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EPIC Adele: Rolling In The Deep

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Hey Folks, here is my first ever YouTube video! A big fan of trailer music, this is a re-imagining of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. It's a great tune and one that lends itself to this style of music; not wanting to rely on samples alone I gathered some friends and acquaintances to record and film it live. Hope you enjoy! Ross S [email protected] Filmed at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Featuring MJ Paranzino www.mjparanzino.co.uk www.brightoncitysingers.co.uk www.southlondonchoir.co.uk www.westlondonchoir.co.uk Violins Rachel Barnes Marianne Canning Caroline Ferry Natasha Flowlie Maya Sherwin Celli Roxanna Albayati Evi O'Driscoll Percussion Rosie Bergonzi Roanna Fawcett Alex Hill-Knight Jacqueline Yu Piano Ross Sampson French Horns Oli Hickie Julia MacDonell Trumpets Tom Harrison Phil Smith Trombones Priyanka Devani William Hess Hywel Jones Andrew McCoy David Pitts Bass Trombone Nicholas Armstrong Tubas Chris Dunn Alan Henry Rowan McKinnon Sound Engineer Adaq Khan www.adaqkhan.com Directed, Edited, Orchestrated, Mixed and Mastered by Ross Sampson Cinematographer Malcolm Fernandes Assistant Camera Barbara Alencar Peter Sampson Main samples layered with recordings: Spitfire Albion I, II & III Hollywood Strings Hollywood Brass 8dio Epic Percussion Bundle DAW used: Cockos Reaper Reverb Used: QL Spaces Thanks for reading this far ;) You can support future videos here if you want to: http://www.patreon.com/thepiscesrising
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Text Comments (112)
Tetsuo Max (24 days ago)
Bravo !!
LamellarLlama (8 months ago)
These idiots don't know what they are talking about, you can hear Rolling in the Deep all the way through that, it's wonderful.
Tom Lee (8 months ago)
Is there a place where i can download this? Because i would really like my orchestra which i play in to do it.
C Geer (9 months ago)
I am well acquainted with the original. I can’t begin to identify this piece as gorgeous as it is as rolling in the deep by Adele. There’s something to be said for sticking closer to the original.
Suyash Gupta (9 months ago)
The only semblance of rolling in the deep i heard was after 3:30.. Its good on its own though.. but not at all as the Rolling in the deep.
Raven Beard (10 months ago)
Are you Hans Zimmer???? Personally I think this work doesn't sound like Adele but you did an amazing job! Kepp posting!
Hunter Cornwell (10 months ago)
This seriously belongs in the BF1 OST.
Sharon Kofoed (11 months ago)
What a fantastic re-imagining!
KGriffen03 (1 year ago)
This would be so cool. This should be on the radio.
KGriffen03 (1 year ago)
Well it's not just cool ITS AMAZING
kalau aku ada negara sendiri,aku nak buat music lagu ni jadi lagu negara aku..
Raphael Hudson (1 year ago)
I don't recognise the original much, but this is top quality movie music
Fernando Costa (1 year ago)
Taron D'Arcy (1 year ago)
Fantastic! If i could make a wish - you should do work together with Lindsey Stirling! :-)
junsung lee (1 year ago)
This is not rolling in the deep but it is so great!!!
Monchhichi Fan (1 year ago)
Hi,this was very good. I Love play with my bariton.
Daniel Chmiel (1 year ago)
Hail king Ragnar !
Daniel Chmiel (1 year ago)
Hail king Ragnar !
cosimohankypants (1 year ago)
Dude, seriously, this is a whole other piece! I mean that as a compliment. You've transformed Adele's original into something else - I barely reconise it. You've effectively "stolen" Adele's song , as Stravinsky would say. And that's saying a lot. It's epic man!
Tkibbs14 (1 year ago)
You guys inspired me to make French Horn choirs! I'm new to recording stuff in my home. I use USB microphones... I have 2 room Mics and one bell mic. I'm doing compositions and improv and stuff on SoundCloud... look up Tyler Kimball on SoundCloud.
Puppeteer Q (1 year ago)
Love this....
JJnATX (1 year ago)
excellent first video and arrangement. great job.
Farty Pants (1 year ago)
Best thing I saw this week. Spectacular!
nico (2 years ago)
May i get the key of the piano you played ? Can i can i can i ? I really love listen to this song especially when you play the piano and the sound of the trombone ! May you post it ?
Gongasoso (1 year ago)
NH C Oh, the score! Sorry, my bad! I thought you wanted to know in which key the song was...
nico (1 year ago)
+Gongasoso i don't get it...can you explain ?
Gongasoso (1 year ago)
NH C Pretty sure it's in Cm...
Sabrina Rose (2 years ago)
Wow, this was amazing. Many people in the comment section obviously don't understand what "epic" really means.
Magester Ludi (2 years ago)
One thing I must emphasise is that this is amazing and epic. With that in mind, this doesn’t at all sound like Rolling In The Deep.
Ahmad Alabdaljalil (2 years ago)
one thing can be said guys.you are really awesome
Keya Noronha (2 years ago)
This sounded a lot like the soundtrack for Allegiant
Piano maker (2 years ago)
If you can do Interstellar, it's would be awesome !
Robin Claes (1 year ago)
I agree :P
Piano maker (2 years ago)
This a very very amazing ! Looks like Two Steps From Hell, fuck ! :p
Aditya Akbar (2 years ago)
this vid has drop my jaw. Awesome.
Grannie Nofsgiven (2 years ago)
support them.....https://www.patreon.com/thepiscesrising?ty=h
Mike Flynn (2 years ago)
I was not expecting that! *goosebumps*
MikelG00 (2 years ago)
This is purely amazing :D
Brian Wetherell (2 years ago)
Brilliant & beautiful. I would love an album of more like this.
Pēteris Putniņš (2 years ago)
EPIC indeed :)
Junaidul Islam (2 years ago)
korndogpa57 (2 years ago)
I loved this! Now, where can we buy it????
Shawn Hua (2 years ago)
That's awesome! I just wonder where can I buy this music?
Aaliyah Smith (2 years ago)
Can you play Adele Hello please. I love your music and I'm a Pisces.
Thiagoshr (2 years ago)
Awesome performance, but it didn't sound like "Rolling In The Deep" at all, IMHO.
Max Campbell (2 years ago)
Alison Lili (2 years ago)
Can you* sorry
Alison Lili (2 years ago)
Ça you play "The Hobbit" and How to train your dragon? Please! I love your music! :D
Charles Bronson (2 years ago)
This is awsome!
Horst Schambeck (2 years ago)
Has not really much to do with Adele's song - but VERY VERY VERY MUCH BETTER!!
PloufsPuppet (3 years ago)
This should be used in an epic movie final. Well done!
Tetsuo Max (2 years ago)
yes so much, i think to game of thrones for exemple
SoundWave (3 years ago)
This has got to be the best video you guys made. As a music major in college, You guys rock.
SoundWave (2 years ago)
I am. Currently at West Virginia University after a B.A in Music Composition.
Tom Meyer (2 years ago)
+Music Major Do you happen to be a music major?
Danilo leone (3 years ago)
you could play the soundtrack of Jurassic Park or the pirates of the caribbean
Censo Red (3 years ago)
It's great! But it doesn't sound like adele, rolling in the deep. Is totally diffrient. But it is really great :)
Farheen Hussain (3 years ago)
Whoaa... Love this. LOTR, The Hobbit and the Harry Potter done this way would be simply incredible. Please make more covers :)
This is incredibly awsome, and epic of course, but it has nothing to do with Adele or Rollin in the deep, it's more like Hans Zimmer...
Fat Kat (3 years ago)
Sell this on iTunes please!!!! So good! So powerful! I'm in love!
Winterwolf (3 years ago)
Sebastián Z. (3 years ago)
it's awesome, but didn't sound at all like adelle :P
Lui Richard (3 years ago)
love this song
Juan Ignacio Rayes (3 years ago)
it sounds more like "sweet child o mine" than Adele.... it was amazing anyway.
Oggy Dubský (3 years ago)
Most beautiful! Nice job! :)
Anastazia (3 years ago)
Amazing so epic i like it more even though that it no sounds not at all like rolling in the deep
Saar Grin (3 years ago)
this is epic, but what does this have to do with adele?
Cenon jr Lee (3 years ago)
huskerpower- (3 years ago)
Sounds like a Batman entrance!!
ecelente coro he lol jxjx  ;;;__//:^-____;; (Y)
Andre Magalhaes (3 years ago)
What is the name of that big drum in the beginning of the video?
RebelPilot 504 (3 years ago)
WTF!!!!! this is incredible 
pianofreak1993 (3 years ago)
Bernard Lascombe (3 years ago)
Grandiose !
edgemin220 (3 years ago)
You guys are awesome. Looking forward to more videos. 
Brendan H (4 years ago)
Loved it! Really cool piece of music...however it was very difficult to hear the original tune in this rendition...basically sounded like it's own piece of music.
JACNNN80 (4 years ago)
Wow very nice ... i love it.
Riz Ramadhan (4 years ago)
Magnificent arrangement. But can I ask something? I don't mean to be disrespectful but I just wonder why did you use very very bold layered samples over the orchestra? Honestly, it sounds like the samples do play the whole thing rather than the live instruments there.. it's almost like a women with too much make up (sorry to say)... I do aware that the number of your players (especially the strings) might be an issue, that it couldn't reach huge symphonic sound but I think the original instruments sounds can be induced more by themselves I mean like doubling them or rather than covered with samples. I think the sound of chamber format could be maintained as bold or as full as you want with the right partition, dynamics, etc. And there are enough brass players and percussions to make big full sounds even without samples.. Even if samples used, it's better if the aim is to fill the missing instruments such as violas or woodwinds, or simply just to add more volume rather than to overwhelm the whole thing. Once again I didn't mean to be disrespectful to your works. This is simply just a little opinion :) Overall this is a great arrangement.. bravo!!
Xandria Ravenheart (4 years ago)
First off, this doesn't sound anything like Adele...but it sounds like Hans Zimmer!!!!!! Which is waaaaay better in my opinion! :D
Cmh 90 (1 year ago)
Agree!! Totally Hans Zimmer. Sounds awesome tho.
Alicia Ceb (4 years ago)
Daniel Azuarte M. (4 years ago)
Great Job!! excellent performance!! keep going on!!
Allan Yoltic (4 years ago)
Gods! This is so awesome! I was mouth opened D:
Oumix Dj (4 years ago)
I want the muhtesem yuzyil Music
Noham Catherine (4 years ago)
Awsome .. I want more ! :D
Neel Patne (4 years ago)
are you related to Hans Zimmer??? It's freaking whaaaaatt!!!!
Neel Patne (4 years ago)
It's like when Jesus walked on earth, this music was in the background. Heavenly!!!
Raffaela Nascimento (4 years ago)
Love it!
hannahkirstin (4 years ago)
WICKED! You could totally write a score for a movie! More videos please! How does this not have more views??
Landon Blackhall (4 years ago)
I am shocked that this has not gotten more views. An absolute masterstroke! Encore!
Jonathan Gunderson (3 years ago)
I completely agree. The time it must have taken to create this masterpiece deserves WAY more views and likes
Ethan Berry (4 years ago)
I sadly have to admit I can't hear any semblance to the original song, but this was still pretty cool. You guys should do ”Time” from Inception. Just saying.
Jeff D (4 years ago)
Jared Wilson (4 years ago)
This is just bloody amazing!
GL Clemente (4 years ago)
I love this. But i also love Adele and i feel kinda robbed because the only part the really comes through is the "we could of had it all" lyrical motif from the chorus. Again, love this, but its so varied from the original its hardly fair to call this an arrangement of Rolling in the Deep. Granted, I havent seen the score to either song and my ears aren't perfect. But just so we're clear, I absolutely love this video.
Шедеврально, ураган чувств!!!
Lizzie Huckle (4 years ago)
Amazing! Love it...
Denise Lewis (4 years ago)
Absolutely brilliant!  Yes, more videos please.. (:
Denise Lewis (4 years ago)
I can't love this enough! (:
FunkyFlunky (4 years ago)
Wonderful Ross. Truly talented!
TigerRinger (4 years ago)
EPIC indeed.  Great effort and commitment by all involved, amazing sound and interpretation, and finally tremendous persuasive and organisational skills to bring it all together.  Look forward to the full album!
Pierre DENIS (4 years ago)
Brilliant. Ok, so now where are the other videos .... ? ;)
huskerpower- (4 years ago)
it sounds like a batman movie theme song........except much better!!  Love the intro, like someone is about to go into battle!!
Elleiwa (4 years ago)
It's awesome! I'm waiting for your next video.
DaithiDublin (4 years ago)
Now that's just showing off! ;¬) So Pete has a brother, and he's also sickeningly talented?! This year is starting off well. More of these please! The anticipation of a collaboration is making me slightly light-headed. :)
Рвет на кусочки.. Классная предмет!
FLIPP0P0TAMUS (4 years ago)
I have never heard something this beautiful... I want this song playing 24/7
PEIKYAN TV (4 years ago)
emilyonherown (4 years ago)
This is incredible. Liked and shared. Look forward to more of your work.
Brandon JC Scott (4 years ago)
An amazing piece of music and exactly what I love to listen to.  Very impressive.
Bear Grylls (4 years ago)
My Brass sounds good :D (alex here)
Oscar Garvin (4 years ago)
Haha love Alex's epic performance xD It sounds really amazing, well done Ross I'm proud of you ;)

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