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2CELLOS - Theme from Schindler's List [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Brand new album 'Score' with the London Symphony Orchestra out NOW! iTunes - http://smarturl.it/Score2CELLOS Amazon mp3 - http://smarturl.it/Score2CELLOS-ad Google Play - http://smarturl.it/Score2CELLOS-gp Get SCORE on CD or limited-edition Vinyl - http://store.2cellos.com 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing Theme from Schindler's List by John Williams with London Symphony Orchestra. Video by Darko Drinovac http://www.facebook.com/2Cellos http://www.instagram.com/2cellosofficial
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Text Comments (1190)
Light and Dark (3 days ago)
THIS is why I wish there was a LOVE ❤️ button
Sw1m (5 days ago)
Who in their right mind would dislike this video?!
Это потрясающе 💎💎💎
K Lacse (7 days ago)
Who are the 480 deaf and soulless people who didn't like this?!
rosaria pistorio (7 days ago)
Straziante,coinvolgente.La bimba,con la sua colomba,ci offre un segno di speranza con la sua colomba.
brajamtho757 (8 days ago)
There are worse things than the Holocaust. Like the Genital Mutilation Jews subject their male children to.
Givanildo Moraes (9 days ago)
😥😥😥😥😥 nada a dizer só magnifico .
Вася Пупкин (10 days ago)
Vincente Saldana (11 days ago)
Sn 407 (11 days ago)
It’s so sad yet so beautiful
Is there anything these 2 can't do?
Fingerpenislitits (17 days ago)
disliked for propaganda
Paulina VDB (20 days ago)
Subliem !
vladimir shandilya (28 days ago)
Listening over n over cry again n again........
Milowfan321 (29 days ago)
My Great Uncle who was a pioneer and kibbutz founder is proud of you, I am sure
Marc Rea (1 month ago)
Even the biggest, toughest, burliest musician should get a bit chocked up listening to this
Andrezza Reis (1 month ago)
Lindo 😢😍❤
furtsifer (1 month ago)
how could you even dislike this
Sladjana Popovic (1 month ago)
Momci, baš umete sve - da svirate, da napravite spot, da se smejete, da nadjete put do srca... Čestitam i hvala za uživanje!
Прекрасная музыка красивое выполнение!
damien c (1 month ago)
alfio sorbello (1 month ago)
Sandra J (1 month ago)
❤🎶 so beautiful
Zura Matchavariani (1 month ago)
Travis Walsh (1 month ago)
Never forget never again
Rebecca Mueller (1 month ago)
Think of your loved ones being marched off to the showers, then listen to this, heart wrenching.
irene walker (1 month ago)
Touching!! How can this not affect you?? Such a horrific time in history!! And at the same time such beautiful music! My heart aches for all those who lost their lives, AND MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL THAT TRIED TO HELP AND THAT DID IN FACT HELP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! <3
Garundi P. McGrundy (1 month ago)
Did they get them all out? I could have bought one more. With this ring, I could have bought one more.
GoomezPL (1 month ago)
"one more Person..." I Cry Lika a newborn baby
D C (1 month ago)
Maryse D' (1 month ago)
Roxana רוקסי R. (1 month ago)
Magnifique 👌👌
Blint (1 month ago)
My grandfather was a nazi officer. He survived the war, he died at the age of 90 in 2008. He didn't have a choice. They forced him to do what he did. I respect him till the day i die
Pavel Kadlec (1 month ago)
Cry , and cry , absolut Beautyful
Elmarie Nel (1 month ago)
I cant get enough of them...
Antonello Diciolla (2 months ago)
😥 Commovente e bellissima. Grazie.
KNIAZ SEREBRYANIY (2 months ago)
Xu Zihan (2 months ago)
sticks and stone can break your bone, but music can shatter your soul.
annamagari (2 months ago)
Ho sentito migliaia di volte questo pezzo ...ma guardando il vostro video e ascoltando la vostra interpretazione manca davvero il respiro...Meravigliosi. ..Complimenti...
Xu Zihan (2 months ago)
Amazing :O
mxp 1197 (2 months ago)
I just listened to this many times in a row. Just amazing. Perfection
Adeyabeba Abebe (2 months ago)
Zorica sarac lakovic (2 months ago)
Nebo je granica!!! Lek za dusu!
Julius Reich (2 months ago)
Can anyone for **** sake appreciate John Williams as composer here?
Joanie Fraser (2 months ago)
Exquisite what feeling
Inga Makarenko (2 months ago)
Лука попросту неплох, а Стёпа бесподобен!
Elias Tucker (2 months ago)
How in hell could 450 people give this a thumbs down???
Maria Carolina Banzato (2 months ago)
Bellisima y emocionante interpretación!!
Shi Shu (2 months ago)
I really like the sound of cello more than the violin. If only it is smaller :(
Mohammad Abdullah Sarkar (2 months ago)
Cellos seem bulky to me and I don't think I'll be able to afford carrying it around and practising it. I'll just go ahead with the violin and come back someday to learn how to play the piano and cello as well. They're so beautiful!
Hanan Nassif (2 months ago)
Devashri Roy (3 months ago)
Congratulations 2cellos on win over Argentina!! ❤
vn claudia (3 months ago)
My violin teacher gave me this piece and now, listening to this performance I can't stop crying... amazing❤
i am ice cream (3 months ago)
I love their music, but you should hear them sing. Great job on I Can't Get No Satisfaction in Atlanta btw
darkness , (3 months ago)
Ingrid Facković (3 months ago)
Croatia <3 Hrvatska ! <3
Marie Piolle (3 months ago)
trop beau
Simone Santos (3 months ago)
so beatiful, so sad ...
andrásné fenyő (3 months ago)
Az egyik legfájdalmasabb valóságos történet alapján iródott zene, melyet hallottam és nem felejtek el soha, örök mementó az utókornak...........nem lehessen ilyen soha többé............az emberi élet nem játékszer............
RobinJ Kennedy (3 months ago)
Goosebumps on my goosebumps and tears in my eyes... 💕💕💕
Mary G (3 months ago)
Необыкновенное выполнение - прекрасно, однако будто-то сглажено, мягко и чего-то не хватает. Скрипка передает это малость по другому: тоньше, надрывнее, эмоциональнее и задает тон какой-то обреченности, неизбежного конца, а тут - умиротворение, жажда существовать, услаждаться жизнью.
Fabiana Manha (3 months ago)
Sem palavras, perfeitos 😍
SUNNY WAKEFIELD (3 months ago)
Darius Madison D. (3 months ago)
Thank you... Thank you soo much for this Track. Absolutly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheryl Edelman (3 months ago)
chills up and down me!
theriven1 (3 months ago)
I don t like that they used the child. still a big fan of them.the music is incredible…. never forget what happend...
dario corsaro (2 months ago)
Very very nice -._.- Thank you !!!!
Hodosan Andrei (3 months ago)
So proud and yet so ashamed to be a human...
masterchief101224 (3 months ago)
tanto honor a los judíos y hoy en día son la gente más mamona y pedante. no todos pero la mayoría si
Connie Speckels (3 months ago)
Love love love❤️🎶you get me thru my days!
A Viper (3 months ago)
I love the cello, but honestly nothing beats the cry of a violin in this particular piece.
Bethany Stewart (3 months ago)
so lovely! so poignant! The girl...the dove! God Bless them!
Pablo MB (3 months ago)
Es acaso Auschwitz el escenario del video?
László Kiss (3 months ago)
John Willams :)
The beautiful face of the girl, the place where they are playing, the amazing music, everything reminds us the holocaust.
fooman65 (3 months ago)
Shows the difference between intelligent humans and warmongering politicians
Angelo Goffredo (3 months ago)
L'emozione fa rabbrividire
Nicoletta Carlone (4 months ago)
So beautiful, it gives me goosebumps.
marcel san (4 months ago)
u just made me a fan! wish I can have babies with u!!
Boopala 1 (4 months ago)
Exquisite! This music was written by the phenomenal John Williams and SO fitting for the film!! These two brought us in to the film, but more importantly, they take us into a time we must never repeat. But I DO fear we are headed this way if we don’t stop the cruelty that is manifesting itself here and far too many places around the world, that, yes, the USA is directly responsible for!! We are not the only ones but we created the savage upheaval in the Middle East and it is our responsibility to fix. No MORE WARS! Spend money on fixing things instead of creating more destructive and agony!!! Thank you gentlemen for doing this music so much justice!!!
Como pasar de lo excelente a lo exquisito.
lanxnguyen (4 months ago)
Beautiful, thanks so much!
Stephannie Rivera (4 months ago)
Magistral, maravillosa, música del alma.
Paul Collyer (4 months ago)
This now answers a question floating in my head; would this sound sadder played on the cello? No, it’s more melancholic but less emotional, at least for me. Never the less, an outstanding arrangement & performance
Ruby Robles (4 months ago)
ahmad taha (4 months ago)
The most painful thing about us is that we recognize the intentions of others but ignore them with pure hearts
Susanna Rytkölä (4 months ago)
Stella Hu (4 months ago)
beautiful, sad, and inspiring, ....... never again.
Philip Mahoney-Berg (4 months ago)
SSNP Anime Girl (4 months ago)
428 stupid Nanking Massacre deniers
Rose Portman (4 months ago)
This song is one of the moving powerful songs ever and this version was so beautiful ❤️
nicoletta feletti (4 months ago)
Claudia Mariela Ledesma (4 months ago)
Maravilloso !!!
Daniel Olvera (4 months ago)
426 people didn't cry and were mad
Pilzsuppe Lp (4 months ago)
zum weinen schön
Sally Yuruk (4 months ago)
Sally Yuruk (4 months ago)
Michaela Hoffman (4 months ago)
A deeply moving piece played by incredibly talented musicians!
Raffaele Giorgio (4 months ago)
Pie Boy (4 months ago)
Who are the 425 idiots who pressed the dislike button?!

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