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5 Gamers Falsely Accused of Cheating Because They're Too Good

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Using cheats, hacks and bots is a technical tactic that plagues the world of video games. Many honest players are constantly on high alert, being ready to spot any suspicious signals that might indicate cheating. But sometimes things are not what they appear to be and there are quite a few cases where gamers have been falsely accused of cheating, simply because their gameplay was too good. It is the ultimate compliment indeed, to be so skilled, you get accused of hacking. Whether it's hacking, wall hacking, aimbot, or straight up cheating, these gamer are innocent. In multiple cases EA's fairfight system was triggered in Battlefield 1. Another example on the list is from competitive overwatch. Gameplay: 32 seconds https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBrokenMachine For representative use only. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (3750)
Willy Mammoth (1 year ago)
No greater compliment
General Nikko (1 month ago)
Willy Mammoth Dont know why pepole complain about cheating sniper shots? Sniping in BF1 is litteraly so easy its just aim at the player and shoot...
Jordan Bonanno (2 months ago)
An edge is an edge no matter how sharp it is.
Yasuub (3 months ago)
Eternity he's nothing like God
- Rezin - (3 months ago)
I don't know how they were accusing you of hacking. There's no possible way hacks could compensate for bullet drop. You're just plain skilled that's all.
BioShock YT (5 months ago)
Oh.....holy crap i saw you on a server once
Bouncy (11 hours ago)
No Flusha?
I know a word, the word is named the salty
Casey Sarakaitis (2 days ago)
What about macie jay
Jack W (7 days ago)
Really surprised Ravic isn’t in here
Reece McCauley (8 days ago)
I hate the second of course it has to include girl power
gunr2012 (8 days ago)
codean (10 days ago)
if i remember right, people accused geguri of hacking because her aim just looked very aimbot-ish and weird compared to alot of other people, but thats just how she aims
😂😂 bro its not counter strike: go its counter strike global offensive
Tork'n (3 days ago)
I hope you are being sarcastic now
myles bulmer (10 days ago)
A gamer girl whose actually good finally
Steven Dang (10 days ago)
Atomic Jygal (11 days ago)
people on krunker io are gods
StruckbyaSyclone (11 days ago)
I hate people who falsely accuse of aim-bot. It happened to me once because I'm a really good a quick-scoping and overall aim with Strix in Paladins. I'm good because I took the time to PRACTICE. So many gamers like these in the video have practiced so much, that they're just next-level good. Noobs who jump quickly to report just gotta deal with it and stop whining.
tim bates (11 days ago)
The Who was looking at the other screen was probably recording the game with it and looking back at it. Merk music does that
Sircade (12 days ago)
I dont know if you are stupid or are aware of the potato aim meme in the siege trailer....
The KnightWolF (13 days ago)
I feel bad for Philip Clever lough
Dragon TTV (17 days ago)
Who thought bealou or macie jay was gonna be here
Reece Gonzales (23 days ago)
A lot of twitch streamers will look at another monitor because that's where they have their chat so they are looking at what their viewers are saying, I don't understand why people think they're hacking when they look at their chat
Sorex (24 days ago)
God you're autistic
Emma Lee (28 days ago)
Y dont ppl look at ravic bf game play
Teeka Lastennet (28 days ago)
my rainbow six siege account got banned because I had a spawn peek ace using only my pistol wall banging the enemy team through a wall but Ubisoft didn't know my teammates were marking and pinging them constantly, so I just had five accusations and got banned
Alby (1 month ago)
What about shroud or flusha or ravic?
camilo Sawyer (1 month ago)
Where is tfue
RemovingRoom9 (1 month ago)
1:48 yeah he was looking at another screen, he was streaming so he has a second screen that has the comments and to see if the stream is working etc.
edward king (1 month ago)
i almost got banned from cod mw 2 back in the day because i killed the whole team 3 times without dying... this was before spawn killing was a thing mind you.
Alaskan_ Rockclimber (1 month ago)
Has a second monitor must be cheating. Literally every major streamer has more than one monitor
Caden Widicker (1 month ago)
Ive been accused of hacking and it sucks. Rainbow six whiners:(
Bobby Joe 90 (1 month ago)
Clever cheated lmao why are u saying he didn't.
Avery Lytle (1 month ago)
Wheres fabian
Weekly Memes (1 month ago)
2:04 Is it me or did he move his character with his mind 😂😂👀🤷🏽‍♂️
Carder B. (12 days ago)
Vetoo (1 month ago)
Why no Ravic he has so many videos of him being accused of hacking
POTATA KING (1 month ago)
Bans you for a god plays Not bans hacker for mire than 20 reports *WTH IS WORNGE WITH THE GAMES?!?!*
Kekistan Shitlord (1 month ago)
This happend maybe 3 times to me, only 1 of the times I got banned from my fav. server, altough that was simply because the admin had no idea how the game works 3rd guy was actually a cheater I think, you even proved it in the video lol
I feel bad for guguri he plays overwatch
Hamza Taher (1 month ago)
Drbcoo7 is that you
Leandro170 (1 month ago)
Top 5 people with human decency that encountered a retarded and tried to comunicate with him on braile
Toby Wakefield (1 month ago)
8sr (1 month ago)
0:56 "Cheat Codes" arent cheat codes usually added in by the developers
-black-creed 63- (1 month ago)
Where is shaiiko ?
sgt_sas1905 (1 month ago)
the person for accusing a gamer girl of haking pls cut off your dong those given by your mother is not for pussies , those holy dongs are for mens only and you certainly dont derserve to be a man!
caleb whitebeared-pap (1 month ago)
what about beaulo playing rainbow six siege
H C (1 month ago)
fucking hell I got called cheater yesterday in CSGO because I killed too much with headshot and also I just played CSGO for like first week , I had no idea why the gun accuracy suddenly became so high that time , a rank 40 old player actually called me a cheater OMG , it feels great when you know you are so good that some player suspect you are cheating xDDD...
Big B (1 month ago)
The guy on Rainbow Six has never played again after the accusations, obviously cheating then.
Li mantyke (1 month ago)
Just stupid people
Macie jay
Lol on the clip Willy mammouth seems to be a casual players prone and shooting at immobile targets while aiming them so slowly...I restarted shooting games with bf1 2 weeks ago after more than 5 years without touching a fps or a shooting games overall and I have the impression to have the same level...sad And you put him but not ravic... This casual players takes a 20 0 by ravic... Aim so slow
Not Kaeden (1 month ago)
Fro7en (1 month ago)
ImJustSoBaad (1 month ago)
Why not KiXsTaR
lorenzo ceschia (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention fabianchill
x Easy (1 month ago)
Well not to be a smart ass or anything but that girl who said gaming isn't just for boys I just want to say overwatch isn't exactly the most competitive game :/
Daniel S (1 month ago)
Ravic. Just... Ravic.
Yolo Swag (2 months ago)
When you have to take drugs for your k/d
After Fall (2 months ago)
Ashley White (2 months ago)
Next time you do one include ravic he's been accused of cheating every game he plays in bf4 but it's just skill
Bastian (2 months ago)
In one of my first games of BF1 I was also banned by fairfight. It was a Operation where we my team was barely holding the last checkpoint, so when I found a good defending position I decided to go and camp there. After around 20 kills I got dced with the message "banned by fairfight". To that time I actually didn't knew it was the anti cheat system and thought that I had been banned for camping...^^
TrailRipper (2 months ago)
1:10 That's a girl? Big oof
Jake Grammer (2 months ago)
Anyone who beats me is a hacker. Anytime I beat someone I'm a God.
wilkie (2 months ago)
i just came here bcuz I was playing CS and I just got this game few months ago and now im gn1 and my aim is on point so they thik im walling im kinda of mad lol
ITz greyErYT (2 months ago)
YOU FORGOT Ravic !!!!!!
Alan Qi (2 months ago)
i expected shroud to be here because hes simply a god lmao
ArchOnua85 Gameplay[AOG] (2 months ago)
My friends always says I excessively hate false reports. Anybody has something to say to them ?
Im_That_Monk (2 months ago)
This is why I don’t get better. Because to scared I’ll get banned lol. The demotivation of that has turned me into the shortest FPS player XD lpl
Push_Vort (2 months ago)
ive been accused so many times lol
Matthew Paxton (3 months ago)
Shaiiko my dudes
Crazzy Hellmans (3 months ago)
I play csgo and im silver, but some how today i was falsely accused for hacking and i may get vac ban, but i can't prove, i watched the replay of the rounds when i was accused for, when i watched them, it surprises me, idk how but it look like i was walling. And it looks so much that im hacking that i can't prove it wrong. Maybe im not getting vac banned, but im almost 80% sure there i am going to be.
Ventner (3 months ago)
"Someone else on his IP was using cheat codes" tfw ur baby bro just keeps cheating in Pacman and gets u banned from Battlefield
Gking Central (3 months ago)
No one ever said gaming was a boys world
YoEnderdragon (3 months ago)
He got a V A C ban wtf it’s a VAC ban
Rick Sanchez Jr. (3 months ago)
This guy needs to be careful with who he claims are being falsely accused because a lot of these people are being called out for a reason... because people who code and use cheats can spot someone else using a cheat based off of the anomolies. That's why this video has so many dislikes is because you are trying to protect potential cheaters who could be ruining the integrity of the game. You can't undoubtedly claim that they are or aren't cheating, but you can take a pretty well educated guess based off of how cheats are known to operate and if the same patterns occur over and over again if their aimlock or other cheat encounters a bug. Disliked this video to be honest...
GloryOrBust (3 months ago)
I've been accused of cheating many times on gta online, I'm just too good at using a buzzard.
BanditAcogMain (3 months ago)
Clever was actually cheating tho. Like why would all the other pros lie and why his team got rekt when they played without him????
crippling depression (3 months ago)
Why care if someone is using a performance drug that’s their life lmao let them do what they want
TheSinasteria (3 months ago)
Nice video i do agree there are people that are that good ,that guy that was looking at the second screen was probably not using a mod or hack BUT by THE use a legal method that i would consider it a crap or douche move though he probably has a second pc and acc where he is watching in spectator mode of the opposite team which is probably the same thing if not worse or if not if he is a streamer & is a second screen watching the comments every now and then
One Sad Boi (3 months ago)
AHEM geguri
Cú_ Mara (4 months ago)
Clever got fucking caught. Literally a cheater
cyka blyat (4 months ago)
They just had a good gaming chair
R. Morgan (4 months ago)
NukeCorruption (4 months ago)
my friend (GummiGana on battlelog) got banned so many times from servers and called hacker all the time. but yeah he was just a good player, I know the guy IRL and I know for sure he didn't cheat
The Blue Baron (4 months ago)
What about TheBrokenMachine?
Kyada_the_crafty (4 months ago)
Necros should be on this
Donavan Gucci (4 months ago)
Wadu people still think there are such things as "hacks" or "mods" on the consoles, as in "PS4" and "Xbox One"?!?! u must be RETARDED!
Vernard Pugh (4 months ago)
LMFAO he never played another match cuz he was hacking
ReD- (4 months ago)
lo spettro (4 months ago)
Number 1: Me playing Phantom Forces on ROBLOX being accused of hacking by children.
llOPPOTATOll (4 months ago)
I got banned on this one server on bf4 for “pro player”
Bo Huggabee (4 months ago)
from one gamer to another. i;m a very talented player, and i've experienced countless modds to my own games and controller settings...from not being able to use the sensitivity i want because it is eventually bugged to prevent that. to changing field of view...the list is nearly endless. there are not honest gamers, because the real ones like me get cheated... the most common cheats for these guys are ping advantages(invisible till they shoot and then they seemingly run at super speed), player displacement (a shadow that trails or leads the player to nullify connection advantages), top name companies also provide beneficial treatment to popular streamers, then standard stuff like damage buffs, time buffs(they are in a different time scale to where you are), and aim diversion that prevents you from hitting them, where your weapons will fire wildly off target. health buffs(survive with 1 hp when damage calculators can ever do that) one thing i've learned is never trust a european gamer.. they are by far the most two faced, cheating crowd in video gaming. specifically the brits.
akimboo (4 months ago)
BLACK BEARD (4 months ago)
ledeel lee (4 months ago)
My brothers and sisters moms husband is so good he almost got banned
oO Rooster13 Oo (4 months ago)
Wheres tfue
tazoid3 (4 months ago)
*talks about battlefield* "EA SPORTS" omfg
Blazenoise 358 (4 months ago)
Number one Necros
Ceased Clips (5 months ago)
Mccreamy FOR SURE...
BioShock YT (5 months ago)
Nixxy (5 months ago)
Where’s beaulo?
Cody Jones (5 months ago)
What about Beaulo
G Roach (5 months ago)
Oh shoot that Korean player was a girl I thought it was a dude
Steven Alcaraz (5 months ago)
Hans The'Poet (5 months ago)
Is that the pink Panther theme song at the end of the video?

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