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Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #10 - Brienne vs. the Hound (HBO)

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Text Comments (902)
kriya rawal (8 months ago)
Awesome fight.. His fall was more than awesome..
Amy Lorenzo (9 months ago)
So they actually hit each other?
Alyse Mary (1 year ago)
She beat the hounds assss!!!
Steven Song (1 year ago)
1:28 - 1:36 Wow! You must have been injected you with adrenaline totally!
SonderBeyondHer (1 year ago)
One of my favourite scenes from the entire show. Reunion battle when the Hound's in the North?
pencil case (1 year ago)
Fuck this shit Sandor should have won. He's the fucking hound.
sheep (1 year ago)
He begged for death even though arya stak didn't kill him
Knight of Ren (1 year ago)
I still think it's pretty dumb to make brienne win over Sandor. After all he's one of the strongest fighters in westeros
Rull Mourn (1 year ago)
stupidest and worst fight scene in the entire series. this fight never happens in the books. the hound does not even know breinne exists. in the books hound is so fast and powerful he can actually cut men in half, not to mention giving frey soldiers and 5 kings men one punch head trauma thn killing them all against overwhelming odds. breinne as good a fighter as she is would have been lucky to have stayed alive for 6 seconds against Sandor Clegane....really screenwriters, Really???
Rull Mourn (1 year ago)
i dont know what books you're reading but ,hound is not dead in the 5 SOIAF books published. you are wrong about many things. this scene sucked. even when he grabbed her Valerian sword blade it hardly did shit to him. sloppy writing all the way. also brienne is not a major character, far from it in fact.
He was suffering from a horrible festering wound and died by mooks in the books. The show did him a favour by facing him off with a majour character, making him put up an epic fight, give him a hero's death and even make him survive and return for season 6 (he's dead in the books).
random guy (2 years ago)
Where the fuck is that you dumb bitch 😂😂😂
Nur (2 years ago)
Brienne is so bad ass!
Rull Mourn (1 year ago)
shes a stick up her ass stubborn moron.
Lara Croft (2 years ago)
The best fight scene! Brienne and the Hound were fucking awesome!!
Rull Mourn (1 year ago)
it was ludicrous to say the least . 80 % of viewers thought so.
Rull Mourn (2 years ago)
best fight scene imo was arya and hound fighting and killing the 5 kings-men at two swords inn.
Ma tías (2 years ago)
They both are my fav characters, it was difficult to see one of them losing. But I always kept the hope intact about Sandor were still alive :D
harmfulhazard (2 years ago)
Also have to remember The Hound was previously injured due to the infected bite on his neck. He definitely was not on his A game that fight. Even Arya told him previously that he was moving much slower because of it, and he wouldn't let her burn it so it got worse.
Brother Ray (2 years ago)
the hound isnt dead after all that
Black fyre (27 days ago)
Are you ever coming back brother? Lol doubt it
LadyPrincessDiana (2 years ago)
+Chicken Morghulis That username with that picture x'D
Nick Johnson (2 years ago)
Thanks for the heal mate
Locutus of Borg (2 years ago)
I cried I couldn't believe sandor died his my favorite acter and it all happened because he took a shit :''(
john smith (2 years ago)
+Mom Police "died" My sweet summer child the hound is going nowhere.
Bruce Jenner (2 years ago)
cheers for the profile pic brienne
Eyeball Paul (2 years ago)
+Haatchii I think brinne is the water in those tinned hotdogs
witness meee (2 years ago)
a dumb bitch
Haatchii (2 years ago)
+whataever whose brinne?
SAVEMARTHA (2 years ago)
Fuck brinne
Jenna Ramos (2 years ago)
The hound needs to come back! Nobody says "Fuck the King" better than him >.<
Tyler Durden (2 years ago)
I love getting to know the actors
Mad Max Rockatansky (2 years ago)
Best fight throughout the whole series! And I do hope The Hound is alive! #FuckTheKing #FuckWater lol
GameOfDubs (2 years ago)
Hide yo wife, hide yo chickens
ArvelDreth (2 years ago)
It would have been better if Brienne got knocked out by Sandor when he repeatedly beat her head in. That would have made it more realistic.
Raj Sitaula (2 years ago)
sandor fucking cleagane
lmao y (3 years ago)
I hope every single on of you that are saying that they are trying to show some "girl power" and "realistically he would've won" are casual misogynists and general pissbabies. They are both talented at fighting, she just won this round. Deal with it and stop being a crybaby.
Eric Cartman (2 years ago)
Stop using the word "misogynist", because it's the most annoying word in the world. Many people have a problem with a girl winning? Well, for me, it's because I fucking hate Brienne in general. And to your god damn information, The Hound had an injury, was exhausted and starving and had shit gear. While Brienne carried every good thing on her. Hell, she got one of the best damn swords in Westeros. And you kno what? The Hound impressively held up against her. So, if you used your brain, you'd see that The Hound pretty much would have won this fight if it wasn't for all the odds. Now you stop calling people misogynists, or you're seriously gonna turn me into a rapist, just to see your damn reaction. Brienne is one of the worst characters in both books and show. She's the kind of cliche character that has to fight against the odds. So fuck her!
shade_grey (3 years ago)
Best fight scene in the whole series so far.
Rull Mourn (1 year ago)
brienne and hound...it sucked, completely unrealistic. worst and stupidest fight scene in the whole series without a doubt.
ArvelDreth (2 years ago)
Ew, no.
Diego Pachón (2 years ago)
Not anymore. Arthur Dayne was such a badass.
lmao y (3 years ago)
Agreed. They're both so talented so you never knew who was gonna win. Loved it
CurseCreep (3 years ago)
The book hound died from a wound he suffered while single-handedly taking down an inn full of bandits. The showhound got killed by a woman, who asspulled the victory from a fight she CLEARLY was losing
Alonzo Branson (3 years ago)
Give him a chicken and we'll see how it goes...Also, how tall is Gwendoline? :D
TJ Wells (2 years ago)
Taller, I think. Adam Driver is over 6'2" and she was a good few inches taller than him at Comic Con
lmao y (3 years ago)
I believe she's 6'2"? I think. It's awesome
Why in book brienna and sandor dont meet each other? Sandor die not from brienn sword..wtf?
MAT T (3 years ago)
Arya owed the Hound some fucking mercy, some kind words & a hug I reckon regardless of his past actions!
Rasta Zorastra (3 years ago)
"I'll be limping for awhile" that's it, he said It - CLEGANEBOWL GET FUCKING HYPE! What is Hype may never Die. Valor DuHyPeLess.
Seth Ligman (3 years ago)
The hound was my favourite... :(
SoftAsABaboonAss (3 years ago)
Sandor, my man! My second favorite character :)
Miselain (3 years ago)
Well.... they totally changed that up from the books. Alright, then.
MetalHearts100 (4 years ago)
The Hound is not fucking dead, he's just tired, and after he wake's up from his nap, I believe he should buy a really nice house with a really nice wall to put Brienne's head on it.
theAngryscotman (4 years ago)
Christ, it's like listening to Batman fanboys on every single video to do with this fight scene. "Waaa Brienne can't beat the Hound, the Hound's awesome! He's all angry and badass and likes chicken too much to get beaten buy a stupid girl!" The Hound might be good but he's been traveling for months with limited food and he's got an infected wound slowing him down. Plus Brienne is very good herself. She's the female version of the Hound basically. Jaime even said so himself in the books. I'm a Hound fan as well but for fuck sake get over it.
theAngryscotman (3 years ago)
Ah fuck it. Agree to disagree.
banethesithari (3 years ago)
+theAngryscotman "it only makes no sense because you've all decided The Hound is an immortal badass and Brienne is just ordinary." no where have i said or implied that "Briennes shown herself to be plenty badass. She just hasn't had as many on screen fights as the Hound but the ones she has had she's dominated in" sure brienne is badass but shes not on the level of on of the best fighters in westeos (in the top 5) brienne had basically lost to loras who isnt an amazing swordsman she only beat him because she tackled him as he waited for her to yeild in a fight she'd of been killed the seconds he disarmed her. she also couldnt even beat biter and she internally admits she was never as skilled as the blade master in her home city. none of these 3 people are evn close to the hound yet they are all superior to brienne " And the Hound was weakened for this fight so yeah it does make sense. Why else have him get bit by Biter then have Arya say it's slowing him down?" she was only able ot beat jaime (who isnt much better than the hound) after he became fatigued from being malnourished despite having not held a sword in about a year and being handcuffed he was till beating her
theAngryscotman (3 years ago)
It only makes no sense because you've all decided The Hound is an immortal badass and Brienne is just ordinary. Briennes shown herself to be plenty badass. She just hasn't had as many on screen fights as the Hound but the ones she has had she's dominated in. And the Hound was weakened for this fight so yeah it does make sense. Why else have him get bit by Biter then have Arya say it's slowing him down? You think they just did that for fun?
banethesithari (3 years ago)
+theAngryscotman Yes it did happen despite it makeing no sense ,which is why people are complaining
theAngryscotman (3 years ago)
And yet he did. Funny that.
Shock Vox (4 years ago)
This fight was so hype
Khan (4 years ago)
Haha, Rory's accent is something entirely different from Hound's. But i don't think it would be that bad 
fullmetalboy84 (4 years ago)
I grin every time when actors tell about characters` development or how they see them in the future. Idiots. Read the books and you see.
The Stormchaser (4 years ago)
Finally a long combat scene where you don't know who will win. Long combat scenes in movies where you got the invulnerable protagonist is shit boring because you know what will happen in the end. Just becomes a waste of time
daarionaharis97 (4 years ago)
Not bothered about Stoneheart, a silly idea by GRRM and it would of looked extremely corny on screen - just look at the Children of the Forest - I've never cringed so much in my life! I understand budget problems and all, but still...
daarionaharis97 (4 years ago)
such a silly scene, the choreography, the outcome, EVERYTHING. Also I'm not fond of the brienne actress, shes too flabby it makes her fights even more silly and she keeps pouting her lips and mugging at the camera - anyone else notice this?
Olek_Gannon (4 years ago)
like a feminist wrote this garbage a tiny woman who can barely hold her sword overpowered a 6ft6 man....who was used to fighting his 7ft older brother.
Adam Dean Shafi (4 years ago)
Lotta people think Sandor should have won this duel.  I think it is perfect this way.  The show had to come up with a reason for the Hound dying because they drifted away from the novels for this sequence.  Sandor was wounded before this fight, thus his ability to fight was hindered.  Also, he didn't have the two handed longsword he normally fights with. Also, people really underestimate Brienne.  In the melee in Book 2, she outlasted like a hundred other guys and took on Loras one on one, who is a martial prodigy. Anyways, Sandor didn't have a lot to live for, and I think he realized that in this fight.  Thus he didn't have his normal survivor's instinct set.  Poor guy.  He was a major asshole, but that was only because he never had anyone in life who cared about him.
Adam Dean Shafi (4 years ago)
+banethesithari Just looked that up.  True enough.  But she was probably tired after killing Rorge!  Plus, Biter isn't to be taken lightly.  He is really big and strong - he carried two pots of soup while Jaquen and Rorge could only lift one together with difficulty.  Obviously the Hound would win, but this Hound had a shit sword, was wounded, and was really tired after traveling for so long.
banethesithari (4 years ago)
+Adam Dean Shafi no she's a very skilled fighter in the books without a doubt but AFFC SPOILERS BELOW she loses to Biter in a fight ,nearly dies after her injuries fighting Jaime when he was starved ,handcuffed and hadnt held a sword for a year. book Brienne wouldnt stand a chance against the hound who would be stronger ,far more skilled and quicker than biter
Adam Dean Shafi (4 years ago)
+banethesithari Dude, she won a melee consisting of a hundred people in the books.  If anything, GRRM makes her more badass in the books than D and D did in the show. 
banethesithari (4 years ago)
the writer could of easily changed things so the hound fight in the inn in a later episode then dies of his wounds in ep 10 they just wanted to make brienne more badass than shes suppossed to be
Lex60 (4 years ago)
This is one example of "There are no bad dogs, just bad owners."
Bri (4 years ago)
Upset about Stoneheart. Would've been fucking epic.
Chris Cheng (4 years ago)
Does anyone know what the soundtrack is when they are fighting?
Yady Fig (4 years ago)
I don't think The Hound is dead.. And I thought that Brienne was gonna die there lol I don't know but... Brienne and The Hound make a cute couple lol I mean a badass couple. 
KAY MAC (4 years ago)
calm down people, the hound will be back hes prob the best character on the show! personally I think they will go down the 'gravedigger' road and he'll be the one to defeat Robert Strong! if hes definitely dead GRRM has made a HUGE mistake
lairdriver (4 years ago)
The Hound would have won, but he was dying from being poisoned..
JTRW (4 years ago)
Honestly I thought this was probably the best change from the book. 
matt Anderson (4 years ago)
They better not kill the hound off
CJ (4 years ago)
"I'll be limping for awhile." Ahem, Gravedigger.
Scott Williams (4 years ago)
My favourite fight scene in all of the seasons so far. The soundtrack is mint
Celina Barabbas (4 years ago)
If you pause it at 1:00 Maisie kind of resembles Quasimodo
Maximilian Bernard (4 years ago)
If it was a full-rested Hound with better armor, Brienne would be biting the dust unfortunately... She was lucky that he was weary with a nasty bite on his shoulder, and with crap armor!
Patrick Day (4 years ago)
Watch her eyes (Arya) she is observing death. How give it, deal with it, what happens etc. Leaving him seemed more a clinical than emotional.
Amritpal Galsin (4 years ago)
you know, if Arya would've listen to Brienne further, she would've known the full background story, and know that Brienne of Tarth fought for the starks. Arya wasn't told the bit where it all started, when Catalyn released Jaime Lannister, and told Brienne to take him back to king's landing in exchange for the stark daughters.  Brienne found Arya, and a sworn oath given to her like the other given to her from catalyn, the oath given to brienne from Jaime to find the stark girls and bring them to safety. Arya was the first.  But Arya refused to co-operate, instead of joining Brienne, she shoved her away and ran to a ship. On a ship really!? Where the hell is she gonna go? where will she live? How will she survive in westeros if she's going alone? she's just a kid.  But it's not like that matters now. If Brienne runs into Sansa Stark, Sansa has to co-operate and be with brienne, rather than that fool she calls a friend Petyr Balish. 
Charlie's Alter Ego (4 years ago)
I'd really hate to be on the receiving end of that epic beating towards the end of the fight. That vag kick, though... no kids for her, I suppose. 
Corey Carnes (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Brienne and the Hound would make a fitting couple? I think they have both walked through the world judged for their looks. Intimidating those who don't understand them. Both being compassionate and honorable to a point. The point being that it doesn't undermine their own morality. Protective of young Stark girls. The Hound basically did what Brienne is sworn to do, without being sworn to do it. She was set up to rescue and return the girls to their mother. The Hound tried to do it with both Sansa and Arya only to be undermined by circumstances.  Both Brienne and Sandor have this dangerousness that the other would respect if they could see it for what it is, and in the right scenario. They just seem like the perfect couple. A couple I would never want to walk in on. As I would imagine their sexual sessions would involve more blood than most fights. Plus, I have a feeling the Brienne would be a "pegger" and Sandor might be into it.
RedWind (4 years ago)
The Hound ! you cant fucking die ! not now !
Papadragon18 (4 years ago)
I just love how fucking raw and brutal this scene was. Overall the single dirtiest fight in the series so far, I'd say.
Mina Tepes Shu (4 years ago)
I wish that Sansa would find him and bring him back to the Vale. Nurse him back to health. And make him her body guard.
steven langenheim (4 years ago)
end of video proves hes still alive lol
max mustermann (4 years ago)
She looks like Matthias Schweighöfer.
Savannah Rose (4 years ago)
Does anyone know the song in the background of this video? Thanks!
Michael VPS (4 years ago)
It's funny when you see the actors explaining it all, and you just sit there like "that's  not Rory, that's the Hound" and "I know it says 'Maisie Williams, but I just see Arya" They really are brilliant actors, all of them
Soul the Pedant (4 years ago)
All hail The Hound, the TRUE king of the Chickens
Ale Souza (4 years ago)
GG WP Brienne
Jastotz67 (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who found The Hound's fall really awesome?
Sean Shipley (4 years ago)
Didn't really enjoy this embellishment above all the others
A Roberts (4 years ago)
Jamie it's true he's not dead
Jaime Yeyoquin (4 years ago)
FUCK BRIENNE!!! The Hound was a fucking KING, he will be strongly missed
Chris Wilson (4 years ago)
Exactly! She's hot! First I'd take her out to a nice dinner though, maybe some chickens & Wine.
Jastotz67 (4 years ago)
+Michal Špondr But you see his actual head on a spike afterwards
Michal Špondr (4 years ago)
+Scott Mitchell Ned Stark beheading wasn't displayed as well...
Scott Mitchell (4 years ago)
+Jaime Yeyoquin You never seem him die. The general rule is if you don't see them die on screen or in the books, then their fate is unknown. So he could still be alive. 
Swaggurd Zwag (4 years ago)
+Chris Wilson Not in Westeos :P
Jujubeezkneez (4 years ago)
<3 the Hound :')
wilhelm waerner (4 years ago)
when they raised their swords i was like: no no i like you both none of you can die stop it stahp.
mattness615 (4 years ago)
That fight was awesome son!
daveyboi03 (4 years ago)
And ill be limping for a while... i c wut u did thar!
samuel Laroche (4 years ago)
At first I didn't enjoy the way the fight was going at all. I was so frustated when I saw that she "killed" him (pretty sure he'll live). I really like Brienne, she's a really good fighter, can kick almost everybody's ass. But, The Hound is such a good fighter, he's brutal, very strong (almost as strong as his brother), and I think there's no way he could've lost to Brienne (big bitch lol). Yeah I'm aware of the infection, I'm aware about all the other details that "made him lose" (valyrian steel), but I think that even with that, he should not have lost, and Brienne should have been much more wounded after the fight. I mean, 10 seconds after the fight she's up already and start running, like if nothing happened.....  The way I would've like the fight to go is The Hound winning on Brienne (not necessarily with ease) and when he would be to the point of finishing her off, Pod would like smash The Hound's head with a rock or something from behind, to then give brienne the chance to take over him (making him roll off the cliff). Anyway, that's still a better way to "die" than in the book.
Ladioz (4 years ago)
I hope the Hound lives on somehow and gets revenge on Arya.
reginald pierre (4 years ago)
From what I've heard from people who read the book, The Hound from the book and from the show differ a bit and the relationship between him and Arya is also different. Leaving him to suffer and die would make sense in the book, but with the way they developed their relationship in the show they should have her put him out of his misery. If the show intend to have him die.
morte ai non credenti (4 years ago)
the most bullshit fight ever
renoxuken (4 years ago)
Someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song used in their fight??
GBDazzler (4 years ago)
No way the hound would lose to a woman, no matter how big, he was able to fight the mountain but gets jacked by a woman? Way off imo.
12poopie (4 years ago)
This fight confirmed Clegane Bowl 20....17? Clegane Bowl 2017 
LCNighthawk (4 years ago)
My god that fight was awesome i cannot believe she bited and took his ear
LCNighthawk (4 years ago)
The hound was awesome in that scene specially with arya they remind me Picolo and Gohan 
keycco1 (4 years ago)
There is no way that Brienne of fucking Tarth could defeat Sandor Clegane , The Hound.
MojoPin (4 years ago)
Nikola Djordjevic (4 years ago)
The Hound would've won if George wrote this in the books !
I hope they do not kill the Hound off. I was finally starting to like him...
Jack-Daniels (4 years ago)
Epic Rap Battles Of History.....
Matthias VD (4 years ago)
It was awesome.
Rainy Horvath (4 years ago)
I was so inspired by this episode that I have taken up fencing. Brienne is my new role model (sorry Arya), watching this came at a particularly difficult time in my life and gave me the courage to FIGHT ON, against all odds. Loved the books, but these fantastic movies bring it all to live so vividly. Wonderful stuff!
jbotxxx3 (4 years ago)
wow I've never seen the actor of the Hound before, he seems like a nice guy, very surprising lol 
yves dierickx (4 years ago)
dear HBO, why don't you stick to the books. The mee tings of certain characters of the books are already very unreal you don't have to mess it up even more. Let George do were he's good at: twist endings.
rmc10141991 (4 years ago)
that was a bit of a sad moment for the hound here he is thinking that they were friends now and then she just abandons him to die
Daniel Kunkle (4 years ago)
Brienne has taken on the Knight of Flowers in Tournament and won and beat The Hound.  I wonder if she could've beaten The Mountain as well.  She seems unstoppable.
Lefteris Daverniaris (4 years ago)
GTA V for PC!!!
Erich Wasser (4 years ago)
The hound seems like a nice person. lolz
Frank Coto (4 years ago)
Arya and The Hound, Best Duo Ever ...
iAmxAVEr (4 years ago)
PEOPLE!!!! IS JUST A SEASON FINALE!!! NOT THE END OF THE SERIES!!! lady zombie could be included in the next season so relax
Martha Marty (4 years ago)
Amazing episode. The battle was fantastic,,,awesome,,,,incredible......have watched this episod about 10 times. Can't get enough....everyone was at top of their game......looking forward to next season and what happens next.
Steven Kawakami (4 years ago)
Just awesomely brutal.
ldc62 (4 years ago)
Little Finger impregnates Sansa next season!
T to the K (4 years ago)
I prefer this fight compared to the book's fight. Just my opinion.

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