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Game of Thrones Complete History and Lore season 7 including Conquest and Rebellion

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Game of Thrones the Complete History and Lore for season 7 including Conquest and Rebellion 7
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Rob Phillips (10 hours ago)
Randyll Tarly, Viserys Targaryen, and Samwell Tarly = best narrators for sure.
TookALevelInBadass (3 days ago)
Not much new here covered by the previous history and lore vids
Justin Collins (3 days ago)
too bad the prequel isn't aegons conquests much more interesting then the 1st long night aka redoing the current story
deku uchiha (18 days ago)
Just fyi there were actually about 30-40 Dragonlord families, the Targaryens's were a lower ranked house.
Archangel980 (21 days ago)
Lmao I like how Jaime hates Ned so much lol he probably admired the man until he gave him the title of Kingslayer, poor Jaime condemned by Ned despite being the savior of Kings Landing.
Elda Galindo (21 days ago)
Love listening to these videos - I wish the actors would read for the audio books
Duzz14 (24 days ago)
I thought Robert gave Jaime the nickname "Kingslayer"
Yamcha Dragonball (1 month ago)
You know, i think they could write a decent book or two about this. Maybe even make a TV-Show about it.
Joseph Gold (1 month ago)
23:24 Yeah, that's pretty inescapable. Luckily, Queen Visenya is kind.
Timothy Stephenson (1 month ago)
so basically the wildling wargs could hand aegon his ass on a platter
Evil Queen (1 month ago)
Always sad to see the fall of a dynasty...
Qrow Summer-Rose (1 month ago)
.......random windows dings
hunter christensen (1 month ago)
Wait how on earth was Merias son weak? Wanting peace is not weakness, especially since he made it clear to aegon that it would be a peace between 2 nations not a king and subject.
mmmm (1 month ago)
I love that they still bring Harry Llyod to do these.
Joris Adank (1 month ago)
The story teller sounds alot like varys
Navid Khan (1 month ago)
Aegon looks like Dante here
JapFish (1 month ago)
Last Baratheon (2 months ago)
When Viserys (Harry Lloyd ) voiced Aegon at 9:05 his voice was really chilling and intimidating.😨
Matthew Antis (2 months ago)
Peter dying last season was wack. This guy literally started the Game of thrones
the game of thrones ended
mike carson (1 month ago)
well..Peter is still alive in the books I'm guessing and so is Rickon Stark. and Catelyn Stark coming back to life would have been just and cool as hell to see. (sign) oh well...they better give us a good ending.
Le_Travie (2 months ago)
What's the song playing in the background @ 21:50?
hunter christensen (2 months ago)
Why would Harren rule his kingdom from Pyke? Pyke was the seat of house greyjoy, the Hoares ruled from Orkmont.
Killing Tortilla (2 months ago)
*everytime a targaryen is born the gods flip a coin* with viserys, they just threw it strait in the mad side
Zeph (2 months ago)
This TV version isnt at all accurate like the books. The throne in Ice and Fire isnt that small and Dorn never submits but Aegon wasnt 'exhausted' he received a letter from the king of Dorne that compelled Aegon to accept peace.
erick bebwa (2 months ago)
could you make one about the rogue prince
TechPleb (2 months ago)
Here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK8qpaL_PBM
Jose Figueroa (2 months ago)
Man Tywin was a mofo, he was not to be truffled with.
Nóri Dombai (2 months ago)
It's a shame that Viserys became mad and died
T B (2 months ago)
Such an enchanting voice !!
Chamandeep Singh (2 months ago)
But How can dragons die due to fire??
Denny Kaleal (2 months ago)
Because they aren’t invulnerable to fire in the books, and neither is Dany. The doom of Valeria was a bunch of super volcanos exploding molten fire everywhere. The dragons aren’t unkillable and they can burn if the fire is hot enough. Another Dragons fire can hurt them. And we still don’t know if Dany is fireproof against dragonfire in the show. But in the books she gets burned like any other person, the only time she doesn’t is when her dragons are born because there was blood magic involved
Robin Boström (3 months ago)
I just love listening to Harry Lloyd as Viserys – wish his character could have been with us longer.
Denny Kaleal (3 months ago)
the Lannisters are officially the most efficient killers ever lol. They always kill people in the most efficient ways. Tywin just drowns a few hundred people all at once, or he kills the head of an army at a wedding, Tyrion Burns an entire fleet with 1 arrow, Cersei kills all her enemy’s in 1 building. Lol
PKassotis Art (7 days ago)
Denny Kaleal As a house in general they won the game of thrones by usurping Robert’s victory and making everything about them (even though they didn’t help the rebellion at all and only showed up at the 11th hour). You don’t get there by fucking around. The Lannisters are some smart and cunning brotherfuckers.
danieljamesmead (3 months ago)
Nah, still confused.
Daniel Chudý (1 month ago)
read them books lul
9razzler9 (3 months ago)
they should have gone with animation for the series - much cheaper and potential for much richer story considering some scenes are bound by budget limitation
TheSands83 (3 months ago)
Damn this is really good
Vamos_Real (3 months ago)
I want to burn the entire world like this, fuck every nation haahahahahaahahahahajhaa
Peter Fitzgerald (3 months ago)
They should make a film like this
M Chaney (3 months ago)
Viserys is a great commentator though. Easy to hate character, the acting was top notch, and he just has an awesome voice...
+Johnjames Bloom you can get the audiobook "a knight of the seven kingdoms" at the mexican Google play store, it has the 3 dunk and egg stories and is narrated by him, I hope you can also get it at your country's store.
Johnjames Bloom (2 months ago)
M Chaney Agreed. Harry Lloyd should be a voice actor, or record audio books.
Roldan Alangui (3 months ago)
Too much ads.
itsnatiboi (4 months ago)
Does Jamie have a lisp?
Josh S (4 months ago)
Argilath died like a champion!! Too bad his men didn't have the same spine his daughter had.
Josh S (6 days ago)
That's the one!!
budakbaong siah (4 months ago)
Josh S Argilac
Arvind Sahai (4 months ago)
This one hour should have been a pilot episode for Game of Thrones. Or at-least must have shown prior to putting GoT on air. Bravo , whoever made it. It enlightens the fans of GoT about the History of the Seven Kingdoms and how they come under one Rule and Ruler. Thanks TechPleb. U deserve applause.
Dudebro13454 Bro (1 month ago)
Arvind Sahai The HBO team made it. They make one for each season of the show.
Cameron Michaels (4 months ago)
Why didn't Robert read the last storm?
Dan James (4 months ago)
And now it all makes sense
Jack Harper (4 months ago)
So the Valyrians were basically Aryans living in a sort of Atlantis?
sumeahs king (3 months ago)
Jack Harper Yes m’boy, nice of you to know that, most don’t. Story is pretty much the same, and what was left of the master race bred with humans in nearby Greece, led to modern civilization which is now under attack thanks to select groups of people.
Artomiix (4 months ago)
lol the video is unironically better than the last 3 seasons
I wish I could know my school subjects as well as I know game of thrones
Nero Cross (5 months ago)
Jamie Fucking Lannister. “And now the rains weep o’ their halls, with no one there to hear” Pure awesomeness
buckeyeinblack (5 months ago)
Who else feels like so many good series could be made from video. Aegon's Conquest Robert's Rebellion Viserys and Daenerys adventures in the slums The Rains of Castamere
Pepa S (5 months ago)
GOT is the super !!
zintosion (5 months ago)
George Jones (6 months ago)
You’re a saint! 🙏🏽
NBK_ HyperUnicorn (6 months ago)
Oreys Baratheon looks like a cartoon version of Dario Naharis
This was epic and amazing! Thank you.
skullmate 101 (6 months ago)
ur voice is so similar to varys
Harald F (6 months ago)
There are some mistakes in this video
Archangel980 (21 days ago)
Harald F not really the show and the book are separate universes.
GuRUCLANdotcom - (7 months ago)
Are the Game of Thrones actors narrating this? I recognize the voices of Peter Baylish and the Spider
Nemerian (6 months ago)
GuRUCLANdotcom - yes
Tess Twigg (7 months ago)
Pretty incredible the amount of history there is built into this world. GRRM has an incredible mind. However, he is a bit slow to put pen to paper lol
Abhorash (16 days ago)
RedPixelheart months late I know, but what have you written?
RedPixelheart (5 months ago)
Tess Twigg that’s a problem a lot of writers face (including me)... it’s really funny how you plan out the big boss fight at the end and you’re totally motivated to write.... then you don’t know how to fill the space until the end. It really sucks.
Dart (7 months ago)
Jeez the Targaryens are assholes why do we want them to rule Westeros again
TechPleb (7 months ago)
Yes, they are. And I personally hope Daenerys does not end up on the throne.
Nicholas White (7 months ago)
From what I saw on the show Randall Tarly respected Olenna Tyrell somewhat. So is this like his book version reiterated cause he seems to not like house Tyrell at all?
Rasmus Larsen (6 months ago)
Yes he respected Orlena Tyrel! NOT the entiere Tyrel famaly....
Nicholas White (7 months ago)
TechPleb It makes sense his character seems so much cooler with these views.
TechPleb (7 months ago)
Yes, this is him reading directly from the book.
R (7 months ago)
You’re the MVP for uploading this, thank you
broootal warp (7 months ago)
Viserys can fuck off, props to Lloyd for making the character so unbearable even in death.
Lord tywin is a fuckin boss
Ytube Infotech (7 months ago)
game of thrones is the best
goldeneagle 95 (7 months ago)
If I were Dany I would have retake the East and rebuild the former Valyrian Empire into its former glory because by the time of the events of GoT, Westeros is tired and had exhausted much of its valuable resources whereas Essos is still rich and still full of potentials.
Earl Huffington (7 months ago)
Thanks bro
Sidak Bhatia (7 months ago)
barristian slew the last of the male line line of blackfyres. the female line still lives ( perhaps not in the show). Also the last video of jorah saying that golden company are men who fight for gold is stupid. "The company is a brotherhood of exiles united by the dream of bitersteel". And the dream of bitersteel was to return to westeroes, to take his home. So yeah what jorah or d and d say in last video is bullshit
Titanic (7 months ago)
33:52 Blackfyre Sigil? WTF?
Corinthian64 (5 months ago)
yea I notice that alot during the Targaryen Reign
Rick Veenbergen (7 months ago)
no one. fucks. with tywin lanister. ( unless he is on the toilet)
Prithu (7 months ago)
I hope the prequel TV show is about the rise and / or fall of Valyria. Themes from Roman Empire + Melnibone + Game of Thrones - all in one. And it will be significantly different from culture shown in GoT, so it is likely to be fresher. And since the history of Valyria is not very well documented by GRRM, there is a lot of room for screenwriters.
Clockwork Apostle (7 months ago)
"Rhaegar's two children..." What was the son called again? Oh yeah, Raegon or something ennit? Because Jonnyboy is Aegon... Credit where credit is due, they didnt put it down as Rhaegar only having one child... But still cheap as fuck.
Jungoguy (5 months ago)
I think Aegon has been done to death already. Jon is a better name for him. It just suits him
Clockwork Apostle (7 months ago)
Either way, dad of the year award doesn't go to Rhaegar. Prophecy or not, he was an asshole, simple as that. Especially how they downplayed it in the show. The books hint that Rhaegar simply wanted Lyanna for a prophecy, but in the show he is the idiot who loves her and starts a war because of it. Every death in that war is on the name of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Bastardising your two living children is a dick move, and GoT tries to hold Rhaegar's status up by simply forgetting to mention Rhagear's children on any chance they get.
BetaArtemis (7 months ago)
Kye Kimler well we don’t know what Rhaegar was planning, maybe he wanted Jon to be Aegon for a reason, maybe he foresaw something in the flames or whatever mad shit he saw - we may have heard Lyanna say his name but again we don’t know if this was her idea or she and rhaegar decided together - the baby’s name could have been for a reason
Kye Kimler (7 months ago)
The son was also called Aegon, but I really don't know why they had to choose that to be Jon's name as well. It could've been any other name, but for some reason Lyanna named her new born child the same name as the child that had just been murdered.
Jaqen H'ghar (7 months ago)
A blonde man is an entitled brat, a man dislikes him.
sumeahs king (3 months ago)
Jaqen H'ghar Jamie? All the lords and ladies in this show are entitled brats, save for a few
Chrome Hokage (7 months ago)
I want them to name that damn hand of the king during Robert’s rebellion. I know it’s him HBO.... I know it’s him
Richard Fore (4 months ago)
Chrome Hokage Jon Connington is who you are thinking of.
wassuup (7 months ago)
Chrome Hokage his name is donald trump
Joseph Haines (8 months ago)
Sam has the sexiest voice ever.
Denny Kaleal (2 months ago)
Too bad her gave us wrong information.... Essos was attacked by wights during the long night. That’s why they constructed the Five Forts, which is basically their version of the wall. They claim Demons came out of the Grey Waste following a god.
Joseph Haines (8 months ago)
Was the first bit supposed to be viserys or Raegar?
Arathorn Dezeus (7 months ago)
Joseph Haines viserys you can here the arrogant tone
Curious Dev (8 months ago)
4 minutes and 26 seconds in and already loving this. Job well done!
KingGeorge86 chadis (8 months ago)
hell yea!
Tech World (8 months ago)
Creepy 😨😨😬
Tim Nguyen (8 months ago)
I do appreciate the fact that these were made. I do wish however that they gave the Production studio that made them more time, or paid more a studio that could do better. A lot of the art work is very iffy.
Saba IK (8 months ago)
Love little fingers voice
The Fluffyshark (8 months ago)
2 sisters 2 wifes 2 pussies
The Cool Persian (8 months ago)
51:45 Shit, I didn't know Daenerys had a Spinosaurus!
Jamie Costello (8 months ago)
cool video :-)
had gh (8 months ago)
9razzler9 (8 months ago)
What?! Viserys and danaerys were street rats? I thouhht they were rescued to be raised by illyrio?
Richard Fore (4 months ago)
CarlottaStudios Willem Darry
CarlottaStudios (8 months ago)
9razzler9 They weren't rescued by Illyrio immediately after they arrived in Essos. First they lived with the targaryen loyalist who brought them to Essos (I forget his name). After that loyalist died, the servants stole everything and kicked Viserys and Daenerys out. So they had to live on the streets until Illyrio rescued them. They were only living with Illyrio for a few months or maybe a year by the time the series started.
nzgal 30 (8 months ago)
I would love it if they did the Nightfort, so much lore and history surrounding it.
Las Rashid (8 months ago)
one season's lore alone is better than the entire star wars dynasty !! Valar Morghulis madafakaz!
Archangel980 (21 days ago)
Star Wars lore is a cluttered mess, George Lucas fucked up when he let fans create the lore in the EU, everything before episode 6 is fine but everything after is a mess with no sense of direction.
Cock Blockula (4 months ago)
No, I let my hair run wild and free like the gentle antelope. Do you ask because you wanted to follow up with something clever or does this have to do with my previous comment defending star wars when compared to GOT unfavorably? Because before the franchise was moused, Star Wars was actually very interesting. You had the opposite of whats going on with GOT where people outside of the original creators come up with some amazing stories and lore based around the mediocre story that is mainstreamed. Whereas GOT is really only good when Martin's writing is at the helm and the few changes in the first 4 seasons actually tended to be good so D&D were working to refine the story. Since they have been at the helm from season 5 onwards, the show has dropped in quality but thankfully Martin loves history and created a Mythopoeia that reflects it so you dont have as many gaps that future writers and film makers won't be able to ruin with their own original ideas.
SHUBHAM PATIL (4 months ago)
Cock Blockula do you wear something on your head
Cock Blockula (5 months ago)
Clearly someone hasn't played Knight of the Old Republic 2 ;)
هالة صغير (7 months ago)
Las Rashid valar doharis
Radha Fitch (8 months ago)
What software did they use to make this?
Aouss Paul Cesar (8 months ago)
This is the best shit ever
Benjamin Solberg (8 months ago)
I hope the theory of Bronn being a survivor of reyns is true it would be an awesome situation
Ida Säntti (6 months ago)
They should of keep the 10 ep per season and I think they should of made 10 seasons
Benjamin Solberg (7 months ago)
Thomas Caldwell true the show and the comparisons of the books is very wide in both looks and personality of characters and many mayor character wasn’t put in the show for some reason But why I would like Broon to be a survivor of the reynes and the possibilities of it being true wouldn’t be so cause of the reynes are know in the books but in the show all we know they where a house who got exterminated by the Lannister it would just be an strong scene when he talk about how it feels to be together for years by the family who killed he’s family maybe the just kill him off or he make a stupid sacrifice for something I would have waited even more for the seventh season if it would be better if it had the time it needed
Thomas C. (7 months ago)
Benjamin Solberg but wouldn't he be trying to get revenge on every lannister then? So that means killing Jamie and Tyrion. I know Jamie is a douche in the show but in the book, he is one of my favorite characters. You can see he is trying to redeem his honor. Every though he should be a hero but everyone see him as a backstabbing no honor king killer. He saved kings landing. Just so his sister can eventually destroy it. Atleast I think she will in the books. She has in the show. Which I don't understand how the people haven't rioted and taken over the city. The show has really gone downhill since season 4. I think it's a tv fan service. The timeline makes no sense and they don't allow anything suspense to build. They had huge plot points happening every epeisode. When in the early seasons. It took it's time and allowed you to emotionally invest in things. Now it's just boom, boom, boom. Never allowing things to relax and let the people invest in what is happening or building up to happen. I really dislike the show now. I used to look forward to it and couldn't wait. Now I don't even wanna watch it.
Wolf Gangster (8 months ago)
I'm curious to know what Torrhen's reaction was when Aegon told him to give him all their swords.
Luis Ramos (8 days ago)
+Michael Eaverly nope. Aegon asked Torrhen to forfeit all of his army's swords.
Michael Eaverly (8 months ago)
Wolf Gangster this is something they got wrong. The stark swords are not in the iron throne as Aegon on took swords from those he defeated on the battlefield. Dorne, the vale and the north did not give any swords
Sántos Pótus (8 months ago)
Good thing Dornish are all the way down the South, otherwise White Walkers might be fooked'
TJ (5 months ago)
Sántos Pótus aye dorne will never kneel
Kasper Nielsen (8 months ago)
Terron Edmonds (8 months ago)
I hope season 8s lore video ends with Viserys and Daenerys narrating how far johns come and how their legacy will continue
norah almajed (8 months ago)
Wait where is house Hightower!!!!
Otilia Lampman (8 months ago)
Why is Visery’s here?
sumeahs king (3 months ago)
Otilia Lampman Because he has a dope voice and is a great actor and voice actor, hence they use him to talk about the targaryeans
Katil Tekir (8 months ago)
43:00 Well there is still House Lannister of Lannisport... Which got its name from Lannisters, not a castle but a town but meh ?
Nikhil Krishnan (6 months ago)
It's one of the richest cities of Westeros.
Carlou Espedillon (7 months ago)
I think they are minor Lannisters?
Sir Patriotism (8 months ago)
This was the best 1 hour of my life...
Time Wizard (8 months ago)
wow i really like the red eyes dragon in the bottom right corner of the video.
KENNETH (8 months ago)
Time Wizard nostalgia. Thanks for the image.
SuperBizzle10 (8 months ago)
this is just a repeat of the other history and lore seasons and not as good need more about essos and the other lands only good bit was at the end about the golden company
Jasper Lane (8 months ago)
That sad moment when the Lore videos are better then the actual show
+Skultro The show is top tier, only ruined by awful acting.
Skultro (4 months ago)
Mr Bullshit The Cleaner of Shits can’t even understand what you’re saying, bud. And the show doesn’t suck by itself; but it’s an insult to the books.
Game of Thrones sucks, why people like GoT yucks
5-7 wasnt a product of lazy writing, sure they could have done better. But D&D we're given limited time & budget to wrap up the series... attempting to satisfy fan fiction became the only avenue possible as a means to fast track the story. Had they been told, "you can have 12 seasons ten episodes each"... they would have been able to maintain the pace of seasons 1-3.. blame HBO, not the show/writers. HBO killed their own show by rushing the whole production team. You cant rush writer's and expect quality product.
Skultro (4 months ago)
After reading the books I pretty much ruined the show for myself. You really get to see how much D&D butcher some of Martin’s best characters.

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