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Sam and Gilly - Game of Thrones Odd Couples

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this is way longer then I thought. enjoy :)
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unclepatsy666 (1 month ago)
Luv this n them ! n THanks ps....Say all you want about Gilly’s baby not aging ...Maggie from twd has been pregnant for 3 years n she’s still not showing.
TWSTF 8 (25 days ago)
hahaha I'm not buying that she's really pregnant!
Andrea Plávková (1 month ago)
The rare case in GoT of a truly loving, happy and pure family...that only exists because of horrible incestuous rape. Well, it´s GoT.
Yajie Liu (1 month ago)
2 hours of another AWESOME video. Thanks!!!!
William H. Baird (1 month ago)
No more "Full Screen" Daemon Blackfyre 2.0? Too bad :-(
William H. Baird (1 month ago)
Sorry Daemon My Bad. :-) I hit he wrong setting on my Monitor KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (1 month ago)
I have no idea what your talking about.
Monkey D. Sparx (1 month ago)
In the scene where Sam meets Bran, Sam never tells Bran his name but Bran askes him "Please Sam, take us north of the wall".
TWSTF 8 (25 days ago)
yes! yes she does!
_Ypsilon (25 days ago)
Gilly shouts: "Sam!" one or two times
james johnson (1 month ago)
Love your videos mate. I prefer listening to them than Spotify when I work.
Nyz Kind (1 month ago)
how about the fate of rekon stark?! plz..
Bella Pink (1 month ago)
thanks for the video love Sam ... when i see Sam i see George RR.Martin IT IS BRILLIANT
lancedaniels (1 month ago)
Thanks for posting. Well done.
Egial Knight (1 month ago)
Sam an Gilly😋 Thanks again Lord Daimon. An you can call me Egg for short.
Subparburrito28 (1 month ago)
You should do War of the five Kings north, south, and iron islands pont of views next
TWSTF 8 (1 month ago)
Thank You! (I always wanted to be a WIZARD!) 👍
Jeff Arnold (1 month ago)
My favorite characters in the series, they made, the show!
Alexandra Diamandes (1 month ago)
I cringe when I watch these two... It's cute but, damn I would like Sam to finally stick up for himself!
1LonelyEskmo (1 month ago)
Good looking out bro
James Makins (1 month ago)
Thanks Daemon, Your videos keep me entertained for hours. :)
TheMurrmursonbottle (1 month ago)
Loving these videos, your work is not unappreciated. Id love to see a Sansa/Littlefinger video, too. Their dynamics were very interesting.
aak_1708 (1 month ago)
<3 <3 <3
Babettebsl (1 month ago)
This pinged as I was on my way to a 12 hour night shift, I tried to watch it after work but I was too bloody knackered, finally got to watch it. Class, as always, please don't torture me like that again 😆
Elizabeth Flynn (1 month ago)
I just don't know what to say anymore,Daemon! Superb. Always a place to stay if you and yours ever make it across the pond. Love to you and yours. Tell the family to get passports!
Elizabeth Flynn (1 month ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 Why did you withdraw your upload of Rikon? I was so excited to see a new posting by you today. No joy! Keep them coming, my friend. Love to you and yours from a sunny(!) Ireland.
Elizabeth Flynn (1 month ago)
Daemon,what happened to the Rikon compilation? Tried to watch it today,but it's been withdrawn. By you?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (1 month ago)
that would be awesome. you never know:)
Naj Tres (1 month ago)
Can you imagine that series 30 years after, what will young ones think of it. I remember my father's obsession with Star Trek, and all I could say about that series is - meh, not interesting...
TWSTF 8 (25 days ago)
imagine how many views this channel will have by then!! 👍
Timothy McCormick (1 month ago)
Randyll Tarly wins the "Father of the Year" award lol.....
Natalee Oz (1 month ago)
can't stand gilly
TCG1984 (1 month ago)
Craster is such a sweetheart
Rach C (1 month ago)
Have you read a knight of the 7 kingdoms...when is the 6 th book out...I finished a d w dragons last night.... thanks love your vids
Pete is never wrong (1 month ago)
8 dislikes! What the fucking fuck.
dannabats (1 month ago)
An easy lie all she had to say was that she was held captive by the wildlings and was headed south when they rescued her I don't understand why this would have been so hard for them to preconceive
summer bennett (1 month ago)
love this channel sub and turn on bell love it
Jorge Monge (1 month ago)
thank.you 👍👍👍
SamCumbrianBhoy17 (1 month ago)
Found your channel recently and your videos are always spot on, great channel ❤
Ng Li Jie (1 month ago)
They had bad beginnings, yet great compatibility 😂 Exceptional work!
Jane Furlan (1 month ago)
I hate the guy that first stabbed john snow looks like hed be an asshole in real life. Thorn.
mmorkinism (1 month ago)
It should be really cold thete beyond the wall. It always bothers me that they don't wear hats or anything to cover head.
Indrumnity 9,999 (1 month ago)
Mate, brilliant. The family that slays together stays together \m/
VolJin (1 month ago)
BGM for sam is "The Chains" Daemon you're a genius
Jane Furlan (1 month ago)
I love gilly shes so sweet and nice very beautiful.
ushook (1 month ago)
I had to restart the video ...Just to hear what song was play ..As always Great Open!!!!
samantha18 (1 month ago)
Thank you so much! I’ve been wanting a Gilly video, and this was awesome!!!!!!
william bresinski (1 month ago)
46 seconds in and im smashing that like button already! Thank you m'lord blackfyre. I would send you a cask of dornish red, however. (Hicup) I already drank most of it.
Azir Ribady (1 month ago)
Thank you daemon
Feesh1 (1 month ago)
Great music at the start, love fleetwood Mac
Rolo 00 (1 month ago)
Any video that’s starts Fleetwood Mac is automatically great.
Ozymandias (1 month ago)
Can you do a video about the fates of the Dire Wolves?
Bijay Thakuri (1 month ago)
Thnxs dude love from Nepal 🇳🇵
TWSTF 8 (25 days ago)
whoa! From Nepal to me here in Seattle! (Ah, YouTube 👍)
Bakfiets (1 month ago)
2 hours lol, not that i hate it, but D&D wasted more time on this than they should.
Rick Smith (1 month ago)
bakfiets iman He is a big pov in the books too...
Jane Furlan (1 month ago)
U didnt waste any time there crazy. I enjoy everything u make
Jane Furlan (1 month ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 thankyou daemon so much please make more n longer if u can. THIS IS all I have to watch these guys. Thanks again .PEACE
Jane Furlan (1 month ago)
Thankyou for making these for us.This is all i have for a few more months.Godbless.Please mAke more when u can maybe a full episode if u can.Thanks again
Kris Jørgensen (1 month ago)
maybe tywin hasnt lived for 6 seasons, but he only had one hour and in my opinion he was one of the most interesting characters. I think most people would swap a few gilly scenes for a few more tywin scenes.
E. R. (1 month ago)
Daemon, judging by the comments left on your channel you should consider running for office you are so popular!
Morales (1 month ago)
Thanks daemon!!
James Williams (1 month ago)
Thumbs down guy marries his daughters too
E. R. (1 month ago)
Cevher Şanlı (1 month ago)
Muhteşem olmuş
Super Squirtle. (1 month ago)
Do the life of Grey Wolf , Or Ghost
AllAboutTheAFC (1 month ago)
Thanks for the videos Daemon. Always appreciate them!
John Hampton (1 month ago)
Cool! An early one on my day off! You rock Daemon! Gonna pull a bong rip in your honor bro! Thanks and #Peace!
lisa koola (1 month ago)
OMG you covered all bits of Sam and Gilly Perfect! you are such a man! Thank You Daemon! 💖
Harrison (1 month ago)
Another great vid daemon your my favorite got youtuber keep it up man
Heather L Thomas (1 month ago)
Thank you daemon hun we can't wait to watch this after we go and pick up my kid from school we love your video's God bless you and your heart ❤😃
Heather L Thomas (1 month ago)
Roger Green haha what why
Roger Green (1 month ago)
Heather L Thomas luv u
magd ahmad (1 month ago)
Heather L Thomas offbeat six
Dura Smiley (1 month ago)
read this as gam and silly
dibyanshu shekhar dey (1 month ago)
First to comment and watch. This vid is awesome as usual. I thought you ran out of ideas but you surprise me.

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