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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 (Plot Leak)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Plot Leak Video. Once again I will be reading another Plot Leak that was posted on Reddit. This is only Season 8 Episode 1 but I will read the other episodes if enough people would like that. This one says Tormund and Beric survived and go to Castle Black. Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell during episode one. Jon and Arya have a reunion, then Jon and Daenerys go into the Crypts of Winterfell. Euron picks up the Golden Company. Qyburn shows Cersei more Wildfire. The Night King and Viserion make a pit stop at The Last Hearth, and much more. Let me know how you feel about these possible spoilers. Thanks for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc&app=desktop
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Text Comments (4466)
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
You can watch episode 2 right here.. https://youtu.be/JgQ3eif33Wk
thank you
Iason GG (27 days ago)
Just a headsup azor is a dog name in balkan region so azor ahai might be the hound :P
Annette Smith (1 month ago)
Talking Thrones Cool...Thank you for the link! Keep doing. 💜
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Real Talk Zone Thank you!
Real Talk Zone (1 month ago)
Talking Thrones you are a great orator I was highly entertained it was like listening to a book on tape it was amazing thank you I’m here at work 👍🏾😁
Pamela Kaye S. (11 hours ago)
I really love watching the GOT
tru e (17 hours ago)
in the beginning Bran is so small!
Wrath Child (1 day ago)
pretty detailed account of the series and compelling ,i still hope its dead wrong though
Skipper Grumby (4 days ago)
So it is Walking Dead II
Bug Eyes 19 (4 days ago)
I wanna hear more great vid mate
Kirt Sessoms (4 days ago)
Greatest series ever, please post more previews, especially since we have to wait 10 years for season 8.
zaneta mcleod (4 days ago)
Can you explain the difference between the whites and white walkers?🤷🏽‍♀️
Deus Vult (4 days ago)
This one finally sounds believable... unlike the other ones you posted...
Priyanka Prithviraj (5 days ago)
Even if it's fan theory...it's entertaining. And if we consider S7, this fan theory has much better logic than the real story line. So yeah... I'd definitely love to hear the rest.
Christy H (6 days ago)
Please continue w/the epusodes..very intetesting theroies....could happen 👍🙏👍👍☺
Golbon Mol (6 days ago)
It's ok but too ordinary? I mean, ok no twist in the first episode?
The Key Archer (7 days ago)
Sounds too short for an episode
Chenita M (7 days ago)
Read the others!
Shantorey Wilkins (7 days ago)
🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖
Susan Bishop (7 days ago)
I think you did this for season 7, yes? At the time it all sounded totally crazy and I couldn't see it happening but then it did. Almost all of it, verbatim. This all sounds good to me, almost too good. I'm glad to hear it .
Mario Caguimbal (8 days ago)
Great video thank you.
harleyguy907 (8 days ago)
Keep them coming
clifford davis (8 days ago)
I love this show
Xavier Roberts (9 days ago)
Tyrion would never say that they could trust Cersei. At least he wouldn't say it like yes, I am sure he would say something like, as far a I can throw here
Precious Imam (10 days ago)
Keep on reading! :)
Jonathan Rayne (10 days ago)
That Red Witch is red hot!
Ben Gale (10 days ago)
Sounds like generic uninspired fanfiction. So yeah it's probably real.
Johan Johansson (11 days ago)
snitches get stitches
Lavita Harvey (11 days ago)
I love it.. Keep reading plz
Talking Thrones (11 days ago)
They are all uploaded
Austin Baughman (11 days ago)
Who else feels the odds are against jon and Danny
unclepatsy666 (12 days ago)
It’s entertaining me fa sure ! Thanks Mate !
Talking Thrones (12 days ago)
They are all uploaded. Check em out!
David Dixon (12 days ago)
rings true
BrooklynYOLI N.A ROCK (12 days ago)
Give me more
Richard Pierre (13 days ago)
First off I'll start by saying I'm not watching this. Now then, if anything was legit and leaked, at this point... you seriously think making videos about it is a good idea? Literally all you've achieved by making this video and any others, is ensure it'll be changed, and not for the better... Congrats and being a failure of a fan... :/ At least in my opinion :/
Basil thankachan (13 days ago)
A talk between Sam and danny
Basil thankachan (13 days ago)
Shouldn't be a moment with tyrion and sansa
Pushpendra verma (13 days ago)
Sandy Apolinar (14 days ago)
I loved it even if it’s not true. Sounds believable to me.
Halla Thor (15 days ago)
The night king killing the ravens doesn’t seem necessary. He knows of Brann and what he can do.. he equally really doesn’t care if word gets out so this plot seems unlikely except perhaps that scene was just a filler. Besides did anyone notice the wights always seem to want to grab Jon rather that kill him?
Mitch Bookey (15 days ago)
I don't know if this is true but it's well-written
DeityFree Dee (17 days ago)
Madison Gowen (17 days ago)
I'm really scared this will all come true and there won't be a satisfying ending to GOT
Melissa Wilson-Hymel (18 days ago)
Loved it! Please continue ready!!!
Chidinma Halliday (19 days ago)
2019 can you come already.
Dennis Mayfield (19 days ago)
Good Stuff Guy! We Need Our Fix!
reksub (20 days ago)
Jon certainly stuck dany with his pointy end.
Angelo Siracusa (20 days ago)
sounds good
Calvin Curtiss (21 days ago)
want to hear more
Brian carew (21 days ago)
Make more sounds real enpugh
joanne mclean (23 days ago)
I look forward to your theories.
xxkingtyke (23 days ago)
My 2nd time listening!! This stop me from going hunting during the long night - true thronies Get that quip
Naveen Bs (23 days ago)
I would like to add few more points and please let me know what u think about it 1. About main characters: we know in got each and every char is so important in one or the other way we have seen from season 1 to 7 jon Danny cersi jaimi tyrion arya bran as main char but as I watched the plot I myself find tyrion was given less importance its my opinion. The way cersi plots is very less as we have seen her doing more damage. After all this will cersi just be killed like that? 2. War : in got every war we have someone will be helping like lannisters helping in Kings landing, barathions helping at castle Black, nights of the Vale in winterfell, Danny helps beyond the wall, same things might happen in season 8 war. I hope jaimi does come during the war to help. I also think that bran visions are limited it will be more n more. I also thinks that when arya is falling during war nymaria comes for help it's just my opinion.
Murat Da (23 days ago)
it sounds not bad at all :)
SleezeHead (23 days ago)
Stop pinching your nose haha
Geoffrey Weights (23 days ago)
Read them all please
Michelle Griffin (24 days ago)
Anything will do until my show come back on
Raeanne Calender (24 days ago)
Well, I can't wait to see the rest. It does line up with season 7 ending. Do I like it... no! It signals the end of my favorite show.
Amith (24 days ago)
i did like this please post videos of all episodes
CrashHell (24 days ago)
All of these are wack. I'm out.
Omar Al Khanbashi (24 days ago)
GOT has jumped the shark ladies and gents :/
Brittanee Mason (24 days ago)
Omg I’m so excited about the show !!
Syed Anwar Ahmed (25 days ago)
Love it Bring more please
ketzbook (25 days ago)
seems reasonable but probably not real. There was nothing unexpected in this. I'm expecting a plot twist in the real one.
Milo Zabál (25 days ago)
true plots don't give such descriptions at so fast pace
Nrg Bunni (27 days ago)
That does sound like how the first episode would pan out
5m00thn3z (27 days ago)
awesome work mate, keep it up by all means
David Hill (28 days ago)
Isn't ghost dead?
Ho Ng (29 days ago)
Bombing possess agenda invest chemical desire give temple.
Peter Breeden (1 month ago)
Keep making the videos, truth or not…
MELODY MUNRO (1 month ago)
Even if it isn't true, it was entertaining.
Lisa McLaughlin (1 month ago)
Releasing key bits of every show could help HBO to have the most favorable outcome for the ending of this epic series. Or at least the most popular one, if they were to film several different way the story can go. Then they read the feedback from fans and edit in the most popular.
Margaret Gust (1 month ago)
Euron is dead - Theon beat his face in with a rock.
Kit Cotter (1 month ago)
True or not, they seem feasible enuf scenarios... I'd be interested in the rest of the episodes also...
No Dogma Mama (1 month ago)
Sansa wouldn't use the word "scenario." however, the story is good. Listening to a bunch of these is a great way to keep you going until 2019. Such a long wait.
Ro Fit (1 month ago)
Wow! I think this is definitely the truth!
Falynn Burton (1 month ago)
It was good. Only thing is Dany not gonna cry in front of people.
tagitab timanwa (1 month ago)
true or not ,its still bearable.. . great work. Ok..., where is the next part?
DEVI CRYSTAL (1 month ago)
I think jon and arya needs a more heart warning reunion reunion they deserve it their relationship with each other is closer than any other of the stark children. But everything is awesome.
Rachia Krueger (1 month ago)
read more 😊
Verde Peace Tham (1 month ago)
Do keep reading!!
Chez Beck (1 month ago)
Hi I'm new here and I really like your vids because you don't spoil anything. Cheers from Australia
Rashila Amin (1 month ago)
Yes Please. Load them all up for us.. i love listening to your videos.. thank you so much for all your efforts in doing so !
Matt Schmitt (1 month ago)
Jon would not have to "bend down" to greet Ghost
BB11249 (1 month ago)
More! More!!!!
Eva Moritz (1 month ago)
This really sound legit. Can we have more?
Tante Phillips (1 month ago)
I would like to know more about this plot
TWSTF 8 (1 month ago)
About to start episode 4! 👍 ya got me hooked! (it's letting me hit the 👍 button again every time I come back here lol)
TWSTF 8 (1 month ago)
Sounds cool to me! 👍 lol 3 months later
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Dracarys * (1 month ago)
Loved it all. This would be awesome if true. Yes! I was entertained. More please.....
R Ducksworth (1 month ago)
Please post the rest. This is very entertaining. I love it.
Moabi Matenge (1 month ago)
Definitely post more, they are fun to watch and speculate over.
Michael K Clark (1 month ago)
Read Them All 👊🏾😎
Carolyn Driver (1 month ago)
Continue the rest of the episode.
Jeff M (1 month ago)
Lets hear it all
Ts0usermax (1 month ago)
Beric is the only one who really knows they need to kill the Night King.
shadowdance4666 (1 month ago)
These episodes better be an hour and a half at least
Erin Sahlberg (1 month ago)
met3311 (1 month ago)
We want more!
Araval Bourne (1 month ago)
real or not its fixin my game of thrones of withdrawals. And seems very likey for most of it, will be more to first episode but keep at it!
Elizabeth S (1 month ago)
WoW ... sounds feasible to me! yes please could you keep reading!
Nicole Scott (1 month ago)
Read it, read it!
UDLTUBE (1 month ago)
Timothy McCormick (1 month ago)
Good lord!.....
Corinne Young (1 month ago)
Crap !!

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