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Westworld: Season 2 Soundtrack - Prelude in C# Minor (EP 02 Opening, Rachmaninov Cover)

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Soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi. Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrqrQt36ddwBp4SHdIOUWWTIDBd1PupCp This unofficial copy of the soundtrack has been ripped from the official episodes of HBO's Westworld. All audio and imagery belongs to HBO.
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Text Comments (16)
motr1990 (1 month ago)
This should have been on the original soundtrack! So good!
Sabre Iglesias (1 month ago)
This piece couldn't have fitted the scene more perfectly... Dark, mysterious, romantic..
loonigoonie (4 months ago)
Wonderful!!! I hope you can work on the variation for Runaway at the Delos and Argos bar scene for Season 2 Episode 2 Reunion!
Dimm Ster (3 months ago)
Also dying for the version used in scene!! Shame they don't release them in the soundtrack
loonigoonie (3 months ago)
It looks like the Season 2 Soundtrack was released and unfortunately the version wasn't there. :(
loonigoonie (4 months ago)
Game of Tens thanks for trying!!! I appreciate it
Game of Tens (4 months ago)
I tried, but there was far too much noise to make it listenable. Perhaps that version will be on the official soundtrack.
Bye (4 months ago)
My Friends And Family Always Told Me I Wad An Epic Pianist Sice I Was A Kid, Even Though I Was Always Pure Garbage. And When I Got Pissed Off About It, They Still Told Me I Was Better. I Was Naive Enough To Believe Them Until I Finally Got Showed The Fuck Up By A Kid In High School. It Was A Lie. Always A Lie. Doesn't Matter Anymore Cause I'm All Growed Up T_T. Anyone Can Do It, I Am NOT Special.
Nass (4 months ago)
These violent delights have violent ends.
Schrodinger (5 months ago)
Rachmaninoff never died. He simply became music.
Matt (4 months ago)
Veelaru (4 months ago)
Schrodinger never died. He simply became Shrodinger's cat (or did not become).
Junaid Townsend (5 months ago)
Great piece. This scene is genius. Truly.
Sha ny (5 months ago)
I could not agree more.
Grad Mob (5 months ago)
big thanks
JIN ERSO (5 months ago)
Thank you for uploading!! I'm always waiting your video!!

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