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Desiigner - Panda (Ramy Blazin Oriental Remix) /البلازن/

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Text Comments (98)
palmtherapysounds.com (1 month ago)
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El grenco (1 month ago)
palmtherapysounds.com its been a year and i keep asking for a song hhh its so amazing pleas ( writing in the stars ) 💓💓💓💓⚘ and im a biggest fan i love this art 💓
Yusuf Djeddou (1 month ago)
palmtherapysound strike again ♥
Amr Shadow (1 month ago)
crazy one xDDDD but awesome ^^
Ella iulia (1 month ago)
Oh yeah😎👑
H j s s x n (1 month ago)
Love it 💜
Thonglor Gamer (1 month ago)
โคตรโดนอ่ะฟัง 10 รอบล่ะ❤❤❤
Ahmed Aymen (1 month ago)
عاااااااش رااااامي 😍😍
MOUANIS Zakaria (1 month ago)
Si possible Remix (Hassan El Shafei ft. Hany Adel)
Amine Chouham (1 month ago)
Just perfect
yusuf tiki (1 month ago)
تبارك الله علا خويا
SkoZ MarS (1 month ago)
Tu régaaaaaale <3<3
palmtherapysounds.com (20 days ago)
<3 <3 <3
اسلام جوهر (1 month ago)
رامي بلازن وصل لهيفاء وهبي شخصيا
Sa'ed Abu-Haltam (1 month ago)
Hahaha I LOVE IT!
It's Pαndα. (1 month ago)
bcha5555 ♥♥
WORLD OF ARMY (1 month ago)
Super 💜
Ibrahim BONDOK (1 month ago)
ممكن تعمل اغنية timmy turner 😍😍
Big up from Paris 💙🇫🇷🇲🇦💙🇫🇷🇲🇦💙🇫🇷🇲🇦💙🇫🇷🇲🇦💙🇫🇷🇲🇦💙🇫🇷🇲🇦روووعه العمل ما شاء الله
GeneralVX (1 month ago)
palmtherapysounds.com (20 days ago)
<3 <3 <3
alia senhaji (1 month ago)
Addicted to this
alia senhaji (1 month ago)
Steph Sofian (1 month ago)
انته عالمي والله ده مش محتاجه كلام التراك قلب مهرجان عاااااش
palmtherapysounds.com (20 days ago)
<3 <3
imen djalouli (1 month ago)
Woow very good 😱😱󾓪󾓪
palmtherapysounds.com (20 days ago)
thank youuu <3 <3
RoRo Saïdi (1 month ago)
هههههههه روعة تحياتنا من لجزائر يعطيكم الصحة
joelsom Araujo (1 month ago)
azoz xz (1 month ago)
Amazing 😉
Hazm (1 month ago)
العصب المصرى
Omar Almohamady (1 month ago)
, intentional 👌
*I hope to work on video the activity of the Iraqi national🖤🇮🇶*
achraf wadqi (1 month ago)
J'ai bien aimé la touche orientale
Saad Jm (1 month ago)
Bigg up ❤❤❤
Mc Demi (1 month ago)
Wery nice ❤❤👏😇😍😍
bns jaime
Taner Şahintürk (1 month ago)
too creative... GJ!
Hoorlds Hoessd (1 month ago)
can you make a track for Mohammed Fawzi
Vaniquer Tamère (1 month ago)
This song made the world in 🌋⚡🌊🌋⚡🌊⚡🌋 So go in my 🚀!
Flow reda (1 month ago)
الله أكبر شو هذا :O واصلوووواااااا - OMG !! So doooooooooooooope
palmtherapysounds.com (20 days ago)
<3 <3 <3
issam benjelloun (1 month ago)
Lina Fassi (1 month ago)
Benyagoub Imane (1 month ago)
jdrr <3
Reyhan Gültekin (1 month ago)
Gigsjackss (1 month ago)
الللللللللللللللللله واكبر عليكم يا شيخ
Falco Soellner (1 month ago)
Petite Explication (1 month ago)
QARTVELI 13 (1 month ago)
*Nicee ❤️🇬🇪❤️*
QARTVELI 13 (1 month ago)
Cute Devil *ki dzmao*
Cute Devil (1 month ago)
aqac qartvelebi 😋
Ali Muhammad (1 month ago)
mehdi el fassi (1 month ago)
mehdi el fassi (1 month ago)
mehdi el fassi (1 month ago)
Parfait :)
palmtherapysounds.com (1 month ago)
<3 <3
ZaiNI7 (1 month ago)
I can use free 🤗😇😰
Patrick Tarnat (1 month ago)
Tant se créativité. Bravo !! <3 <3
palmtherapysounds.com (1 month ago)
<3 <3
sara amrani (1 month ago)
<3 <3
sara amrani (1 month ago)
Soukaina Bensaid (1 month ago)
Soukaina Bensaid (1 month ago)
Soukaina Bensaid (1 month ago)
Jacqueline (1 month ago)
I just saw the notification and danced Live on my Instagram. Hope you guys like it :) @JacquelineRoseOfficial
Jacqueline (1 month ago)
Thank youuuu!!!! You made an amazing remix!!!!! I like this style a lot.
palmtherapysounds.com (1 month ago)
just watched it ; amazing <3 <3
fatine elghali (1 month ago)
fatine elghali (1 month ago)
Harry 48 (1 month ago)
واااااااااااااااااااااو واااااااااعرين واعريييييين
Abdel Bkd (1 month ago)
mak blue (1 month ago)
minGO (1 month ago)
woooooooooot u remixed PANDA *__* 1st comment like always
palmtherapysounds.com (20 days ago)
;D <3

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