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SHROUD LEGENDARY 15X AUG + SUPPRESOR! - Shroud Solo Game - 24 Kills

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Text Comments (1396)
neto santos (4 hours ago)
Joga de mas
Toshihiro Kun (1 day ago)
Toshihiro Kun (1 day ago)
Toshihiro Kun (1 day ago)
good one
Toshihiro Kun (1 day ago)
grat game
Laki Luks (1 day ago)
suport me thanks you ☺ https://youtu.be/qTvzvsGfHzg
The 3 Fr33m4nn (1 day ago)
The fuck, this guy whining about everything. Entitled prick
MeAsAlways (2 days ago)
Shroud doesn’t need an aug or any rifle he is already good with the pistols inside the game.
Badarch Bolortuya (2 days ago)
TheMakester (2 days ago)
I bought PUBG I was so happy then I get a pop up and it goes ur video card is not supported ohhh I was so mad
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ZoroMorph GT (3 days ago)
When I saw shroud taking the first AR in the match... i was like oh no I smell chicken now
Awesome english (3 days ago)
how to download pubg pc version for free
LEE KA CHUN (4 days ago)
he is hack noob!
LEE KA CHUN (4 days ago)
Nabo Naran (4 days ago)
Why you dropped your 15x
Mastercrusher 45 (4 days ago)
ey k (5 days ago)
Riwaj Chapagain (5 days ago)
which game is this
Pilot500892 nate (5 days ago)
5:25 Roblox oof sound
Vernsengseng Ong (6 days ago)
LOL wadu hek rip-off
DrDem420 (6 days ago)
13:18 wtf is that noise? lmao
Shaun DYST (6 days ago)
Looks like he has zero recoil it must be different than pubg mobile.
abhi 3500 (6 days ago)
Man just hope that I don't get in a match with you as opponent
1 Merda Qualquer (7 days ago)
VSFD esse cara kkkk
عراقي راقي (7 days ago)
العربي يجق لايك👍
mars. ansin (7 days ago)
Syed Abdul Mushraf (7 days ago)
Where ever he just shoots one just dies
Atharva Dixit (8 days ago)
Bhargav ! (8 days ago)
Show some love here https://youtu.be/OzgQWSzt5rU
Edenir Oliver (8 days ago)
Tecnosh+shroud 90 kills
PK Gaming Clan (8 days ago)
nice play man
Carlos Garcia (10 days ago)
I assume this "god" is playing with a mouse... I'd like to see him playing with an xbox pad... it's a hell.
Ludde Andersson (10 days ago)
9:19-9:23 Dat voice timing tho
Bhasker John (10 days ago)
Or you send me a friend request to JarielAkash
Bhasker John (10 days ago)
Shroud I will send you a friend request accept it JarielAkash
Jamar Sam (10 days ago)
Lizane Adhikari (11 days ago)
Akash Sharma (11 days ago)
Love from india
Johannes Costa (11 days ago)
Shroud die what
Farah al_ghabban (13 days ago)
unfortunately shround will never know the felling of being alone in the city ,looting happily ,struggling to find a scope , killing just the bots , being knocked . i basically wrote my experience of playing pubg mobo.
Abumizan Joshmond (13 days ago)
This SHROUD is annoyying too much..
Deep Turkish WEB (13 days ago)
5:06 bomba 2 kill qweqwe
여보람 (13 days ago)
Des of Astora (14 days ago)
0:41 "You might not want to chase me... You'll get into trouble. Its the girls' locker room." I couldnt stop laughing
UM RIN QUALQUER (14 days ago)
shroud noob very noob
Pak Raillion (14 days ago)
Best game
A. Lúcio Silva (15 days ago)
Best player
PTM Tv (15 days ago)
Nita Sokun (15 days ago)
how to dowload puge on my pc
아무거나 (15 days ago)
애들이 너무 못하는데?
Dani Cze (15 days ago)
7:17 thumbnail
Diogro Games (17 days ago)
Shroud - Rich kid in house hahahahah
VICHETH TIME (17 days ago)
Nice vdo
Bruhd 101 (17 days ago)
Bruhd101: akm + 6x = 3 kills
ahdunheved (18 days ago)
Just realized shroud is a young Jeff Goldblum.
hello i set up the youtube channel i wish people support me by subscribing and commenting i can re-register your channel please
Game Fantasy (19 days ago)
you are 100% Pro Player & Sharp shooter.
Gianluigi Laressa (19 days ago)
Grazie mille infinite ♥️👍📹🔊📈🥇🥈🥉🏅🏆👏 bellissimo ho saputo che e uscito Farcry 5 come é, e bello ? E quanto costa, grazie vorrei comperarlo e provare c'è anche per computer, vorrei prenotare a giocare in live, ma non so come si fa, e avrei bisogno di dettagli in lingua italiana, se potete darmi un consiglio lo gradirei, grazie. Se passate da me ci sono ringraziamenti anche per voi video scaricato ieri pomeriggio, siete meravigliosi 👴🤝👍📈♥️
G4m3s R4f4 (19 days ago)
Usama Alvi (19 days ago)
Shroud Chairman Of School...!!
The Guy (20 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Sbsz1p0Z1-8 Watch this
Allen Schaeffer (20 days ago)
Does this guy have his own pubg clan? 24 kills is not a lot... Get 30 and you can impress me there.. how good is this guy really? If he can do this on mobile THEN I will be impressed but I just don't understand why people are saying you make this look easy! It's because it is easy! If I had my PS3/PS4 or Xbox one again I would totally dominate in this game.. sometimes though I honestly feel like maybe playing on the phone is easier but more complicated because of controls..
RAJ raja (20 days ago)
Finally dies
snowy owl흰올빼미 (20 days ago)
Good :)
GAMER'S STUDIO (20 days ago)
Arlan Super (20 days ago)
The future is Unity (20 days ago)
10:20 the only time to prone... LOL... you got wrecked in the charity match with pros who prone all day. your rushing style only works in online games where noobs can't hit you for shit.
piérry 2? (20 days ago)
Nick Bowen (20 days ago)
Ace Gwop (20 days ago)
This game is so LiT
Akash Pasalkar (21 days ago)
Baba Pro (21 days ago)
Willay (22 days ago)
15X Aug?
Mood Hot (22 days ago)
this guy is so cocky
Call Me Neptune (22 days ago)
this shroud dude should start streaming..
Vyking (22 days ago)
HMU if you’re absolute trash at PUBG
NinjaGames (23 days ago)
12:54 god
Si Ocong PUBG (23 days ago)
Where the Fuck iam
offbeatGaming (23 days ago)
Awesome games dude
alfpolo29 (23 days ago)
AMAZING... but not just to say....Shroud is REALLY AMAZING he hava a crazy skill is the N1 on Pubg
vicentcia bunga (24 days ago)
why is your 15x scope removed? even though it's hard to get.
vicentcia bunga (24 days ago)
and R.I.P chiken dinner
Aldino NRC (24 days ago)
Shroud drop the 15x ;(
mangojeri (25 days ago)
Lucas Vieira (25 days ago)
Algum BR?
ANIMES & GAMEPLAY (4 days ago)
Edenir Oliver (8 days ago)
Ulisses Mendes (9 days ago)
Eae blz
zee Gabriel (9 days ago)
Lorenzo Guimarães (25 days ago)
how is that no one gets him when he's out in the open?
PUBG Gamer King (27 days ago)
Watch PUBG Mobile Gameplay | One Silly Mistake and Gone | Erangel | #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pGEIoREzEc
Rival (27 days ago)
AUG? you mean *LAUGH* ?
Aazim Wani (28 days ago)
What is Shroud’s real name
Deepansh WALIA (28 days ago)
Once time I kill 21players..I have screenshots
None of Your Business (28 days ago)
Art Lover (28 days ago)
BANK SANG (29 days ago)
PUPG Abazon (29 days ago)
hey please sud for me :(
Raging (29 days ago)
L-P Trottier (29 days ago)
How can we rewind to know how we have been killed ?
larsmonsen88 (30 days ago)
no doubt shroods aim is godlike..but i dont count kills when 50% are halfassing streamsnipers..
Predetor 1 (1 month ago)
Бля мне бы этак резаться
Harsad Dhaduk (1 month ago)

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