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13 Awesome Overwatch Secrets You Probably Missed

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Nathan Mahoney (2 days ago)
Awesome video. Btw, Widow on attack is OP.
Goggled Bea (2 days ago)
2:09 Hello i am Zenyatta Ill be your personal Support
Spencer Fitzgerald (3 days ago)
How do you watch the animated mini movies 🎥 I just started playing and I’m a big noob Can you watch them in game?
Allan D. (4 days ago)
I knew That Was'nt Zenyatta! But Who Came here just for thumbnail? How do you Know so Much Little details!
Jinx Mejia (4 days ago)
Mercy loves medic
Anna Selenskikh (9 days ago)
*I know you’re disappointed that you didn’t see the thumbnail* 😭
UnderTime Sans (13 days ago)
The thumbnail is one of outfoxed’s
Camarion Greene (13 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue when I see your girl I’ll hit her from the back to 😎🤩
Geno (14 days ago)
Lol this video got 10 million views
Myles Prospero (15 days ago)
9:26 Kerrigan was captured by the zerg at a desert and this map is a desert. *HMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm*
MaxelDaxel 123 (16 days ago)
Project zorgo is watching
DAN THE GAMER (19 days ago)
I 100% agree. Zens wave is just like baymaxs and there are also Orisa references to baymax too
Lauren White (19 days ago)
*i need healing*
Lunaxxww (21 days ago)
Is it just me or does that guy look a bit like Thanos from Avengers? (7:00)
Vulcan2 Coool (1 month ago)
There is another overwatch reference. When referring to the star craft references. You go to an arcade. And one of the characters fighting is an archangel from diablo 3
Labbazz (1 month ago)
My fav Movie ref in Overwatch is Soldier 76 voice line "Young punks... GET OF MY LAWN" it is clerly ripped of Clint eastwood and the movie Grand Thorino
Kvon Gates (1 month ago)
You forgot the Dark Souls easter egg in Eichenwalde
Andrew Bodin (1 month ago)
In dragons Genji and Hanzo battle room the one where they used there ultimates there is not a pole n te mittens of the room but in the map there is
Mostafa Elbrenge (1 month ago)
I got clickbaieted😕
Ian Cline (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice in that when widow maker was stealing the doomfist gauntlet, that the security guard was playing hearthstone???
PPVines TV (1 month ago)
Who is Nepalese firm here
Livingsky (1 month ago)
If it was up to me I would had genji go after widow during the assassination because genji is allied with zenyata it makes sense he would want to use his newly brought ability to the test and what a perfect target than his masters friendsl.'s killer
nathan prins (1 month ago)
to bad Zenyatta does not pull a lollipop out of nowhere
Who came for the Gency thumbnail?😛😛
S.himxdx (1 month ago)
"Baby face hanzo and baby face genji" 😤😤👌👌😂
9HP (1 month ago)
Soooo whats the deal with Genji & Mercy having an attraction to one another like shown in the thumbnail? ...think ya forgot about that one, none the less - awesome video; I learned a ton! (:
People are no fucking fun anymore really you can't put a masturbation joke in a game anymore it's not like children will fucking get it God damn😧😧😧😧
Soledrial (1 month ago)
Psst. Mondatta is Zenyatta's brother. Not just his friend.
LurkingFinger (1 month ago)
wait... so we know what the payloads are... so WHY IS ANY MEMBER OF OVERWATCH TRYING TO STOP THEM?! edit... oh, the last one is pretty bad though... why are any of them ESCORTING it?
Phoenix0459 (1 month ago)
did anyone else see the kingdom hearts logo 8:29
Ian Smith (1 month ago)
If you played the King's Row Archive mission, the bomb was meant for the villainous rebel Omnics that started the war.
Pokepup Katlynn (2 months ago)
It wasnt Hollywood, it was route 66 for the merlocks
J Gaming (2 months ago)
shelbica k (2 months ago)
wanna buy some propane and propane exesories
Maddy Goff (2 months ago)
I need to see genji and mercy aggressively hug...NOW
Jaeger_Bishop (2 months ago)
Actually the part about Tracer was just a bunch of oversensitive pruds that screamed their heads off like children to have the animation removed.
Thrinlay DX (2 months ago)
3:27 Rikimaru from dota 2
Montie Gaming (2 months ago)
You missed one road hogs butcher skin is a reference to diablo 3 the boss The Butcher in diablo has the same hook and mask
alazmi Alameera (2 months ago)
10:29 The camera named Kilrogg is a reference to warlock ability Eye of Kilrogg not really the character itself
bob herobrine (2 months ago)
3:02 head phones 4r3 d34d
Trent Fatur (2 months ago)
It’s not just a hover truck it’s the truck the criminals used in the episode where soldier saved young pharah
Zakkiyah Scales (2 months ago)
Sniper on attack exactly 😂
K cat (2 months ago)
K cat (2 months ago)
I love Pepes🐶
K cat (2 months ago)
K cat (2 months ago)
Shut up😡
Seth Cereal (2 months ago)
It won't be possible for the other doomfists to be played because the doomfist we already play killed them both
Henry Brown (2 months ago)
no reaper x mercy
Bennett Butts (2 months ago)
Bastion is the iron giant!!
Dylan and Mason (2 months ago)
He didn't even include thumbnail
גיא בלומנפלד (2 months ago)
First time i hear the real voice of dorkly
Lux (2 months ago)
This is outdated lol. At least him saying he hopes doomfist will come
mgsv killer (2 months ago)
Does genji and hanzo remind anyone else of taven and daegon of mk armageddon
Erik Wijnands (3 months ago)
Rikimaru could also be a reference to tenchu
Omega LOL (3 months ago)
I guess for the Kings Row Payload, in Junkertown, there is a rule that says "No Omnics"
Brian Leicester (3 months ago)
ALLIANCE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaletsanta (3 months ago)
Unsubbed after years due to rabid horde fanboisms
silwerangel (3 months ago)
fuk the horde, alliance has better boobs
Toe Jib (3 months ago)
widow is good on attack, idk what your smokin :P
CrystaLizard (3 months ago)
There’s a bonfire from Dark Souls in Eichenwalde
Nick (3 months ago)
irvine has john wayne airport
FLUFFBUTT THE GREAT (3 months ago)
Oh my god that’s the outhouse from shrek that means that
Gabriella Williams (3 months ago)
roses are red violets are blue I got click baited and so did you
lamin ceesay (3 months ago)
i love this thank you
Lumanire (3 months ago)
did you know that Road Hogs butcher skin is from Diablo 3 and he's a boss
chiefblox4000 (3 months ago)
of course genji likes mercy because he needs healing 24/7
BAR EFRATH (3 months ago)
Tattoo Maker
Wez Konnerup (3 months ago)
Your escorting an actual PAYload
Wez Konnerup (3 months ago)
What about the junkertown payload
Xaviel Legion (4 months ago)
Junkrat is 6'5"???? He hunches over a lot to the point where he looks 5'5"
FluffyAnimations (4 months ago)
The only thing I see in the comments is about them seeing this just for the thumbnail *Facepalm*
Tristan newman (4 months ago)
A bit to say that Overwatch fits in with Marvel, Dark Horse and Mangas, not DC.
memele ss (4 months ago)
I live in nepal 🇳🇵
Breanna Dallmeyer (4 months ago)
Like and subscribe to "CarlosGotGamingMendez!"
Cambria Rose (4 months ago)
"now I want baymax in overwatch and I will never be happy again"
Nina Liu (4 months ago)
the ad was overwatch too XD
BuckiTech (4 months ago)
Whaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat?!
Ironplayz Gaming (4 months ago)
Ryūjin no ken wo kurae actually means Drag the Ryujin sword apparently
Cody Storm (4 months ago)
28th hero is merlogg Like if u agree
Bobby Cutts (4 months ago)
Of course the narrator forgets himself. Alliance or Horde, you're all scum
Gary Sellars (4 months ago)
would love a story mode in game
Chase Burns (1 month ago)
Survival mode to fight the evil robots.
Watery Shark (4 months ago)
I thought Widowmaker killed Zenyatta, Phew......
Dylan Nguyen (4 months ago)
Kristian Madsen (4 months ago)
i dont get why people are so butthurt about sexuality. we dont live in medival times! lets move on and accept the naked body!
-huishupon (4 months ago)
OH MY GOD MY BRO'S NAMED HONGYU TOO /sCreAM/ ( yes, we're chinese )
Chris Carrillo (4 months ago)
Is it just me or doomfist is kind of a Thanos wannabe ?
Ida Aiyada (5 months ago)
DANG IT! the thumbnail was clickbait.
Fabian Carvajal (5 months ago)
Raynor. Not Craynor.
Clembo (5 months ago)
Poorly researched
Tobuusagi (5 months ago)
Genji and Mercy's chocolate lines on hanamura when it was valentines day <3
Esbeast 5 (5 months ago)
I know about the hearth stone thing in the animated shirts it's a common sight
Deanna Klein (5 months ago)
Do you know what Austin Texas is?
Deadliest Facts (6 months ago)
I brought Overwatch Goty edition
Athol Quilliam (6 months ago)
Genji and Tracer are my favs what are your thoughts on your favourite character
Jacob Sutton (6 months ago)
Neemo Saan (6 months ago)
Awesome vid
LazyDayzPenguin (6 months ago)
Is everyone going to ignore the fact that there's a Dark Souls bonfire in Eichenwalde? o.o
over the top overwatch (6 months ago)
i like the dancing robot on volskiya
Eddie Miller (6 months ago)
Some of the information here is dated. Despite the video claiming Mercy turned Reaper into what he is. It has been revealed that Moira is the one who changed Gabriel into Reaper.
Jefferson Young (6 months ago)
The release of Blizzard World map includes a fuckton of Hearthstone references

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