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Game of Thrones - "Be Prepared" The Lion King

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HBO's Game of Thrones. "Be Prepared" The Lion King (Scar's song).
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LadyJ (3 years ago)
I really wanted to love this and there is a lot to like. My big problem is the "story" of the song is incoherent. The initial quote from Roose, then a lot of Joffrey and bit of Jaime, Drogo, then ending with Stannis. I feel like you should have either focused on one "King" or had the clips interspersed more throughout so it's clearer that all these candidates are "Preparing". Also the bit with Viserys being ironic when the rest was being played straight took me out of the video.
wasn't so. Daenerys is like Scar. She killed her elder brother and now she's going to kill a nephew :)
drew benoit (4 years ago)
awesome but i wish the volume was higher
AdmiralFlynn895 (4 years ago)

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