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Star Wars:The Last Jedi - Episode VIII - Trailer (2017 Movie) [HD] Daisy Ridley (FanMade)

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Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi Final Trailer THIS WAS A FAN MADE TRAILER FOR PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT THE VIDEO IS FAKE... WELL, OBVIOUSLY I DIDN'T MAKE THIS VIDEO TOO FOOL OR SCAM ANYONE IT'S JUST A FAN TRAILER THIS VIDEO WAS MADE FOR FUN I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO. IF YOU DID PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE IT FEEL FREE TO SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH MORE EPIC TRAILERS THANKS FOR WATCHING ▷▶Music in trailer: Colossal Trailer Music – Icarus (Eone Bront SpecialMix) ▷▶Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeaserPRO ▷▶Instagram:Grudck: https://www.instagram.com/grudck/ ▷▶Music: Eone Bront: https://soundcloud.com/eonebront ▷▶TeaserPRO: https://youtube.com/c/TeaserPROFMtv Star Wars: The Last Jedi (also known as Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi) is an upcoming American epic space opera film written and directed by Rian Johnson. It is the second film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, following Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). The film is produced by Lucasfilm and will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong'o, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie, and Andy Serkis in returning roles. New cast members include Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, and Kelly Marie Tran. Fisher died in December 2016, making The Last Jedi her final film role. Star Wars The Last Jedi, Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer, Star Wars The Last Jedi official trailer, Star Wars The Last Jedi final trailer, Star Wars The Last Jedi last trailer, Star Wars The Last Jedi new trailer, Star Wars The Last Jedi teory, Star Wars The Last Jedi news. The film was announced after Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm in October 2012. It is produced by Ram Bergman and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. John Williams, composer for the previous seven films, returns to compose the score. Scenes that required shooting at Skellig Michael in Ireland were filmed during pre-production in September 2015, with principal photography beginning at Pinewood Studios in England in February 2016 and ending in July 2016. The Last Jedi is scheduled for release on December 15, 2017. A sequel, Star Wars: Episode IX, is scheduled for May 24, 2019. Star Wars Episode VIII official trailer, Star Wars Episode VIII official trailer 2, Star Wars Episode 8, Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi
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Text Comments (177)
Mia Skywalker (9 months ago)
PS this trailer is kind of true, i mean Yoda IS there
Mia Skywalker (9 months ago)
Luke, when gone am I , the last of the jedi will you be...
Mia Skywalker (9 months ago)
The music suits so well. Good job! Especially with the Yoda part
David Anglin (10 months ago)
There is no such thing as the last Jedi. There is only a pause in time before. The one shall arise to become in power enough to attack. Yodas brother. Will be found and the one to began the next defense against the dark side is the diamond in the rough. Looks are deceiving. And at first glance he will look like a bum trying to survive. Being kind yet down deep the force is more powerful than ever within him. Our only hope is he is found before he is captured and turned.
Dana Hoxie (10 months ago)
Wait, where did you get the scene where Kylo Ren force pushes someone?
EflynCZ (10 months ago)
1:40 ??
Fun With Rahul (10 months ago)
That is so cool man thanks for the video
Solek Solek (10 months ago)
this is yoda speak ?? :D
Seeva Seeva (10 months ago)
so cool
Seeva Seeva (10 months ago)
Great trailer
Seeva Seeva (10 months ago)
I love my
Squire Simpson (10 months ago)
I love how you make it seem like Rey turned to the Dark Side at the end of the trailer.
Yuitze (10 months ago)
OMG best trailer of it I've seen 0_0
Ahead playz (10 months ago)
Wow this is the best teaser yet
Novarolel Novarolel (11 months ago)
Nice trailer but he copy some on the game
karuppiah rajeswary (11 months ago)
Fuck you rey
Nygren (11 months ago)
Looks like u fixed the contrast problem, wish Disney did the same
That was a really good edit! Especially with that BFII part! Quality Work man!✌🏻👍🏻🤙🏻👌
javier e (11 months ago)
Reyyyy u are a traitor
Eagle Eye Trailers (11 months ago)
good one... :)
Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt (11 months ago)
You took some stuff from Battlefront.
Herber M (11 months ago)
Herber M (11 months ago)
Very cute video
Benyó GAMES AND NFL (11 months ago)
Amazing trailer Jeeeee
Samuel Gareis (11 months ago)
I dont understand anything
Laura Healy (11 months ago)
Uh, at 1:40 in the trailer, that sure looks like a woman (Rey?) attacking with the red lightsaber. Could it be that it is, and she's attacking Kylo Ren? I mean where did you get that?
Notmapis (10 months ago)
it's from one of the old republic cinematic trailer
LiL CoSsy (11 months ago)
Patrick Herendeen (11 months ago)
You meshed that Rey Battlefront II shot pretty well, almost didn't catch it. Very nice bro
Smasher (11 months ago)
Nice work man. Music worked perfect.
Teaser PRO (11 months ago)
Thanks bro!
kokkari37 (11 months ago)
I sure hope there is another death star approximation.
thejurassicgamer 57 (11 months ago)
One part of it was taken from the Star Wars battlefront || launch trailer
Justin Hughes (11 months ago)
Who are the two from the last scene?
Dragon Grandpa Gamer (11 months ago)
Very well done. Thank you for being upfront about fan made. It’s the only reason I watched it.
omazard 7 (11 months ago)
Why did you put Fan Made all the way in the back? The Daisy Ridley and 2017 part in the title isn't needed because most people know for sure these describe the movie. Put it in the front so people know it is fan made without needing to click on the video to see the term at the end of the long title.
omazard 7 (11 months ago)
what a coherent response
Alarenaa2000 Larenas (11 months ago)
Alarenaa2000 Larenas (11 months ago)
Alarenaa2000 Larenas (11 months ago)
ПУСТОТА (11 months ago)
capitan solo (11 months ago)
Bääääm thats star wars amk.
Andrea Peloso (11 months ago)
...just waiting this fantastic film :-)
A 4 (11 months ago)
Great job! It turned out amazing!
Joseph Rosario (11 months ago)
PJ Rose (11 months ago)
Bill Harms (11 months ago)
I think I’ve seen this movie in the second Star Wars trilogy but with Luke instead of Wren.
Sean of the Bed (11 months ago)
This is the best trailer out for this film, good job budd..kathleen Kennedy should put you on the payroll...btw I forgot about the knights of ren fighting in the rain..very interesting indeed
Apollo Stark (11 months ago)
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Jamiel Pridgen (11 months ago)
Wow thought this was real!?!?! Lol great work! And I just told my girlfriend yesterday that Yoda talking to Luke should be in the beginning of the trailer :) nice work! The force will. E with you always! Disney should give you a job and a cameo!
Robert Cacák (11 months ago)
Attila Szatmári (11 months ago)
1:41 who ?
Kodachrome40 (11 months ago)
So if everything that happened in Episode 4 happened again in Episode 7 then everything in Episode 5 will happen again in Episode 8.
HDO Movies Trailer (11 months ago)
good Star Wars trailer.
Web Surfer (11 months ago)
I was very disappointed by the Official Last Jedi trailer. Lack luster teaser is what it is. Nothing like the buzz we got from The Force Awakens. As a result my desire to see the film is muted. This was a a good re edit but the source material is weak. I fear the movie may be as well.
William Mcdonald (11 months ago)
Nice editing, but whole thing is ruined by the game footage at the 0:58 mark, for which I gotta give it a thumbs down. Starting to really hate Fan Made trailers in general. They distract from the official trailers not to mention stealing/editing work created by the studios.
Andreas Grünebaum (11 months ago)
Just another clickbait...
Von Gothmog (11 months ago)
I think that’s the first time an opening advert was never skipped...
Vovan Bosse (11 months ago)
very, very good
Tatty TV (11 months ago)
топ тизер)
Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi Final Trailer
teknojames remixes (11 months ago)
good video
Sergeilolpop (11 months ago)
Это канал Царь град, подписывайтесь там такового немало!
LAV LAV (11 months ago)
Позитивно лайк
Танос (11 months ago)
Классный видос, весьма круто!
Хорошее видео, благодарю создателю)
Yura Live (11 months ago)
увлекательный канал
оля ля (11 months ago)
благодарю за видосик
верно!ваще норм
вова запара (11 months ago)
This dudes accent is to much for me.
лучший контент
NA ME (11 months ago)
Awesome work teaser loved the re-edit and music syncing 🤙🤙🔥
SuperChato Gaming (11 months ago)
Wow that's good work
Boryan (11 months ago)
Отличный ролик!
Алёна Леонова (11 months ago)
that is cool
Ставлю лайк
Алексей У (11 months ago)
толковое видео...респект...
Мария Донская (11 months ago)
будто вечно верно!
+1 лайк бро
So pretty hot
Алишеров (11 months ago)
Не нехорошие ролики на канале
noJl_kuJlo ______ (11 months ago)
Ден Чейни (11 months ago)
потрясающее видео)
Matthew Hummel (11 months ago)
Well, I honestly didn’t realize this was a fan made trailer until I saw where it said it was. Phenomenal job.
Ты наилучший Бро!
Как вечно топ
Шепелев (11 months ago)
Ваау класс!
ЛЁХА (11 months ago)
Классный кинофильм.
Хахатушки ТВ (11 months ago)
Привет мой дорогостоящий товарищ
Олег Алина (11 months ago)
супер.побольше таких видео
BBQ Prim (11 months ago)
Valeria Gimenez (11 months ago)
Robert Russ (11 months ago)
This movie better have more than 5minutes of Luke or I'm done They better fill the wholes of the last 34 years
ehueî (11 months ago)
I thought this was real until I looked at the comments
DicaBTC (11 months ago)
lucky .......
Calvin (11 months ago)
Man was that rouge one trailer music great
MR. ANDROID (11 months ago)
That's what I call one bad mother Fu$%ing trailer my friend bravo 👏
Bitcoin Cash (11 months ago)
lucky .......
AsSoMBrAçOES (11 months ago)
lucky .......
X14 (11 months ago)
lucky .......

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