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http://www.facebook.com/2Cellos http://www.instagram.com/2cellosofficial 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Hauser playing Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor Listen/Download at https://2CELLOS.lnk.to/EyeOfTheTigerAW Video by Kristijan Burlovic, Medvid production Audio by Filip Vidovic, Morris Studio
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Text Comments (1988)
Radon Waite (7 hours ago)
I think they are having ceashers
Gloria (15 hours ago)
valya m. (3 days ago)
Croatia's football team played great at the 2018 world Cup. Hello from Russia, Croatian guys - volimo vas!
Luna Lauren (5 days ago)
The Bow. 😱
byronius5 (6 days ago)
Two cellos were harmed in the making of this video
Alphaomega Poignant (8 days ago)
I'm dizzy just by watching them, wowww!
Juan Zuniga (9 days ago)
4:02 noooooooooooo
Grandiosos desde colombia
senegal 98 (9 days ago)
This is fucking epic!!
Johan Andersson (9 days ago)
I don't know what that is, but I'm gonna break it. #pachebelrant
junglechick13 (9 days ago)
Croatia beating England brought me here! From one little country to another...pura vida maes!
BYRIALSEN1 (9 days ago)
# reddevils (10 days ago)
This piece is so fantastic played! I love this Version!
Dalton Lucas Ferreira (10 days ago)
Oh my God
Keiron Darbyshire (10 days ago)
Were singing this at me school
Colin Willcocks (10 days ago)
hello, you guys should totally create sheet music for this song
Blue_ Wolf (11 days ago)
Love it
Jola :D (11 days ago)
My GOD.............
nikki gomez (11 days ago)
Amazing talent!
Momina Maryam (11 days ago)
Amazing 👌👍
Obi-wan Kenobi (12 days ago)
I think I may have 1 or 2 more years before I can even manage this
Eles são lendas, entre os melhores
faek alshomari (13 days ago)
Wonderfull as they were fighting but with celloes
TheMrblazer320 (13 days ago)
THX!!! imma call meh doter to use dis on " potasum bom "!
Hazem Mekhzoumi (13 days ago)
فيديو كي زبي
HippyRich FPV (13 days ago)
Slightly jealous guitarist here lol !!
Sam I Am Adventures (13 days ago)
So rock and roll
Peter Selvan (15 days ago)
reality world (15 days ago)
David Mcgrady (15 days ago)
they should just get a room already
With their wifes ?
Tatiana M (16 days ago)
Круто. Для меня открытие эти ребята. Талантливые.
Alexander Ivanov (17 days ago)
mahmut baylan (17 days ago)
İşini en iyi yapmak diye buna denir! 2cellos
Henrik Høffding (19 days ago)
Fantastisk og FDD film musik.
Christopher Jakel (20 days ago)
The sweat beads pooling at the top of their cellos! 😓
Jean Claude Rousseau (20 days ago)
Que dire de plus!....simplement magnifique.
KinU4U (21 days ago)
Listening to this i transformed into a tiger
Cheryl Thalia (21 days ago)
rip those cellos
Sorry N Advance (21 days ago)
We need this.......
Antonio Pudda (21 days ago)
My only thought is: Poor cellos... 4:01
Emerson Risoa (22 days ago)
Muito MaSSa 🎵
Bigdan Panchuk (22 days ago)
R3tr0g8r Gaming (22 days ago)
how many bows do they go through? that's 2in this video alone
Marco Schmidt (22 days ago)
Just Locked. Amazing. I have locked a lot of your Videos. But this one.....is one of me Favorites. I saw you are in Wacken 2018. You are on my " must see list ". See us in Wacken :-)
magda 04 (22 days ago)
Incredible!!! You do extraordinary things 😊
I play cello👍🥑🍉🍍🥝🍓
sipo70 (23 days ago)
Damn man! These are great as hell!!!!!!!
Thomas J (23 days ago)
WTF real music!!!!!!
Azor (23 days ago)
The new rocky movie needs this soundtrack It is perfect
XXX XXX (23 days ago)
sanatıyla dövmek diye buna mı diyorduk <3
박우리 (23 days ago)
wonder who'll win the real boxing fight xD
Stuart Wells (23 days ago)
Luka Sulic VS Stjephan Hauser What's my prediction for this fight? PLAYIN! (Get it? Because of when Clubber Lang said-never mind)
Ezediaro Kingsley (24 days ago)
Hearts a mess please.... loving this
BERNARD CAROLE (24 days ago)
excellent !!!!!!!!!! merci !!
Leo (26 days ago)
mega gj :)
Daniel Bickford (27 days ago)
I wonder how many bows they go through
Raymond Kraamer (27 days ago)
When are you going to record with Armin van Buuren ?
Gertrude and Bertha (28 days ago)
Be carful, don’t get a concussion from all that head banging
suf sanin (28 days ago)
This is way superior to the original.
suf sanin (29 days ago)
Luka Sulic VS Stjephan Hauser.. Wait, aren't they supposed to be friends?
Julie Kuttelwascherova (29 days ago)
I love you 💖💜
Do you change a hair after every game?))
Drvosjek Opasni (1 month ago)
🇭🇷3:0🇦🇷 ❤️LoL
MissUnicornCanDraw 255 (1 month ago)
The poor cellos... R.I.P btw? How much did it cost for a new cello? Loved it, keep going! 😜🤪
dave conyer (1 month ago)
The boys are amazing talent is something else I don’t know about anyone else they need to do a pirate of the Caribbean they would smash it
fuhnetikFilms (1 month ago)
When they show the closeups of just their heads. It’s similar, to what I imagine, a jerkoff contest looks like. Hilarious.
Michael Boyer (1 month ago)
These cello stares are looking into my soul
Danna perez (1 month ago)
giovanni narciso (1 month ago)
Naiara Evan (1 month ago)
Eles duelan e quem ganha somos nós. Perfeito...
Frances Taylor (1 month ago)
The best one yet
Chara San Miguel (1 month ago)
RIP Cello
Dániel Fodor (1 month ago)
Yusuf kor (1 month ago)
Very insane very perfect!
Kashif Naseer (1 month ago)
All along the watchtower is requested
Natalie_Art (1 month ago)
I didn't know that listening to Eye Of The Tiger could be so intense! 😂
danu azhar (1 month ago)
please cover panic at the disco songs Victorious
šimon tretera (1 month ago)
Finnaly I know what is the name of my faovurite song, THANK YOU 2 CELLOS, in Prague you were really good :-D
Jheri Polite (1 month ago)
Love it
Cosme Fulanita (1 month ago)
Hunting things, playing cellos,the family bussiness
Liam Hagenson (1 month ago)
Wait a second.... Isn't that Bucky?
Anthony Gutierrez (1 month ago)
son legendarios
Play M4ST3R (1 month ago)
Are a best, in the world
steph_uter (1 month ago)
Sheet music pls?
Lizzie K (1 month ago)
Damn ok cello fight
ZANDER CHAPPELL (1 month ago)
Dean !!!!! Sam!!!
Mladen M. (1 month ago)
Fight Club-2cellos style 😉(But no one obey a first rule [and second rule]of the Fight Club- DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.....😉
Carla Pieterse (1 month ago)
Amazing like always!!!!
Dare Pregledac (1 month ago)
Javite PLS kada ste u BOSNI
chareclaire (1 month ago)
I love that they went through the effort of getting a pit bull to add to the atmosphere, but really what they got is a sweet, harmless furbaby
Amelie Reichel (1 month ago)
Love it
macy marie (1 month ago)
I love it but I have a question Have you ever broken a cello by hitting it?
Shea Anerson (1 month ago)
because if 2cellos i am going to play the cello when i get to middle school i cant stop watching cello covers and watch there videos everyday
Emi Clarke (1 month ago)
I think in the bio of these videos should be "No horses were harmed for the making of this video."
Harmonie Wevelgem (1 month ago)
E X C E L L O/E N T !
HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo (1 month ago)
The cello! 😢
Sale Vitez (1 month ago)
Just like smooth criminal
Stjepan Gorera (1 month ago)
Guys are remarkable...

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