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SEASON 8 Final Scene Confirmed !? Who Will Win the Game of Thrones? | Game of Thrones

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Text Comments (450)
Nietzsche's Moustache (6 hours ago)
Who will win the Game of Thrones? Certainly not the book fans, that's for sure.
Please slow down. I can't understand what you're saying
thebingthing (7 hours ago)
What are you talking about? Cerci is a point of view character
Andrew Deen (16 hours ago)
isn't the baretheon name completely dead now though? isn't that bloodline voided out since now a lannister sits the throne and gendry wasn't a baratheon to begin with.
Bran Stark is the Nigh King
Am I the only one that'll be beyond pissed if Jon & Dany die? It's too predictable. Everyone keeps saying bittersweet. Both of them dying is in no way bittersweet. That's just bitter!
Robin Doeve (5 days ago)
Bruh, I’ve been telling people this, this is how it’s gonna end. At one point everyone freezes, Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Wright are gonna appear and ask Bronn what he thought. Bronn answers a western style park will be more successful commercially.
David Dwyer (6 days ago)
I still have hope Lady Stoneheart will rule the seven Kingdoms in the books... Hang 'em all!
Shantorey Wilkins (6 days ago)
💀😱😱😱😱💀 😱🍟🍔🍩🍕😱 😱🍕🍟🍔🍩😱 😱🍩🍕🍟🍔😱 😱🍔🍩🍕🍟😱 💀😱😱😱😱💀 I'm hungry 💀😱😱😱😱💀 😱🍟🍔🍩🍕😱 😱🍕🍟🍔🍩😱 😱🍩🍕🍟🍔😱 😱🍔🍩🍕🍟😱 💀😱😱😱😱💀
Melissa Moreau (6 days ago)
Hi! I’ve finally tuned up to your accent (or did you slow down a bit?) and I’m just reveling in your content. Thank you!
Emperor Xander (7 days ago)
Young griff win the throne
For Fucks Sake (8 days ago)
Well the War Of Roses ended with Henry (Lancaster) defeating the Yorkist and marrying Elizabeth (Yorkist) thus merging the families together so if GRRM took that as inspiration maybe there’s still hope for Tyrion and Sansa lol.
Tameka Rodriguez (9 days ago)
I love the Night king he means what he says with out words wish there were more men like this
jpmzo (10 days ago)
It doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.
brianashe (10 days ago)
Nice insight about the King never being a POV character, never thought of that before
Justin Ferguson (12 days ago)
I want the Night King to win, or I want Littlefinger to have faked his death and emerge among the ashes. A powerful moral lesson could be taught by choosing these endings. This story is too epic to end in a cliche manner.
Justin Ferguson (12 days ago)
What the hell is your accent.
Barrie Price (12 days ago)
We're constantly told that Robert's rebellion was a lie, so I dont see Gendry sitting on the throne. Here's my theory for the final scene. Imagine Sam is writing the book called asoiaf. In a nod to lord of the rings, but we then get a time jump to Sam finishing the last page with George RR Martin playing Sam. When the camera pans back he's sat on the iron thrown. That will mean George wrote the book and got the throne in the end lol.
MrEnjoivolcom1 (12 days ago)
Not criticizing you, I do like your content and you obviously research very well. But I have a lot of trouble understanding everything you're saying via the accent. Again, it's not you...it's me. The pictures aid in deciphering the plot points being laid out. Great work!
Andrew Dowling (13 days ago)
The point where no monarch was a POV character. Wrong. Daenerys is the Queen of Slaver's Bay and she is a POV character.
Random Chaos (13 days ago)
I don't think any of them will, they will no longer have one ruler over the other kingdoms. Too many people have died for anyone to want one person to calls all the shots. And maybe Sam is reading it to Danny and Jons child.
Boba Fett (14 days ago)
*Some nab sits on the Iron Throne* *WARRIOR OF LIGHT STARTS PLAYING* Stannis The Mannis:"You didn't think the game would end this way did ya ?" *STANNIS HYPE INTENSIFIES, BARATHEON MEN RUSH IN* Stannis the Mannis:"Bend the knee and be destroyed."
AudreyDurden (14 days ago)
I don't think it's going to be the Sam reading a book thing either, far too cliche. much too much like those crazy stories where it ends abruptly with someone waking up from a dream or out of a coma. it's just too simple. not to mention no one likes those kinds of stories
AudreyDurden (14 days ago)
I disagree with your theory that a pov character cannot sit on the iron throne simply because GRRM has not written a pov throne sitting character. consider his change of style as you say being his paradigm for an end theme. I've got other reasons why I disagree, but the one I mentioned is the simplest. I'm pretty sure by the end, the 'iron throne' is irrelevant.
AudreyDurden (14 days ago)
if night king wins I really doubt he'd sit on the iron throne. he would definitely prefer an ice igloo castle with a simple block of ice for his cold ass.
Chris Oly (14 days ago)
It will be Hodor
Irene Castro (14 days ago)
I've said often is hightly probable the end of GoT show will be different from the books. Everybody dying is more a show's ending. In the books, there's another Rhaegar's heir, the true legitimate claimant to the Iron's throne. Jon is dead and Deanerys is in Essos.
Amayas Asmani (15 days ago)
You say in the beginning that Jon is Rhagears bastard son this is not correct he is not a bastard he is the true son of Lyanna and Rhaegar they were married
Bullet Club Elite (15 days ago)
Littlefinger is waiting for everyone to die and he will be king of the ashes and win the throne unaposed!
mac wesley (15 days ago)
Horse shit! Wtf is he talking about? He has no idea what’s going happen. Sansa is going to be the night king wife and Tyrion is going to fuck the dragon drogon. How about that?
JJ For Doras (15 days ago)
I really like this ending!
Brian Bernstein (15 days ago)
the only way to kill the night king is for all 7 weapons of ancient Valeria to be reforged to the throne
RP225 (15 days ago)
You don't know anything just like everyone else. I hate people who make these videos along with people who share their feelings on other videos while never playing the damn video. NO one knows SHIT!!!!!
YellowstoneJoe (15 days ago)
For the love of the Seven, PLEASE PUT PAUSES BETWEEN YOUR SENTENCES like a normal English-speaking human. This sounds like a badly coded text-to-speech technology.
Anastazia Jenkins (16 days ago)
When is the damn show coming back on I'm so tired of waiting
Sagish Preman (16 days ago)
1. every great story has its climax indirectly told in the beginning... 2. GOT starts with bran bring advised by Jon... 3. even in his dream, bran imagines jon advising him to take aim 4. it's kinda similar wen the night king takes a brief time to take aim bringing down the dragon. 5. He has a thing wen looking at jon. 6. the first child says, trying to protect us "FROM YOU" ON creating the first night king. 7. bran says to robb in 1st season. I'd better be DEAL than alive. he asserts it strongly wen robb opposes. 8. the 3rd eye raven is apprehensive wen bran calls his father n realises ppl can hear him. 9. bran will be the one who makes the MAD KING 10. bran ll lose control n love the power in the other world n get lost n eventually end up as the NIGHT KING. 11. I m not sure, but I remember the old nan telling stories to bran n telling the name of the night king to be bran. (Not sure)
Alec (16 days ago)
Varys should sit on the throne
James Hurtado (16 days ago)
The Night King would be a better ruler than Cersei
Rob Johnson (16 days ago)
Talks too fast, I would enjoy it more if a little more time to absorb what is being said. Having said that, I guess just hitting replay or stopping it would be better to watch the caption being displayed.
Yordan Yordanov (16 days ago)
Dany dies while giving birth,John dies in kingslanding.Tirion council their child (probably girl) who sits on the throne.Sansa rules the North,Aria either sails back to Bravos or marry Gendry and rule stormsland.Jaime rules the Casterly rock.
The Anti-Christ (16 days ago)
Ser Pounce
Dean Waller (17 days ago)
Just a quick point? Given that the night king is already south of the wall? And that dany has only just slept with Jon? Can anyone explain how the hell dany will die in childbirth given that its going to take 9 months for that to happen? Especially since I doubt the night king will simply wait just for her drop Come on guys, apply a touch of logic here
Homer Da Man (17 days ago)
Sam being the narrator and GRRM playing him at the end is so cliche and I hope it doesn't go that way. Maybe he wrote it but someone else is reading it?
Sean T (17 days ago)
How you gonna put 2 ads within 5 minutes
Sean T (17 days ago)
You’re speaking kinda fast
Kneedragon1962 (18 days ago)
My personal theory, bitter-sweet means most of the characters we've grown to love, get killed off. I think the Night's King, is Bran Stark. I think he astral travelled back, tried to stop or prevent the making of the captured man into the Night's King, and ended up getting trapped in that body. It virtually can't die, so he's stuck there. He did derail the Children's plan to kill off all the First Men, and turned on them, which is what forced the treatise between the First Men and the Children, who were up to that point trying to wipe each other out. I think the Prince who was Promised, is the most unlikely character. I think Azor Ahai is Varys the unic. I think that because a) that's a great twist - he's a completely unexpected character, and b) because that prophesy, talks about "born in a house of smoke and mirrors and salts and magic, during an eclipse, while a red comet is in the sky..." It's a very weird & wonderful set of circumstances. Now think about the house where the magician lived, who castrated Varys. He wasn't born in that house, literally, but he became the person we know, in that house. And that person is gender neutral, just like the very carefully worded prophesy... I think Jon & Danni will have a child, most likely a daughter. I think Danni will have a breach delivery, (like a number of women in this show have) and beg those around her to kill her and cut the baby free while it lives, because otherwise, they'll both die. I think the only person with the balls to actually do that, is the man who doesn't have any... So Varys pick up HeartsBane, which was stolen from house Tarley by Sam Tarley, and pokes Danni through the heart with it. That's like the death of NissaNissa, and that switches on the Big Magic in that blade, making it the one-and-only thing on that world which can end the nightmare of Bran Stark / Night'sKing. I think John will be killed in battle, possibly one-on-one with the Night'sKing, and the NK will meet the Prince who was Promised, at the Isle of Faces (where he was made), and Bran will then bare his chest and point to the sword (Heart'sBane), and then his heart.... because that's the only place and time and method and circumstances, where he can die. I think the person who will end up on the Iron Throne, will be John & Danni's daughter, and Tyrion Lanister will be her Hand of the Child. He's been the hand of the King, and the Queen, so why not complete the set? One of the morals or messages, is the whole power struggle over the Iron Throne, is a small matter in the fate of men, and the fact they're all killing each other over it, is a sign of how silly men are, and that's major part of what George RR is on about. I also think he's on about science and technology, computers, space travel, and nukes. That stuff is "magic." Magic was used to try and genocide the First Men, and magic gives us Weir-Woods, DireWolves, and Dragons. It gave us "gods" who can reanimate the dead... To fix the little Ice Age that comes every couple of hundred years, (which is caused by magic), and the walking dead, you have to basically banish magic from the world. That will end the Long Nights and the whites and white walkers, but it will also end Dragons and WeirWoods and DireWolves... Bitter-Sweet. You can have a full & final & complete victory, but it does come at a very large price. The very act of claiming victory will kill some of the things you're fighting for.
kryo Boy (18 days ago)
If microsoft sam was spanish
DevinDTV (18 days ago)
Every time I see that "warhammer" I lose it. How did that goofy ass prop possibly make it to shooting? Looks like a kid's toy.
eedd sdsd (18 days ago)
Guys, the Targs were conquered. Thus, neither Daeny or Jon have any claim to the throne.
Khal Gabe (18 days ago)
Does anyone else hate the idea of Daenerys dying during childbirth? All that character growth and development just to die pushing out Jon’s baby. They can’t fridge her like that!!! 😤
bernedett rose (18 days ago)
I think the night king will be kill but bran will other to make a new one. Can jon become the new night king?
Alissa Wonderland (18 days ago)
Sansa will be the Queen I swear
Hammer of Crom (18 days ago)
I think Tyrion ruling as regent and "Breaking the Wheel" would be a great ending. But he is my favorite character so I'm biased.
Aegon Stark (18 days ago)
Daenerys can't have a child! Remember the Maegi!
Eric Rawlings (18 days ago)
Very interesting theory about Sam and very possible.
Eric Rawlings (18 days ago)
I think Tyrion, Sansa, and Gendry will end up being in charge of their own kingdoms without an iron throne.
Eric Rawlings (18 days ago)
I doubt they would kill Dany in childbirth since it would be so stereotypical, but in another way in the name of love or war.
Eric Rawlings (18 days ago)
I think Dany and Jon etc will take over King's Landing.
Eric Rawlings (18 days ago)
I do not think for a minute the Night King will stay alive or sit on the iron throne.
Eric Rawlings (18 days ago)
I think Varys will change and support Jon as King of the Iron Throne vs her causing betrayal.
Stealth (18 days ago)
Viewers wouldn't be happy if both Jon and Dany die at the end. I don't see Martin killing off both in the books either. They said it'd be a bittersweet ending, not a complete dismal abyss.
WokeOps (18 days ago)
wow i barely understood a damn word
Sebsta (18 days ago)
The show is NOT the book. The script writers confirmed that they wrote for the last season a new ending.
TheBloodyHound (18 days ago)
So the goal of the greatest source of evil only wants to kill all humanity for the sake of a throne????? You showies....are too bloody funny with these stupid ideas
Eric W (18 days ago)
Night King and Jon are gonna battle at the end of the world and just as Jon is about to deliver the killing blow the Night King blocks the attack with a Nokia flip phone with nudes of The Queen of Dragons and Jon is devastated and collapses and Night King whispers in his hear "I didn't even ask her for them" and jams his blade in Jon's heart.
Gambit58 (19 days ago)
The last scene is a 6 months after showing rebuilding the damage the Night King did. Dani is dead.. Last showdown is between Snow and the Night King... He wins by killing Bran who is stuck in a vision where he became the Night King. When he does that everything explodes in shards of ice.. All the creatures are dead but so is Bran who is killed by Snow... Best fight will be Aria and the hound against the Mountain though...
soyon manlai (19 days ago)
Goodbye Game of Thrones!
Aj Reynon (19 days ago)
I really don't like the narrator of the video. I dk why
Hello Youtubers (19 days ago)
As long as boring Jon snow and Sansa don't win the iron throne I'm a happy man.
Garrett Baratheon (7 days ago)
Sansa Park Everybody has been dumbed down since season 5, we can talk books but I’m not going to argue show lol
Sansa Park (7 days ago)
Garrett Baratheon not the biggest fan of Dany, but she is far more interesting than Jon
Sansa Park (7 days ago)
Hello Youtubers I don't care who sits on the throne, as long as it's not Jon. He's so cliche and uninteresting. The series' focus on him is really dragging it down.
Hello Youtubers (13 days ago)
Garrett Baratheon Yes Jon is more boring than Dany, because Danys the best character in Game of thrones. Stannis is the most boring character of them all.
Garrett Baratheon (14 days ago)
Hello Youtubers you ppl can’t seriously think Jon is more boring than Dany lol
Sydney Bishop (19 days ago)
I’m so desperate for the closure at this point I’ll accept Cersei on the throne (my heart longs to see Gendry up there tho, love an underdog)
Jenny Aguilera (19 days ago)
I can’t understand him 😭😭😭
Ty Queen (19 days ago)
Jon kills Brandon which kills the night king
Charles Waldon (19 days ago)
Not sure you understand the meaning of the word confirmed.
Shelley Masters (19 days ago)
I think it will be Jon to sit on the throne. Both Daenerys and Bran had visions, at least in the show, that hint at it with the snow falling on the Iron Throne and, in the books, Melisandre also sees visions of snow. As GRR Martin stated that a song of ice and fire is all about Jon and Daenerys, one of them has to sit on the throne. I think it will be Jon since I believe Daenerys's fate is to die after she gives birth to a living child. The witch from season 1 kind of said that Daenerys would have Drogo back after that.
name irus (19 days ago)
Mmm... Umumum... Omomom.. I just understand that parts of what you are talking
DavidTheAssyrian (19 days ago)
john snow that faggit ass bitch
Debra Monahan (19 days ago)
Sometimes it seems that some people are actually hoping Jon and Dany die when that's the last thing that I want to have happen.
ricky simmons (19 days ago)
People talking smack about this dudes accent.. he probably speaks multiple languages... what the fuck do you do except complain about someone’s accent?
CFR Andre (19 days ago)
computer narrator incomprehensible
iknownothing atall (19 days ago)
Hmm... if your going to quote George, you can't forget he said that all the answers are in the first book so.... If that's so, when Jon first meets Tyrion Lannister at Winterfell and Tyrion walks back in to the hall "His shadow was cast long and Tyrion stood as tall as a king" ...I hope so, or I have my Valerian foil hat on to tight again..
Great Dayne (19 days ago)
I think we'll end up right where we started, a Baratheon (Gendry) on the throne married to a Stark (Arya, fulfilling King Robert's profecy of joining Baratheon and Stark «also Robert was supposed to marry a Stark anyway, Lyanna») and a Targaryen clament to the throne (Jon and Daenerys child who I think will be a boy named Viserys) in exile in Essos. That would mean the everything that happened in the series changed virtually nothing. Sounds GRR Martin-ish to me....
CLI NTEL (19 days ago)
The war will end with Jamie stabbing Cersie just like it began with Jamie "stabbing" Cersie.
I want to my Big Black Ass on that throne...
Morad Mohammed (19 days ago)
The Night King wants to “Make Westeros Great Again”.
Lancer525 (19 days ago)
I can't listen to a single bit of that crappy computer-generated voice. Downvoted.
Morrison Pumpkin (19 days ago)
Cant believe there is an ad after 1:27 minutes...
THX 1138 (19 days ago)
Can't see Gendry alone as King. So far he has not been enough part of the story for that. For 7 seasons now we've been told a story. To place him as the winner when he was never the focus of the story would be bazaar and disappointing. I believe Daenerys will sit on the throne, Gendry as her King. The bitter sweet is Jon and others who don't survive. Perhaps my favorite character Tyrion or bran, Brianne, even Jamie die, maybe all of them. ...On the other hand maybe Jon is nearly the sole survivor and the bitter sweet is him ruling the kingdom he never wanted having lost everyone he cares about along with most of population of Westeros. I don't think it goes that way, but maybe in the end Jon is ruler of the ashes.
Garrett Baratheon (14 days ago)
THX 1138 i think you’re way more likely on point with option 2, i’m not a Jon fanboy first off, but i’ll bet money Dany dies
TAO TAO (19 days ago)
I want to see Tyrion and Sansa rule together like Sonny & Cher in the good ole days.
IArcherSupreme (19 days ago)
Sansa to marry Gendrey so she finally gets to marry A prince
nobushi raider (19 days ago)
Can someone tell me what the final scene is? I can't listen to this
Keith B (19 days ago)
I love this guys theories but i think sometimes you all read way too much into "bittersweet" ending comment by GRRM.
MiloTrumpetMan (19 days ago)
Absolute shite. 1st class rubbish.
Lotharatar Ruffgar (19 days ago)
What if Sir Podrick Payne becomes king?
Gordon Adams (19 days ago)
No one thinks the Night King will sit on the iron throne. Good god, your theories are really out there. And Dany dying in childbirth is dumb and too obvious.
Austin Frisch (19 days ago)
You mean 7 seasons.
Red Lady (19 days ago)
It's a song of ice and fire, we don't need to know who wins the iron throne...it would actually be sad in my opinion if anyone sits the iron throne at the end. break the wheel baby!!
Roderic Kingfield (19 days ago)
Dooming Westeros to a thousand years of wars and suffering is not a good way to end the series. There's a reason Aegon the Conqueror launched his invasion in the first place. Before his conquest of the Seven Kingdoms the rulers of Westeros were always at each other's throats. Tribalism breeds strife. Only a strong, unified government can bring order to the chaos. Also, ASOIAF is heavily based on British medieval history. Britain did not split after the Wars of the Roses.
B Pierson (19 days ago)
That witch told Dany only death can pay for life, john died so he paid that price for them to have a baby so I think he might die at the end defeating the night king
Lucian Garcia (19 days ago)
Looks like we're in for the Korean Drama ending. The upcoming War with the Night King then the deal with the Crown all playing out in 6 episodes.
Archangel2017 Rivers (19 days ago)
Dany and Jon would make a great ruling KING/QUEEN.

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