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TI7 ALL-STAR MATCH!! (w/ Player Voices and Reactions) | The International 2017 Dota 2

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TI7 All-Star Match Winner Gets $100,000 Team Radiant vs Team Dire The International 2017 Dota 2
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Text Comments (199)
Swapnil Choudhary (8 months ago)
Tryhard vs showoffs ... ok I am out!
Mike Ownage (8 months ago)
WOW...... WOW....... WOW
Zach Zirkle (8 months ago)
Who decided to put Miracle on IO
Townview KTV (8 months ago)
No dendi? boring
Putra Genji (8 months ago)
haha thug life momment, pro io,,,, B-)
otabek akbarov (8 months ago)
Do all pro players have autism???
小羊Marcus (8 months ago)
kuroky: "No fucking way"
nasif gani (8 months ago)
lol....dire got no hitter....
Kiro 25 (9 months ago)
TI8 they should play dota imba man....and see how truely powerfull es echo slam is;)
Fe Viola Pahugot (9 months ago)
Harry Prasetio (9 months ago)
Ramzes and boboka played too serious, i mean this game no need serious. Just fun, but both of them played to seriously. I hate them tbh!
Hadean GT (8 months ago)
Harry Prasetio have prizepool bro and this game is competitive match not your fucking comedy tv
AY'TE KEY'TE (10 months ago)
No dendi
Dota2 Stars (11 months ago)
Hello,check my channel-all dota2 matchs
Princess K98 (1 year ago)
it was like 5k mmr solo match 😂👍
Dato Jokhadze (1 year ago)
lol ramzes is such a kid
Efti. Chelsea (1 year ago)
Miracle support? 😂
MalZom Bie (1 year ago)
Remeber when there's 2 hero , pudge and Techies, and 2 legend controling them? That's when the real memes start
Jsoske Kakd (1 year ago)
Something missing, the pudge and techies king
Reijhann Campos (1 year ago)
Good game well played
Lorik Ismaili (1 year ago)
Min 5:56 how does ramzes666 drop his ring of aquilia ??/
FH 24 (1 year ago)
Ananomyous 8339 moved into backpack quickly then returned
Noone Mamani (1 year ago)
wow ramzes
Shehram Khan (1 year ago)
Why tf miracle played supp bitch
GUN GAMER respawn (1 year ago)
Meo Gari (1 year ago)
without Dendi the game is so boring
Winda Vandenburgh (1 year ago)
Miracle as support is freaking funny Sumail so handsome btw
Kiro 25 (9 months ago)
Gay detected =\
Zain Akbar (1 year ago)
picking those heroes for a 100k$ !! wow, just WOW!
Yohannes Pratana (1 year ago)
Why n0tail and ramzes like brother
Jordan Llanos (1 year ago)
Jordan Llanos (1 year ago)
Jaja me loquea la gente que para diciendo waow!!! xD
Widuri Agesti (1 year ago)
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kouthao (1 year ago)
Do you have lina sex dolls?
Widuri Agesti (1 year ago)
Grab here http://bit.ly/ActionFiguresDota2
Criss Popovski (1 year ago)
feeder miracle
Kelvin (1 year ago)
if only.. iceiceice and dendi..
Sha lion (1 year ago)
I heard WOW 100000 times
r4t gg (1 year ago)
all I hear is WOW
r4t gg (1 year ago)
Irene's 7 second rap in Red Flavor tho oh yeah WAOW!! Like the he'll is the game so boring
Love Me Love Me (1 year ago)
r4t gg Waow actually :)
Aldi Akbar (1 year ago)
13:50 lucky miracle wisp
Frederick SGx (1 year ago)
Kaka vs Kuku 1v1 match.
Odin Greek God (1 year ago)
the cheese is REAL!!
John Delfin (1 year ago)
doesnt get more weirder than thhis haha
Boring Game.. No Dendi.... But still.... We miss u...
Patrick Bautista (1 year ago)
I want that gg tree xD
No One (1 year ago)
Team liquid? Vs eG?
tormented bones (1 year ago)
Post game interview with the players are always so cringey, but funny at the same time. Lul
χαи χυѕ (1 year ago)
Miracle and Notail giving me the good ol OG throwback😢
Ronaldo Terrazas (1 year ago)
No dendi no game No dendi no Ti
armen stevens (8 months ago)
Ronaldo Terrazas true true this was not even a allstar they not even a star like dendi
they picked by vote, shame ur self if you xpect for dendi rtz bulldog to join ? do you vote for them,,, i gues not , we must apreciate what has valve done , even i not join TI but valve give a us a way to support our favorite player with dota system that created ,,, with our money that spend to play,buy,vote etc....when we watch our favorite player on match its feel like part of me on play too,, they lose i lose too, they win so am i,, only poor guys from cancet server that just blame and expecting what player they want to join and using another pub hero,,,
Zievy K-. (1 year ago)
放送コンテンツ適正流通推進連絡会 comitee 3
Leonardo Calvin one of trash talkers baited
Liloboss (1 year ago)
放送コンテンツ適正流通推進連絡会 comitee who care idiot
Slufer` Lonq (1 year ago)
I miss ti5 all Star
ryuzaki yuuki (1 year ago)
Donn Allan Trott (1 year ago)
No TNC. 🤔❌
Movie Central (1 year ago)
All I heard is wow wow wow!!
whoahh (1 year ago)
Without dendi rtz sing-sing notail chuan iceiceice buldog puppey matumaman fear sumail universe, ti7 cringe
Rika Kizunasaki (1 year ago)
wow wow wow wow
Abyssinian Gamer MLS (1 year ago)
Guys why miracle support wtf
Abyssinian Gamer MLS (1 year ago)
Is it BECUZ price pool too low no serious match
Abyssinian Gamer MLS (1 year ago)
I watch 480 but still quality like shit wtf is wrong with this video
Abyssinian Gamer MLS (1 year ago)
I watch 480 but still quality like shit wtf is wrong with this video
Keo Chanpunreay (1 year ago)
Dire : pick 4 supports. Me : they should pick 1 carry Dire : We don't have tank. Me : ...
Hadean GT (8 months ago)
Chanpunreay Keo they need clash potential it's not your archon game who picks 5 carries
Adi Januardi (1 year ago)
I want that t-shirt
invoker (1 year ago)
s4 ate roshan's shit
Biggstarr1 (1 year ago)
why is kansel not in ramzees team?
Alfredo Regis (1 year ago)
Valve is so boring organising event.. no hype..
sera newton (1 year ago)
lagu anak ben
angga rinaldy (1 year ago)
No dendi no star :(
barata dwi aditya (1 year ago)
What mode game is it? Tinker and Medusa too imba for this match.
Kiro 25 (9 months ago)
barata dwi aditya maybe ur just a noob
Nash Cruz (1 year ago)
uhm how did BoBoKa made the tree say "GG" ?
Running chicken (1 year ago)
4:45 WAOW !!!!
nutthapoom sitthakul (1 year ago)
p aa
Zohaib Arshed (1 year ago)
All i want is for S4 Kuro and Zai to play in the same team
Jonathan De guzman (1 year ago)
Hanif Ramada (1 year ago)
P3oplEEE 3lBows (1 year ago)
no rtz? no bulldog? feelsbadman
Diego M (8 months ago)
Bulldog was deported. Make America great again.
John Labu (1 year ago)
P3oplEEE 3lBows no dendi no fun
Qwert (1 year ago)
P3oplEEE 3lBows bulldog isn't in ti this year
Anyone can tell me who is who?
lionel lie (1 year ago)
we need singsing to have ex-dota player match!!!!! singsing!!!!
Rafuad Siregar (1 year ago)
lionel lie why you even bother to reply this kid, he is just a troll that maybe copying his comment and paste it all over youtube and 4 chan
lionel lie (1 year ago)
i dont get your point..
Abyssinian Gamer MLS (1 year ago)
lionel lie stfu noob
Kim Sana (1 year ago)
at the end of game..the host doesnt even talk to boboka besides the host talk with all the team except boboka...poor boboka
Kim Sana (1 year ago)
at least interact or do something with boboka...he even skip boboka and go to sumail instead..Slacks is better than this host..
Aidos Rustem (1 year ago)
ratedwhat apparantely he spoke to ramzes, who didn't know language really well as I saw
ratedwhat (1 year ago)
Cuz his English is very poor, he didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable
LiquidEmpire (1 year ago)
paat (1 year ago)
Iwenda Yudha (1 year ago)
Rtz? Dendi? :(
phantomsixthman (1 year ago)
Idk about you but this year's TI has been very boring apart from the official matches. Where are the memes????
Arata Miusel (1 year ago)
Lol I feel the same
Near K204 (1 year ago)
Wtf is that screaming "waow" like a shit ??
Paulo Oreta (1 year ago)
Hahaha funny af
FH 24 (1 year ago)
Fuck that guys mother!!!! Son of a fucking bitch triggered me so much!FUCKKKKKKK HIMMMMM!!!!!
Handrich Hernando (1 year ago)
Near K204 probably a chinese guy
jdelfire (1 year ago)
Sounds like a very impressed goat!
Mr. Dunno (1 year ago)
Yeah. . . i heard that sound too :D
Timothy Rosman (1 year ago)
Weak game. No memes. Should have had pudge, techies, wisp, tiny. Game was boring
Raju Nichols (1 year ago)
Timothy Rosman there was a wisp.....
amir muzakkir (1 year ago)
u mean 10v10?
zul mstp (1 year ago)
because there's a prize pool. remove the prize pool and you'll have a non-serious game.
Roy Francisco (1 year ago)
12:20-12:24 from happy to serious mode. LMAO
Misaka`s Clone (1 year ago)
Roy Francisco lmao I can't stop laughing XD
Amin Rosli (1 year ago)
Roy Francisco lol i had to replay that
sin (1 year ago)
Roy Francisco the meme of the year
Justin (1 year ago)
feels when I was like miracle- and notail being on the same team is advantage cause i forgot miracle- no longer in OG
Jherald Abellon (1 year ago)
Piu pi (1 year ago)
how can you not be serious when 20 grand is at stake? they may have a lot of money but theres nothing wrong to try to get more than you already have
acp-.- (1 year ago)
This ti all star is fckn boring anyway no dendi rtz?
Joseph Le (1 year ago)
if all you do is thinking about money in every game of dota you play, you will never have fun i guess. all star games are traditionally the troll games of the ti7. i dont like that they made it a 100k because now they cannot just have fun without soooommeee people *cough* shitting on them
Cikuy Cikuykuy (1 year ago)
Notail all star? 😂
Kylie Despacito (1 year ago)
Vaibhav Dodia (1 year ago)
We need slacks for casting this game. This guy was fucking boring and cringy
Smh my head (1 year ago)
Well twitch chat was spamming "mute casters let us hear players"
Axarious (1 year ago)
Vaibhav Dodia or even odpixel the 10vs10 all star match was the best omg...
CCIM (1 year ago)
i thought u call him a weeb trash lmao
Vaibhav Dodia (1 year ago)
weeb trash not many people will agree with you
weeb trash (1 year ago)
isnt that what slacks is xd
Bell Cranel (1 year ago)
If they made it in Ability draft mode then it may be more watchable.
willi chandra (1 year ago)
Kaliko Newton (9 months ago)
Hahahaha its in the battle pass bro
konan kun (1 year ago)
just type "treegg"
Johan Great (1 year ago)
willi chandra type "GG" on shop then u got branch. Buy it and plant it
oreo oero (1 year ago)
why this guys saying its boring because the player are so serious playing the game? are you guys s2pid?
Sicknature (1 year ago)
boring match , too serious , TI6 is better
Andy gurung (1 year ago)
Arteezy ???????
yaoming PS (1 year ago)
Allstar this TI ? Meh...
Yang Yang (1 year ago)
Boring af, playing that serious instead of throwing
Yang Yang (1 year ago)
Tzuyu/Wendy/Jisoo/Eunha/Xiyeon/Jinsoul is lifeu lol 10 Vs 10 only start since last year idiot, before that it is no such thing as 10 Vs 10
its 10v10 you idiot. hahahahahahaha this match doesn't need to satisfy people like you. it would be an honor if you play with them. join them in all star i will vote for you.
Yang Yang (1 year ago)
Tzuyu/Wendy/Jisoo/Eunha/Xiyeon/Jinsoul is lifeu still remember how the players playing at river at the starting of the game?? Tiny throwing teammates to the opponent? That's call all star match, this match should be mix players ti
Yang Yang (1 year ago)
Tzuyu/Wendy/Jisoo/Eunha/Xiyeon/Jinsoul is lifeu They forget what's the purpose of having all star match zzz
Yang Yang (1 year ago)
Tzuyu/Wendy/Jisoo/Eunha/Xiyeon/Jinsoul is lifeu so what? All star match has been a funny match for the audience to watch since last few ti. If you are going to play seriously instead of throwing, entertain the audience then just play it in main event of ti. And not to mention the prize is just destroy the fun of all star match
R Alfeche (1 year ago)
all i heard is waow
Robert Dunn (1 year ago)
Ridwan. azz (1 year ago)
Ramzes is god
canerlee (1 year ago)
no dendi no fun... boring
PhiMez (1 year ago)
John Labu (1 year ago)
feel the same bro :(
Carlvin Emannuel (1 year ago)
^fangay detected :c so sad..
badampuia (1 year ago)
He might not be the best mid player for now, but he's a legend in Dota 2. Dont play doto if u dont know this guy
Khoo Teng Wei (1 year ago)
this dude talking bout the real shit right here @Mojar Dolly Asmuginol
Geeno Contillo (1 year ago)
16:15 bobo ka
Positive Vibes (1 year ago)
That medusa pick in all star match LOL
ghada febriyadi (1 year ago)

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