this dude did not just say when u feel my power
Wild Vids (1 hour ago)
Bro u can do this. U will fucking win
abderazik seid (1 hour ago)
kis jake Paul are not the best at box Adam saleh man
Alyssa_Vlogs_ Today (1 hour ago)
Logang for life we all know you gonna win and we all know KSI is a big ass
Carolina Bernard (1 hour ago)
r u puting the fight on utube ?????????????
Noob Gaming (1 hour ago)
Win or lose Logan will lose nothing
Isaax (1 hour ago)
Here's the press conference in a nutshell: Logan Paul: *roasts KSI* KSI: *roasts Logan Paul* Jake Paul: *WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALMART* Deji: *quietly sits down*
Noob Gaming (2 hours ago)
Every fighter got their own kind of cockiness
Josiah Ortega (2 hours ago)
Logan fuck you pussy ass, bitch.
Pardeep singh (2 hours ago)
What is this bullshit ????
Voltzilla 510 (2 hours ago)
anybody that supports either of them should leave...for a long time and never come back your just getting into the stupid drama.
zStaticYT101 (2 hours ago)
The only come back Logan has is "Yeah you suck at talking."
Rebecca Baxter (2 hours ago)
The Paul's are so fucking annoying let ksi speak for fucks sake
Xtreme Team (2 hours ago)
He said the same thing about his mom and his dad in the other conference Edit: YO FUCK THE HOST HE ROOTIN 4 KSI
Kylee Mccarthy (2 hours ago)
Dude I don't know who ksi was in tell logan brought him up
Madyson Denise (2 hours ago)
TBH jake is famous for doing nothing and being rude asf to his fans, logan is an actor, but the way he chooses to use his fam is sad. He could use it for so many things. Such a spread positivity, show that violence is bad and so many other positive things. But instead he chooses to encourage his fans that if u have issues with someone the way to solve it is through violence. I’m honestly disappointed....😞
Voltzilla 510 (2 hours ago)
either they hate each other or their friends and want lots of money lol
Jack Skellington (2 hours ago)
So is this a point match? If so how much you gonna pay or have your buddies at YouTube pay the refs for the win paul brothers?
MaskOfSanity (2 hours ago)
Man this better be a good fight !!
slime asmr channel (2 hours ago)
Voltzilla 510 (2 hours ago)
i want logan paul to lose
Phantom 4 (2 hours ago)
two really immature youtubers. you should support each other
Jason Mendoza (2 hours ago)
The host of the conference is a LOGANG supporter
vixson the fox (2 hours ago)
Kaleb Duft (2 hours ago)
Fuck ksi
brayden Farmer (2 hours ago)
Ksi already has his nose flattened
Cooper Shaffner (2 hours ago)
Logan your going to get shit on in the fight you bitch
Ultra (2 hours ago)
Where arabic man!
Hali A (2 hours ago)
Feel so bad for the interviewee. So much disrespect.
Alexia Macario (2 hours ago)
I really want to go to Manchester so I can see the fight (obviously Logan and Jake are going to win its kind of obvious)
Jason Mendoza (2 hours ago)
Trenton Hannah (2 hours ago)
lol ksi: i expected this, this is your home town logan: nah, i’m from ohio that had me cracking up
Andrew Salb (2 hours ago)
logan you should have beat the add or hdhd that is making ksi think that he can beat a savage

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