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Jonas Brothers - Just Friends

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Jonas Brothers - Just Friends From their 2nd album "Jonas Brothers" 1: SOS 2: Hold On 3: Goodnight And Goodbye 4: That's Just The Way We Roll 5: Hello Beautiful 6: Still In Love With You 7: Australia 8: Games 9: When You Look Me In The Eyes 10: Inseparable 11: Just Friends 12: Hollywood 13: Year 300 14: Kids Of The Future 15 : Out Of This World (English Bonus Track 16: Baby Bottle Pop Theme Song (Wal-Mart Bonus Track) 17: Take A Breath (Bonus Jonas Edition) 18: We Got The Party (Bonus Jonas Edition ft.Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana) thanks. comment.rate.add.ask ALL JONAS BROTHERS ALBUMS/SONGS COMING SOON! Thanks x
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Text Comments (41)
Josiane Donato (2 days ago)
Que saudades, que nostalgia, meu Deus! ❤
Alysa 1Dloverforever017 (5 months ago)
the Jonas Brothers were my childhood jam. now i love them like i do with 1D
LovaticSince08 (6 months ago)
Tania Garcia (9 months ago)
sammie xo (9 months ago)
My childhood music fr! 😩
justinbieberluv78193 (9 months ago)
2018 😭
prachie garg (10 months ago)
2018 ! 😍
Tayasspirit (10 months ago)
2018 anyone else?
Liza Berry (11 months ago)
i used to listen to this in my bedroom when I was 11 and imagine Nick singing this to me on our wedding day.
Javiera Paz (11 months ago)
Siempre en mi corazon <3
I remember when they came to Perú I couldn't believe it I was crying and crying awwwww!!! Their preformance was wonderful and the best !! I 'm Jonatika for ever!!
Sarah Guidolin (1 year ago)
Yep he so cute xo
Tonaya Chapman (1 year ago)
This warms my heart. My mom bought me this album for Christmas, and I played it out. I miss this kind of music.
Molly Kamionko (1 year ago)
2017 anyone
June Jara -.- (1 year ago)
Sarah Guidolin (1 year ago)
Ailyn Sandibel (1 year ago)
the best of my childhood *-*
Sarah Guidolin (1 year ago)
Abby Name (2 years ago)
I really miss the Jobros😢😢😢😢
Amanda Prado (2 years ago)
Leslie Basilio (2 years ago)
Avia V (2 years ago)
pony curls pony curls I HAVT TO CRY
Tasha Janine (2 years ago)
I miss these days 😭
Ariana Aparicio (2 years ago)
Karla Sosa (2 years ago)
So many memories )':
ッManda (4 years ago)
SurfOrDie1122 (5 years ago)
nick wrote this like 5 years before they even knew demi
Florencia Aguirre (5 years ago)
2013 ♥
Aiesha the cool girl (5 years ago)
Nick was so young : )
Idalis LovesGreyson (6 years ago)
Other people : Listening to this in 2012 , Me : Bitch please , listening to this is year 3000 ;)
Abijah Zimpfer (6 years ago)
nick voice .... *.* ... <3
Joss Nava (6 years ago)
JONATIC for life!!! <3
eman essam (6 years ago)
who the hell want to be just friends to nick come on
Lau ra (6 years ago)
This is the nick i fell in love with back in 2008.
iloveyuhalesana (6 years ago)
Who's still listening to them in 2012 <3?
Sandra Henrie (6 years ago)
I wonder if kev wrote this...
ILoveJoBros4Yever (7 years ago)
Dieses Lied ist mein Leben! Ich höre es zuerst immer wenn ich diese cd zu spielen. Nichts geht über die eigentliche JB!!!!!
karlamvt21 (7 years ago)
They so need a badass comeback!!
Kayla Schexnyder (7 years ago)
i have waited too long to listen to this again i MISS them!
catherine505yo (7 years ago)
I haven't listened to this song in foreva! Still love it: )
alyssa.wade (8 years ago)
joe and demi much? :)

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