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Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-Ray- Deleted Scene

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Text Comments (2427)
Elsa Mandzhieva (15 hours ago)
How is it actually a deleted scene? (( P.S. Tywin looks gorgeous for his age. Lovely ))
This is wrong though. Pycelle had a giant man-crush on Tywin himself. He served him because he thought Tywin was born to rule. He didn't serve the Lannisters because they "built" the strongdst house
Tywin was the biggest badass in the 7 kingdoms. Everyone else is in the castle, and he's out here just f*%king doing some Bear Grylls sh*t.
dfg dfg (5 days ago)
oh my lord ehehrherhe youcannotmean ineieoyhyou ieoityh oieyh eoihy oiehyuo ehyou hseyh et
Yarsef Ram-help. (8 days ago)
Did Tywin just say "Yeah"? This scene was good, but it didn't feel like Game of Thrones. It felt like a modern spin-off or a parody. I see why it was removed. Still a good scene, though.
Asahel (10 days ago)
Pycelle was the one who led Ned to his death by mentioning and giving the book ,Pycelle may have knowingly did it, as he's just acting senile.
Spartan Actual (15 days ago)
2:30 Notice the foreshadowing of what Cersei did in Season 7. By the time the Lannisters won't be the strongest house, Pycele will be rotting in the dirt, and this is exacly what happened
Vaughn Booker (15 days ago)
"I can have you returned to the dirt this afternoon if you like", classic
The Rose Experience (17 days ago)
This should have never been cut.
Joe Pagram (18 days ago)
I don’t why this ever got deleted. The poetic way in which it shows Tywin killing fish as his plan with the Frey’s lead to the killing of a Tully with a fish banner. Also adds so much to pycelle
samxyx (19 days ago)
Glad they took this one out. Made no sense on several levels
LordLukste (22 days ago)
"Don't you think it's about time you stopped holding back?"
Sanjay Raju (23 days ago)
I don’t like this scene and I’m glad they took it out because it shows that pycelle isn’t a snivelling grovelling weak man and that it’s all just an act. I preferred to think he really was a pathetic old weasel as opposed to man just pretending to be one.
Gandzi (1 month ago)
Pycelle is fucking worth type of man which can exist. Ass-licking the most powerfull men, only to survive, no matter if his decisions are good or not. He will betray all the people, if it will be positive to his own ass.
ReeLoy Kenjins (1 month ago)
Pycelle and Tywin were both James Bond villains in the same movie. Maybe they traveled to the past or the future and that's how they were both in Game of Thrones and For Your Eyes Only.
Did anyone else see Charles resisting the urge to jog up the steps? On the first couple of steps he looks like he was going to jog up, then you can see he stops himself and walks.  He's amazing.
FEiSTYFEVER (1 month ago)
He chose to play the part of a fool to a clever man. He chose poorly.
Howl Castle (1 month ago)
They call him the pussy destroyer
J Lord (1 month ago)
What's a high lord doing fishing and sking anamilas.
Kncperseus (1 month ago)
I can't say who impressed me more in this scene - Pycelle or Tywin
so it was well written but hard to potray and they didn't potray mistakeless
Astrid Stoik (2 months ago)
this shouldn't have been deleted
Lord Edmure Tully (2 months ago)
He’s killing fish cri 😭
C. Venom (2 months ago)
Why was this scene deleted? I loved hearing Tywin openly praise Tyrion, admit he did a good job as Acting Hand, and stick up for him once.
Guiller_py (2 months ago)
is this canon?
Conrad Ritchie (3 months ago)
Why was this scene deleted?
Jeff Stevens (3 months ago)
Too bad he angered Darth Vader by working to slow on the Death Star
Patrick Donnolley (1 month ago)
Jeff Stevens Wrong Imperial. Veers is the complete opposite of Pycelle.
Black fyre (3 months ago)
Nice to see Tywin sticking up for Tyrion in this scene 😊
Saberoph (3 months ago)
I dearly love these two actors and was very sad when their characters died, they played their parts beautifully and in my opinion are true legends.
bursegsardaukar (3 months ago)
‘’You will serve me more actively.’’ Like giving Joffrey some Essence of nightshade to help him sleep.
J Berries (3 months ago)
This comment section is articulate as fuck
Eli Smirnov (3 months ago)
2:07 Tywin:.. to the dirt this afternoon, if u like? (At-At walking behind) Pycelle: what did u say? Tywin: OH C'MON, OUR VIEWERS DO NOT KNOW THAT U WERE A VEERS!
Asahel (3 months ago)
this was deleted bcoz its kinda not necessary , Tywin didnt care if pycelle betrayed tyrion as he is working with her daughter. as tywin obviuosly knows who really pycelle is.
Nguyen Pham (4 months ago)
that grey sunken cunt
Rafael Rios (4 months ago)
just ouf of curiosity was that scene made up for the show,or was it in the book?
Trevor Pate (4 months ago)
1:11 Tywin: Stop singing, witch doctor, & speak The King's English.
Suraj Sarma (4 months ago)
They should’ve kept this scene . . Mad bastards ! What’s another three minutes ?! 😒
WeCareALot (4 months ago)
LOL at Tywin's face @1:13. He's like 'really?'
Andrew Simpson (4 months ago)
02:36 Yes Pycelle, you will
Jon Snow (4 months ago)
Tywin:perphaps in the black cells you found your level pycell:mr lord..you canno..ahsgdjdjsoshdjshdbshdjagdkahdjdh tywin:stop it
Exodianecross1978 (4 months ago)
It's very interesting that in the JAMES BOND movie "For your eyes only" Julian Glover portrayed the mainvillain and Charles Dance a henchman. In GOT it was swapped ;)!
Eastmarch Guard (4 months ago)
He already broke character once in season 2 though, and it wasn't in a deleted scene. He briefly did it after Tyrion woke up from his coma after the Battle of the Blackwater.
Mrabaddon616 (4 months ago)
Charles Dance played a henchman of a henchman of Julian Glover’s character in For Your Eyes Only. So Tywin Lannister once worked for Pycelle
kriya rawal (4 months ago)
Tywin Sandor Jaime and Drogo... Sexiest men on the earth
Tropics 317 (5 months ago)
It first occured to me that he was faking all of this in the scene when he was sent to the cell by Tyrion. After he got out of bed, he shook and stretched his body and cracked many many of his bones in such an easy way that made it seem that he is faking the way he carries himself, and right before he opened his door he returned to his weak state
lordlossize GG (5 months ago)
there is literally no reason i can see to believe that this is not canon. deleted scene or not, it does not conflict with any point in the show or story so it stands to reason that it could well have happened and thus i choose to believe it did happen.
jesus chavez (5 months ago)
I love tywin
Yondaime Hokage (5 months ago)
"I could have you returned to the dirt this afternoon if you like." - Lord Tywin Lannister
ShamanMcLamie (5 months ago)
It's such a shame this scene didn't make it into the show.
Frank Castle (6 months ago)
He's fishing for Tulley's lol
Ltrain44 (7 months ago)
I still loved the scene when Pycelle dropped that raven scroll in front of Tyrion. I was re-watching the series and that part came up and I laughed out loud for like a minute. Something about Pycelle acting like a frail old fuck and dropping that scroll to piss off tyrion lol.
Anthony Johnson (7 months ago)
Pycelle: The only successful player of the game.
TheAphexTim (7 months ago)
"Comscan has detected an energy field t....."
Philippine Patriot (8 months ago)
Anyone find it weird seeing Tywin fishing instead of behind his desk.
PetrifEye (8 months ago)
I really wish they hadn't deleted this scene. Seeing it really makes you understand just how cunning Pycelle was. Without it actually being in the show officially, I feel like this scene is just lost and not part of the "official" story. Such a shame that the only bits you get of Pycelle not being a bumbling weak old man was when Tyrion had him taken to the black cells, and he was giving the guards and Bronn a hard time dragging him off.
owen evans (8 months ago)
Love how tywin actually saw threw his disguise xD
TheIrishny (8 months ago)
In this show, we see him burn the wolfskin(Starks), gut a Stag(Baratheons) and here you see him braining a Fish(Tullys)....great work.
Biscuitchris7again (8 months ago)
I wish they would have left the chambers scene short or out completely and then hit us with this right in our face. "Am I the only one to see through this performance? Is it possible that so many could be so stupid for so long?" "You know nothing, HBO viewer."
Fabrizio Livrieri (8 months ago)
That stutter is too much! I think I got why they deleted this scene! 😝 Seriously though, this whole scene was a caricature of both characters: doesn't fit, doesn't really matter.
James (8 months ago)
it does fit since it gives an entire new depth to pycelle and shows how cunning he actually is
Pistol (9 months ago)
*S T O P I T*
Daniel (9 months ago)
Just started watching the show, I hope we finally get to see Pycelle reveal to court how vigorous he really is!
James (8 months ago)
why are you watching a deleted scene from season 3 if you've just started watching the show lmao
ComeSweetDeath (9 months ago)
It makes no fucking sense, he's supposed to be the grand maester so he's already amongst the tallest according to his analogy.
dolan luvs gooby (9 months ago)
Pycelle's badass scene and more Tywin eye candy = Deleted scene Misandei and grey worm "quality content" = Canon material Why ?
Jay Garrick (9 months ago)
Soldiers in the background be like : "Wow Lord Tywin just cure him just with a disapproving stare "
calvinjluther (9 months ago)
"Why should I bring you back to the small council?" "I can show you where to find the Holy Grail." Get it? Because the actor was in... ah, forget it.
alex lopes (9 months ago)
this is for an english version if ever.
Xerocool (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who would like to see a similar scene in either a Superman or Batman movie? For someone to basically call out Clark or Bruce or both and let them know they see through their act. And, yes I know Amanda Waller did something mildly similar in Suicide Squad. But, she was nowhere near as commanding or as forceful as Tywin.
Emo Nemo (9 months ago)
Why was this deleted!?
Kamil B (9 months ago)
Now I'm hungry for some fresh fish.
Franco Ochoa (9 months ago)
This somehow made me sort of like pycelle
defAngel (9 months ago)
It's no coincidence that we saw Tywin skinning a stag (Baratheon) in a scene and catching fish (Tullys) in this one. The foreshadowing in GoT is insane.
Watcher Media (9 months ago)
The rock and pool Is nice and cool, So juicy-sweet! Our only wish, To catch a fish, So juicy-sweet!
John Azopardi (9 months ago)
Just a side note, you do actually see Pycelle's true colours in episode 10 of season 1 when he stands up and stretches, cracking his back and so on. It's subtle but I think they did just enough to insinuate that he might not be all he seems...
50Shot Duwop (9 months ago)
Tywin Lannister conspired to kill the mad king along time along and i think pycelle was in on it.. I think the drugged him until he went mad and then Tywin forced Jamie to kill him It's interesting to me that pycelle had to remind Tywin that he "convinced" the mad king Aerys to open the gates for the Lannister army on the day of the sack of kings landing
50Shot Duwop (9 months ago)
And you need to notice how Pycelle is always saying "I serve house Lannister, I've always served house Lannister" he sis stubs many times during the season 1-2 and in this deleted scene
Ahmar Saeed (9 months ago)
Looked cool.
Bingo Bango (9 months ago)
Ironic he said he will be rotting beneath the floor of the Sept of Baelor when the Lannisters would not longer be the most powerful house in Westeros. Excellent foreshadowing.
TOI-5OLDIER (9 months ago)
"I could have you return to the dirt this afternoon if you'd like" straight power haha
Michael Craven (9 months ago)
Such a shame this scene was cut
Raquel Rodríguez (9 months ago)
Qué campechano era Tywin, lo mismo te destripaba al padre de Bambi que te pescaba unas lubinas pa cenar...
hambone1138 (9 months ago)
"My apologies, my lord, but ComScan has detected an energy shield..."
Horus (9 months ago)
This scene was awful, no wonder it got deleted.
Daniel Felipe (9 months ago)
Its priceless when Tywin just says "stop it"
Mehdi ait aryane (9 months ago)
windows defender deactivated 1:13 windows defender activated 3:08
Broly (9 months ago)
Damn, this scene foreshadowed the fall of the Lannister house and Pycelle's death. Shame it wasn't included, I was really enjoying seeing Pycelle's true colours and makes me enjoy him as a character, although I guess this does kinda spell it out for the audience.
Andrei Radu Voicu (9 months ago)
well, he technically did die beneath the sept of baelor
winterland (10 months ago)
the only reason this wasn't included in the final cut was because Tywin forgot his proper costume and ended up dressing as a high school tech support in modern black...
yoxredwolf (10 months ago)
Tywin had to die. If he didn't die he would rule the seven kingdoms no problem dragons or no dragons, and man Pycelle character pisses me off.
Andy Woods (10 months ago)
Why didn't they use this scene?!
Ryan Livingston (10 months ago)
This scene was genius. Well acted too. No idea why it was cut. I really hope the put it in when the whole series is finished and released in an ultimate collection kind of thing. (Officially inserted)
ACEGaming (10 months ago)
"Is it possible that so many have been so stupid for so long?" You don't even have to hear Tywin's voice to know that this is definitely a quote from Tywin Lannister.
Eathos (10 months ago)
This scene would have made Pycelle so much more interesting for the rest of the show.. Instead no one got to see the true Pycelle and kept on seeing that boring demented old man.
Dave Reyez (10 months ago)
Still a better scene than all of season 5-7 combined.
Alfredo412 (10 months ago)
I wish we could've had this scene and then when *SPOILERS* he gets killed we could've seen his disguise go away again in an act of self preservation.
Johnny Gartland (10 months ago)
This scene wasn't deleted... I seen it on the normal run of the episode... weird.
SuperWifiBattler (10 months ago)
The autogenerated subtitles of this scene is amazing for a change!
Laber ghjk (10 months ago)
Allen T (10 months ago)
Well Its said, this deleted scene shows that Pycelle was supposed to be smarter than others thought. This being a deleted scene means he's meant to be lame after all.
deku scribe (10 months ago)
GOD how i would have loved to have seen Pycelle conduct himself at this level more often. Truly one of the most underrated characters
1337Sauce (10 months ago)
Wow... this was a deleted scene worth watching
Mr Gaudy (10 months ago)
This scene would have been completed by Tywin pausing at the end and saying "and don't tell Tyrion I spoke well of him" accompanied by a laugh track and a playful jingle

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