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Let's Play KONA Day One - Gameplay Introduction! (PC 1080p)

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Let's take Kôna Day One (pre-release!) out for a quick test drive! Kona is an Interactive tale of mystery, exploration and survival set amid an ominous snowstorm in a rural Canadian village in the 1970s. Get Kona here: http://konagame.com/ ► Leave a LIKE if you enjoy! ◄ ► KONA Playlist: https://goo.gl/UDxFZb ► Subscribe for more! http://goo.gl/unW7V8 ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/paulsoaresjr ► Steam curator page: http://goo.gl/X3pWgK What is Kôna? Kôna: Day One is the first act of a narrative-driven interactive tale in which the player faces many mysteries and challenges in a wintry rural environment in the year 1970. You incarnate Carl Faubert, a war veteran now private detective who must travel to Atamipek Lake in Northern Canada to solve a simple, yet lucrative case. Your client is a rich industrialist and copper mine magnate who goes by the name of W. Hamilton. The latter accuses the local Cree community of vandalizing and stealing from his summer residence and hunting manor. The Crees are no friends to Hamilton, as they accuse him of destroying sacred lands for the sole purpose of increased profits. From driving to shooting to scene-searching, Kôna combines the atmosphere and immersion of a modern survival title with the deep storytelling and puzzle-solving aspects of a traditional adventure game. By blending and wrapping several gameplay mechanics around its scenario, the game aims to blur the lines that define today's genres. Features ● Step into an interactive tale of mystery and investigate the perplexing quietness in the entire town ● Explore a vast, frigid Northern environment and battle the elements to survive ● Complete the first of four episodes, each offering one to two hours of play ● Immerse yourself fully with VR compatibility ● Enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack featuring music by Quebec folk band Curé Label ● Experience the tale through the omniscient, third-person storyteller ● Go back in time with a vintage look and feel reminiscent of 1970s rural communities
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Text Comments (501)
Robert Harry (2 months ago)
I appreciate avoiding the spoilers, thanks! Great commentary and gameplay.
CryogenicNewt05 (2 months ago)
I enjoyed watching you play Kona. The full version was released on March 17, 2017 and includes a lot more things to do than in the beta. You should start playing it again, it's a pretty good finished product.
edecio castillo (6 months ago)
you can play this game with a gamepad
TheEmirates990 (9 months ago)
hay bro nice time
Random Dude (10 months ago)
Is that Microsoft Sam they got for the narration?
hypnoticoiui (10 months ago)
4:31: Native AMERICANS? AMERINDIANS YOU DINGUS not mean't to be so rude bud
desrick2006 (1 year ago)
this game has a dumb ending, plus even with the flashlight it was too dark in the end. it started out really good though
Charles L . Aguinaldo (1 year ago)
why so dark no light a littile bit
username (1 year ago)
This game is now released. You should come back to his Paul.
Pascal Lepage (1 year ago)
19:00 half-life 3 ?
redfoe77 (1 year ago)
an interactive adventure similar to Firewatch. I love these type of games!
diogo falcao (1 year ago)
they need to call something else. kona=cona in portuguese means vagina (pussy) it will be funny to ask for it by name in a portuguese store :-)
JastonGWTV (1 year ago)
es  not 2016!
gunner6084 (2 years ago)
looks like a clone of the long dark game
BenLake (2 years ago)
before I go on can anyone tell me if it kinda creepy in parts🤔
Gladiator Gaming (2 years ago)
Can you not talk over the narrations Paul?
Peter Early (2 years ago)
Cree are not "Native Americans" - in Canada we use the term "First Nations"
Mr S0FTKEY (2 years ago)
"Ah yes, it's in Canadian" *TRIGGERED*
bino ched (2 years ago)
stop using the %ucking word, you lemming
Patrick_Shadow (2 years ago)
this would be amazing with vr
lil trn (2 years ago)
HOW DO I OPEN THE CAR DOOR please anyone
Parabole (2 years ago)
The version he is playing is 5 months old. We added some things at the intro. For instance, there is a barrier now that prevents you from going forward unless you open it. As soon as it is open and you grabbed all items on the table, you should be able to open the car door by pressing E.
ultimate viner5555 (2 years ago)
thw tower at the beggining of the game u shouldve went up it
Jelloman gaming (2 years ago)
never mind it does not
Jelloman gaming (2 years ago)
It looks like Firewatch
EQOAnostalgia (2 years ago)
I like your style man, subscribed. This game looks pretty tight, i'm probably going to pull the trigger on it and play it tonight.
Princess Lava (2 years ago)
Hah, look at the old bills! I still have some of those in a drawer somewhere.
Baerghet Trulmaelder (2 years ago)
Does anyone know where to find the guitar theme in the beginning ? I freaking love it.
Baerghet Trulmaelder (2 years ago)
+Portgas D. Ace Nvm I found it
hypnoticoiui (10 months ago)
im from shawinigan québec and kona is in quebec
Eli (2 years ago)
Wow i remember seeing this on green light a long time ago
Dave Cena (2 years ago)
Is the main protagonist voiced by Microsoft Sam? He sounds so awkwardly robotic.
Alicia Oakwood (2 years ago)
Is Carl talking in the third person or is the narrator doing that? Also cool game ^_^
Alicia Oakwood (2 years ago)
+Parabole I found that out in the next episode, but thx! :)
Parabole (2 years ago)
+TheMinecraft WimpyGirl It's an omniscient narrator ;)
lol stop (2 years ago)
The narrating is so hard to deal with.
Parabole (2 years ago)
+Snoop Doge We changed it a bit since then, so it's better now ;)
lucid.photos (2 years ago)
Gordon Freeman is back in business
Pascal Lepage (1 year ago)
lucid.photos haha was thinking the same thing! half life 3 confirmed
A9OOlbGorrila (2 years ago)
kinda like firewatch in the snow loos cool
Shadow Gaming (2 years ago)
looks interesting
Sage Diggs (2 years ago)
do you mean Scott Pilgrim saves the world
Arizona Coleman (2 years ago)
time to find a different channel who's playing this.
Montyb8 (2 years ago)
Thanks Paul.
Avimatt Delmar (2 years ago)
How do you download this game?
Bradyplaysminecraft (2 years ago)
paul are you from canada?
Bradyplaysminecraft (2 years ago)
these grahpic's doe!!
Nate Pelz (2 years ago)
Hay, for anyone upset at Paul for no spoilers, I support him. This game has not been released completely yet. Also, once it is released, we can get it once it comes out. THIS IS AN EARLY PRIEVIEW
DMads (2 years ago)
there no pay at the pump here in puertorico
Josh McCubbin (2 years ago)
Zombieland did that
brunilda Ayala (2 years ago)
yeah zombie land did love that movie I watch it when I was 4 bye my self
Ethan Decker (2 years ago)
Zombieland did do something like that with the pop up words but it wasn't recently
scroeffie (2 years ago)
11:06 where did you find the key ?
scroeffie (2 years ago)
is this the full game ?
Parabole (2 years ago)
+scroeffie It's only a beta version, the full game should be released in March (date to be confirmed).
sheltomlee (2 years ago)
If you find duct tape anytime, it's pretty much like you won at life lol
IncredibleFlyinSquid (2 years ago)
disappointing that you avoided spoilers or else you would have known the generator can't power the store and the garage at the same time.
sheltomlee (2 years ago)
Wow I fell asleep listening to that monotone narrator. Mr. Excitement.
Crescent (2 years ago)
Reminds me of The Long Dark..
go you (2 years ago)
it's fine if you spoil it because we're not going to get the game anyways we're here for your experience
Puppyguard (2 years ago)
that is my b-day
sourcecode16 (2 years ago)
The crowbar, Gordon Freeman's favorite weapon.
Magz (2 years ago)
thats in Canadian bruh
swordbearer47 (2 years ago)
the movies that did these with the letters are always Tarrantino"s XD
Dark Miss (2 years ago)
Oh look..a game set in Canada..and its SNOWING! Sigh..
PhantomGamer023 (2 years ago)
I might be late but I don't care I'm Canadian and I speak English
WolfK 23 (2 years ago)
What happened to crashlands I loved that game plz consider continuing the series
King Omega (2 years ago)
And how do you change your name?
King Omega (2 years ago)
Hey, how do you change your profile pic on mobile?
VoidKeeper (2 years ago)
Kona means Vagina in Portuguese. Just sayin'
Parabole (2 years ago)
+VoidKeeper It's "cona" actually. We are aware of this, but It would cost too much to change it at this point. Anyway, the French of "cat" means vagina too :P
supermole plays (2 years ago)
spooky D:
Solace Sounds (2 years ago)
Is this just available on GOG? Also stop talking over the game Paulsoaresjr, that was annoying.
Solace Sounds (2 years ago)
+Parabole Thank you. I will pick this up on Steam for sure. Love the setting :)
Parabole (2 years ago)
+C Bee For now, yes. It will be available on Steam eventually, probably during beta. Mac and Linux ports are planned too. Console and VR support are planned too, but will come a few months after the official release.
Me Me Big Boy (2 years ago)
I can't afford the game and I just came here just to watch you play the game but I don't know what the story is... You can just put a time stamp on the screen so people can avoid getting spoiled.
Bryce (2 years ago)
"Who's out driving in this," he says as we drives in it. -_- Paul you continue to make me laugh. Keep up the great work bro!! :-)
Beastie Prince (2 years ago)
is that actually a pack of marlbros
Parabole (2 years ago)
+beastie prince We tweaked the name a little and called them Maroloro :P
Taylor Maracle (2 years ago)
@3:16 "It was time for him to get down to business." Me: TO DEFEAT! THE HUNS! xD
loik (2 years ago)
vc é br?
Kat S. (2 years ago)
The game looks great. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, and it looks pretty much like the road to our camp, including the general store, lol. If it was in Ontario they'd be bilingual, but maybe not in the 70's, lol. It must take place in Quebec.
iAteYourDog (2 years ago)
This game looks absolutely beautiful
Parabole (2 years ago)
+iAteYourDog Thanks :D
BareBonesMoto (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed this episode and would love to see more of it!
Anime Spec-ops 07 (2 years ago)
Can you make more this is a good series plz do it
Snarkasaurus Rex (2 years ago)
For such a narrative driven game, the stilted writing and almost Microsoft-Sam'esque narration almost instantly turned me off. Will keep watching, but so far those two items kept taking me out of the moment/enjoyment of this Let's Play.
xXBlackKZoruaXx (2 years ago)
Escapists music
Guardian_Ghostah (2 years ago)
+paulsoaresjr I like how people are being so rude to you. Telling you that you don't know how to do what you've been doing for years, and yet you stay positive, polite, and keep your bearing. I love that. It's amazing. Don't let'em sway you.
Brodie Hellmanns (2 years ago)
OMG u r a great youtuber I just found you I'm so happy I did ☺️☺️👍👍
Ryder Smith (2 years ago)
Robsrosin (2 years ago)
The Voice Over is interesting. Reminds me of a mix between Bastion and The Long Dark.
Anthony Khalaf élève (2 years ago)
u are cool man
Koi Gaming (2 years ago)
Hey Paul! I need some electric work done at my house, think you can bring your duct tape and help out? XD
Koi Gaming (2 years ago)
+Parabole hehe and the funny part for me is I wouldn't have caught on to that. I would have been looking for fuses or gas or a replacement housing!
Parabole (2 years ago)
+Koi We don't even know why there are other items in our game, you can do everything with duct tape :P
Joe Unpingco (2 years ago)
You you are driving
viewer 11 (2 years ago)
is this a horror
Parabole (2 years ago)
+minere12 gameing and more The game blends many genre. It's mostly adventure and exploration with some survival and horror elements. Horror is more atmospheric than stressful though. In other words, no jump scares ;)
Fireking12333 (2 years ago)
If people don't want the story to be spoiled then why would they watch a video about it
Joshua Kelly (2 years ago)
Do more ark
time4 thomas (2 years ago)
The day this was released was my birthday.
Jesse Robbins (2 years ago)
5min in and it seems terable to ME atleest #bad spelling
Jesse Robbins (2 years ago)
20 sec in and I LOVE IT
William Clapper (2 years ago)
I think you should really do more minecraft videos paul it is really what got you here and I guarantee alot of people would also love to see this plz consider
William Clapper (2 years ago)
I think you should really do more minecraft videos paul it is really what got you here and I guarantee alot of people would also love to see this plz consider
i dont acutualy get why are you avoiding spoilers while YOU play it ?
Mike Paquette (2 years ago)
sounds like the more you fumble around, the more crass the narrator becomes.
Envy (2 years ago)
You can spoiler this game because with out spoilers gameplay will be borring. Those ones that like to play this game with out spoilers just don't play it.
Patrick Little (2 years ago)
Gotta love Paul's role-playing!
pbilk1 (2 years ago)
I would love to see a series on this! :D
Dionysus (2 years ago)
Looks a bit boring...
pbilk1 (2 years ago)
Yes! Canadian developers! :D
ElectricZap (2 years ago)
I think it was you, but I swear Ive seen someone play this a long time ago... I remember the wrecked store. I also remember something about a cave (not really a "cave") but it wasn't too far from there...
G Summers (2 years ago)
can you play more of this
Rigoberto Amador (2 years ago)
psj what happend to ark

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