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Top 5 fun plugins for your bukkit server

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Fun plugins are the best way to entertain players on your server. Let us show you how to give your bukkit server that new dimension! In this series we are going to take a look at various plugin categories, and we will be spotlighting the 5 very best each time! Spotlighted plugins: HealthBar: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/health-bar/ Player Heads: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/player-heads/ Crackshot: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/crackshot/ MCMMO: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mcmmo/ DisguiseCraft http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/disguisecraft/ Get your own server here: http://www.serverminer.com Music: "Breaktime" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Text Comments (96)
Roblox Doctor (4 months ago)
Hey your Disguise Craft is unknown, please just use this: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/disguisecraft?gameCategorySlug=bukkit-plugins&projectID=37008
willse _ (7 months ago)
I like the fact that you don't put any links to head to these pluguins .Very useful :)))video
ServerMiner (7 months ago)
There are links in the description to the plugins
MERIJNTJE (8 months ago)
are you NL? dat kan ik horen
MrKitty TheKitty (10 months ago)
None of these are fun and have some enthusiasm I will dislike
Dr. Retard (1 year ago)
dat smerig Nederlands accent.
Printer_ YT (1 year ago)
banana man (1 year ago)
Facu Borasi (1 year ago)
Thanks u so much bro, perfecct
Spaantjes (1 year ago)
je bent nl zoizo! ik hoor het aan je akcent
TMasterPlayz (2 years ago)
TMasterPlayz (2 years ago)
Pv jobs
Shade Boy (2 years ago)
very goooooooooooood plugins
ItzEzequiel (2 years ago)
Is the number 1 plugin the owner can only use that plugin?
AnimePlanet (2 years ago)
you'r netherlands xD
ed39837 (1 year ago)
TheAlexander1012 en jij kan geen Engels XD het is You're Dutch
ProjectErik (2 years ago)
+RealyRick +TheAlexander1012 Ja dat dacht ik ook toen ik hem hoorde. LOL XD
R Mac (2 years ago)
Thx but pls fix the glith where zombies don't burn in daylight and such
Gaming Terki (2 years ago)
Nice voice
ProjectErik (2 years ago)
NitroProduktion (2 years ago)
WoooW thanks to you. My server is now save. XD
Sam Drost (2 years ago)
it sounds like he has a dutch accent lol, good video! sub+like!
ProjectErik (2 years ago)
+NLSuperGamerboy Ja klopt.
NLSuperGamerboy (2 years ago)
Een man die opneemt is nederlands
Jaki (2 years ago)
Every plugin mentioned is awesome <3
Pure Anime Lover (1 year ago)
I use server.pro
ProjectErik (2 years ago)
+TheJaki[NOR] :) mee too!
Jaki (2 years ago)
im commenting everywhere :p
ProjectErik (2 years ago)
+TheJaki[NOR] Hey, you also commented on Wukkit's FakePlayersOnline!
ServerMiner (2 years ago)
+TheJaki[NOR] We're glad to hear that! If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to contact us! :)
Jochem Peer (3 years ago)
Ben je Nedelrnads?!
mister patato (2 years ago)
Jochem Peer (2 years ago)
+mister patato :D
mister patato (2 years ago)
+Jochem Peer ja ik dach eht ook al met de accent lol
Friends Games (2 years ago)
+Jochem Peer haha
Jochem Peer (2 years ago)
Okay bedankt! LOL
BLAK (3 years ago)
Raymart Sanchez (3 years ago)
not fun :P
Djinkoe Sittrop (3 years ago)
hij klinkt wel nl
ProjectErik (2 years ago)
+Djinkoe Sittrop is ie ook
tim sani (3 years ago)
ben je nl?
lil frey (3 years ago)
+ServerMiner Haha had ik niet aan gedancht maar wel grappig
j03ri (3 years ago)
+tim sani lol
Leon van es (3 years ago)
+ServerMiner Dacht ik ook al aan het accent hahaha
ServerMiner (3 years ago)
Our video creator is from the Netherlands, but ServerMiner is based in the UK! :)
Nico (4 years ago)
how the hell is "health bar" a fun plugin
Alpsu (2 years ago)
Seven AussieChicks (4 years ago)
I bought a server for serverminer :D
ProjectErik (2 years ago)
+Seven AussieChicks ?
jesse valks (4 years ago)
arre you dutch
Alpsu (2 years ago)
Hypno Cav (4 years ago)
#1 is broken
Evaaann (3 years ago)
yeah... sad :(
Ders calisma (4 years ago)
worldedit world guard esentials ???
Because of you i got 20 new plugins to use! Thank you very much!
trollbubbles (4 years ago)
i love ur enthusiasm
Luuk (4 years ago)
are you dutch? x)
Arne Vanhuffel (4 years ago)
Nice video like + new Subs
Chevyez Matthews (4 years ago)
join my server i got super fun things and its cracked pluss needs staff so join and apply the owner is kase and ip is
keyur naidu (3 years ago)
u hg
juug. night (4 years ago)
Hey guys dont mean to bother anyone but come check out my brand new just released raiding faction pvp server legioncraft.mcalias.com thanks guys!!
i use disguisecraft and its says an internial error
Minecraft Apple & MLP (4 years ago)
Thats _almost_ true for me. IT DOES NOT SHOW UP IN THE PLUGIN LIST! because I can't find the 1.7.10 version
Internet in a nutshell (4 years ago)
Clueless (4 years ago)
Harry Coleman (4 months ago)
GMteam (4 years ago)
plzz can i pay PAYSAFe? reply plz
jammydodgerabc (5 years ago)
Did you buy one and if so is it ok cause I am think about getting 1?!?!
jammydodgerabc (5 years ago)
Can someone give me a video link with there serverminer server in action cause I'm not sure to get one as there are no more videos!?!? :(
idrumcolerain (5 years ago)
Go ahead, I own a sever with them and I have no complaints!
Mawding (5 years ago)
Should I buy a server from serverminer com?
Xavier catellanos (5 years ago)
Gotta love that accent! XD
Bob Plays HD (5 years ago)
SerVer Miner where does my bill for my server go?
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Hello, Can you please ensure that you have paid all your bills. If you are still getting issues, please PM me with your full name and I will check your account status. Thank you
★ kAHUNA (5 years ago)
i buy a server from you ! and he is suspended right now
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Hello, The server shouldn't be crashing, if it is, it is because of a mod or plugin. We can help resolve this issue but you will need to open a support ticket on our website. Thank you
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Hello, If you open a support ticket on our website we can help turn that domain into your IP. Thank you
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Hello, What kinds of issues are you getting with BuyCraft? We can help you out. Thank you
OMG X3 (5 years ago)
SexyMcWaffle (5 years ago)
Hey Server Miner love your lag free server, but can I change the server ip? I bought a domain name, but don't know how to change it I even can change it.
dimosm16 (5 years ago)
Someone who runs a server miner server told me that he's server always crash because u are working on a ddos protection is that roght
dimosm16 (5 years ago)
dimosm16 (5 years ago)
Someone that runs server miner told me that he's server always crash because u are working for ddos protection right?
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Hello, Please let us know if you are still getting issues and we will resolve this for you. Thank you
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Hello, The website is up and running. Our firewall may of blocked you if you cannot access the site. If you can PM with your IP, I can check the firewall. To find your IP, you can type on Google, "What is my IP". Thank you
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Hello, Yes all our servers are dedicated servers. Thank you
yoyoawesome11 (5 years ago)
Hey ServerMiner what's wrong with the website
TheBritishGamerGuy HD (5 years ago)
Owh i really want to get a server but my parents wont let me >_< I shall keep trying though :p
nikolai leerberg (5 years ago)
I have already sendt a ticket but you dont answer
SuperN0va (5 years ago)
Are your Server Dedicated?
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Could you please submit a ticket on our website? We will help you out there. Thank you
nikolai leerberg (5 years ago)
but duducas i have not get that email whit the password and username
Eduardo Apolinario (5 years ago)
The email that they send to you is there a password and your username u need to get in and then it will apear your ip adress
Gage Holland (5 years ago)
Great Video!
nikolai leerberg (5 years ago)
hey serverminer i buy my server yesterday but i have dont get my password and my Ip

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