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Kona : Day One Gameplay Preview - Iced Out - Part 2 [Let's Play]

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Kona : Day One Gameplay with Splattercat! In Kona, players take control of a private investigator who has been summoned to seek out the guys who are threatening a mining magnate. Kona Day One : http://konagame.com/kona-day-one/ Sign up for lootcrate and support us with the code : Splatter1 The Nerd Castle on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Splattercat Twitter : https://twitter.com/SplattrCatGames Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SplattercatGaming Steam curator : http://store.steampowered.com/curator/4483779/ Twitch TV : www.twitch.tv/splattercatgaming Patreon : www.patreon.com/splattercat
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Text Comments (154)
RFD603 (1 year ago)
According to the drivers license the game takes place in 1968 because that's when the drivers license was issued and it would expire in 1972
RFD603 (1 year ago)
It's shevloret
Alice Black (2 years ago)
"Apparently he was frozen in a block of lsd" lol
Woods Lore (2 years ago)
In Canada the native people are called First nations. I know this as I am Canadian. Also Hamilton being English does not make him not Canadian. In Canada we have French and English. They do not always get along. Though I am an Anglophone (English) I am still Canadian. I was born in Canada. It just means I speak English as my first language. If I spoke French as a first language than I would be a Frankaphone (French). Unless it was said somewhere and I missed it, which if it did I am sorry, that he was from the UK than he could still be Canadian. Also how you feel about snow is how I feel about high heat (like California and Hawaii) . Not a fan.
Kyngz (2 years ago)
yes we call tem Native American (Amerindien in french (American))
G o l f (2 years ago)
Wait so by the trippy visions, the game is saying the native american religion (Cree I guess) religion is right?
dose anyone think that the red car that he passed last episode was Hamilton
I have a large fear for the wilderness but love it at the same timr
Martin Nilsson (2 years ago)
15:00 missed something in the rocks, and also some of the mailboxes in the store were unlocked.
Bagel Balls (2 years ago)
So Wendingo?
Rapid 520 (2 years ago)
you sound like another youtube called "TheRadBrad".
pereti wallace (2 years ago)
exundead (2 years ago)
you play the game almost too slow. Kinda makes it annoying and boring.
a6entoren6e (2 years ago)
this game looks incredible.
Serbos Serbobev (2 years ago)
Ahh one small correct: Hamilton is English as in Anglophone, but still Canadian. An outsider only because he is not a Quebecer. This is a problem with French Canadians, they don't view themselves as "Canadians", rather as Quebecois, but they are will take federal government money.
Serbos Serbobev (2 years ago)
In Canada they are Aboriginals.
Serbos Serbobev (2 years ago)
it did in the text books
Oderus Urungus (2 years ago)
+Serbos Serbobev No, that doesn't work.
Serbos Serbobev (2 years ago)
+Oderus Urungus Correction: Red skin.
Oderus Urungus (2 years ago)
+Serbos Serbobev Or Indigenous people, or Indian.
steelheart764 (2 years ago)
So tell me...you go to a random town to investigate for someone..you don't find him but u find two bodies frozen in ice and a journal sayin that there's a beast out there...do u not hop in your car and find the road that leads U out to nopefuckthatville?....or is that just because I'm black?
Kyle Morris (2 years ago)
man America is backwards down is on up is off :p
Kyle Morris (2 years ago)
+Alex Dagos it works the same on wall switches for appliances, are you telling me you've never had to flick a switch without being able to see if it's on?
Alex Dagos (2 years ago)
+Kyle Morris This is the first time I see people mention this. For me, if the light is on then that's how I know it's on.
RottenJeeves (2 years ago)
The truck right out in front of the general store had a combo lock on it...
ryan wilcox (2 years ago)
Here in Canada instead of calling them native Americans we call them First Nations
Lt North (2 years ago)
Is he English like from England ? or English as in Anglo because the Franco's and Angls have a bit of a thing still in Quebec/Montreal still
Richard Holmes (2 years ago)
bathroom draw
Richard Holmes (2 years ago)
boot of the car in the shed on the rap
masterstrom1 (2 years ago)
Gilles Lachance wasn't so lucky :D
Chris Pie All (2 years ago)
Splatter Cat my Grandpa has easily that amount of lumber at his cottage although it's mostly still in logs because if you're going to cut down a tree you might as well make use of it. Although they aren't like big tree logs so they couldn't be made into 2x4s and such.
kenganm1 (2 years ago)
This game reminds me of fire watch but just more snow
Azka '02 (2 years ago)
Same as asians,i dont feel natural when i came to US at Winter
Splats parents are watching, and they say,"WELL DAMN IT!!! He knew?!"
Tiger Claw252 (2 years ago)
Also does the belief in the windigo found this far north the fact a corpse was nibbled at makes me feel windigo
EHW2 (2 years ago)
I sense ballista building in Splat's future
Tiger Claw252 (2 years ago)
And that bent rifle
Tiger Claw252 (2 years ago)
What are those ice crystals
zombiethon (2 years ago)
I spent a few weeks in Alberta, Canada some years ago. One evening out on the town so to speak, we started conversing with a group of the local native people , and they explained to us that they called themselves First Nations in canada.
Goblin mAIsta (2 years ago)
seems like this would be a great game for VR support. it looks beautiful.
Parabole (2 years ago)
+Usiema And VR is on the table ;) We just don't know exactly when, there's a lot of optimization to do first!
Electronic Corgi (2 years ago)
Windigo or Yeti.
Woods Lore (2 years ago)
the Yeti is not part of Native American/First Nation lore. The Yeti is from the area of the Himalaya's. Windigo would fit for sure though.
UnHellequined (2 years ago)
As others have said, the aboriginal cultures in Canada are typically referred to as "First Nations." With the game set in the 70s however, I expect that term would only just be coming into common use, and "Indians" would probably still be used quite a lot. But yeah, here and now the proper term should be First Nations.
Garrettcadams (2 years ago)
In Canada the the native people are called "The First Nation" So a native american, is a First Nations peoples etc.
Metal Storm47 (2 years ago)
Yeah! Episode 2.
CWK KWC (2 years ago)
Really enjoying your monologue and the ambience of this game, Splattercat. Thanks for doing what you do.
The Grinning Viking (2 years ago)
Wolves aren't dangerous anymore, unless they are sick and starving or desperate and alone. They are social creatures and over the years they have learned to be piss terrified of us. If wolves could talk we would be the monsters they told their kids about. But if they weren't terrified they would still eat us when they got the chance, so really we are just better pack predators :3
Sweetcyanide (2 years ago)
KITTEEENNNNNS!!!! Arrghhhh <3
Jonathan Bzovsky (2 years ago)
i like this game and this little series, keep it up it's awesome!
meecrobpower (2 years ago)
this is a cool game
Simon Jude (2 years ago)
Splatt, the term used up north is "First Nations People." At least, that's what I've heard.
Joshua Riefman (2 years ago)
In terminology sense, I found this as weird as you may (quite baffling) anyone living in South or North America is regarded as an American, although in human culture an American is a human living in the United States of America. So yes a Native american applies to native people in Canada. Wow normally I dont talk so sophisticated.
Mike K (2 years ago)
I could about feel my allergies creeping to my nose and eyes when you said rubbing kittens on your face. I wanted to slap you! :D
Dan021 (2 years ago)
Just to make sure you guys know, we do get all four seasons. From hot summers to icy winters. But in the north of Quebec even summers are kinda cold. It's nice to see games like The Long Dark and Kona introducing better gameplays linked to snow and cold. Also it's really weird for me to see stuff in game written in french, since we mostly get our games in english with french subtitles/audio.
Keiran Ferguson (2 years ago)
Yeah like Fort McMurray we get super hot summers but super cold winters
Lt North (2 years ago)
+Red Menace pretty much all I can remember :P
Red Menace (2 years ago)
+Brenn Q   doesn't that just mean cheese?
Lt North (2 years ago)
+Parabole fromage !
Parabole (2 years ago)
+Dan021 L'histoire originale est écrite par un écrivain francophone, alors la véritable expérience sera en français. Nous avons enregistré les voix cette semaine, nous avons bien hâte de les intégrer au jeu :)
Linda Powell (2 years ago)
▄▀▄▀▀▀▀▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░ ░█░░░░░░░░▀▄░░░░░░▄░ █░░▀░░▀░░░░░▀▄▄░░█░█ █░▄░█▀░▄░░░░░░░▀▀░░█ █░░▀▀▀▀░░░░░░░░░░░░█ HAHA YOU CLICKED READ MORE
KungFuChef (2 years ago)
hey SC, for your general information. The place probably takes place close to a city called Val D'Or (just look it up in google map). It's in the "northwestern" part of Quebec and that's where most Cree nations were/are (in Quebec at least). Val D'Or is also a mining city and there was a big mining boom in that region during the 20th century. That's probably where the game takes place. There are even some lakes that hold names similar to the one in the game. /flies away
KungFuChef (2 years ago)
+Parabole I completely missed that, the!
Parabole (2 years ago)
+KungFuChef Interesting theory ;) The game takes place near Chibougamau (there's a sign at the beginning saying that it's 60 miles away) in a fictional town called Lac Atamipek.
Aidan Panter (2 years ago)
penis time rape is fun
Michael Stenrue (2 years ago)
Splat, 'English' I believe just means he isn't a french speaker, not that he was from England.
Clean Living (2 years ago)
What does disallowing saving at anytime really add to a game, ever? Besides annoyance if you have any real life responsibilities.
Parabole (2 years ago)
+Clean Living Adding a bit of details to my colleague comment here: It takes around 6 to 8 minutes of travelling in non-safe area in order to die from freezing. So, worst case scenario; you lose 6 to 8 minutes of gameplay and will restart at the last warm area you visited. It is the same thing when you play any other games where you have fights such as RPGs or Assassin's Creed games. The game won't save your progress in the middle of a fight; ours won't save in the middle of wilderness.
Clean Living (2 years ago)
+Parabole I appreciate your response, and certainly wish you the best with Kona as it develops. As a Canadian it's nice to see more games set in our chilly country.
Parabole (2 years ago)
I understand your point, and we knew that not everyone would like that. Although, the game will contain between 2 to 5 hours of gameplay depending on how much you like to explore. There are many places on the map where you can save your game to make sure that in case of emergency, players won't lose that much progress. Thank you for the feedback though, it's really important for us! And since the game is still in development, maybe there are things like this that we might change a bit.
Clean Living (2 years ago)
+Parabole I'd prefer to risk saving in a forest and dying, at any time I want, then being forced to lose progress if I have to quit suddenly. Seriously I'm not 19 years old again and playing for 8 hours straight, if my feverish kids wake up I gotta drop a game instantly.
Parabole (2 years ago)
+Clean Living We made it this way so that the game saves when you're somewhere safe. For instance, if you save somewhere far in the forest, you load it and find yourself surrounded by wolves, you would have to start a new game.
Vaylon Kenadell (2 years ago)
I am impressed to see the phrase "white people" in an in-game document. Usually in games featuring natives or native mythology, we get a white person's perspective (e.g. , _Until Dawn_), but if in this game we find more documents containing perspective from natives, I'd be _really_ impressed, even if the narrator is a white person.
KungFuChef (2 years ago)
+Clean Living I think they're well aware of that complex though and are putting much more emphasis on it on purpose.
Clean Living (2 years ago)
+Vaylon Kenadell Not sure why it'd impress you, the devs are from Quebec, and the French have had a soft spot (that has now become a guilt complex) since they landed in Canada. The whole story is going to reflect that, so definitely pick it up if you wanna hear about how bad white people are, how scary industrialization is, etc. etc.
Jabels Wilk (2 years ago)
Wolfs at least in eastern Europe, dont attack people. Even if they're in big group. It's harder to sneak to wolf then to deer realy.
Red Menace (2 years ago)
+Jabels Wilk In the half-century up to 2002, there were eight fatal attacks in Europe and Russia, three in North America, and more than 200 in south Asia.[2] Experts categorize wolf attacks into various types, including rabies-infected, predatory, agonistic, and defensive.
Lyre (2 years ago)
You missed something at that cave at 15:04 in the corner, it flashed yellow for a second
Aidan (2 years ago)
this is such a fun series already
Will Wright (2 years ago)
does anyone else notice the ehco or is it just me?
Cloud2080 (2 years ago)
Canadians tend to call their indigenous population "first nations" rather than native americans.
matthew2042 (2 years ago)
I feel a cold dread grabbing at my innards but I think that's just the coffee I drank.
SplatterCatGaming (2 years ago)
+matthew carabin Happens when I vape too much too.
Agencetourix (2 years ago)
Chaton means kitten in French...
DE fault (2 years ago)
the more you learn from splattercat
Blackfox966 (2 years ago)
There know as the cree people splatter cat
Anthony Williams (2 years ago)
The note in the fuse box tells you to turn one off to run the other,if you turned the store off before using the garage then the power would have been fine,same for the generator now,cut the fuse for the store so the power goes to the garage to power the lift.
Zdub4 (2 years ago)
FYI indigenous people in Canada are generally known as First Nations people
OperatorJ0hn (2 years ago)
Damn, i really love that game, alone from watching! The immersion overall is great and looking good with the snow and the style and stuff and the narrators doing a nice job accompanying all the actions and things you find. Glad you play it Splattercat, might have missed that one otherwise! By the way - you can take the wood next to the fireplace in the house.
Carlos scott (2 years ago)
in the door of that truck there was something u did not look at u seen the driving Ls but in the door there was something as well
OperatorJ0hn (2 years ago)
+Carlos scott yeah, thought so too - the "hand" to pick something up/use something flashed up on the rocks fpr a second.
Carlos scott (2 years ago)
+Carlos scott and something in that sink hole u missed LOL
Zombieslayer908 (2 years ago)
Wolves very rarely attack human beings in the past 100 years there have only been two recorded wolf attacks that have been fatal
Red Menace (2 years ago)
+Marc Cannon In the half-century up to 2002, there were eight fatal attacks in Europe and Russia, three in North America, and more than 200 in south Asia.[2] Experts categorize wolf attacks into various types, including rabies-infected, predatory, agonistic, and defensive.
Zombieslayer908 (2 years ago)
In North America
Wolf Warrior (2 years ago)
I dont remember what the native's in canada prefer to be called , but I know the hate to be called eskimos, thats like calling the american native's "indians"
Woods Lore (2 years ago)
First Nations
Clean Living (2 years ago)
+Bálint Fábri Indians ("First Nations") in Canada are different from Eskimos, they're separate peoples
ItzPews (2 years ago)
i like this new lets play
RaTFacE (2 years ago)
do stoneharth
Banana Malco (2 years ago)
I was the 65 to like yaaaa
Jose Marques (2 years ago)
25:03 SplatterCat:''This attic is...'' Narrator:''A mess.'' They are watching you.Run,SplatterCat,Run!
6slyboy6 (2 years ago)
Hahaha yeah!
Fastmine (2 years ago)
MIssed a cabin in the woods at 13:21
pravanthika prabhakar (2 years ago)
how old are you splat /??
niamaru2 (2 years ago)
Oh I was waiting for this !!
pravanthika prabhakar (2 years ago)
hmmmm.... if the batmobile had a seat warmner....
The Golden Nugget (2 years ago)
Does anybody else get cold while watching this?
Alex Dagos (2 years ago)
+Ixissimus I do and I love it
Clean Living (2 years ago)
+Ixissimus Not hugely, since when you live in this kind of weather you dress for it and stop noticing -40.
CapitanSnips (2 years ago)
+Ixissimus i do
Travis Stewart (2 years ago)
+Bradly Lloyd I am in Canada but am not much of a winter person, so it makes me feel cold. Also, it is a weirdly warm winter so far, and 5C today, all of the snow has melted. So this game is very different than my reality at the moment.
RYZER (2 years ago)
waylon wickline (2 years ago)
Fuck all of you
CapitanSnips (2 years ago)
+waylon wickline ...
waylon wickline (2 years ago)
+pravanthika prabhakar u got kik?
pravanthika prabhakar (2 years ago)
+waylon wickline thnx ?
waylon wickline (2 years ago)
+pravanthika prabhakar could've*
pravanthika prabhakar (2 years ago)
+waylon wickline WOAH !!! you coul've been first -/-_-
SinSora Games (2 years ago)
19th view
Bran (2 years ago)
luv ya
6slyboy6 (2 years ago)
+BranIsGaming WOW much love, many hate
Bran (2 years ago)
i love u
pravanthika prabhakar (2 years ago)
+BranIsGaming okay..
Bran (2 years ago)
Stahp it ples  too much attention
pravanthika prabhakar (2 years ago)
+BranIsGaming DOGE..!!! 
Just Teodor (2 years ago)
First commen :P :D And like :D
Just Teodor (2 years ago)
:D <3 :D :D 
pravanthika prabhakar (2 years ago)
+Just Teodor You shall not be first !!!
Skill Tester (2 years ago)
+Just Teodor FIRDSTH!

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