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Minecraft Admin How-To: LuckPerms

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https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/luckperms-an-advanced-permissions-plugin.28140/ Here is a great permissions plugin that gives you the best of both Pex and Group Manager. ======Credits=============================== Intro: The Return - Topmass - www.topmass.net Tutorial Music provided by Jake and Chris Fleming ~~~~~~Ways to Support~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/koz4christ Looking for a good server host? http://bit.ly/1aWPFY3 Looking for a network? http://bit.ly/mcfcurse --------Social------------------------------------------------------------------ Twitter = https://twitter.com/koz4christ Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/Koz4Christ/ ==========================================
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Text Comments (189)
DJ Danby (8 days ago)
I can not teleport to any worlds or users. I use worldguard and Projectworlds on my SpongeForge Server. What is the problem? Incompatible?
Razziez (8 days ago)
But the question is in 2018, pex or luck?
Kody Seeman (28 days ago)
When I use LuckPerms it's more like ''NoPerms'', I can't even go into creative mode when I op.
DrawdeZiur (1 month ago)
Spanish Tutorial Please
Koz4Christ (1 month ago)
I would have to speak Spanish in order to do this
Reece (1 month ago)
this didnt show shit
therealtripleb1 (1 month ago)
How do you add plugin permissions to groups?
Budderman18 (2 months ago)
trying to set up Moderator rank and it always says "no permission" unless they have op, which i dont want them to have! im using LuckPerms and im permitting AdvancedBan commands. help?
fray mortadha (2 months ago)
pliiiiiiiz haw allowed the nether in world (the nether work just in 1 world)
gamers mask (2 months ago)
gamers mask (2 months ago)
can you add rankup with luckperms
Jewel_Runner_VR (2 months ago)
how do you remove permissions from the default group? everyone that joins my server has every single essentials command. its kinda game breaking lol. every time i try to remove it says the group doesnt have that permission
Koz4Christ (2 months ago)
Did you add the * to the default group? Are you sure your permissions plugin is starting correctly? Check your console for errors and make sure you're on the right version of MC for the server
Micah White (2 months ago)
How do I just give regular players certain commands without manually putting them into a group LIke just regular people starting out
Koz4Christ (2 months ago)
That would be the default grouop
LunarDragonGamer (2 months ago)
Thank you so much. I subscribed. You have helped me a lot. One of my Discord friends recommended me to watch this video, and i thought that you were just going to be one who barely explains it. I saw this video in my recommended and I said to myself that I was desperate. But thanks to you, my factions server is going to be amazing. Tysm <3
RubaiYat MC (2 months ago)
The myth is true, he only replies once!
LunarDragonGamer (2 months ago)
Just one more thing, please. IT says when i join [LP] No Permission to join. Try again later Why does it say this?
LunarDragonGamer (2 months ago)
Do you think you can help me if I DM you in YouTube my discord if u have one and kinda help out? It would help a lot
LunarDragonGamer (2 months ago)
I'll be sure to watch more of your tutorials and other videos. *hits bell*
Koz4Christ (2 months ago)
Glad to help! I once was in your same spot and frustrated at all the terrible tutorials.
Report My Vayne (3 months ago)
How can i give to players the command /server?
Report My Vayne (3 months ago)
Thanks for the fast reply. Btw, it doesn't work, even if i use config.yml in bungeecord and even if i use sql database.
Koz4Christ (3 months ago)
Think that is controlled in the bungeecord config
Dani Feldman (3 months ago)
I have fixed the prefixes and sufixes problem by updating all the essentials plugin.
Koz4Christ (3 months ago)
MagicSecret (3 months ago)
Can you do BungeeChat+?
Koz4Christ (3 months ago)
BungeeChat looks like its still active. I'll take a look
MagicSecret (3 months ago)
There's two different ones there's regular BungeeChat and BungeeChatPlus.
Koz4Christ (3 months ago)
The plugin is inactive and hasn't been updated in 4 years
Murilouco (4 months ago)
when i do any command appear: [LP] Running LuckPerms v4.0.18.
LunarDragonGamer (2 months ago)
Try adding a little more description toward it.
Audun Roald (4 months ago)
Could you please do a video explaining how to configre the chat while using Luckperms, Towny and Deluxechat? Im trying to have a chat that is controlled by Deluxe chat.
Charles M (5 months ago)
Ummmm it says player not found
Crispy Gaming (6 months ago)
Is there a way to add commands to different groups in Bulk? I'm hosting a pixelmon server and want to have these groups/ranks: Normie Trainer Expert Moderator Admin (maybe) Owner
Lajtmen (6 months ago)
I have Luckperms + Ultimate core for sponge. When i create group and i try to add friend it says that he cant use that any command , why ?
GothkittyGirl (6 months ago)
would it be possible for you to do a plugin tutorial of luckperms and bungee together? im failing at trying to get it set up correctly 😕 ty if you can!
GotAnyWeed (6 months ago)
Worked great thank you!
Koz4Christ (6 months ago)
You're welcome!
Vipah (6 months ago)
Did the permission thing to myself and still says my player account cant do anything?
Frogger89 (6 months ago)
How do I op myself? I cannot do anything in my server, I cant even change gamemode..
Koz4Christ (6 months ago)
in your console do "op Frogger89"
Contaminated (7 months ago)
Does anyone else hear the mumble sound when he pronounces “F”?
Zesty (7 months ago)
Gotta love those Knee Gates. Do you ankle gate too?
dormdude (7 months ago)
this isn't working for me i followed along and did the commands exactly how you di but i made the group called member instead i added the warp command and added my test account to that group it then tells me i don't have access to that command.
doopiedoo (8 months ago)
is there no way to add perms out side of the game? it's so annoying having to type out a command to add one single node for a rank. let alone doing it 1000 times for the default group.
Mar Mrm (24 days ago)
sibomots I
TastyLemonade (4 months ago)
Yes you can add perms outside of game. If you do /lp group <group> editor, it will give you a link to edit permissions outside of Minecraft on a website, where when you save it will give you a link to copy to your clipboard, and then do ctrl+v to paste into Minecraft and it will update permissions nodes.
sibomots (5 months ago)
This video here is excellent by the way for interactive usage. Nicely done. Cheers. I've documented the bulk method for administrating permission nodes through direct access to the MySQL backend. I choose to administrate the plugin directly in the database and the video tutorial I've made shows a path forward.
Robin VC (5 months ago)
There is, create one permission, then go to the config files. THere are files that hold all the groups, users and their permissions. You can add and delete there all you want
Ahmed Mohmed (8 months ago)
Tony (8 months ago)
if you're having issues with prefixes and suffixes get "Chat Format | PlaceholderAPI Support!"
Darkness Gaming (9 months ago)
Shit your tutorial and you talk like you have poop in your mouth
Angry Bird (10 months ago)
I know I am late to say this but is there a way to remove a permission from a group and to delete a group?
Damn Dizzle (11 months ago)
Can you do a video of Top 5 best plot squared plugins
Tanner Moore (11 months ago)
Is there a way to create a group with all perms so I don't have to type in each node 1 by 1 about 200 times?
George Laurencena (3 days ago)
/lp user (your nickname) permission set * or /lp group (your all-pex group) permission set * true
Mihnea Georgescu (11 months ago)
permission set *
Super Shane (1 year ago)
i did /user (myign) clear because it said the user specified is a memeber of multiple groups on this track unable to determin there location and now i cant do any comands... lol im guesin i just do the thing in the config to gimmi perms for them again
Super Shane (1 year ago)
oh no when i do any comand it just says runing luck perms version grrr
DoGy GaMe (1 year ago)
Prefixes aren't working for me. Idk why. everything goes well but prefixes won't show!!!!!
Redblock6 (4 months ago)
Same here I have essentials and when I type in chat when I added the prefix nothing happens
GotAnyWeed (6 months ago)
Make sure you have vault and essentials chat installed.
Tony (8 months ago)
get "Chat Format | PlaceholderAPI Support!"
Richard Wilkes (9 months ago)
What plugins do you have all together?
Cas Wiggers (9 months ago)
I have the same problem, luckperms says it is working and shows that the prefix is created. but when i typ something it didn't show up in the chat. (I have essentialsXchat)
Andsim Gaming (1 year ago)
i like this pluging ty it work not like ex permissions
Leetram - GFX (1 year ago)
Hey, I have some plugins on my server, and faction is in it, when i make a prefix, it don't appear !
Tony (8 months ago)
get "Chat Format | PlaceholderAPI Support!"
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Also need a chat plugin
Aᴜᴅɪᴢɪɢɴ (1 year ago)
The prefixes don't work for me, are there any required plugins that I need for them to work? I have Vault.
GotAnyWeed (6 months ago)
Can you stop advertising?
Tony (8 months ago)
get "Chat Format | PlaceholderAPI Support!"
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
A chat formatting plugin like essentials chat
Tau (1 year ago)
I've actually been using this in our network, Something you missed while talking about bungeecord is the fact that you can use the bungee permission plugin as a Synchronization plugin for all servers This means by doing /lp networksync it will push changes to all servers. You can also do /lp group/user listnodes to list permission nodes.
Tau (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
I had that command written down but missed it! Thanks for sharing!!
SporeBay (1 year ago)
How do I change a namecolor? I don't get it how to do it with the prefixes :(
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
You need to set the prefix to be a color and then give them that prefix. You also need a chat plugin to display prefixes
OhYa1337 (1 year ago)
<weight> - the weight to set Sets the groups weight value, which determines the order in which groups will be considered when accumulating a users permissions. Higher value = higher weight.
MysteryQ (1 year ago)
When I tried to add a prefix, it never appears on the chat.. You know how to fix that?
Tony (8 months ago)
get "Chat Format | PlaceholderAPI Support!"
Cas Wiggers (9 months ago)
I have a chatplugin essentialsXchat, but it isn't working in the chat.
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
You need to run a chat display plugin as well. I suggest EssentialsX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2R357KWqa0
Lezappen (1 year ago)
Could you do Autorank (V4) ? The plugin has changed a lot since your last tutorial in 2013.. <3
Make video for SkyPvP plugin plzzzz
Drew Taormino (1 year ago)
Can you do Citadel? I was pretty bummed to see you haven't made one. I have used your tutorials to create my server, and wouldn't be where it is without you!
Can you make one about the plugin LWC? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lwc.2150/
Stjernebark (1 year ago)
Hi Koz4christ ^^. u know the server problem? i just restarted my Whole computer then it worked ^^
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Gavin Sonntag (1 year ago)
Hey Koz! Can you please do NickNamer by inventivetalent? Also, can you use it on a Bungee server, as I'm having trouble setting it up. Either way, thanks so much and keep up the fantastic work!
SH33P (1 year ago)
Go please LordPermissions! Please i want to config my server! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lordpermissions-1-11-support.10930/
x_rebelfighter_x (7 months ago)
KOVALEVSKIY even though it can be confusing pex is better I used to use lord but since I learned pex I will never go back
Swag Swag (9 months ago)
just use an actually good permissions plugin
Cubecraft Hackers (1 year ago)
Can you make an tutorial about Prison prof? :D
JustLeagueFreak (1 year ago)
Kingdom plugin tutorial pls :D
The Minions Dk (1 year ago)
can you make a video on PWP for 1.11.2 PWP = PerWorldPlugins
Bryan Persaud (1 year ago)
How do I give my server a custom domain or ip. I'm not that smart in this kinda stuff...
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
You need to purchase a domain and then set the A record to point at the IP of your server.
ChrisSquid (1 year ago)
Can you do crazycrates?
merijn GFI (1 year ago)
ChrisSquid Gaming agree
Pawas • BedWars (1 year ago)
Can you make an tutorial on powerfulperms
NexusPact (1 year ago)
luckperms is better tbh
Mashflash (1 year ago)
Koz, I have been subbed since 5k. Your vids are really good and all they are doing is getting better! Keep it up dude.
Can you do Color shuffle or schematicshop
KinderGFX (1 year ago)
Can you do a tutorial on COLOR SHUFFLE plugin?
Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials can you do SchematicShop or SchemShop tutorial?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
anthony schlaf (1 year ago)
Yes finally
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
You're welcome!
Linus Tutorials (1 year ago)
My prefixes dont work. I think its maybe essentials
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
You also need EssentialsX and EssentialsX Chat for the prefixes to work
KV Crafts (1 year ago)
Pro Eggwars (Its premium) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/pro-eggwars-solo-teams-kits-cages-trails-perks-mysterybox-holograms-leaderboards.33318/
iiKom (1 year ago)
Thank you! This was the only Luck Perms plugin tutorial I have saw! Great tutorial as always.
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Yup, fairly sure I'm the first :)
CrazyLemon YT (1 year ago)
I didn't understand how to give them access to do /warp
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
First you need a plugin that does /warp. I used essentials in this example and then I gave the player or group essentials.warp because I did not have per warp permissions enabled
CrazyLemon YT (1 year ago)
next do power ranks or a plugin for spawners like saico PvP and heads that u can sell , like when u kill mob or player
Minecool (1 year ago)
English tutorial please?
Alex Wielinga (2 months ago)
Probably means it's too complicated lol
KamiKaZeTronZ (8 months ago)
spanish tutorial pls :,vv
Jack8562 (1 year ago)
nah its american
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
This is English
M'Master (1 year ago)
Do Pexshop please.
TruePengu (1 year ago)
Could you do CTSNC Animated Scoreboard & more? Link - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ctsnc-%E2%98%85-animated-scoreboard-and-tablist-nametag-chat-%E2%98%85-protocol-hack-1-8-1-11.10714/ And or AnimatedScoreboard? Link - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/animatedscoreboard.20848/
Julian Potter Music (1 year ago)
This plugin didn't work for me but I found another very good plugin called lordperms and it's very easy to use (1.11)
Zef Marcia (1 year ago)
Can you make a tutorial on how to make a spigot server support many types of game versions like (1.7.10-1.11) or something like that? And can you also make a tutorial on how to make hub portals for a bungeecord server? These tutorials would help alot! thank you :)
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Aardappelschijf (1 year ago)
Does it support multiple prefixes?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
IT DOES?! lol
NexusPact (1 year ago)
Tyler Offill (1 year ago)
Can you do proeggwars?
Bowler (1 year ago)
please do tutorial for MRL/MineResetLite
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
idkss (1 year ago)
Can you do permissions to gamemode for moderators?? I can't find out how to do it
idkss (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials can you tell me how to set up mini games?
idkss (1 year ago)
omg you replied
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
idkss (1 year ago)
thx m8
CookieKenneth (1 year ago)
Amazing video like always!
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Your the best
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Thanks! You're the best too!
U love your tutorials
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Thx was looking for this not saying why but yea /Good plugin
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
xSpiderMC (1 year ago)
This looks like a good plugin to know. :)
NexusPact (1 year ago)
PEX stopped being updated/supported/maintained about 1 year ago. :( rip
xSpiderMC (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials yeah
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
In case PEX stops being updated
Tylcaky (1 year ago)
Do BungeePortals.
Calo Behrens Meredith (1 year ago)
Can you do CTSNC plugin please! Btw your videos are epic :3
Toght 1 (1 year ago)
you are the best <3
Calo Behrens Meredith (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Muntder Ali (1 year ago)
Calo Behrens Meredith
Toght 1 (1 year ago)
+Calo Behrens Meredith xD
Calo Behrens Meredith (1 year ago)
K3nt_ HD HI! We commented nearly at the same time
sd captain (1 year ago)
hey I like your YouTube channel and it really helped me always come visit my server I'll give you a special welcome XD IP wizardry.mcpro.oi
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Glad to help!
Hello plz reply
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
And raé (1 year ago)
so doesnt pex allow you to do that already?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Yes, pex lacks at the timed permissions though. It has the feature but its not reliable
Toxicity Factions (1 year ago)
Please do more :)
JC (1 year ago)
Andrei (1 year ago)
Koz, i subscribed two days ago, and i already LOVE your channel!
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
MoominKappa (1 year ago)
plz tutorial power ranks plugin
merijn GFI (1 year ago)
what happened to your voice at the start? LOL
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
It was crazy early in the morning, lol
Rovis (1 year ago)
notification aquad where are you?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
NumzSkull (1 year ago)
NumzSkull (1 year ago)
Got a planned stream time? I've been getting bored of these youtube videos xd
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Ignas Kirkilionis (1 year ago)
GrenFrog (1 year ago)

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