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2CELLOS - Smells Like Teen Spirit [Live at Sydney Opera House]

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http://www.facebook.com/2Cellos http://www.instagram.com/2cellosofficial 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Hauser playing Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. Dusan Kranjc, drums Guy Noble, conductor Filmed by Big Picture Australia Directed by Peter Ots Audio produced by Filip Vidovic, Luka Sulic and Hauser Lighting design by Crt Birsa
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Text Comments (1643)
Dana Fawadleh (17 hours ago)
You guys amazing. With no words you took.
Jérémy Schad (1 day ago)
You are fantastic! Realy!
Irena Michalik (2 days ago)
Wars nicey
Duane Johnson (3 days ago)
I wish I could like this twice WOW!
東亞病夫 (4 days ago)
Serpents Lady (5 days ago)
Tosca Z (5 days ago)
Great seeing classical musicians having fun. I am sure you've inspired many young people tonight.
Annisa Hariono (5 days ago)
Keren banget
MyPedromendez (6 days ago)
Mind blown 🤯
anna bonanome (6 days ago)
forse, ci voleva anche il DRUM per farvi vincere! Bravi ugualmente. Ho tifato per voi. 15 luglio 2018
Bellisa Evans (6 days ago)
2cellos, nd de drummer
lombombaj (7 days ago)
great job thy
Laura Ortiz (7 days ago)
awesome and I mean awesome!! The drummer wow!! The whole band.. amazing!
tunde koren (7 days ago)
💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙thank u so much.un ......fucking ....believable
tunde koren (7 days ago)
💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙thank u so much.un ......fucking ....believable
EElectric_M (8 days ago)
Someone sing damn it.
Nath. Johnoo (9 days ago)
Why do all the songs these do sound so much better than the original
Hebert Carvalho (10 days ago)
Oh my fucking god No word about this Lovely Lovely Lovely 😍😍😍😍
Harley Q (10 days ago)
Nirvana is timeless
Валёк! Ок? (10 days ago)
Cat M (11 days ago)
Belle performance 👌💓
Bantahhh _ (12 days ago)
nice to see smosh reuniting
627283 8383 (12 days ago)
Whoever did the tuning on that drum kit must be a fucking pro. One of the best sounding kits I've ever heard.
Daniel Kruss (12 days ago)
Warn a brother that the first half is a drum solo, yo. Warner Brothers.
Garota Exemplar (12 days ago)
No começo parece barulho de um carro ou moto kk
Ezef Sam (12 days ago)
Перебарщивают с артистизмом , тошно глядеть .
Rostislav (12 days ago)
Florian Hess (12 days ago)
I respect virtuosity, but this is the worst music i ever listend to. Kurt would kill himself immediately, if he could.
Сергей М (12 days ago)
Да будто можно под такую музыку попросту посиживать в зале? )))
Rohith Srinivas (12 days ago)
They sound even better than Nirvana
Core (12 days ago)
Zayra A. (12 days ago)
Braydan Coffing (13 days ago)
The freaking Catalina Wine Mixer...
KRTMN40 (13 days ago)
why does the drummer look like markiplyer?
BaBa RiRi (13 days ago)
Cengse AF (13 days ago)
I feel it boooom
Me encanta
mal1k m0khtar1 (13 days ago)
For a second I thought that cello is talking. xD. Gaaah daaamn.
Alex Pela (13 days ago)
Jane Older (13 days ago)
starting at 2:22. do not thank.
Aditya Rana (13 days ago)
No words for this DRUMMER 😱😱😱 Seriously I was like😵😵 Hats off to these people👏👏 Wish I could play like them😥
jESUS YEPEZ (13 days ago)
Nice drummer solo
bulletxt (13 days ago)
Horrible. Sorry.
Sven Lima (13 days ago)
Sound Engineer sucks. Could hardly hear the orchestra.
Yannis Marinakis (13 days ago)
The drum solo alone gave me a boner.
아~~~~ 열나 멋쪄~^^~
F355 (14 days ago)
To jazz and metal fans, that drummer was boring. To regular Joe out there, I can see the appeal.
Bhane Hardt (14 days ago)
mike portnoy for me...
Riot In The Streets (14 days ago)
oh my wow! no words. to good😍😍
Jonny5 Gaming (14 days ago)
That would be such an awesome show to see !
Да тут барабанщик больше сделал...
Bogdan Chub (14 days ago)
аплодирую стоя
laejabu (14 days ago)
dafuq did i just watch 0_0
seren denim (14 days ago)
jacge (14 days ago)
That drummer reminded me of Mike Mangini back at the days.... Awsome and fast one hand rolls and solos. This guy might be Mike's kid. Mike just doesnt know it... Yet.
aliss k (14 days ago)
WOW.... so amazing
סתיו עטיה (14 days ago)
Ann Reyes (15 days ago)
Norwegian hunter'76 (15 days ago)
Absolutely awesome! Hope you made a tribute though
Rinse Cycle (15 days ago)
Woow the love
Убили Курта...
awesome drummer and the cello guys amazing
Stephanie Snowden (15 days ago)
Moga Deet (15 days ago)
Pretty sure that's fake drumming. Did nobody spot that?
Charlyston Wytting (15 days ago)
Pura arte!
Mohammad Torabi (15 days ago)
Shit :))) how nice
HyperZHype (15 days ago)
Skip 2:19
Lotta Björkman (15 days ago)
How cool is this!!? 😃😎🤩🤩👍
Lotta Björkman (15 days ago)
.. This cool!! ✌️ 😎 👍
Charlie Wood (16 days ago)
The drum solo was the best part
SissyD61 (16 days ago)
Incredible! What a twist it would have been if they played with Nirvana! Loved This!
steven maclean (16 days ago)
dime a dozen. sorry. lots of these drummers. that song was so great original because it was easy and simplistic in a genius way
TechDark (16 days ago)
Wonder how jon bonham would've reacted to the drum solo
ushoys (16 days ago)
Nothing wrong with being queer, but their constant loving looks at each other somewhat detract from their performances.
Vera Yuanita (16 days ago)
Smells Like Teen Spirit is good
Dennis Laughren (16 days ago)
almost exactly like a Neil Peart Solo.
がもかる (16 days ago)
so cool
King 熙 Louis (16 days ago)
Nice drumming skill!
Konjska Trava (16 days ago)
viva la drummer
Kebab Eat U (17 days ago)
Drumer can play this song herself , he is amazing . You were good still but drumer get beyond
Rita Sk (17 days ago)
Guilherme Bourscheid (17 days ago)
Jackie DD (17 days ago)
Son mis dioses😍😎🎻🎵
Schmand Orange (17 days ago)
The drummer is insane
Selin Y. (17 days ago)
3:51 like alaturca sound ❤️
Royalty Saint (17 days ago)
Not quite my tempo
Orkhan Hasanli (17 days ago)
Leo Angelo (17 days ago)
Super Demential
Don Cron (17 days ago)
Holy fucking ...
JohnnY SagE (17 days ago)
Leandro Oliveira (17 days ago)
muito ruim
Ради таковой музыки стоит существовать !!!!!
MrBartnick (18 days ago)
I love the parts at 3:36 and 3:40 when the string section gets through the soloists :D
Aussie Chris (18 days ago)
hell good drum intro, way cool cellos, and i LOVE how the orchestra can keep up with modern rock and play along.. a few times you see the lady behind on regular cello just... rockin' it
João Gabriel (18 days ago)
The lady and the other guy from the orchestra with the cellos are rocking it so hard. Amazing.
김여사 (18 days ago)
Sorry ! In this time..... the "DRUMMER" guy is cooler than these TWO cello rascals ! Haha.
Kacey Bernard (18 days ago)
Amazing song
Mulher Formidável (18 days ago)

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