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10 Things In Gaming That All Real Gamers Hate

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There are some things that a real gamer just cannot stand, constantly getting on his or her nerves every time they come across such situations: underage kids that have a big mouth, infernal lag, deceitful developers and cheating opponents being just the tip of the iceberg. In what follows we’ll be discussing 10 of the most annoying things that each and every gamer who knows his or her deal hates or has hated at some point in their life. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Ruth Parsons (1 month ago)
U sound wired
Crazy Pisces 1992 (1 month ago)
Those Trash Talking Little Bitches (Kids) Are People That Should Have Had Their goddamn Fucking Asses Whooped. Lag Is Just As Bad As A Slow Computer, Slow Internet, & A Stuttering Person. EVERYONE Hates Liar, So I'm Damn Sure Even Those Lying Developers Hate Themselves. People Calling Every Single Game Console A "Nintendo", "Sega", "Xbox", "PlayStation", etc. I Do Not Own Any "Nintendo" Game System, "Sega" Game System, Any "Xbox" Game System, A "PlayStation", A "PlayStation 2", Or A "PlayStation 3. I OWN A FUCKING "PS4", OR "PLAYSTATION 4"!!!!. I Have Owned A PS2, PS3, & NES. I Have Played On A "Sega Dreamcast", "Sega Saturn", "Sega Genesis", "PSP", "PC", "Linux", "Game Boy" "Game Boy Color", "Game Boy Advanced", "SNES", "DS" "N64", "2DS", "3DS", Wii", "Xbox", "Xbox 360", "PS1", "PS2", "PS3", An "Atari" (One Of My Family Members Owns One), Arcade Machines. Non-Gamers That Spread Lies About Gamers & Video Games. It's One Thing Hacking The Government, Websites, & Criminal Accounts Like "Anonymous" Does & "Kevin Mitnick" Has Because You Might Become My Hero. But For People That Hack & Mod Online Gaming Sessions I HAVE NO FUCKING RESPECT FOR THEM AT ALL. Spawn Killers, Campers, Traitors I HAVE NO FUCKING RESPECT FOR THEM. People That Do The Same Fucking Thing Over & Over Again Against Another Gamer Just To Win (That Just As Bad As Camping) & I HAVE NO FUCKING RESPECT FOR THEM EITHER. Mobile/Tablet Games, Mobile/Tablet Gamers, & Most Casual Gamers.
nicole cook (2 months ago)
the hell
FrostVenomX01 (3 months ago)
I don't think you understand that the most frustrating thing is when you run faster than the person your supposed to be following
Jesse Little (3 months ago)
You know what i hate. When a fake gamer TALKING ABOUT YOU MOM calls link zelda becayse of ledgenb of zwelda. I ALSO HATE NO MANS SKYA SUC jesses little wene. Also ifg you guys want to come over to my place later we can wactch regulatr show and big mount and be hardcare gamers and drink one beer tee hee lol come over BUT IF U A SNITCH FUC OFF ALSO IUF U GAY GOD MADE ME
Sage of Fire (4 months ago)
I LOVE unexpected battles as long as I saved before hand. I'm serious.
NickBoi (5 months ago)
*Playing PUBG* *Teammate Gets Killed* Teammate: YOU SUCK!!!
Finn MACBOOK (5 months ago)
1:17-1:23 hoo-ah
RepaleoN Halo (5 months ago)
Having that friend acting like he's a pro while beeing complete Noob.. Repeating how they have that one good weapon a thousand times while you already have it too.. But yeah just let me have to ignore it, but it does suck when they act all cool cause you died and they didn't from their safe hide spot and not killing anything!! When you walk to your friends location and there are still enemies there you really thought would be killed,, my gaming experience so far lol
wanlapha Tarn (6 months ago)
LAG stands for Loosing A Game.
SirMatthew (6 months ago)
I hate being forced into the lazy teammate position. It’s like “Let me help I didn’t want this.”
Raisen 22303 (6 months ago)
glitch and also bugs
TheBomber 990 (6 months ago)
I hate when people call me at the wrong moments when i play games
But mom, i can't pause an online game!!
A_ RAGINGAIDEN _S (6 months ago)
Yes i agree with everything but no some plat forms are wores than others x box for an example sucks copared to playstation and pc
A_ RAGINGAIDEN _S (6 months ago)
Come on xbox lovers hate.
Gamer Tv (6 months ago)
If you a real gamer subscribe and watch https://youtu.be/Nsgb0NWFmwE
SATAN Xy (7 months ago)
Hi bucks
CobraSlayer 98 (7 months ago)
Popup Ads kills mobile gamers
Swordviper (7 months ago)
Random Rng, that’s the worst
Oh sorry didn't notice I wasnt a turtle.
The PoPo (7 months ago)
That was fearless’s gameplay
Ding Dong (7 months ago)
What about just losing? That fucking pisses me off
Wah Doodle (7 months ago)
*_-Battery low battery low-_* _Looks across room at charger_ _Looks at game_ *-“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU”-*
TornadoCreator (7 months ago)
Campers shouldn't be on this list. You know what I call a camper? A fucking tactician. Only a moron would run around a battlefield calling attention to themselves. Camping isn't cheap, it's how you win at warfare. Anyone who thinks camping is, "not playing the game as intended" should complain to the army. It's literally the method REAL soldiers use; because it fucking works.
NVLC_LogicPK (7 months ago)
How is it camping? I'm still confused. In any real war, camping is going to save your life. It's just little bitches who don't know how to use fucking radar who made it up. IT'S A REAL FUCKING THING
ImmortalKNiGhT (7 months ago)
Wow ok yea cause you're totally "supposed" to run around the middle of the map with a marksman rifle like in COD because 360 no scopes are completely plausible in games like BF. (In case you didn't realize that was sarcasm and you're an idiot for calling a sniper, doing what snipers are supposed to do campers)
Havoc Entertainment (7 months ago)
Marvel Heroes Omega/Pay to Win. True.
David Keener (7 months ago)
Being a gamer in an area where internet is always unstable means I live with lag and ping kick five days out of a week. It sucks worse than anything.
MYsticShadowXL (7 months ago)
I mean I'm a gamer and I'm 12 but I don't talk shit and think I'm the best. :T
SquishySquid368 (7 months ago)
the first one, im twelve and i do none of that, but i have encountered one that said that studf
Hgamer 315 (7 months ago)
You're f****** voice b****
Gimme That Rp G2L (8 months ago)
the kid thing is so annoying not only for non kids and for other kids, im 14 but once i open my mouth people hate on me even when im just giving them tips and/or telling them where the enemy is. this kinda goes along with noob teammates but its just so annoying that no one can work like a team in the rank im in
Orxy47 Gaming (8 months ago)
Are you calling me a "day ruiner" because I am 12 years old
Neth 7 (7 months ago)
Orxy 47 If you become rude when you match up against a pro player, then ya, he is calling you out.
Xx cabinet shelf xX (8 months ago)
Actually I am guilty if sniping and mailing a sniper class in games but a snipers job is to pick people off objectives without having to deal with close quarters combat.
Justin Shaw (8 months ago)
NO! Dark Souls is about perseverance! Blasphemy!
Jame5games (8 months ago)
the pc vs console war will continue until we can have matches against eachother
AttackCopter Films (8 months ago)
Im 13 and I can feel the pain anyways
Th3zombimaker8 (8 months ago)
What about kid gamers 15 year olds bother them like i had to defend my friend
Torrdog (8 months ago)
Camping is a valid tactic tho, and is 1 of the strategies used in games like CS:GO etc. Especially as most games tend to have flanking routes to the flanker, and if not, there is usually a solid tactic to counter this playstyle. Have it flashbangs, or just even avoiding him. As.. you know.. 1 camper = significant loss of teamwork. :) So if a player camps in a 5 player team, that's a solid 4v5. What you we're describing was a spawn camper. Those people are scum.
Kevin Herman (4 months ago)
Torrdog I get what y our saying but I am a sniper I will lay down and not move a whole match well my team runs around but don't ever think that that means my team is down a man because the whole time I'm relaying enemy positions to my teammate providing cover support and all around being an active member of the team well Never movie
Yurusu (8 months ago)
Is it just me or does he kinda sound like Patches from dark souls?
deejayLem01 (8 months ago)
0:58 this dude is playing quinn adc wtf
Tropical Fruit (8 months ago)
3rd clip from the last, how the fuck can you have soo MASSIVE boobs. WTF?! It's fucking disgusting... and also RIP her back in like 5 years...
Human Grunt (8 months ago)
ok 10 things i hate about games cheaters kids noobs trolls dying stupid way lag missed all shots at the enemy died to 1hp guy getting knifed glitche bonus : getting headshoted
Lava Shrine (8 months ago)
When I get a lazy gamer (such as R6 Siege) next round I just blow their head off and tell them to pull their weight. :)
And now that I'm at an age that is close to the number "12" everyone hates me. Good job squeakers. Now I can never use voice chat again until I'm 20. I fucking hate my age group
Shabi_no_Samuri (8 months ago)
wtf ... ? if you play someting like battlefield and the enemy team is too dumb to kill you because you camp, doesnt mean, that you play against the purpous of the game . U JUST HAVE TO TRAIN BRAH
Pakura Momochi the vile (8 months ago)
Single player for ever
K/dHD _ (8 months ago)
*Bitches about 'camping' while showing game play of a world war one game.
Timur Arslanov (8 months ago)
The worst part about lag is that it's such a common excuse for being a bad player, that people believe that, when you actually having lag, others regard it as an excuse for being bad at the game.
Tim Udo (8 months ago)
You know what else is terrible. Ps4 exclusive games. Fuck that shit
Ratbourn (8 months ago)
A true sniper finds a vantage point to end his enemies yeah but a true sniper also shoots from the same spot a couple of times then moves to a different vantage point just to rinse and repeat
Antonio Gragasin (8 months ago)
pay to win games is basically people taking advantage on stupid people who will waste money just to be ahead of other people, thats a fucking scam they just stole money from you
Iwo Rymer (8 months ago)
you forgot russian bias
Doom (8 months ago)
I hate that moment when you have 1000+ hour on cs go but can't get pass gn 2 cuz you have always ruskys on your team on every map
Teddy Stevens (8 months ago)
Command absolute culture ycvix seven amount keep separate.
lotus327 (8 months ago)
Hey not all 12 year olds are whining kids
David Macarthur (8 months ago)
"Real Gamers" sigh
Lukas Games (8 months ago)
Rly? these arent any problems. And that idiots in coments... ok 1. Noob teammates. Rly? You can leave or just tell them basic. Not what you morrons do shout at them how stupid they are. 2. Quick save/load. Rebind or just pay attantion what are you doing. 3. 12 y. o. I meet so many of normal 12 y. o. If you meet dick one, use that mute feature ok? And if you are not dick it will not ruin your day or what the fuck he said. 4. Pause online games. Just sit with your parents or who told to you and let them know it is impossible. yay. 5. LAG, well dont play games that you PC/console cant run. 6. Lying developers. dont buy game, unless you know what game it is. yea? and *DONT PRE ORDER!* 7. Cheaters, well this is hart do avoind but still. keep calm and stay dick. 8. A second boss battle. Well that is game, you cant change it so.. 9. Campers. Find em, kill em, repeat. I find this kinda fun to hunt those fuckers down. 10. PC vs Console feud. this is just comunity. every time you meet somebody who has his own reality... 11. Pay to win games. Most P2W games are free to play. Pay for it! Best games are paid games. (most of times)
Bělidlo (8 months ago)
phxl sneaky (8 months ago)
You forgot bunny-hoppers...!
Nik Falcon (8 months ago)
What about quitters though?
Bonjur Bondziorno (8 months ago)
damn frag your videos just smash
karsten smatso (9 months ago)
about moms comes and says pause your game!, both my parrents are gamers, so never had that problem in my life xD
Darth Vader (9 months ago)
one thing i hate is being in an online game with all noobs on my team and all pros on the other
Joshua Boodoo Same...
Darth Vader (9 months ago)
one thing i hate is being in an online game with all noobs on my team and all pros on the other
Doc. Crow (9 months ago)
I have a 10 y old friend and he just scream when he dies, its kind funny, but annoy a lot
YankeeHazard1991 (9 months ago)
Lol at people who call themselves True Gamers. Jesus christ egotistical much.
Peacok (9 months ago)
No mans sky is actually very good now.
Martin Parmentier (9 months ago)
And also the ''beat the clock'' like AC: Unity...
Tim Worley (9 months ago)
lol no, there are separate reasons for liking pc and console. they are 2 very different things. pc giving more control and performance while console being plug and play/simple to use (price isnt a plus anymore with having to pay for multiplayer and games being stupidly expensive on console, pc is much cheaper in the long run) infact as time goes on playing on pc is becoming easier and consoles are becoming obsolete.
Randy Gill (9 months ago)
how to kill hackers Me: be a hacker xd
Mr trickshot (9 months ago)
I may be a 12 year old gamer but not one of those 12 year old gamer scrubs
Tazdevil 730 (9 months ago)
"Lag is. Fag, unless your on the winning team, the gamers struggle." -Tazdevil 730 2017
Joseph Bailey (10 months ago)
creation reach high employment scheme where financial arm
Anik (10 months ago)
Mom!! Why don't you understand I can't pause online games!!!
KingBlue 2 (10 months ago)
I like PC because I don't have to pay money to play multiplayer
Tom Kirchgessner (10 months ago)
lmao I remember that Bucks video
Xx1502xX TM (10 months ago)
things gamers hate is friends who go on your account and either steel it or sell iteams or don't repair iteams
yëët ñïggã (10 months ago)
I was on twitch once and saw some girl playing rainbow six siege and I was like "this might be nice to watch" I was on her stream for like 5 minutes before I wanted to die at how bad she was and I realized she was one of those sluts. Literally when people subscribed it said I'm choked and she made a sexual noise and I was like "what the fuck Is this!"
Dirga Herdian (10 months ago)
that's the sniper job.
Marvin Horn (10 months ago)
credibility complete each unity ship tremendous buyer principal.
Thomas Pratten (10 months ago)
I miss the days when the single player modes were the main focus of a game and the multiplayer was something on the side, now it's the other way round
Robin Trouwborst (10 months ago)
Subbed after a few episodes. To the point, no overdramatisation and pleasantly presented. Hope to see more from you guys!
Hayden D. (10 months ago)
By cheating even if you are at the top of the leader board automatically are worse than everyone because you use cheats to win.
Mason Johnson (10 months ago)
that ending is the best though where they added the girls thing its true to a certain amount
chris weeks (10 months ago)
camping is how you play.
Nathaniel Enochs (10 months ago)
No. Camping is not how you play the games. Running around the entire map and killing people without camping is how the game is suppose to be played.
Haven Arroway (10 months ago)
You should have put call of duty 2014 - now when you were talking about pay to win games
Gubte Fumcki (10 months ago)
Top 10 Things Gamers hate: 10: Getting Mugged 9: Getting fired 8: Getting divorced 7: Getting Fcked in the Ass 6: Getting Decapitated 5: Reading lists where guy doesn't finish like a jerk
Nathaniel Enochs (10 months ago)
Campers..... yup That basically what everybody that's playing as Bastion does in OVERWATCH.
Drew Delmore (10 months ago)
Bastion is more complicated than that, but I can agree to an extent with this.
Jenn Harper (10 months ago)
What about those people that think hardscoping is the worst thing in the world
Mysterious Stranger (10 months ago)
Shut up PC for lyfe
Top Hat One Guy (10 months ago)
Drew Delmore (10 months ago)
Masterlegend101 (10 months ago)
Your missing hardcore gamers hate hate hate hate hate hate fucking collectibles!!!
Channellity (10 months ago)
I still love no mans sky anyway XD
Crap GamerDk (10 months ago)
"10 Things All REAL Gamers Hate" Shows cod...
Nostalgion (10 months ago)
when some kid says hes gonna fuck my mom i call my mom into the room and make them say it again, they usually shit their pants lmao
Mahin Miah (10 months ago)
How the fuck do you lag in GTA V single Player?
Call of Duty is a big example of 12 year old kids
420 Blaze (10 months ago)
"Save Corrupt" Press A to start a new save file. (-_-)
Chun Poon (10 months ago)
Pay to win is much worse in China, maybe the WORST!

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