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International Army Games 2017 | All 28 Categories Trailer

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The International Army Games 2017 competitions are planned to be held in July and August. This 2-week live-streamed event consists of 28 distinct trials ranging from air, marine, and field operations. The Game will be hosted by Russia, China and Kazakhstan, from sniper competitions, tank biathlons, underwater searches, and aircraft ground attack and teams from various countries will be competing this year. A number of countries have expressed interest in joining the games this year with several new disciplines expected to be introduced. http://armygames2017.mil.ru/armygames_en Support the channel here, https://www.paypal.me/MuhdZikry Credit: Russia MoD
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Text Comments (6)
Medusa gorgon anime (11 months ago)
Only countries that are not with NATO right ? Which I believe Mexico will be there? Maybe?
MuhdZikry (11 months ago)
+Medusa gorgon anime Every year Russia invite Nato countries to compete with them including USA, but most of them were refused to join except Greece last year.
Claudio Santos (11 months ago)
Olimpiadas de Guerra se deberia llamar esto. Otro nivel Rusia transversal.
Ajax-iwnl- (1 year ago)
wow how did u reach 12k subs so fast?
ViZiO Music (1 year ago)
Awesome video keep it up!
MuhdZikry (1 year ago)
ViZiO Music thx man!

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