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Debra Keyes (1 day ago)
Vinay (2 days ago)
Guys i wanted to rewatch the show.Is it good if i rewatch it or is only the first watch better?
fraser wall (2 days ago)
the best game of thrones
Mo 333 (5 days ago)
I missed you 💔
Alyson Bravo (9 days ago)
Ahahahahahahahahhahahahahah filho da puta
Bakhtiyor Mardo (10 days ago)
Chris Taylor (19 days ago)
This soundtrack takes me to Medieval Spain. Castilla la mancha where my family come from, love it !!
Thiago (28 days ago)
First episode: meh what minute do I need to skip to 4 seasons later: Dun dun dundundun da dada da!!!
garry arganis (1 month ago)
best intro and best show ever.
what an epic song and it's perfect to the best series for me ...
Ryan Johnson (2 months ago)
John Snow is a bad ass.
Altela Pramardhika (2 months ago)
WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY TO YOU IN THIS SUMMER IS "WINTER IS COMI-" oh.. okay.. maybe next summer.....
Lucas Flores (3 months ago)
Muy buena xD
_blumix _ (3 months ago)
I miss hodor :'(
Md Kalimullah (3 months ago)
I do not skip this when watching game of thrones
Connie Evans (4 months ago)
Southern kingdom and the nothern kingdom.
Rohan Reddy (4 months ago)
Opening credits is incomplete without HBO'S logo
RTL The Musician (5 months ago)
How was John Williams not the composer for this?
Aiperi Kalykova (5 months ago)
Srimanta Das (6 months ago)
love you g o t and also love you mother of dragons
HUSAM1 JUBARA1 (6 months ago)
the best music in the world. Regards from Sudan
Stark Banner man (6 months ago)
House Stark!!!!!!!!!
Jon Shnow (6 months ago)
Yery good
Jon Shnow (6 months ago)
Lucie Mln (6 months ago)
Superbe music
Faris Sindi (7 months ago)
If you have game of throns full movie gave me
Connie Evans (4 months ago)
Carole Noizet (7 months ago)
J’adore 👍👍👍
Jitendra Pandey (7 months ago)
Its not extended but doubled.
Shira Navon (7 months ago)
The best intro in the history of tv series hands down
Leo Messi (8 months ago)
At Season 1 Why this intro so long At seasom 5,6,7 Dun dun dun dun
Tatiana Elagina (8 months ago)
Ahhh the nostalgia... I dropped the show at season 4 but still love the intro and soundtrack. The Winds of Winter, please come out
Tatiana Elagina (8 months ago)
Monroe Kelvin No, I dropped the show because I didn't like the writing and adaptational choices so I decided to stop watching as it only made me angry and upset. I do however miss the days of being a fan. And the ost is still amazing.
Monroe Kelvin (8 months ago)
Tatiana Elagina are you trying to read the novel before watching the show?
Katrinny Kronbauer (8 months ago)
Epic intro
One Sixth Mania (8 months ago)
Fuck LOTR ! Game of Thrones is much better
ماريا باندا (8 months ago)
Lucas Letnik (8 months ago)
best series cover ever
Bolacha do Azar (9 months ago)
PraiseTheBreadI Gaming (9 months ago)
As Boromir once said "One does not simply skip the Game of Thrones intro song"
Andre Osorio (9 months ago)
this theme honestly moves me and brings tears to my eyes. not only bc it represents such a phenomenal show but musically is powerful and beautiful
Tej SH Gaming (9 months ago)
dope opening
melia diane gueye (9 months ago)
Love so much
Ojas Mehta (9 months ago)
The epicness of this music is too damn high!
mistariel. (10 months ago)
Sean Bean More like Sean McLaughlin(jacksepticeye)
Edho Ferdian D C (10 months ago)
Different signatures.
donald trump (10 months ago)
Is only opeening ope xddd
PEPIN_GTA ONLINE Ps4 (10 months ago)
Sean Bean!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEPIN_GTA ONLINE Ps4 (10 months ago)
I Love game of THRONES... #kitharingtonthebestjonsnow#
Kanye West (10 months ago)
shubhashish roy (9 months ago)
Yeah it is
farha syed (10 months ago)
Richard Madden❤❤❤❤
Ovet Cola (10 months ago)
Sean bean first name appeared
Mo Ya (2 months ago)
Silvio Isidoro Bertini Amazing comment😁😁
Silvio Isidoro Bertini (6 months ago)
Ovet Cola and also the first to disappear... as usual 😁😁
Jamil Ahmed (10 months ago)
close ur eyes and listen to this, life is good
TitoTorrero Damulira (10 months ago)
Love it :)
Nur Blacksea (10 months ago)
You screw
Manuel Lozano Parra (10 months ago)
love GoT and this epic intro 😍
Chum Man ki (11 months ago)
MCU is going to base the Inhumans movie series on Game of Thrones Inhumans are the Greek monster race living on the Blue Moon of Pluto. A colorful, musical,fantasy filled race with the most convoluted minds, no one can tell who is truly good or truly evil. Other adaptations of GOT are Thor and Doctor Strange. Marvel must be HUGE Gane of Thrones fans.
The fuck you talking about? You delusional?
Chum Man ki Thor? Really?
Chum Man ki (11 months ago)
Crystal is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and sent her best regards!!!
Bingo Bango (11 months ago)
Tell them the Moon send their regards :D
Radalys Martinez (11 months ago)
ぎぉ ぎぉ (11 months ago)
Tim Burr (1 year ago)
The greatest soap opera of all-time.  (One billion dollars?) (Dr. Evil)
Ramsay Bolton (1 year ago)
I only listen to this because it's louder than the rest of the GoT openings on Youtube
Ronald Robinson (3 months ago)
I thought u were eaten by your dogs 😂😂
Tehseen Hashmi (4 months ago)
You're a snow! A paper doesn't change truth xd
Really Nameless 2 (6 months ago)
What are you doing here Ramsey
Level WholeNew (6 months ago)
Ram say what?
Johnny Nguyen (7 months ago)
I listen to this because it's louder than your scream when your hounds devoured you

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